Best Bicycle Helmet Mirror

To see the surrounding situations, we need the best bicycle helmet mirror, especially on our bicycles. It acts as a side mirror or blind spot by which you can see what is behind you. So ultimately, the helmet mirrors play a significant role in ensuring your safety.

Also, you can have a broader range of vision of your surroundings if you have them attached to your bike. What every rider wants is to avoid looking here and there constantly as much as they. For that reason, it is nonetheless a relevant option to choose an excellent helmet mirror for their bike.

Are you one of those riders who are still searching for a good product of such mirrors? Look at this article because I will be showing you some top-ranking products that suit you in all possible ways.

Our Favorite Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Give a quick look at the products by a description chart :

Product Description
EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror
  • Finishes unrivaled usefulness and strength
  • Has an incredibly wide field of view
  • Solid mounting with firm cements
  • Ensures not to slacken additional time
  • Awards a strong development and stays set up
Life On Bicycle Helmet Mirror
  • Scratches can once in a while contact this item
  • Guarantees a sound establishment framework
  • Assists with making a decision about separation from behind precisely
  • Better than any bent or raised mirror
  • An ideal mix of ultra-strength and featherweight
Blackburn Bike Mountain Helmet Mirror
  • Works incredible in multi-streets
  • Shields from climate hazard
  • Connecting is direct and gives different approaches to introduce
  • Has a huge load of perceivability
  • Stays in a position being bendable and twistable
Cycleaware Reflex Bicycle Helmet Mirror
  • Best for each tight and city roads
  • Gives movable capacities and a huge field of view
  • The best item for adaptability
  • Adherence limits in lasting versatility
  • Serves quality being lightweight


PChero Bike Helmet Mirror
  • Gives a reasonable perspective on traffic from all sides
  • Guarantees sturdiness and eliminates spot
  • Capacities productively being lightweight
  • No challenges in change
  • Simple to mount and introduce
PChero Bike Glasses Mirror
  • Turns haphazardly at a fine point
  • Simple to move around potholes
  • Guarantees sturdiness with simple mobility
  • Gives continuous extensive and clear vision
  • Expands wellbeing and adds the sensation of safety
Fantasy Life Bike Bicycle Helmet Mirror
  • Gives wonderful shape to a cycling cap
  • Best at strength, tidiness, and recyclability
  • Viable with the most well known cycling head protectors
  • Has more adaptable and customizable capacities
  • Guarantees wellbeing of the riders

Top 7 Best Bicycle Helmet Mirror Reviews- 2021

1. EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

EVT’s Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror comes with thousands of customers agreeing to be the highest-quality helmet-mounted bicycle mirror in the market. This product completes superior functionality and durability compared to all helmet mirrors. Here you will have a vast field of view with the help of 2.25″ mirror yields.

There are no weak adhesives or fragile parts at the sturdy mounting where it grants an unparalleled formation. The adjusting arm works just fantastic and maintains a good function.


You will not find any grudges when you are adjusting the mirror on your bicycle. And this product will give you a full proof guarantee that it won’t loosen over time and stay firmly. Just use the straps to attach the mirror and straighten the mirror arm with a base to install.


The solid build-up of this mirror will make anyone recommend it initially. And the plastic coating gives it a tough leatherette and durable finish.


What makes this product up to the mark is it’s a great design and well-made piece of equipment. As a result, your mirror will stay in place and won’t budge off frequently. And guess what? You will have long-lasting stability once you determine to go with this mirror.


  • Completes superior functionality and durability
  • Has an extremely wide field of view
  • Sturdy mounting with firm adhesives
  • Guarantees not to loosen overtime
  • Grants a solid build-up and stays in place


  • Not better than a car’s side mirror

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2. Life On Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Life On Bicycle 360 Degree Adjustable Rearview Bicycle Helmet Mirror

What makes this product outstanding and unique is the transparent protective film covering the mirror. So be sure that you will have a crystal clear product which will be far away from scratches. You can take out the protective film while using it.

The solid formation of this hemet mirror makes it fulfill at all margins where you will require it. Moreover, the adhesion doesn’t compel any flaws to come and ensures a sound installation system.

Fast and easy installation

You will not even need 60 seconds to attach the mirror to your helmet. The ultra-strong velcro pad makes it the consumers easy to install the mirror quickly. Just make sure you line it up exactly where you want it. After you lock your preferred adjustment, you are done installing. It’s as simple as that.

Perfect rearview vision

Here, the crystal view flat mirror will help you to judge the distance of objects behind accurately. It is a better version of any curved or convex mirror and allows a peripheral vision with the 360° adjustment.


One thing that hits our mind, if the mirror will remain in it’s position or not? That is not the case here because of the shaft length places keeping the mirror at exact.

Feather-light and sturdy

Even though the mirror weighs only 12g, but there is no complication in its sturdiness. The aluminum construction and strong polymer make this cycling helmet mirror to put a tick in all traits. You will get a perfect combination of featherweight and ultra-strength here.


  • Scratches can rarely touch this product
  • Ensures a sound installation system
  • Helps to judge distance from behind accurately
  • Better than any curved or convex mirror
  • A perfect combination of ultra-strength and featherweight


  • The adhesion of Velcro is not good

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3. Blackburn Bike Mountain Helmet Mirror

Blackburn Helmet Bike Mirror

Blackburn Bike Mountain’s product holds one of the best bicycle helmet mirror, an excellent source for multi-roads. The synthetic materials of the mirror will protect it from weather risks and others. You can easily enclose the front of the mirror and still see the overtaking traffic from inside.

Here the attaching is so simple and sanctions multiple ways to install. And coming to the Velcro strap, you will have great strength within low maintenance. Thus, utilization will go throughout at ease and will give a great hand position through drop bars.


Now you don’t have to choose those bulky rear view mirror helmet because Blackburn has manufactured unique lightweight products for you. If you are thinking about the clearance, don’t worry; this product gives a ton of visibility for sure.

Tool-free installation

There will be no hassle in mounting mirrors as they are convenient than any other ordinary mirrors. You need to fix them directly on your handlebars without any need for extra tools.

Stays in position

This mirror will stay in position and will not budge though it is bendable and twistable at any position.


  • Works great in multi-roads
  • Protects from weather risk
  • Attaching is straightforward and gives multiple ways to install
  • Has a ton of visibility
  • Stays in a position being bendable and twistable


  • Prone to breakage due to sudden fall

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4. Cycleaware Reflex Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Cycleaware Reflex Bicycle Helmet Mirror

While looking for the best mirror for bike helmet, Cycleaware is nowhere a bad option; it has ultimate hassle-free solutions. If you are one of those conservative cyclists, this mirror will help you out at every narrow and city street. Moreover, the winding country roads where you need an effective way to see what’s coming up behind will be conducive with this mirror.

This flexible product will aid you throughout with the adjustable functions and reflexes on providing a larger field of view. Here the generously over shaped texture and its vertical aspects will increase the depth of field.


On a note of a flexible and adjustable mirror, Cycleaware can be your preferable one. The Kraton covered wire in the mirror will allow it to move in any direction and adjust precisely.


Base adherence confines in permanent adaptability where you won’t face any problem of detachment. Or even if you want, you can detach the mirror and again place it nicely.


This mirror weighs only 21.8 grams which is exceptionally lightweight. And don’t stress about the quality. Being a lightweight product, it serves in all sturdiness and soundness.


  • Best for every narrow and city streets
  • Gives adjustable functions and a large field of view
  • A preferable product for flexibility
  • Adherence confines in permanent adaptability
  • Serves quality being lightweight


  • Does not have convexity

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5. PChero Bike Helmet Mirror

PChero Bike Helmet Mirror, 360 Degree Adjustable Bicycle Cycling Rear View Helmet Mirror

PChero Bicycle Helmet Mirror is like a must-have for cyclists. The prime and foremost thing we expect from any helmet mirror is a clear view of traffic from all sides. Also, we need to be very alert from where the other cyclists are approaching.

For that, we need an excellent qualitative mirror which doesn’t leave it’s efficiency at that. Including such facts, you can choose this product to stay safe all the time when you are on rugged roads.

Durable and clear view

The aluminum rod and ABS electroplating convex mirror will ensure durability and eliminate spots to avoid accidents. And you will hardly notice any risk of mirror breaking. Just have a glance at the mirror as you will get a clear view and comprehensive vision at the same time.

Lightweight mirror

There is no additional weight in the mirror, only 24g with ultra-lightweight. As a result, you will not get any influence on everyday cycling. Moreover, the one-size mirror fits all helmets possibly.

Adjustable convex mirror

With the 360-degree rotation mirror, you can find the most suitable place to have a great view. Even you will not find any difficulties at adjustments and make the mirror firmer easily.

Easy to mount

Installing the mirror is fast and convenient. All you have to do is, tear down the white paper and stick it on your helmet, and you are good to go.


  • Gives a clear view of traffic from all sides
  • Ensures durability and removes spot
  • Functions efficiently being lightweight
  • No difficulties in adjustment
  • Easy to mount and install


  • The mirror falls off frequently

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6. PChero Bike Glasses Mirror

PChero Bike Glasses Mirror, 360 Degree Adjustable Wide Angle Bicycle Rear View Flat Mirror for Mountain Road Cycling Safe

PChero Bike Glasses Mirror is another option you can have for the best bicycle helmet mirror. You can randomly rotate it for fine angle adjustments that make you safer when riding on the road. Also, you can maneuver around a pothole and take a hit off your water bottle or start to descend a hill.

And the compact design gives easy-to-use facilities and 360-degree rotation. Here the aluminum mount assures durability, and the three pivot points give total adjustability without vibration.

Airy weight

The mirror weighs only 9g being ultra-lightweight to wear. You will not find any extra weight on the side of your glasses. Simply attach it to your eyeglasses or helmet visors.

Durable for use

Here you will get durable usage with the ABS electroplating flat mirror and enough efficiency with the aluminum rod. Also, you will get scratch-resistant facilities and no risk of mirror breaking. There will be an improved visibility minimum vibration which will serve you at the utmost.

Clear view

You will get an uninterrupted broad, and clear vision at only one glance. The most suitable place will under your eyes while having a great view after several adjustments.

A must-have for cyclists

Most importantly, you will get a clear view of traffic and other cyclist approaching. Thus, you can increase your safety on the road and add a feeling of security.


  • Rotates randomly at a fine angle
  • Easy to maneuver around potholes
  • Assures durability with easy adjustability
  • Gives uninterrupted comprehensive and clear vision
  • Increases safety and adds the feeling of security


  • Mounting is hard here
  • Often prone to breakage

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7. Fantasy Life Bike Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Fantasy Life Bike Bicycle Helmet Mirror Adjustable Mirror for Cycling Helmet Bike Rear View Mirror for Helmet

If you want to give a beautiful shape to your cycling helmet, then Fantasy Life Bike Bicycle Helmet mirror can be a great alternative. There is no doubt in strength, cleanliness, and recyclability for stainless steel materials. And guess what? The product holds superior capabilities for being corrosion resistant in all ways.

Moreover, the polycarbonate will issue extreme UV protection pursuing high impact resistance. As a result, the mirror will be virtually unbreakable and confine versatile features.


This mirror is profoundly compatible with the most popular cycling helmets. And no vibration is going to take place in your mirror. Be it right or left, and you can adjust it anywhere you want.


The 360-degree rotation capacity makes the mirror more flexible than others. And if you are thinking about adjustability, that is totally on a required standard. So, you can easily install the mirror remove by hand.


It isn’t charming to look behind several times if any vehicles are coming or not. But that will not be the case if you have Fantasy Life’s helmet mirror. Discovering potential unsafety factors and leading them behind will become easier for you.


  • Gives beautiful shape to a cycling helmet
  • Best at strength, cleanliness, and recyclability
  • Compatible with the most popular cycling helmets
  • Has more flexible and adjustable capabilities
  • Ensures safety of the riders


  • Not good at stability

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Buying Guide for a perfect bicycle helmet mirror

Choosing a perfect helmet mirror can be challenging if you do not affiliate with all the required terms. Before you think of buying such an item, make sure the product fulfills features in all aspects. For example- what should be the material, how should be the shape, which lense to prefer, and so on. So let us find all the essential requirements with the following traits.


Make sure you choose a reliable mirror that comes with sturdy effects at the same time. Generally, gears absorb some of the vibrations; on the other hand, delicate models become loose in a short time

Some bike mirrors are made of carbon fiber and resistant materials. They are more expensive and work great as handlebars.

Materials like rod and steel ensure durability and bear an excellent option that can mount on your helmet. One more thing is the materials of the lens. Manufacturers usually use resin or plastic lenses on high-quality mirrors. But please choose the mirrors made of glass as they maintain more extended properties.


The shapes of mirrors are another essential factor to consider. There are different shapes you can choose like, round, oval, and rectangular. You can use the round models for eyewear mirrors to get the minor field of view. Moreover, they are very lightweight for their small dimensions and specifications.

People who look for handlebars can prefer oval mirrors to get a wider field of view. Their perfect shape allows the riders to see behind with multiple positions.

Rectangular mirrors are a rare option nowadays. Even though they are the largest, most people avoid them because of their heavyweight.


The topmost thing that should come to your preference is what type of mirror you want. If you want to keep your bike under supervision all the time, then handlebar mirrors will be great. But everything is uncertain, so we can’t say anything. The eyewear mirrors can be excellent as well but not so comfortable in using them.

How to properly install and use a bicycle helmet mirror

Whenever you buy a helmet mirror, make sure it is made of stainless steel or brass. Mirrors that are of plastic should not be a choice because of their differing stability. Instead of surfing a vast number of pages, why not gain your simple tricks here? Because I will make it possible for you how you can use your mirror without any fault and grant excellent maintenance to it.

Now let us know how we can properly install a bicycle helmet mirror and use it conveniently.

  • Before using a helmet mirror, you must make sure that you properly mount the mirror with your helmet. So, it will not be a problem if you have a handlebar, helmet, or even your arm.
  • First of all, take out the protective film and hold the mirror, placing it on the flattest part of the helmet. There will be a little book thing on the aligner. You are to place that behind your helmet where there is a flattest spot. Then you can recheck it wearing in your head if it is properly fixed or not.
  • Indeed, all the bike mirrors come with adjustable features and allow them to be positioned in every way. As a result, you can notice and ensure your safety while riding.
  • Lastly, check the mirror in your constant usage. Whenever you make a surpass or change direction, check if your maneuverability is okay and you can ride safely.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you mount a bike helmet to a mirror?

To mount your helmet to a mirror, you have to remove the protective film covering the mirror, which peels right off. So, hold up your mirror and place it on the flattest part of the helmet and closest to the front as possible. In this way, you will get a little book thing for the aligner. Then place it right behind your helmet at the flattest spot. You can check it by wearing it on your head where a bar will go up and down.

What is the best bicycle helmet for the money?

Some best bicycle helmet for the money are-

  • Best Ventilated: Giro Aether
  • Just Twenty Bucks: Schwinn Intercept
  • Best For Small Heads: Giro Scamp
  • Best Value For Road Helmet: Specialized Echelon II
  • Most Protective: Fox Dropframe Pro

How do you see behind you on a bike?

While looking behind, turn your head in the direction you want to and gaze your eyes as far as you can. Then continue your riding, dropping the opposite side of your body and push your handlebars to the opposite side. Or you can also use your shoulder, elbow, hip, or anything. In this way, your gravity center will not change and can continue riding in the same straight line.

How do you attach a look mirror?

Get someone to hold your bike in a steady position when you will be hopping on the bike. And then you are to the mirror’s angle. When you are riding your bicycle, you will feel your mirror set in the exact position. There is a little duct tape that will help place your mirror for a long time. Moreover, it’s indestructible, conversation starter, and no vibrating functions need to be maintained while attaching the look mirror.

Which lens is used in side mirror?

Usually, the manufacturers use convex lenses on the side of bikes and other vehicles. Convex lenses are beneficial to see distinct objects. Even you will not get that much clearance in a plane mirror rather than such alternatives. The convex lens will provide a large field of view to get a safe ambiance while riding.

Bottom Line

In this world where aggressive and distracted riding has become common nowadays, we must ensure our safety with the best bicycle helmet mirror. I don’t think you should compromise on a single feature if you are getting available high-quality mirrors at the market.

You need to choose your product wisely and leave to stone unturned in consuming a precaution. To make it easier, you can choose from Fantasy Life Bike and Cycleaware’s mirror. Currently, they are merging on a high note for their uncomplaining services.

But what matters ultimately is your convenience and requirements. So make sure of that part as well if the product is serving according to your needs or not. And enjoy a good experience in your riding.

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