Top Best 3/4 Open Face Helmet Reviews 2023

We don’t need you to tell us the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle. But still, a lot of people don’t understand the importance of wearing it. Helmets are a little irritating since there is very little ventilation, and it keeps the head pressed a bit which feels pretty uncomfortable. And these are the significant reasons why some people don’t like to wear a helmet. If you are one of them who is looking for the best open face motorcycle helmet, then this guideline is for you.

These helmets allow proper ventilation, and wearing these is exceptionally comfortable, plus they are lightweight as well. And after all, they provide decent protection too. That being said, not all 3/4 helmets can ensure safety, so this article is essential for you to choose the right one.

Our Favorite Open Face Helmet for Open Face

10+ Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

We have researched and pulled out many top-rated open-face motorcycle helmets that users have a good time with. In these best open face helmet reviews, we have covered everything that the user needs to know.

From features to advantages to disadvantages, we didn’t leave anything untouched so that you can rely on it. That said, without killing any more time, let us take you through the reviews!

1. Best Shoei j Cruise Helmet – Shoei J-Cruise 2 Helmet

Shoei J-Cruise II Helmet (Large) (White)

There are a set of people who don’t think about the price; as long as the quality is top-notch, they are ready to pay any price. If you are one of them, then look at the Shoei J Cruise 2 helmet, one of the best 3/4 motorcycle helmets on the market today. Shoei is a Japanese brand, and they have been making top-quality motorcycle helmets for a long time.

With the chin, this very helmet delivers optimum protection to the entire head; credit goes to the top-notch construction and advanced technologies used in this helmet. The manufacture has used Multi-ply Matric Advanced Integrated Matrix shell technology, making the shell extremely durable yet pretty lightweight.

Lightweight helmets are highly comfortable; you can ride for extended distances very easily. The helmet comes with a multi-layer EPS liner. The EPS liner is a combination of foams of different densities. Their primary goal is to absorb impacts and distribute them evenly, so no pressure gets on the user’s head.

Talking about head safety, this helmet is certified by the department of transportation. For ensuring a good fit, this helmet comes in 4-different sizes. The sizes they come in fits well on almost every head shape.

This Shoei J cruise two helmet comes with a pretty unique face shield system. With this face shield, the user will have a wider and taller vision. Open face helmet shields are wide, but this one is wider, an advantage for the rider. Moreover, the face shield that comes with the helmet is scratch-resistant and does an excellent job of preventing UV rays from getting into the eye. The shield is 10mm, and it is durable.

The shell-integrated spoilers of this helmet reduce the lift and drag issue when riding at high speed. High noise when riding is a common issue in open-face helmets, but not with this helmet. As we mentioned above, it comes with a broader face shield that reduces the noise significantly.

Overall the helmet is extremely comfortable since it is lightweight and the interior is very ventilated. However, the price is high, which might make this helmet out of reach for some people, but the quality it offers is worth every penny.

Highlighted Features

  • This helmet comes with Multi-Ply Matric Advanced Integrated Matrix shell technology. It ensures that the helmet provides the user with needed protection.
  • It features a built-in QSV 1 sun shield that delivers excellent protection from the sunray. The shield is scratch-resistant and highly durable as well.
  • The helmet comes integrated with a spoiler that eliminates the lift and drag problem during high-speed rides.
  • It comes with a multi-layer EPS liner that absorbs and distributes the crash impact properly so that the user’s head will remain safe.
  • It also has 3D max dry interior system, and it is adjustable, removable, and washable. The best part is, it can dissipate sweat, moisture.
  • Features 3D shape multi-layer cheek pad the delivers incredible comfort for long periods. It ensures a good fit as well.


  • It looks incredibly classy
  • It will last for ages without much maintenance
  • Highly protective open-face helmet
  • It wouldn’t release any bad smell or odor
  • It has a cushioned cheek pad for better comfort
  • Very well ventilated interior


  • It is a very expensive helmet

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2. YEMA YM-627 Motorbike Open Face Helmet

Motorcycle Open Face Helmet DOT Approved - YEMA Helmet YM-627 Motorbike Moped Jet Bobber Pilot Crash...

The Yema YM-627 open face is a premium-looking helmet that can offer decent protection from light and medium crash impacts. It is a DOT-approved helmet that ensures that this helmet meets the minimum safety standard. It can be worn with cruiser, street, or scooters. That being said, this helmet would not survive a heavy crash, so make sure to keep it in mind.

It has an Aerodynamic ABS shell which is a pretty durable one. Talking about the shell, do not worry about the size at all. The manufacturer knows how important it is to wear a snug fit helmet, and that is why they launched five different sizes for this helmet. Keep in mind that the size is smaller than the standard size, so you have to purchase one size larger than your regular size. For example, if X size fits well, you will have to order XL in the case of this helmet.

A very lightweight helmet that makes it comfortable to wear. Not only that, it comes with multi-layer EPS liners that also add to the overall comfort. The liner can absorb and distribute light and medium crash impacts. The helmet has a chin strap that can be buckled up pretty quickly.

With this very model, you also get a sun visor that could be installed without any tool. The visor protects the user from UV rays. There are ventilation ports that keep the interior breathable. Apart from all this, one thing that hurts is the noise. When you are riding at a reasonable speed, the interior gets noisy.

Highlighted Features

  • Features Sun visor system that gives decent protection from the UV ray. The visor can be installed easily, completely tool-less operation.
  • It comes with an Aerodynamic ABS shell; it is a durable shell that will last for ages if it doesn’t get into a crash. And it looks very premium.
  • It also has a Multi-density EPS liner with a good impact absorbing ability, and they are very comfortable. Plus, they are removable and washable as well.
  • The helmet has ventilation ports for air intake and exhaust. It is also adjustable and keeps the interior well-ventilated always.
  • The manufacturer has priced it very reasonably. And for the price, this helmet offers a lot. And it is DOT FMVSS 218 standard certified as well.


  • Lightweight and very comfortable to wear
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Well-ventilated interior
  • Offers decent protection from crash impact
  • Long-lasting Aerodynamic ABS shell


  • The interior gets very noisy during speedy rides

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3. One of the Lightest 3 4 helmets – HJC IS-33 II Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC IS-33 II Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Matte Black, Large)

If you have been into the motorcycle helmet market for any time, you must have heard the name HJC. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands for the best motorcycle helmets. Their products have always lived up to the user’s expectations, and now this HJC IS-33 II Open Face Motorcycle Helmet is no different.

The helmet boasts of offering the same level of protection as a full-face helmet. That is true if you don’t count the chin guard since an open-face helmet doesn’t come with a chin guard. Apart from that, the protection level is top-notch.

The helmet comes with a peak visor and a sun visor. A peak visor comes into play when the rider rides in strong wind. And the sun visor is to save the user from UV rays. It is a highly comfortable helmet, one of the best motorcycle helmets for cruising. And the best part is, with this helmet don’t need to trade safety comfort; you can have both, which is pretty rare.

The shell is made of Advanced Polycarbonate composite material. Well, this material is solid and very lightweight; it is a deadly combo. A single-density EPS liner enables the helmet to absorb impact and distribute property to the liners so that the rider’s head remains safe.

This helmet fits well and comes in two different shell and EPS sizes that provide most head shapes. With this helmet, you get proper ventilation; the helmet’s inner side will remain breathable no matter how hot the weather is. When buying this helmet, you would want to keep in mind the size; it is smaller than other helmets.

For example, if L size helmets fit you perfectly, you will have to choose XL size with this helmet. Otherwise, the helmet would not serve you well.

Highlighted Features

  • It features an Advanced Polycarbonate Composite shell that offers more excellent protection and, at the same time, is highly comfortable as well since this material is very lightweight.
  • An Aerodynamic shell and large eye ports improve the user’s visibility, which is mandatory while riding a motorcycle.
  • It comes with a Single Density EPS liner that can absorb and distribute impact evenly on the liner, so the head inside the helmet remains safe.
  • It has a one-touch integrated smoke-tinted inner sun shield that can be deployed and retracted pretty smoothly and easily adjustable.
  • The inside part of the helmet remains well-ventilated thanks to the Advanced Channeling Ventilation System that allows proper airflow.
  • The interior part has advanced supercool anti­bacterial fabric that can dissipate humidity, moisture, and sweat. This feature will make sure the internal part doesn’t release any foul odor or smell.


  • An extremely well-ventilated helmet that makes rides very comfortable
  • The interior part wouldn’t release any odor or smell
  • Offers good protection thanks to the single-layer EPS liner
  • The helmet is very lightweight and highly durable
  • Has two visors for wind and UV ray protection


  • Compared to other helmets, the size of this model is a little smaller.

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4. Best Bell Helmet For Touring – BELL Custom 500 Helmet

Bell Custom 500 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet(Solid Matte Black, Medium)

Bell is an American-based motorcycle helmet and bicycle manufacturing company; it is a pretty old company. The bell 500 helmet was their big success. In the beginning, this helmet used to come with polyurethane foam inside liner and fiberglass, which is hand laminated.

Though this helmet was perfect in the eyes of motorcyclists, the manufacturer still wanted to upgrade it. And they got into the up-gradation and boom! They brought out Bell custom 500 open face reel, which is one of the best-selling 3/4 helmets.

This helmet comes in an old-retro look, but the technology used is modern, and this combination is one of the big reasons behind the big success. It perfectly fits the user since it comes in 5 different shell sizes, XS, SM, M, L, XL, and XXL. The head style of this same helmet looks pretty classy as well.

For after-market visors and shields, this helmet comes integrated with a 5-snap pattern. And here comes the best part of this helmet. Unlike most open-face helmets, this helmet can absorb impacts and distribute the impact properly so that the user doesn’t feel much pressure on the head. Compared to other 3/4 helmets, this feature sets it apart.

Another satisfying part of this very helmet is the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty for it. The manufacturer keeps its promise if anything goes wrong with the helmet, which makes it a win-win situation for the user.

Now let us take you through some flaws of this helmet. The first one is, It looks bubblehead, though in the picture it looks a little slim. The last one is, the cushioning isn’t that good; it comes with thin padding. Considering everything, we can say this Bell 500 is not the safest open-face motorcycle helmet, but it is definitely one of them.

Highlighted Features

  • This helmet comes with a multi-density and anti-bacterial EPS liner. It plays a major role in terms of safety; the multi-layer liner absorbs impact and distributes nicely so that the user doesn’t get much pressure on the head.
  • It is constructed with a low-profile fiberglass composite shell which is a pretty durable material for helmets. This helmet is constructed nicely so that the users will enjoy the company for a very long time.
  • It comes in 5 different shell and EPS liner sizes so that users can find the best fit for them—It features a 5-snap pattern as well for aftermarket items.
  • It is a DOT-approved helmet that meets the minimum safety standard and is legal to be used on the roads.
  • This same helmet comes in more than ten different colors, allowing the users to find the perfect match for their motorcycle. Every color looks pretty classy that makes us count this model in a cool open face helmets list.


  • Pretty comfortable to wear, thanks to the EPS liner and padding
  • It comes in different colors and sizes, users can choose the right one for them
  • Provides the user with good protection
  • It is a very durable helmet, will last for ages
  • The helmet looks extremely classy


  • Cushioning could have been more comfortable
  • The helmet isn’t as slim as it looks in the picture

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5. LS2 Helmets Open Face Track Helmet

LS2 Helmets 569-3013 Track Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield (Matte Black, Medium)

Anyone looking for an open face helmet that offers decent protection at an affordable price, we have the LS2 open face track helmet for them. It is a DOT-approved helmet; I don’t think it doesn’t provide any protection at all. It comes with two visors, a peak, and a sun. The visors enable you to ride against strong wind and keep you safe from the harmful UV ray.

This helmet looks well. The manufacturer has used High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology that makes the shell stronger and durable. Plus, it makes the helmet a little lightweight so that the user can comfortably for longer periods. The helmet comes with an aerodynamic shell that delivers higher stability when riding in high-speed.

As we said earlier, you can get protection from strong wind and UV rays thanks to the optically correct face shield. The face comes with a fast-release system; it allows adding and removing the shield quicker, without any tool. Moreover, the face is fog-resistant as well, which will, of course, improve your vision.

The helmet has channeled ports that provide excellent ventilation. There are enter and exit ports for air, so the interior always remains breathable doesn’t matter what the outside weather condition is. It also comes with last-cut foam cheek pads; it increases the comfort to a great extent. However, this helmet isn’t as durable as other open-face models on this list. And it comes in only one size, so finding a good fit could be challenging.

Highlighted Features

  • This helmet offers the user wide visibility, which prevents a Claustrophobic feeling when riding. Plus, the face shield is fog-resistant.
  • It features a twin shield system that is adjustable, so you can control how much light or air you want to come inside the helmet.
  • It is approved by the Department of transportation and meets FMVSS 218 standard and California Air Resources Board requirements.
  • Features are channeling ports for proper ventilation inside the helmet, and it is also adjustable. You can turn the ports off completely in colder seasons.
  • It comes with High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology that makes the helmet shell a little lightweight and a little durable.
  • There is a foam cheek pad that makes the helmet convenient.


  • It is a comfortable helmet
  • It comes at a very affordable price
  • Offers decent protection and durability
  • Protects from UV sun rays and strong wind
  • The helmet looks decent


  • It comes in only one size
  • Not very durable and protective.

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6. Biltwell Bonanza Half Helmet

Biltwell Bonanza Half Helmet (Gloss Black, X-Small)

Here comes one of the lightest open face helmets, the Biltwell Bonanza Half helmet. It comes in a different color, and it has a very classic style which a lot of people like wearing. Though it has a classic style, it also does come with advanced technologies. It has an expanded polystyrene inner shell; this is what gives the head safety. Not only the head, but it also provides proper neck protection as well.

This helmet comes at a very reasonable price, but that said, the protection that this helmet delivers isn’t that high; you will get decent protection. The helmet doesn’t come with a face shield; the manufacturer has little cost-cutting there. The way the shell is designed fits most of the head shape. The best part of this helmet is, it is incredibly lightweight. You wouldn’t feel any pressure on the head and neck due to the helmet.

The helmet shell is an EPS safety shell, and this helmet is approved by the department of transportation. However, we don’t suggest a helmet for speedy riding; this helmet is okay for slow cruising. There isn’t any chin guard or a face shield that will save the user from the wind. Plus, there isn’t any ventilation port that will keep the interior ventilated.

Highlighted Features

  • The helmet comes with Injection-molded ABS outer shell that offers decent durability. And it has a hand-painted finish which makes it look good.
  • Features expanded polystyrene inner shell that protects from crash impacts. Plus, the inner shell is pretty comfortable to wear as well.
  • There is hand-sewn brushed Lycra liner foam padding which is removable; this also takes the impact and distributes properly so that the user doesn’t get heavily injured.
  • D-ring neck strap. It is adjustable and fits well. The strap is highly durable and securely attached to the helmet so that it wouldn’t come loose easily.
  • It comes at a meager price, though there are many features this helmet lacks; for the price, we think it is fair.


  • Sturdy and very lightweight helmet
  • It comes at a meager price
  • The inner liner can absorb impact properly
  • The helmet looks classy
  • Very comfortable to keep wearing


  • It doesn’t come with a face shield
  • Not very protective

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7. Shark S-drak Helmet

SHARK HE2700DDSKM Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet (Carbon Skin, M - 57-58 cm - 22.4-22.8'')

This is the coolest open-face motorcycle helmet on this list. If you are a fan of Harley, dual-sport, knee dragger, or café racer, this helmet is for you. Its look will catch a breath and attract every eye on the road; the design is just out of the box; it looks like a skull. Though this helmet looks like a full-face model, it is not. It is an open-face helmet that comes with a face mask and goggles.

The face mask and the goggles don’t offer protection from the impact, but they protect the user from dust and wind. With a lightweight injected thermoplastic shell, the user can ride for longer periods without irritation. Plus, the user can expect decent protection from the shell as well.

Users can remove the mask if they want. The mask can be detached or attached to the goggles. Plus, there is a quick-release goggle sell; if you don’t need it, you can remove the google. Talking about the goggles, they provide a very wider view, and they are anti-fog goggles that improve the vision to a big extent. Not only that, the goggles are scratch-resistant as well.

The goggles are lined with foam to ensure the user feels comfortable wearing it. Apart from that, thick cheek pads also improve the convenience of wearing the helmet. On top of everything, there are ventilation ports too which will keep the interior breathable.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with goggles and a face mask that protects from strong wind and dust. They are detachable; if you don’t need them, you can remove them as well.
  • The goggles give a far-reaching vision. And they are anti-fog and scratch-resistant goggles which help a lot when riding.
  • Features pretty thick cheek pads that ensure a good fit and also provide the needed comfort. Plus, they absorb a little bit of impact as well.
  • There is a ventilation port that keeps the interior breathable and well-ventilated always. This is an extremely convenient feature that every helmet should come with.
  • Due to the wide goggles and face mask, there won’t be much noise inside the helmet.
  • The manufacturer offers a 5-years warranty for this helmet. Shark is a well-reputed brand, so that it can be trusted.


  • Incredibly classy look
  • Wind and dust protection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Removable face mask and goggles
  • Well-ventilated interior


  • Not a very durable helmet

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8. Daytona Cruiser Helmet – Daytona Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Daytona Helmets Leading The Way In Quality Headgear Powersports Helmets

The Daytona Open face helmet, this one is popular. It is a very low-profile open-face helmet, probably the lowest. Anyways, the best feature of this helmet is comfort. Wearing this helmet is extremely comfortable, and the thanks go to the custom-formed interior. The interior of this helmet can dissipate sweat and moisture from the face, resulting in a breathable interior that also increases comfort.

It is a genuine DOT-approved helmet; you can expect your head to be safe from crash impacts when this helmet is covering the head. That being said, it is a cruiser helmet, not a sports one, so make sure to ride within the limit; otherwise, this helmet wouldn’t be enough.

This helmet is available in three shell sizes to ensure the perfect fit. This helmet comes with a snap-on removable gloss back visor along with a fast-release lock which will allow you to detach the visor quicker with very minimal effort.

The manufacturer offers a 90-days money-back guarantee. What else do you need? Get this, use it for two months and if you find anything wrong, return it to the manufacturer. It is a win-win situation. And before we forget, the price of this helmet is very affordable. For the price, this model offers a lot.

Highlighted Features

  • It is a genuine DOT-approved open-face helmet; it not only meets the DOT standard, but it also exceeds that. So you can expect to have good protection from this helmet.
  • The helmet features a removable snap-on visor that has a quick-release system. The fast-release system will allow you to detach the visor with close to no effort at all.
  • It comes at a meager price, for the price we think this helmet offers a lot. Even if we compare it with some low-quality open face models’ prices, this Daytona model still wins.
  • This helmet comes in 3-different shell sizes that allow the users to find the perfect fit for them, which is extremely important.
  • Features an entirely custom-formed interior that makes wearing it very comfortable. Plus, the interior foam can dissipate moisture and sweat.


  • It comes at a very affordable price
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Highly breathable interior foam
  • Offers decent head protection
  • Delivers perfect fit
  • 90-days money-back guarantee


  • It doesn’t come with any face shield
  • No ventilation port

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9. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Helmet

ScorpionEXO Covert Open Face Half Shell 3/4 Mode Motorcycle Helmet Dot Approved Solid Adult Unisex...

Many people want to wear a lightweight classy-looking helmet, but getting the most of the time requires sacrificing the protection or vice versa. But here we have come up with a model you are going to absolutely love. Have a look at the ScorpionExo Convert Unisex helmet that will deliver you needed protection and comfort when cruising.

It comes with a Proprietary Advanced LG polycarbonate shell, which offers good protection and durability. At the same time, the shell is very lightweight, which makes the entire helmet lightweight. It also features a Dual-density EPS liner that absorbs and distributes the heavy crash impact to the liner so that the user’s head can remain safe.

That being said, this is a cruiser helmet, not a sports one. So don’t ride at high speed; always stay on the cruising limit; otherwise, no open-face helmet would be able to save you. This helmet also has DOT certification,

There is a proper ventilation system on this helmet; the interior will always remain cool and breathable. You can convert the helmet into 3-different configurations. It comes with a visor and face mask that gives the entire helmet a very aggressive look. A lot of people go with this helmet only because of the look though that isn’t appropriate.

The visor delivers a clear vision when riding, and that also protects from the sun UV ray which is harmful to humans. Not to forget, the visor is anti-fog as well. Moreover, the helmet has Kwikwick 2 anti-microbial fabric liner, which is very comfortable and has the ability to dissipate moisture and sweat from the face.

Cheek pad adds additional comfort when wearing, and that is removable and washable. Plus, it helps in fit as well. Lastly, one thing that we didn’t like much about this helmet was the noise. It can get very noisy inside.

Highlighted Features

  • This helmet features a Proprietary Advanced LG polycarbonate shell that offers both protection and durability. And it is very lightweight as well.
  • It has Kwikwick 2 anti-microbial fabric interior liner that adds comfort. And dissipates moisture and sweat, so the interior always remains breathable.
  • It comes with a Dual-density EPS liner that can absorb crash impact and distribute the effect properly. It tries its best to put no pressure on the user’s head.
  • The interior of this helmet always remains very well-ventilated; a big thanks goes to the Aero-Tuned Ventilation system.
  • The anti-fog visor provides a clear view. A face mask provides excellent wind protection. The mask is removable.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Offers decent protection from impacts
  • Detachable face mask
  • It gives an aggressive look
  • Very well ventilated and breathable
  • Pretty durable helmet


  • It can get very noisy

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10. GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser Scooter Helmet

GLX M14 Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet with Free Tinted Retractable Visor DOT Approved...

This GLX Unisex cruiser helmet is different from others since it isn’t a motorcycle helmet; the manufacturer has designed it for scooters. So if you are looking for the best motorcycle helmet, this one isn’t an option. Let’s see what this helmet brings with it.

It has extensive fabrication and comes with inner liner components that can absorb and distribute light impacts throughout the liners, ensuring the head inside the helmet remains safe. You get a sun shield that will prevent UV rays from going into your eyes with this one. And if you don’t need that, you can retract that and deploy later as well.

The strap is quick­-release and doesn’t cause any irritation while riding. The inner materials are very comfortable; they are removable and washable as well. If you want to add audio equipment, this helmet has options for that as well.

There are a few things that the user has found annoying, which are, the chin strap doesn’t come with padding, so when you attach the strap tightly, it might hurt a bit. Then, the helmet looks bigger; however, that shouldn’t be a

major issue. A tip that will come in very handy for you if you are looking forward to getting this helmet, order one size bigger than the regular size.

Apart from these, quality and safety-wise, this is one of the best half helmets for scooters.

Highlighted Features

  • Approved by the Department of Transportation, it meets all their standards but only for scooters, not motorcycles
  • Features washable, removable, and replaceable microfiber interior liners
  • Comes with a sun shield that prevents 99% UV ray from going through the shield. It can be retracted and deployed easily
  • The lower edge liners of this helmet are made of premium leather that gives greater durability
  • There is additional room for audio equipment such as communication gadgets


  • Comfortable wearing a helmet
  • Affordable price range
  • UV ray protection
  • Breathable interior components
  • Offers decent protection


  • No padding on the cheek strap
  • Sizing issue

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11. Low Profile Open Face Helmet – HJC 408-611 CS-2N Helmet

HJC Helmets 408-611 CS-2N Helmet (Flat Black, X-Small)

And here comes the last helmet of the list, which happens to be one of the lowest profile 3/4 motorcycle helmets. You are presenting the HJC 408-611 CS-2N helmet that lives up to the user’s expectations. If you are a fan of lightweight and well-ventilated helmets, you are going to enjoy the company of this very helmet. It is very lightweight and comes with ventilation ports that keep the interior well-ventilated.

The shell manufacturer has used in the construction is a Thermoplastic Alloy shell, which offers decent durability and protection. Talking about safety, though the manufacturer didn’t say anything about using this helmet on motorcycles, we would recommend not using it while riding a bike. We prefer this helmet for scooters that are not speedy because this helmet wouldn’t be able to absorb heavy crash impacts.

The interior of this helmet has Nylex padding that delivers excellent comfort. Plus, two air vents on the forehead add more to the overall comfortability. With the helmet, you will get an Aerodynamic visor that delivers a comprehensive and clear view. One major flaw of this helmet is, it gets very noisy, especially when riding against strong wind.

Highlighted Features

  • This is a DOT-approved scooter helmet that can absorb and distribute light crash impacts.
  • Features Nylex interior that offers more excellent comfortability and always remains breathable.
  • Two ventilation ports allow air inside the helmet, which also increases the comfortability of this helmet.
  • There is a Zip-Out neck that is removable and earflaps that comes with pockets for the speaker.
  • It comes with an Aerodynamic visor that delivers a clear and comprehensive view. And that can be removed as well.

The Pros

  • Very lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Highly ventilated interior
  • Offers decent protection
  • It comes in 6 size
  • The shell offers decent durability
  • The price is pretty Affordable

The Cons

  • This helmet gets very noisy

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How to Choose the Best Open Face Helmet?

open face helmet with visor

Choosing the best 3/4 motorcycle helmets isn’t an easy task; it is a complex process. And if you are a beginner, there is a high chance that you will end up choosing the wrong helmet and make a mess out of your money. However, when you are out in the market looking for the best open-face motorcycle helmet (3/4 helmet), you need to consider many things. From the materials to ventilation, safety, and price, a lot needs your attention.

And to make sure that you end up wasting your money on a useless helmet, we have come up with an in-depth buying guide. We have covered all the aspects that need attention when buying a 3/4 helmet. It is going to take a while, so sit back and get into it!

What are the Different Types of Helmets?

Though this guide is about 3/4 helmet, we think it will be beneficial for you to understand every helmet type; because it will be easy to determine which helmet is exactly for you. Four types of helmets are being used widely; we have explained each of the types broadly so that you can understand better. Let’s get started!

Full Face

This is the safest helmet among all six types. As the name suggests, full-face helmets cover the entire head. From the back, top, side, and front as well. And they have the ability to withstand big impact. One feature that separates the full-face helmet from the others is the chin protection, this feature most of the helmets lack.

According to several studies on helmet head injury and damages, the chin takes the 50% impact when an accident occurs, making full-face helmets super protective. With chin, full-face helmets provide good jaw protection as well.

This helmet can be worn by every type of rider irrespective of what type of motorcycle they ride. That being said, there are variations of full-face helmets. For example, full-face helmets are designed not to lift when the motorcycle runs at super high speed. Plus, the chin bar is higher in the sports open face helmets, the visors, and slightly different.

On the other hand, touring, cruising, and adventure ridings ride with an upright position, and some full-face helmets come with a lower chin bar, and that one is suitable for these kinds of riding. The main point is that it doesn’t matter your riding style; you will get a suitable full-face helmet.

Since full-face helmets cover the head from every side, ventilation is mandatory, though not every full-face come with a proper ventilation system. However, some come with a good ventilation system that works. And the best part is that ventilation can be closed so that you can ride comfortably in colder seasons.

Flip-Up Helmets

Well, this one is a combination of a full-face helmet and a 3/4 helmet. The chin bar of this helmet can be flipped up. Not only the chin bar since the visor is also connected to the chin bar, that also goes up.

You can open the front part of the helmet like a window. Materials and fitments are almost the same as full-face helmets. It comes with the main visor and a secondary visor for increased eye protection from the sunlight.

However, these helmets weigh more than other helmets, which is probably because of the flip-up mechanism. Though it looks like a full-face helmet when it comes down to safety, it is not as protective as full-face helmets.

And the reason is the hinge structure. But compared to 3/4 and other helmets, Flip-up delivers a way to better protection. If we number the helmets according to the provided protection, flip-up (Modular) helmets will come at the second, right after full-face helmets.

These helmets are frequently used by the cruiser, tourers, and adventure riders since these helmets are designed for riders who maintain an upright position when riding. Modular helmets are extremely versatile; they come with Bluetooth speakers, anti-fogging coatings, a dual visor system, etc.

3/4 Helmets (Open Face)

And here we come to the 3/4 helmet, which is also known as an open-face helmet. Some call this faceless motorcycle helmet as well. The reason they are called open-face helmets is the front side is completely open. And the reason behind calling them 3/4 helmets is they cover the three areas of head out of 4.

The Head is divided into four parts, front, side, top, and back. And open face reels protect the back, top, and side of the hand; that is why they are called 3/4 helmets. However, 3/4 helmets are not as protective as full-face helmets for obvious reasons.

The front side in the 3/4 helmet is completely open, so there isn’t any chin or jaw protection at all. Plus, they cannot give full protection to different weather conditions and road dust. However, open-face helmets are extremely comfortable; there is enough space for proper ventilation. And since they are pretty lightweight, users can keep them worn for long periods.

Half Helmet

Well, when it comes down to protection, this is a helmet that doesn’t come on the top row at all. This helmet is very open, only covers the head area. However, some half helmet covers the back of the head, but their protection is minimal.

But if it comes down to comfort, there isn’t any other type that can compete with this one. It is a very comfortable helmet, extremely well ventilation, and highly lightweight.

Most of these types of helmets don’t come with a face shield or visor; in that case, you will have to add on your own. Or you can wear goggles when the helmet is worn. You wouldn’t see much technological touch on these helmets, but some do come with Bluetooth speakers.

Apart from these four helmets, there are some other helmets as well which people use. However, protection should be the top priority when you buy a helmet ( we will discuss the protection part in the later section in detail). There are only two helmet types that offer good protection.

The first one is a full-face helmet, and the second one is a 3/4 helmet. If you are concern about safety and good comfort as well, then go with the 3/4 helmet.


The main reason why a person considers wearing a helmet is proper protection. Motorcycle accidents can cause damage to all body parts, but since the head is the most crucial and sensitive part of the body, protecting that becomes the priority. By protective helmet, we mean the ability to withstand strong impact, absorbing and dispersing energy.

If a helmet can’t withstand impacts, then that isn’t a protective one. So you will always have to stick to a stronger helmet and has a great ability to absorb and disperse impact.

But how would you know which helmet is capable of taking impacts and which is not? Safety rating. Every helmet comes with a safety rating, and that should tell you whether the helmet is worth picking or not. I don’t know where you will find a safety rating, and how would you read that? Don’t worry, go to the below section, you will learn!

Safety Rating & Standard

If you have used helmets before, we are sure you must have noticed little stickers at the backside of the helmet, and that is where the safety standard and the test approval are mentioned. But they are not written in normal words; you might see words like DOT, FIM, ECE, etc.

These are actually acronyms, and to know what the helmet is designed for, you will have to learn all these acronyms. There are 4 of these acronyms that you should learn. Here are them!

DOT: If you live in the US, you might be very familiar with this safety and standard. DOT stands for the Department of Transportation. And if you see DOT on your helmet, that means the helmet has met the minimum Federal standards and is approved to be used on the road. DOT is the most common safety standard you will find in the helmets.

ECE: This stands for Economic Commission for Europe. And it is the same as DOT, but it is used in Europe. Having an ECE-approved sticker on the back of helmets means this has earned minimal safety certification and can be used on the roads.

FIM: Helmets with an FIM sticker or logo are designed to be used on the race tracks. FIM stands for Federation Internationale de Motorcyclist. And it is a must to have certification for legal racing activities. These helmets are extremely durable and provide greater safety as well. Having that said, they are uncomfortable as well since they are cumbersome and not well ventilated.

SNELL: This certification is given by the Snell memorial foundation. SNELL-approved helmet is solid that it can even be used on racing as well.

Construction and Materials

The material and the construction of the helmet have a lot to do with the overall quality of the helmet. Helmets need to be made of top-quality materials so that they can withstand powerful impacts.

Plus, you will have to ensure the helmet is constructed well, too; otherwise, good material isn’t going to benefit you. Due to poor construction, the helmet will break off even if you drop that from a decent height, let alone engaging in an accident.

So try your best to choose from Polycarbonate, Fiberglass, or carbon material; they are extremely durable and strong. And check the helmet, take close looks, and ensure that helmet is constructed well as well.

Helmet Visor

This one is often overlooked. People just get along with any visor that comes with the helmet. Most of the time, visors that come attached with a helmet are cheap. They can get scratched

easily, break easily, and are not anti-fog visors. Instead of looking for these features, what people do is just go crazy after looks.

When you pick a helmet, make sure the visor is of good quality, it shouldn’t break easily. It should be scratch-resistant so that you will have good visibility for a long time. And make sure to pick anti-fog visors, which will also improve the visibility so that you wouldn’t encounter unexpected accidents.

If the helmet doesn’t come with a good quality visor, consider purchasing one separately; you will thank us later for this!

Closure System

The D-ring closure is a traditional system. Every helmet used to come with the D-closure system, but now different manufacturers are coming up with innovative closure system ideas. Some closure systems are working great, and some are not. However, some pretty impressive closure systems of recent times are Fid-locks, Ratcheting chin straps, etc.

It doesn’t matter what closure system your helmet comes with; just make sure it is secured and easy to open. Some closure systems are a hassle; stay away from these. Choose one that will enable you to open it with a very minimal movement of your head or neck.

Right Fit

Ensuring the right fit when you are purchasing a helmet is extremely important. A helmet that doesn’t fit you well will create different issues. On top of everything, if a helmet doesn’t fit you well, it can protect you well. This might seem illogical, but this is the truth. For optimum protection, your helmet needs to fit you well.

What is the right fit? Well, when you wear a helmet, there should be room for entering one or two-finger, not more. In other words, helmets need to be a snug fit.

To make sure people can have a helmet that fits them, manufacturers come with a couple of sizes. But not all manufacturers, since the head of different people don’t differ much, some brands only produce two sizes, and that’s all.

Where some top­-notch brands come in more than five different sizes, such as XXL, Xl, L, M, S, XS, XXS, and this helps the user find the perfect fit for them.

We have seen many people going for loose helmets thinking about ventilation do not ever do that. If you pick a good-quality helmet, there will be a way for ventilation. We have discussed ventilation broadly in the below section.

Good Ventilation

All helmets come with thick padding since that offers excellent protection, and the comfort gets compromised a bit. The inside part of a full-face helmet is a little less breathable, and that is because of the higher protection. But 3/4 is way too comfortable than a full-face helmet since there is enough ventilation.

During summer, ventilation becomes mandatory. Otherwise, it gets tough to keep the helmet worn when you are riding. And that is why helmets now come with a ventilation process.

There is an entrance and exit port for the air. When you ride, the air gets into the helmet through the enter port, placed on the helmet’s forehead. And the air gets out of the helmet through the exit port at the back of the helmet. Plus, in the winter season, you can close the ventilation ports as well.

However, not every helmet comes with a proper ventilation system; you must pick the right one. And in the case of a 3/4 helmet, they are already well ventilated, but still, the ventilation ports will help more.


The weight of the helmet has a lot to do with comfort. You cannot ride wearing a cumbersome helmet; you might find it okay initially, but after a few times, you will see your neck is hurting, which will cause headaches and other body tissues. If you want to ride comfortably, then go for a very lightweight helmet.

Once there was a time when people had to choose between comfort and protection. But at present, you don’t have to go through that tough test because now, for lightweight, a helmet doesn’t need to compromise the protection.

Now some materials are extremely lightweight and super durable as well, such as Polycarbonate. You will get both safety and comfort with this material.


Helmets can be noisy, especially when you are riding at high speed. The high noise gives headaches and distracts your focus from the road, which is definitely not a good thing when riding. And if you are going on a long ride and are connected with other riders via Bluetooth, you will barely listen to anything unless you have an extremely quiet helmet.

A helmet that comes with ventilation ports tends to make much noise, but there are helmets in the market which are super quiet. They might be a little expensive but are worth investing in.


This should be the least priority feature that you should look for when buying a helmet. Some people get impressed by the helmet style and then don’t even think about safety and comfort. You shouldn’t do this! Check the protection, then check the durability, look for extra features, and then think about the style or color of the helmet.

Talking about style, dual-sport helmets come in classy styles and colors. Racing helmets also look pretty classy.


There are more than hundreds of motorcycle helmet brands, and from them, a dozen are very known for their good product quality. If you want to be on the safer side, consider picking your helmet from a well-reputed brand and serving the market with top-quality helmets for a very long time. Let us tell you the benefits of going with a well­-known brand.

  • They wouldn’t mess with the quality since it is on their reputation.
  • You will get good warranty coverage.
  • Top-notch customer service, if anything goes wrong with the helmet, you will get an immediate response.


It is the matter of your life, a precious life that will never come back once it is gone. So do not even hesitate to invest in things that are a lifesaver, such as a helmet. We know low price lures many people towards cheap quality helmets that can barely survive a few normal drops forget saving the head.

Good products will cost you good money, that is so obvious. You cannot expect a 100 dollar helmet to perform like a 1000 dollar helmet. Since it is about your life, spend on the helmet as much as the quality demands. We recommend purchasing helmets from well-known brands; their products might be costly, but their quality.

See What Others are Saying

Unless you use a helmet for a good amount of time, it will be tough for you to tell the good and bad. So before you finally purchase a helmet, see what the users who have been using the helmets for longer periods are saying. Go to well-known e-commerce websites, and head over to the helmets review sections. This will help avoid wasting your money; you w to invest big amounts on top-notch helmets confidently.

FAQ on Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Q. How Should a 3/4 Helmet Fit?

Ans: Not only 3/4 helmet, but every helmet should give you a snug fit; as long as you can put in one or two fingers inside the helmet when worn, that is a good fit. Do not wear loose helmets or fit you well; they will not give you the protection you expect.

Q. Are Open Face Helmets Safe?

Ans: Compared to half-face helmets, open-face helmets are way too safe. But if we compare it with a full-face helmet, those open-face models are not as safe as full-face models. Open face models don’t give any front protection at all; it covers the back, top, and side of the head. And full face covers the entire head, so they are the safest.

Q. Which is Better Modular or Full Face?

Ans: Before we answer that, let us tell you what a modular helmet is. Modular models are a combination of 3/4 and a full-face helmet. You can flip up the front part in a modular helmet, including the chin guard and visor. When flipped down, they look like a full-face model. However, though full face and modular is pretty similar helmets, compared to modular full-face helmets are still a better option in term of protection and sturdiness.


We hope you get the right open-face helmet for yourself from these 11 Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet reviews. We have reviewed every single model as thoroughly as possible so that you can make the best purchase. Apart from that, we have attached a very in-depth buying guide to help you get the ideal helmet for your kind of ride. I hope this helps.

Ride safe & Happy!

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