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Harley-Davidson is currently the leader in designing and manufacturing motorcycles, with a production capacity of 200,000. Harley-Davidson motorcycles occupy the top positions in all nominations in the American market, in the categories of the most powerful and heavy motorcycles with a displacement of more than 700 cc. We’ll discuss how much does harley cost in this article below.

You may have heard that the American company Harley-Davidson has completely revised its line of cruisers. What does this mean for the oldest motorcycle manufacturer? Is he going to pop? Or will his bikes get better? What do the new Softails look like, and have their styling changed from the classic motorcycle manufacturer? Let’s look at what’s the fuss here and how the New Old Harleys will drive.

In July, Harley-Davidson unveiled an entirely new line of light cruisers. It announced a lofty goal: to lure about 2 million bikers worldwide, mainly in the United States itself, over the next ten years. As you can see, the plans are much broader than simply taking and stealing buyers from competitors. But making them die-hard Davidson fans, and this simple redesign isn’t enough, requires a major relaunch of a new culture and two-wheeled chopper cult.

The Cruiser is not a touring motorcycle, but a Sportster, but not a Cruiser.

For most Americans, there are two types of motorcycles: the Harley-Davidson, which is low and slow, and the Kawasaki Ninja, which is bright green.

Everyone knows about Harley-Davidson and its motorcycles. Everyone on the planet knows that these bikes have a lot of chrome and plenty of leather; they put out luscious bass fuzz from their tailpipes and wear V-tweens under the frame. However, if you go deeper, it turns out that there are severe differences from model to model in the company’s lineup. Moreover, they are not limited to the bend of the steering wheel or the width of the tires; this technique drives all differently and carries an entirely different charge of road philosophy.

Today Harley defines the following directions in development:

  • Street: Mid-size motorcycle with a standard fit and an upright back (US price from $ 7,000 to $ 9,000)
  • Sportser: More powerful large and medium bikes ($ 9,000 to $ 12,000)
  • Softail (Cruiser): large motors, large dimensions with minimal fairings ($ 15,000 to $ 19,000)
  • Touring: Luxury Two Wheelers ($ 19,000 to $ 27,000)

Cruising Softail models, which we’ll talk about a bit today, are expensive by motorcycle standards, and even in the States, not every biker will shell out that much for their favorite brand. Many fans and those who cannot imagine their lives without a road, without the noise of the wind, and without long trips under the hot midday sun on highways.

And so we move on to the sweetest review of the magnificent eight motorcycles built on the same frame, have the same gearbox, and one of two engine options, but as we emphasized, they have completely different characters; allegorically, they are completely different personalities.

1. Deluxe- $18,799

Harley says, “It’s a combination of vintage style and modern know-how in everything a rider expects from modern technology.”

Deluxe has a kick-ass American unsightly retro style that reminds me of the Zippo lighter or our Niva VAZ car factory, which 0 marketers have renamed Lada 4×4. There is nothing extra, a time-tested design, but still not boring until now.

If you wish, you can not only purchase white-striped tires in 2017 but, at the same time, get a modern, sophisticated motorcycle that is comfortable and pleasant to drive.

This Hippopotamus weighs a lot, almost 300 kg, so when you take it off the footboard, be prepared not to drop it when you first meet it. It doesn’t love a sissy. But as usual, as soon as he gets underway, as Her Majesty Physics puts everything in its place, the weight begins to melt under the torque of the wheels themselves.

The wide and slightly curved handlebars give you a great sense of the car’s mass as well as feedback.

We are still talking about Harley to say that power is transmitted to the drive wheel smoothly and energetically. The engine’s vibration is almost not felt, but this is until the tachometer needle stops at 5 thousand revolutions. It has a lot of power, but it still needs to do a wheelie on such a long wheelbase motorcycle. Intermediate verdict – 107 cubic inches engine behaves as usual – just fantastic!

Braking also usually takes place, no matter how hard you press on the brake lever. The ABS helps not to fall on its side in a difficult situation. The risk is minimized. The old Harley needed to have better driving skills than the modern technology of this manufacturer today.

Landing is straight, but without a visor, you cannot develop enormous speeds on this cruiser; why is it needed then?

2. Breakout-$20,299

Harley: “It’s a pumped-up asphalt eater.”

The Breakout isn’t a chopper, but a classic, with a flat rear tire and a thin front wheel. Most people don’t like this motorcycle style, but it still has many admirers so that the model will find its buyer without any problems.

Constant vibrations of a massive engine go into the load so that the appearance does not disagree with the case. Do not relax, they say!

And how can you relax when after 50 kilometers you won’t feel your hands?!

It looks like this bike is not designed for long-range action, but it needs special skills to control it.

The noisy rattling 114-horsepower engine underfoot adds extreme sports. For the rest, and this is traction, power supply, power does not cause any complaints.

Also, pay attention to cornering. In such a line-up, they occur peculiarly, as if the motorcycle uses the front wheel as a plow, pushing it in front of it.

3. Street bob4 -$15,299.

Harley:  “… lighter, faster, and stronger …”

Quite another matter. You do not need special skills; you do not need great knowledge and unnecessary skills to bypass pitfalls. Everything is as simple as one, two, and three! Sat down, started, and drove off. The bike is light and handles great, with the weight distribution it should be.

The electronic display mounted on the steering wheel is informative, almost does not glare in the bright sun, it gives out all the necessary information in portions.

The Street Bob is admittedly one of the leaders in ergonomics in the new 2018 Harleys line.

The combination of a low seat and mid-size fork makes it easy to maneuver at low speeds. Well, you can easily say how much the weight of 285 kg allows.

4. Low rider-$17,999.

The direct speech of Harley: «The tradition of individualism in the era of custom choppers demonstrated flight plug Low Rider, the two instrument dials on the tank and graphics inspired by the ’70s. It is built to run faster, more complex, and longer than any motorcycle that has ever left the factory. ”

The Low Rider is, aesthetically, a 1970s car. Also, like the Deluxe model, it fully (and successfully) preaches the retro style. The bike feels good in corners but falls short of Street Bob’s level. He allows himself to be spurred but does not dispose to fast driving. The bike feels more compact than most other Softails, despite being similar in size for some unknown reason.

There are and are complaints about the operation of the motor; they are very similar to the problems discovered on Breakout, only the vibration, in this case, goes to the cosmic level.

5. Slim- $16,000

Harley says: “The idea behind the bobbers has always been to strip the clutter off the bike and enjoy a more exciting ride. The new Softail Slim takes the idea to the next level. ”

The Slim has an acceptable vertical fit, mid-width tires, a smooth 107 engine, and clean looks, making it the de facto Goldilocks of the Softail lineup.

The 290kg bike feels smaller and lighter than it should be. Cheerfully passes the corners and quickly picks up speed from any gear, from any revs, add the gas and go. The smile will not leave your face until the end of the trip.

Ergonomics at the level of Japanese cruisers, the style is akin to the classics of American muscle cars. Harley at its best and made it come true.

6. Heritage- $18,999

Harley: “The new Heritage Classic adds a fresh edge to the chrome nostalgia of the 50s. The story is still here, but it’s done in a dark style, modern facets, and a fully energized ride. ”

If you don’t like the wind but for some reason still want a motorcycle, Harley-Davidson has something to offer you from the Touring line of motorcycles with huge wind protection. Wardrobe trunks will add practicality, and the name itself will make you proud.

The suspension is delightfully tuned for road riding. Add one of the softest seats, and you have incredible comfort even when the road surface gets rough.

Unfortunately, the extra weight of the motorcycle does not add to the ease of handling. Of all the new Softails, this one seems to be the least eager to go into corners.

7. Fat boy- $18,799–$19,749

Harley, direct: “Fat Boy’s looks are more muscular than ever …”

From Airstreamy headlamp housings to chunky chrome wheels, the 2018 Fat Boy is a piece of unique retro-futurism that you can love or hate, but you can’t remain indifferent.

Controllability, somewhere between Breakout and Slim. It is a little difficult to make sudden movements on it, but “Fat Man” is stable on peaks and turns well enough to make you forget about such an insignificant thing as a weight of 360 kg (!!!)

Sportbike in the skin of a classic American motorcycle.

This bike is a beast, for better or worse. A rocket among the classics with a 114 engine and wide glue-to-road tires. This is a motorcycle, the hidden reserves of which can be revealed by a real and careless rider. It would help if you were careful with him.

A heavy, high-performance motorcycle requires a tremendous amount of courage to ride at full throttle, as the momentum you get with the throttle is instantaneous.

Comfort? Let’s say that this is not the essential thing in this motorcycle.

Interestingly, the appearance of this fighter coincides with his brutal inner capabilities. 300 kg of a sports bike sounds like an oxymoron, but this also exists in nature, and his name is Fat Bob.

The back and lower will fall off; it is tough to even after a short ride on it. But it is forgivable to him, a sportbike, even in the skin of a classic, should be an exhausting test for its owner.

Two engines for eight

All Harley Softails for 2018 will come with 107 cc Milwaukee 8 V-Twin engines (eight valves, two cylinders in the “V” version), while the Fat Bob, Breakout, Fat Boy, and Heritage will get 114 ccs as an option. Translated into the European way, these are 1.753 and 1.868 cubic centimeters, respectively—big guys. I have 1.796 cubes in my car.

Harley-Davidson does not publish horsepower, only torque, with a 107 rating of 147 Nm and 114 to 161 Nm. Unofficially, the horses in them are 92.5 and 100.6 hp.

Despite the slight difference in power, people who have tested these bikes note that the 114 feels significantly more powerful than the 107, especially at low revs. But it works louder.

107 provides good acceleration and runs relatively quietly while keeping calm, so it makes sense to think about this version if you want to buy one of these models.

Final Thought

Despite the standard base, all the nuances prevail in the very behavior of the bikes. These are entirely different motorcycles, which is what you had to prove. Yes, they look classic, but since 1903 a lot has already flowed under the bridge; progress doesn’t mean standstill. Such improvements are pleasing, especially when it comes to something as ossified as Harley.

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