Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands On The Market You Should Know

Over the years, motorcycle helmets have been evolving almost as much as the motorbikes themselves. Although they initially used to be created using simple canvas domes and shellac, current helmets are safer, more comfortable, and greatly connected.

If you are looking for the best motorcycle helmet brands, however, you need to know what you should buy. Following below are some of the greatest options available in the marketplace:

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands Reviews:

To get to this list of the best motorcycle helmet brands, we analyzed the most popular helmets and the best sellers, as well as what customers seem to prefer. That said, the list below is in no particular order:

1. HJC Helmets

HJC Solid Men's CL-17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Black/Large

Starting out in 1971, HJC has been creating high-quality products, which is why it is now ranked among the best motorcycle helmet brands. In fact, the company is so stringent that they only manufacture helmets.

Affordability, comfort, quality, and stylishness are some of the reasons why HJC helmets are so popular among buyers. Further, there is such a wide variety of selection that you should be able to find what you are looking for:


  • HJC helmets are relatively affordable
  • There are hundreds of choices with respect to shell size and color
  • These helmets are relatively comfortable for all head shapes
  • They come with functional earplugs to reduce noise levels


  • However, HJC helmets don’t have many features
  • The basic rear exhaust on most of these helmets is not sound enough

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2. SHOEI Helmets

Shoei Men's Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet (Medium, Matte Black)

Last on our list of the best motorcycle helmet brands is Shoei. Started in Tokyo, Japan in 1959, Shoei has made a name for itself on account of the high-end premium helmets it offers to the marketplace.

In fact, the company created the first carbon fiber motorcycle helmet way back in 1976. It was also among the first to use Kevlar, a strong material, in constructing its products. Although Shoei isn’t one of the biggest motorcycle helmet brands, it has high-quality helmets. This is why most of its customers and fans are so loyal to the company.

As you can expect, Shoei helmets are as safe as they are comfortable. What is more, they come with a warranty of 5 years – which is something you might want to think about as you shop for the best motorcycle helmet brands.


  • Shoei helmets are quite effective when it comes to noise reduction
  • They have 360-degree pivot locking systems, which is perfect for road standards
  • You can down your internal sun visor to block out sun rays
  • Shoppers have a broad range of shell sizes and colors to choose from
  • The company only uses the best quality material for all its products
  • Shoei helmets are safe, high quality, comfortable, and feature-packed


  • However, as you can expect, most Shoei helmets are quite expensive

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3. ARAI Helmets

Arai Corsair X Helmet - Black Frost (Large)

Started in 1926, Arai is one of the oldest motorcycle helmet brands. As a Japanese company, it now makes some of the best options around the globe. Since all its helmets are hand-built, you can be sure that the quality is at a high level.

What is more, Arai helmets are tested at all production stages – after the shell is manufactured, after each helmet is painted, and finally after assembly. This ensures that the helmets are safe.


  • Arai helmets tend to be quite stylish
  • They are handmade to perfection
  • The company uses the highest quality materials available
  • Arai helmets are relatively comfortable and lightweight


  • However, Arai helmets tend to be expensive

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4. BELL Helmets

Bell Qualifier Street Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Medium)

The brainchild of Bell Motors, Bell helmets are ranked among the best motorcycle helmet brands. The company has turned into a leading global expert in innovation – including creating the first full face helmet.

Apart from being stylish, bell helmets also tend to be highly functional. Similarly, you can find all types and makes of helmets from this brand – which is why top motocross racers such as James Stewart and Josh Herrin prefer the brand.


  • Bell is among the best motorcycle helmet brands on the globe
  • There is a wide variety of design options with bell helmets to suit all style and riding types
  • The helmets are ideal both for beginners and for more experienced riders
  • The price points are quite reasonable
  • The company also has dedicated motorcycle helmets for women
  • Riders can wear their helmets both for everyday riding and for off-road tracks
  • All helmets come with excellent warranty
  • Bell helmets are SNELL and DOT certified


  • However, some helmets have cheap padding, which in others there’s no padding
  • The quality is not quite as high as on other premium brands
  • The seams and stitching aren’t always perfect
  • Bell helmets tend to be heavy

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5. NOLAN Helmets

Nolan Unisex Adult N44 EVO Wine Cherry Modular Helmet NE45270330067

Another one of the best motorcycle helmet brands in the globe, Nolan is originally Italian. Today, the company manufactures some of the safest helmet options. Similarly, it focuses greatly on the look and feel of each helmet to ensure that the customer’s tastes and preferences are met.

What is more, Nolan helmets come with warranty while the company focuses on manufacturing everything in-house to ensure that the quality standards are as high as possible.


  • Nolan helmets always work exceedingly well
  • The company has amazing all-season helmet options
  • You can also buy flexible helmets from Nolan, meaning that you should be able to turn a full face into an open face or an off-road helmet
  • Buyers can easily add and remove the parts


  • However, some Nolan helmets only come with a clear face shield instead of both clear and smoked options
  • To remove the ear covers, you need to remove the entire lining from the helmet

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Final Verdict

So, there you have it – the list of the best motorcycle helmet brands around the globe. Each of the brands above has made it into this list because of the quality of their products, pricing, as well as the safety features they usually add to every helmet before they release it into the marketplace.Read more about motorcycle helmets.

As such, irrespective of the choice you make, you can always be sure that these helmets will never let you down. In fact, most riders you see on the road will have one of the motorcycle helmets you’ve just read about.

If you liked this guide to the best motorcycle helmet brands, please share it around so that it goes viral. You can also leave a comment below if there’s something you wish to add, a question you need to ask, or a general statement about your preferred helmet brand.

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