What Does Hayabusa Mean? Why Is It The Most Wanted Bike?

What Does Hayabusa Mean

Hayabusa is a word that refers to either the unmanned spacecraft that was launched in 2003 in Japan or to the world’s fastest production motorcycle line made by Suzuki Cycles. So what does Hayabusa mean? What Does Hayabusa Mean? The Word “Hayabusa” is Japanese for “Peregrine Falcon”. Just like its namesake, Hayabusa is renowned for cutting through the … Read more

What Is The Fastest Motorcycle In The World

The Fastest Motorcycle In The World

At top speeds of 420 mph (680 km/h), the Dodge Tomahawk is the fastest motorcycle in the world that was ever produced. Unveiled in 2003 by Dodge, only 9 of this ultimate superbike have made it to the market. The Dodge Tomahawk features an 8.3 liter Dodge Viper Engine in the V-10 SRT 10 class. As such, … Read more

A Simple Guide For How To Choose A Motorcycle

How To Choose A Motorcycle

While learning how to choose a motorcycle, you might know that there are two main types of bike riders: those who have no idea about what to get and those who are quite certain about the type of motorbike they are going to buy. The guide below will help you out irrespective of the category … Read more

How Much To Powder Coat Rims? (All You Need To Know)

How Much To Powder Coat Rims?

Asking yourself the “how much to powder coat rims?” question? Then you are in good company. In this guide, you will learn about everything there is to know about how to paint motorcycle rims, the costs involved, and what you need to get the job done. Primarily, powder coating rims comes with many benefits. Apart … Read more

Are There Scooters That Look Like Motorcycles

Scooters That Look Like Motorcycles

Do you need information about scooters that look like motorcycles? This guide will help you along. Whereas scooters and motorbikes are appealing and economic alternatives to cars for running errands and commuting, there are certain differences and similarities between the two. Read on to learn more. Scooters That Look Like Motorcycles Reviews: Now that you … Read more