13 Best Motorcycle Lift Tables Reviews

Maintaining or repairing a motorcycle may require you to get down on your knees. As a result, your back and knees may hurt. If so, you may want to find a new job.

If you get the best motorcycle lift tables, you can simplify your life. The best motorcycle stands allow you to lift your bike to the perfect height. As a result, you can easily access the engine and other parts of the bike. Previously, motorcycle lift tables were expensive. This limited their use to professionals only. Since then, the price has dropped significantly.

We have compiled the top-rated best motorcycle lift table reviews, so read on to find the best one for you.

Our Top Pick: 5 Best Motorcycle Lift Tables

What are Motorcycle Lift Tables?

A motorcycle lift table is a flat steel plate on which you can put the bike. It is locked at each end using wheel vices or wheel chocks. The wheels are locked in place by the chocks. With some models, the bike is secured by metal d-loops with tie-downs.

Most tables have textured heavy-duty steel plates. They prevent bikes from slipping on them. Motorcycle lift tables often have ramps so that bikes can be wheeled on and off. The ramps can be easily removed once the lift table has been used.

After securing the bike, you can raise the table to a comfortable height. This can be done with a hydraulic jack or compressed air. Foot pedals are used to operate hydraulic lift tables. These pedals raise and lower the table. Air lift tables require an air compressor. Hence, not everyone can use them.

They can only handle a certain amount of weight. For heavy or large-size touring motorcycles, you should use a suitable professional motorcycle lift table.

There are some high-end models with a built-in center stand. They lift one of the bike’s two tires. It is easy to remove the wheels of a motorcycle with this motorcycle table lift. Most motorcycle lift tables have removable plates to facilitate the removal and reinstallation of the rear wheel.

Lift tables differ from other equipment used for lifting bikes. A motorcycle jack, for instance, is a device used to lift a bike engine or frame. The main purpose of motorcycle jack lifts is to remove wheels for servicing. A motorcycle jack, however, is not as stable as a lift table or car jack. If you have a motorcycle that needs a lot of work, the best motorcycle lift table is your best option. While you work on the bike’s bolts that require a lot of pressure, it keeps the bike stable.

Top 13 Best Motorcycle Lift Tables Reviews

If you are looking for the best motorcycle lift table, our list can help you make a wise decision. Our selection is based on their overall performance, ease of use, ratings, prices, and customer reviews.

1. Roughneck Motorcycle Lift – 1000-Lb. Capacity

Roughneck Rapid Lift XT Lift Table - 1,000lb. Capacity, 54 1/2in. Max. Lift Height

For the moment, the Roughneck Motorcycle Lift Table costs less than $500. The motorcycle jacks lift system does not require an external air compressor or power supply. Raising and lowering the table is done with an external foot pedal. Within 20 seconds, it can be raised to a height of 30 inches. The table has numerous features even though it is affordable. The wheel chock is adjustable, the plate drops out, it has a diamond-plated base, and it has d-loops.

The length of the table is 86 1/2 inches while its width is 26 3/4 inches. It has a 1000-pound lifting capacity. It can also be locked mechanically after it is raised to a suitable height for added stability.


  • 30-inch lifting  height
  • Foot pedal
  • Versatile in different work settings
  • Color gray
  • Dimension 45.5’ x 19.75’ x 37.8
  • 1000 lb. capacity
  • Hydraulic lift jack system
  • Adjustable wheel chock
  • Diamond plated base
  • 5-inches long

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2. Rage Powersports BW-PROLIFT-HD Air OP Heavy Duty ProLift 1,500 lb Motorcycle Scissor Lift Table

Black Widow BW-PROLIFT-HD Pneumatic ProLift Motorcycle Scissor Lift Table

For the moment, the Rage Powersports BW-PROLIFT-HD motorcycle lift table costs less than $1,100. This is a high-end model designed for large-sized bikes. This is due to its 1,500-pound lifting table capacity. Its table area is larger compared to other tables. It has a length of 105 inches and a width of 24 inches.

This table has an adjustable wheel vice, drop-out plate, and a ramp. The built-in center motorcycle lift jack allows it to lift wheels easily off the table. This makes it easy to service the tires of bikes. Since it is air-operated, it requires compressed air with at least 90psi of pressure.

While it is rather expensive, it is a good investment if you have a big bike.


  • 1500 lb. capacity
  • Front extension
  • Air operated
  • Approach ramp
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Wheel chock
  • 8-position lock system
  • Center motorcycle lift jack

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3. Black Widow Essential Motorcycle Shop Kit (Bundle)

Rage Powersports Black Widow BW-SK-E Essential Motorcycle Shop Kit

This best motorcycle lifts table comes with everything you need for safe motorcycle service and maintenance in your motorcycle shop or garage. All the tools are bundled and shipped on a shrink-wrapped pallet, so this can add some savings for you. The lifting capacity is up to 1000 lbs. And the BW-550 Hydraulic Motorcycle lift table has a 24″ loading ramp that can be raised from 7 to 32″ height, giving you more flexibility to dealing with a motorcycle. This means you can always find a comfortable working level. And other tools, like a BW-2065 hand-operated tire bead breaker, a Rechargeable LED work light, are also included. If you are looking for not a single motorcycle lift table, this kit can give you more than you can imagine.


  • Tire bed breaker
  • 1000 lb. capacity
  • Powder-coated
  • Steel construction
  • Wheel balancer
  • Rechargeable and durable LED work light
  • Color back
  • 1-inch strap kit
  • 4 soft loops
  • Shop seat
  • 2 cam straps

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4. Redline TR1500 Trike Motorcycle Lift Table

Redline TR1500 Trike Motorcycle Lift Table

If you are looking for the best professional motorcycle lift table for trikes, this one is the best choice. Although it seems expensive, it comes with useful features. This motorcycle lifts table can access a trike from this motor forward easily. It can lift to 46″ high and it is 110′ long and up to 63″ wide. And this perfect lift table has a 3-piece rear ramp section which is removable. In a word, this TR1500 deserves to have and its performance is excellent.


  • Front extension panel
  • Foot pump
  • 1500 lb. lifting capacity
  • Rear drop out panel
  • 46-inch lifting table platform height
  • Side extension panel
  • The removable rear ramp area
  • 110-inch long and 63-inch wide
  • Built-in casters
  • Lock system

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5. APlusLift MT1500X Motorcycle Life Table

APlusLift MT1500X 1500LB Air Operated 48' Width Motorcycle ATV Lift Table with Side Extensions / 2...

APlusLift MT1500X is among the best motorcycle lift tables for Harley in the market. It is a popular motorcycle lift table that can be employed for both service shops and personal use requirements. MT1500X lift table comes at cost-friendly prices which is relatively fair for individuals requiring a multi-functional and professional motorcycle life table. The good thing about this option is that it is a heavy-duty lift table designed with 1500 lb lifting capacity. It’s ideal for most power sports, motorcycles, and also possible to use as ATV lift table. Other essential features included in this option are front wheel clamping that assists in holding your motorcycle during wheel replacement or oil changing. Additionally, a free service jack with a lift capacity of 1000 lb. capacity is included to help lift your motorcycle to 15-inches in height when changing the rear or front wheel.


  • Free service jack
  • 1500 lb. capacity
  • Adjustable front extension
  • Front wheel clamping
  • Removable approach ramp
  • Safe locking system
  • lifting table platform height up to 33-inches
  • Drop out tail

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6. Black Widow Motorcycle Lift Table BW-1500AO-V2-MC

Black Widow BW-1500AO-V2-MC Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Another best motorcycle lift table option in the market is BW-1500AO-V2-MC. It gives a much different experience compared to other life tables. The reason for this is the features included in it. Usually, its system operates with hydraulic jack/air features that help make the lifting much easier. Included is the pneumatic system, a feature that assists in smooth running operation with up to 90 PSI minimum air requirement. What’s more? This lift table has a weight capacity of up to 1500 lb. and can lift your motorcycle to 33.5-inches. The item is also powder-coated steel, which is a great material that makes it durable motorcycle lift. It also includes a 24-inch removable approaching ramp that makes it easier when lifting your motorcycle. The surface of this lift table is 102-inches, which is ideal for most Powersports, motorcycles, and is able to use as an ATV lift table.


  • Removable approaching ramp
  • 1500 lb. capacity
  • Steel coat construction
  • Wheel clamp
  • 102-inches lift table
  • Removable drop out panel
  • 5-inch lift height
  • Foot pedal

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7. APlusLift MT1500 Motorcycle Lift Table

APlusLift MT1500 1500LB Air Operated 24' Width Motorcycle ATV Lift Table / 2 Year Warranty

One of the best motorcycle lift tables for the money is the APlusLift MT1500. It is a brand from APlusLift that is designed with several overwhelming features. Firstly, it is a heavy-duty option with up to 1500 lb lifting capacity. capacity. Included is also an approach ramp measuring 20-inch x 24-inches that helps you transport the bike to the table effortlessly. This option is designed with 3 table length sizes, such as front extension 97-inches, without front extension 84-inches, and another front extension up to 110-inches. These size extensions help you to change depending on your requirement. Interestingly, this motorcycle lifts table features a locking system with up to 7 positions, which help you lock it in 7 distinct ways. The lift table is also flexible to help in wheel or oil replacement and repair more easily.


  • 1500 lb. capacity
  • 90-110 PSI air requirement
  • Free service jack
  • Locking system with up to 7 lock position
  • Stable scissor frame
  • Removable Approach ramp
  • Drop out plate

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8. Black widow Motorcycle Lift Table BW-1000A-XL

Black Widow BW-1000A-XL Extra-Long Motorcycle Lift Table with Center Jack

BW-1000A-XL is one of the best and extra-large options. It is tailored to bring several functions necessary in the best motorcycle lift table for harley. Its best features are a large weight capacity of up to 1000 lb. It is also air-operated to give the user an easy time while lifting the bike. The lift table is also versatile. Its working surface is diamond-made and measures 92.75-inches x 24-inches. The best part about this lift table is its rear drop panel and vice ramp that help make maintenance and servicing simple and faster. This also makes it easy to access chain maintenance, brake repair, or oil replacement. It is powder-coated steel with an 11-gauge. It uses 90-100 PSI and up to 5 safe lock systems. You will still enjoy its free jack service, which helps to make adjustments easy from 3.75-inches to 16.25-inches.


  • Air operated
  • 1000 lb. capacity
  • 75-inches x 24-inches working area
  • Vice ramp
  • 14-inch side extension
  • Rear drop-out panel
  • Powder-coated steel
  • Lift to 33-inches
  • Free jack service

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9. Range Powersports BW-SK-P

Black Widow BW-SK-P Professional Motorcycle Shop Kit

If you need the best motorcycle lift tables for Harley, Range Powersports BW-SK-P is a professional option to always consider. It features a tire bead breaker, which helps break the tire bead. It also comes with a wheel balancer that helps the lift table stand firm on the ground while enabling you to move or control it. A 2-inch tie-down strap kit is included to help keep the lift table and motorcycle in position. BW-SK-P also comes with a LED rechargeable light that enables you to work on your motorbike more easily at night. It is air-operated to help you lift your bike with a weighing capacity of up to 1500 lb. It also features powder-coated steel that makes it good-looking and durable motorcycle lift.


  • Professional style and full functions
  • Tire bead breaker
  • 1500 lb. capacity
  • Mechanic stool
  • Rechargeable LED light
  • Powder-coated steel
  • Wheel vise balancer
  • Trap kit

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10. Extreme Max Motorcycle Lift Table 5001.5083

Extreme Max 5001.5083 Ultra-Stabile Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table with Foot Pad Lift Function -...

When looking for the perfect and best motorcycle lift table for small motorcycles, Extreme Max 5001.5083 can be an exceptional choice. It is hydraulically operated with a scissor that makes the lift table simple and easy to use. It comes with a non-slip rubber pad that secures the lifting system. Its impressive working surface measuring 16.25-inches by 13.25-inches ensures incredible stability. This option has a small weighing capacity of up to 300 lb, and that is why it is designed for small motorcycles. Compared to other options, this model seems diminutive; however, it is a great option when it comes to safety features. It can lift bikes to 34.5-inches with the help of two J-hook thread bolts connected to the footpegs. A sturdy steel bar together with a circlip can be connected to the frame at 3 distinct height settings. This works the same as a safe locking system.


  • Hydraulic scissor
  • Non-slip rubber pad
  • Working areas measures 16.25-inches x 13.25-inches
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Sturdy heavy duty steel frame

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11. Kendon Folding Motorcycle Lift- 1000 lb. Capacity

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Kendon Folding Motorcycle Lift table is another fantastic option for anyone looking for a portable, small, and foldable lift table. With just 185 pounds, this lift table still has compact measurements of 17-inches x 29-inches to help you save space in your service store or garage. Despite being lightweight and small, this option has a 1000 lb. weight capacity; hence ideal for lifting almost every bike. Its foldability feature helps uniquely reduce storage space. It has dolly handles and rollers that make it easy to move around. The system can be run manually or by air to make it convenient to use. Its multiple safety lock positions have up to 5 safety locking positions and lifts to 32-inches.


  • The locking system, which locks up to 5 positions
  • 1000 lb. capacity
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Compact lift working space 17-inch x 29-inch
  • Foldable
  • Dolly handles
  • Automatic safety lock
  • Rollers
  • Air or manually operated

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12. Redline LD1K Light Duty Motorcycle Lift Table

For the moment, the Redline LD1K Light Duty Lift Table costs less than $600. The air-over hydraulic system of the table requires compressed air for it to work. It has numerous features normally found in high-end models. These features include a durable front tire-vice to keep the bike standing, d-loops for tie-downs, a drop-out plate, and a ramp.

Even though it is called light-duty, it is capable of lifting to 1000 pounds. It is also 86.5 inches long allowing it to service most motorcycles. The maximum lift height of this table is 30 inches.


  • 30-inch lifting height
  • Powder coat finish
  • Powerful rubber wheel vise
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • 1000 lb. capacity
  • Long removable ramp
  • 5 inches long

13. Direct Lift Procycle

Having been introduced into the market recently, Direct Lift Procycle has attracted many people. Indeed, it is boomingly becoming one of the best motorcycle lift table for Harley in the U.S. Its popularity and attraction have been fostered by unique features that give the user a breathtaking experience. Some of its best features are great weight capacity of up to 1000 lb. This is ideal for a broad range of distinct bikes, dirt bikes, Powersports, and ATVs. Its table length of up to 93-inches will give you a great experience when handling the bike. Interestingly, this option is foot pedal or air operated; a great feature to make your work easier while lifting the motorcycle. Lastly, it is affordable and comes in black color only.


  • Table length up to 93-inches
  • 1000 lb. weight capacity
  • Diamond plate surface
  • Only black color available
  • Powder-coated surface to make it unique
  • Both Foot pedal and air operated
  • Diamond surface to enhance durability

Best Motorcycle Lift Tables Buying Guide

professional motorcycle lift table

The best motorcycle lift table will always help make maintenance and repairing easy. However, choosing the right lift table to fit your needs is not a walk in the park. Here are the factors you must always consider.

Weight capacity

The first question you will need to ask yourself is how much weight will I be lifting? Know your bike’s weight since it is the overall weight that says it all. Remember that this weight encompasses the coolant, oil, and gas, so don’t be confused. Although there are several options with great maximum weight lift, don’t stop at that. Look for an option that offers built-in safety features.


Ensure that you will have a look at the lift table’s photos and specifications to confirm its likely stability. If wheels are included, can they be stopped from moving? Do the legs have a locking system in place? If the free jack is available, are there shut-off valves or locking system that stops it from lowing? When you are contented with these safety factors, you will need to ponder the physical measurements of the lift table. Ensure that the working surface holds the width and wheelbase of the bike comfortably.

Ease of use

The aspect you need to consider here is the ease of getting your bike on the table. Some options come with a built-in ramp, but others require you to buy your own. Besides, some need maneuvering the table lift below the motorcycle.


The best feature to consider in this case is the front-wheel vice. This is essential in ensuring the bike is correctly locked while on the table lift. Also, consider if there are strap hooks, non-slip surfaces, or holes. Basically, the right lift table will always ensure that your motorcycle is perfectly anchored. For this to happen, the lift must possess straps.


A motorcycle lift table is an excellent inclusion for repair shops and motorcyclists. It makes life everything easier by just lifting, holding, and giving a safer working environment. When finding the best motorcycle lift tables for the money, always ensure that the model you are investing in looks durable and sturdy. Don’t forget to consider the weight of your motorcycle.

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