Best Brake Pads for Harley Davidson Touring

best brake pads for harley davidson touring

Have you ever been touring at a full-throttle only to be disappointed by brake failure? Besides, it is hard to contain the sheer terror and shiver as a very disastrous encounter.  Brake pads are very expensive to ignore as an essential component of your Harley Davidson. Moreover, you cannot safely stop without them, considering they … Read more

How to Draw a Bike

how to draw a bike

Sport and yoga are just two of the many ways you can keep healthy outdoors, along with jogging. Bike riding is one of the most liberating and enjoyable exercises you can do. This form of transportation provides a sense of adventure and happiness unlike any other! The fact that they are so wonderful to ride … Read more

Best Bicycle Horns

loudest bike horn

Bicycle horns are road safety accessories. A loud bicycle horn is essential for keeping yourself and others safe in the marketplace or with several vehicles and pedestrians on busy streets. To access the cabins of large, speeding vehicles when riding on noisy streets or highways, you need horns. Bicycle horns are a must for all … Read more

Best Bike Grease

grease for carbon bikes

Bike grease is a type of lubricant that uses to maintain the performance of your bike chain. Bike chains expose too many different weather conditions, contaminants, and abrasive materials, which all need to keep at bay for your bicycle to remain functional. It is not common knowledge to some people that they should use the … Read more

Best Motorcycle Boots & Riding Shoes Reviews

waterproof motorcycle boots

A typical pair of shoes won’t do when riding a motorcycle because they lack adequate slip resistance or impact protection to keep you protected. Technology and safety standards have advanced substantially over the last few decades, and in those decades, motorcycle boots and riding shoes have become familiar. The number of riding types is extensive, … Read more

How Much Does Harley Cost

how much does harley cost

Harley-Davidson is currently the leader in designing and manufacturing motorcycles, with a production capacity of 200,000. Harley-Davidson motorcycles occupy the top positions in all nominations in the American market, in the categories of the most powerful and heavy motorcycles with a displacement of more than 700 cc. We’ll discuss how much does harley cost in … Read more

Firmstrong vs Sixthreezero

firmstrong vs sixthreezero

If you’re a big fan of cycling or interested in trying it out, your choice of the bike you’re going to ride can be the difference between having a great riding experience and hating every minute of it. There are many different bikes out there. Some are built to be as fast as possible, so … Read more