How Heavy is a Motorcycle

motorcycle weight limit

If you are a biker, you’re likely interested in all elements of the bike, but do you know how much a motorcycle weighs?  Bikes don’t look, perform and weigh the same. It is essential to know the exact weight of the bike you have. Most people ignore it and don’t know how to respond if … Read more

How to Clean Motorcycle Rims

how to clean dirt bike rims

Anyone who is passionate about motorcycles likes to keep their machine shiny, taking it to a car wash or taking care of it himself, in the garage of his house. But in this article we are going to focus on teaching you how to clean motorcycle rims . The reason we will focus on them … Read more

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

full face motorcycle helmets

Throughout history there have been several influencing factors for the design of different types of motorcycle helmets . Of course, the first designs were thought of as a safety and protection mechanism against accidents. But other manufacturers have been oriented after a different way, rather to cover the aesthetic factor, both to match their designs … Read more

How to Charge a Motorcycle Battery?

motorcycle battery charger

There are many repairs and maintenance that require a skilled mechanic and specialized tools to run smoothly. But there are other things we can do on our own and in the comfort of our home. In this sense, here you will learn how to charge a motorcycle battery in just 5 simple steps . Since … Read more

Types of Bike Pumps

presta bike pump

Picking the right pump has a lot to do with the type of riding that you do. If you are road riding, the lightest and smallest pump will be the best for you. If you are mountain biking, you will need a more durable pump that can handle the hazards that you may encounter on … Read more

When Should You Cover The Brake? Know It Here

When Should You Cover The Brake

When should you cover the brake? What are some of the reasons why people cover their motorcycle brakes? What benefits do you stand to gain by taking this course of action? These are all questions most riders have asked themselves. To help you find the right answers, and to better understand the brake cover technique … Read more

How To Drift A Motorcycle Like A Professional Rider

How To Drift A Motorcycle

Learning how to drift a motorcycle can be compared to learning to ride a bike: it’s something that can take time to master, but once it’s mastered will provide you with unlimited excitement and adrenaline rushes. Just like riding a bike, you will make mistakes, but the question is whether you will grow and learn … Read more