Best Motocross Helmet For 2021 – Reviews And Buying Guide


Although motocross sporting is a great adventure, you still need to take extra care to ensure that you are safe and sound while racing. To this end, you should invest in the best motocross helmet and wear it every time you go out on your motocross bike.

Image Name Editor's Rating Price
AHR DOT Outdoor Adult Full Face MX Helmet Motocross Off-Road Dirt Bike Motorcycle ATV L
GLX GX-15 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Integrated Dual Tinted Visor, DOT Approved (X-Large, Matte Black)
Core Helmets Hunter Safety MX-1 Off-Road Helmet (Orange, X-Large)

Best Motocross Helmet For 2020 Reviews:

The following are some of the Best Motocross Helmet you will find on the market today:

1. AHR DOT Outdoor Adult Full Face MX Helmet

  • The AHR DOT Motocross Helmet is a full-face helmet
  • It comes with dual visor inner sunglasses for additional protection; the visor is removable
  • This helmet is DOT Approved, meaning it exceeds most minimum safety requirements
  • It features D-Ring Closures
  • It has pads, which are washable
  • It boasts an anti-fog shield
  • The helmet comes with bottom and top vents for extra aeration
  • It is lightweight, durable, and comfortable
  • The size might be a bit too large for you
  • The warranty provided only covers the parts, and not the helmet itself

2. GLX GX-15 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


  • With the GLX GX15 Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet (Matte Black/X-Large), you will get efficient padding for extra cushioning against potential and actual friction
  • It boasts efficient insulation and ventilation, keeping you warm and well aerated
  • The helmet comes with a chin guard
  • It works best for riding in cold environments
  • However, the GLX GX15 Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet (Matte Black/X-Large) sometimes experiences air leakages
  • The excellent ventilation means you have to bear with the loud wind noise while riding

3. Core Helmets Hunter Safety MX-1 Off-Road Helmet

  • The Core Hunter Safety MX-1 Off-Road Helmet provides full-face coverage, making it perfect for outdoor, dirt, and ATV riding
  • The brilliant finish boasts premium paint, with a clear coat for extra scratch protection
  • It has a single intake vent at the front, as well as rear exhaust vents for extra ventilation
  • The ear pockets are recessed, meaning that the helmet can accommodate communication devices
  • It also comes with a visor, which can be adjusted to 3 extra positions
  • This helmet not only meets the DOT FMSV218 standard, but it also exceeds this standard


  • For all its enviable features, the Core Hunter Safety MX-1 Off-Road Helmet is relatively expensive

4. Typhoon Adult ATV Helmet Goggles Gloves Gear

  • The Typhoon Adult Off-Road Helmet is DOT-certified
  • It was designed and specially sized for adult use
  • It comes with a flawless ventilation system
  • You also get extra goggles and gloves with this helmet
  • You can get additional graphic designs when you buy the Typhoon Adult Off-Road Helmet
  • It provides excellent lateral visibility
  • It has a protruding chin bar to protect your jaw against potential and actual impact
  • The embedded inner liner is detachable and washable


  • The size might be too large for you
  • The customer service provided by Typhoon Helmets isn’t the best

5. LS2 Helmets Fast Race Off-Road MX Motorcycle Helmet (Orange, Large)

  • With the LS2 Off-Road MX Motocross Helmet, you get reliable quality protection and shielding
  • The finish on this helmet is quite elegant
  • The helmet will provide adequate protection for your entire face
  • High quality and protective, this helmet uses multi-density EPS
  • It will remain rigid even in the face of heavy impact
  • The LS2 Off-Road MX Motocross Helmet is also quite comfortable to wear
  • It comes with breathable fabric, which also doubles up as the primary source of ventilation in the helmet
  • The helmet has been designed to ensure that your head is dry even while riding in relatively hot and humid climates


  • The helmet has a tendency to give a bit of a squeeze at the back
  • The padding provided is minimal at best

Caution While Using A Bike Helmet

With the best motocross helmet, you should be able to avoid injuries. Even in the most uncontrollable of environments, you will be better placed to ensure that you are safe and sound in case of any impact or crash.

Even as you use a helmet, however, it is imperative that you remain attentive – primarily because motocross can prove to be more dangerous than you initially assumed. Use the following guide to help you do this:

  • Always keep your motorcycle helmet clean and in good condition
  • Before you start riding, ensure that the chin strap is working well and correctly tightened
  • Only invest in motocross helmets that fit your head perfectly
  • Always close the straps on your helmet
  • Regularly check your helmet for tiny cracks
  • Replace your helmet immediately after it gets damaged
  • Never remove your helmet while you are still on your motocross bike
  • Check the ventilation in your helmet to ensure it is adequate

How To Choose The Perfect Motocross Helmet

That said, as you go about shopping for the best motocross helmet, it is imperative that you make the right choice. Regardless of your location, the law requires that all motocross riders always have a helmet on every time they get on their bikes.

Apart from the laws, however, you still need to wear your helmet. This is the only way you will ensure your safety, as well as prevent yourself from sustaining serious injuries in case you get into a crash. Below are some tips that you can use as you shop around for the perfect motocross helmet:

1. Testing And Certification

For starters, you must ensure that the motocross helmet you buy has been tested and certified. Even if you do come across a perfect fit, stylish-looking and comfortable helmet, it will prove useless unless it can do its job of keeping your head protected.

The best way to check whether the motocross helmet you wish to buy is safe and sound for use is by asking whether it has been tested and found to be satisfactory. This means you should find out more about its Snell Approval, DOT Certification, and/or ECE 22.05 certification.

2. Riding Style

Off road and long distance riders are, in general, at greater risk than regular motorbike riders. That said, motocross being an off-road sport, you might want to invest in a full face helmet to maximize the level of protection you receive. Half helmets, on the other hand, are best suited for occasional and short distance riders – never for motocross.

3. Comfort And Fit

Since you might have to ride your bike at breakneck speeds, it makes sense that you should look for a helmet that fits your head perfectly and feels comfortable while at it.

4. Visibility

Next up, the best motocross helmet is one that allows proper visibility. Most helmets, to this end, come with Plexiglas to protect the rider’s eyes from debris, the wind, and the elements. If you wish to get an open faced helmet, however, you should invest in extra accessories – such as goggles.

A bonus, of course, would be to buy a helmet that also offers anti-fogging, anti-scratching, and UV protection.

5. Ventilation

Ventilation is of particular importance especially for riders who live in warm, humid climates. The extra vents on the motorcycle helmet will generate some noise, but this will be a worthy trade-off considering the flow of air you’ll enjoy in return.

6. Aesthetics And Design

Just because you choose safety and comfort above all else doesn’t mean you should forgo style. If possible, therefore, find a helmet that best meets your unique taste and personal preferences, so you look good while racing at your local motocross shows.

7. Extra Accessories

Some of the best motocross helmets come equipped with such extras as speaker systems and microphones.

8. Price

Last but not least, the price of one motorcycle helmet won’t necessarily be the same as another’s. To this end, you should consider those helmets that fall within your budget.

Benefits Of Using A Motocross Helmet

As mentioned above, the best motocross helmet is a must-have if you are serious about your safety and security. The thing about riding motocross bikes you have to understand is that it isn’t the safest. Only a helmet can keep your head protected in case you get involved in a serious accident.

That said, helmets offer some extra benefits – including but not limited to:

  • It will protect you from such flying objects as twigs, insects, and gravel
  • It will protect you against fatal head injuries
  • It comes in handy in reducing instances of accidents
  • Some will improve your level of comfort while riding by also reducing wind noise
  • Your helmet will secure your eyes against the blazing lights from other bikes or the motocross course
  • Helmets are useful for providing protection against the elements
  • Your healthcare costs might be covered if you get involved in an accident while wearing a motocross helmet

The Best Motocross Helmet

Now that you understand the importance of investing in a helmet for motocross sporting, you need to find yourself the best there in the market. Apart from the safety benefits that come with wearing a helmet at all times, you also need to consider your personal preferences and style while making a choice.

Of course, there are tons of helmets out there – meaning that finding the perfect one can be a bit of a bother. To help you make a faster choice, we collected information about the best motocross helmets – which we now present to you below. Read on to find out more:

Final Verdict

With so many helmets on the market, finding the best motocross helmet can be difficult. However, you won’t go wrong with any of the choices recommended above. Not only are all of them duly tested and certified, but they will also go a long way in providing you with the protection you need while out motocross sporting.

As our rating, we think that the Core Helmets Hunter Safety MX-1 Off-Road Helmet (Orange, X-Large) is the best among all of them. Although it is relatively pricey, the features it provides, the rave reviews it has attracted, and the extra protection it comes with all work hand in hand to deliver the perfect helmet for motocross. As such, you’d be making an excellent choice by picking this one out from among the other helmets in this guide.

Overall, as long as you are vigilant and you know what to look for, finding the best motocross helmet shouldn’t be too hard. Use this guide the next time you are shopping for a helmet, and you should have an easy time making your pick.

If you liked this article, and would like to know more about other products, please leave us your feedback in the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy!

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