Best Motorcycle Disc Locks for High Security

Your motorcycle is a significant investment, whether you bought it new or second-hand – maybe even an essential item, but for sure a sentimental one as well. You need to be assured that your parked bike is protected from would-be thieves so that you can walk away from it safely.

A motorcycle is stolen every day from an insecure parking lot to be sold at throwaway prices elsewhere. It may even be easy for thieves to steal yours if you do not secure it properly. No device can protect your bike 100%, but some devices can make it more difficult for thieves to steal it.

Motorcycle disk locks are one of the best security devices on the market. In this article, we will go over the 10 best motorcycle disc locks available on the market. Let’s take a look!

Our Favorite 5 Best Motorcycle Disc Lock

What is a Disc Lock, Exactly?

what is disc locks

A motorcycle disc lock protects the disc from damage by securing the brake disc with a pin and a lock. As the wheel cannot move forward or backward, they are sometimes called motorcycle wheel locks.

There are a number of disc locks on the market that are extremely reliable. Despite their simplicity, they’re extremely hard to break. Many of them have alarms as well.

In addition to saving you money on insurance, disc locks are also energy efficient. Customers who use a disc lock are often offered discounts on policies.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Disc Lock Reviews

1. Tchipie Disc Brake Lock Motorcycle Alarm

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The Tchipie Disc Brake Lock Motorcycle is one the best disc lock for your bike’s maximum security. The lock comes with a 110db alarm, which rings loudly and alerts you if someone attempts to steal your motorcycle. The lock and cable alert the thieves that you are armed and deter them from trying to steal your bike.

Features and Benefits

An audible alarm: The Tchipie Disc Brake Lock comes with an audible alarm, which is why it can deter thieves from stealing your bike. When triggered, the alarm emits a loud shrill sound that can attract even distant people’s attention.

Ideal for Rotors 7mm Thick or Less: This lock is a perfect match for motorcycles and bikes with disc brakes, where the brake motor is less than 7mm thick.

Long-lasting: Alloy aluminum is used for the lock’s body, making it durable and resistant to dust, moisture, and dirt.


  • Easy to use, you just press the button to lock it
  • When it detects vibration, it produces a warning beep to scare the thieves
  • Replaceable battery
  • When tampered with, it gives off a continuous shrill sound to draw everyone’s attention


  • Sometimes, the alarm can be annoying.

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2. YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle

YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock Anti-Theft Waterproof 110 dB 7mm Pin 5ft...

If you are looking for motorcycle disc brake locks that are compact and versatile, the YOHOOLYO Disc is the recommended option for you. The disc comes with a 7 mm locking pin, allowing you to set it at 360 degrees and install it in any position. The lock’s versatility makes it a suitable device for scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, and other vehicles. The disc lock can withstand rust, adverse weather, and physical destruction. The disc package includes an Allen key and two normal keys, which make the lock’s installation easy and straightforward.

Features and Benefits

Padlock with batteries: The YOHOOLYO Disc Lock comes with batteries, which is why you can use it immediately once you buy it.

Two keys plus one Allen key: The package includes two keys for the regular opening of the lock and an Allen key for opening the lock’s screws, in case you want to replace the batteries.

Sensitive motion sensor: If someone touches the bike, the lock’s sensor allows the lock to emit sound every three seconds.


  • You can install it from any angle
  • It is waterproof
  • Has motion sensors
  • Resistant to rust and adverse weather


  • The motion sensor may go off at any time.

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3. Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

The Kryptonite 000884 is the best motorcycle disc lock with an alarm. Two stainless steel keys are included in this model, and they are well designed, torque-free, and unbreakable. In addition, the lock comes with an orange reminder cable that prevents riding away while the lock remains engaged. A 10-millimeter pin is used to install the motorcycle disc locks, and the locks can be fitted on most motorcycles.

Features and Benefits

Forged steel: Since it is made from forged steel, the disc lock is robust and can be installed on any motorcycle.

Stainless steel key: The disc’s two stainless steel keys are rust-free, and if kept in different locations, you won’t be inconvenienced in case one gets lost or misplaced.

Ideal for disc rotors with a height of less than 8 mm: The disc can be installed from various angles and can fit different motorcycles.

Lightweight and weatherproof: The Kryptonite 000884 is a lightweight device anyone can carry around. More importantly, the disc is weatherproof, which makes it withstand adverse weather conditions.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Withstand adverse weather conditions
  • Not expensive


  • The lock may get stuck and fail to open

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4. MYSBIKER Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

Disc Brake Lock, Mysbiker Alarm Disc Lock 110dB Anti Theft Waterproof Motorcycle Wheel Scooter Lock...

The MYSBIKER Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock is one of the best motorcycle security devices on the market. The forged stainless steel makes the disc lock strong, which is ideal for your bike’s security. Additionally, the lock is waterproof, resistant to corrosion, and can withstand high temperatures. This model comes already fitted with batteries plus 6 pcs spare batteries, which is why you can use it immediately. Also, three pcs of breach keys are included in the pack, giving you alternative options if you misplace the key. The disc’s wrench key allows you to open the bottom of the disc to replace the batteries.

Features and Benefits

Wide application: This can be used on scooters, motorcycles, or any vehicle with holes on the wheel.

Reminder cable: The disc comes with a 2m reminder cable, which reminds you to remove the disk lock before you ride.

Theft prevention: The disc lock is a perfect solution against motorbike theft. Whenever the disc lock sense any vibration or shock, it is activated to emit an alarm sound that can reach a reasonable distance.


  • The lock beeps to alert you that the alarm is active
  • Include movement sensors
  • It is waterproof
  • Provides effective security
  • Easy to use


  • The alarm is oversensitive

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5. Disc Lock Alarm with 5FT Reminder Cable

Alarm Disc Lock with 5FT Reminder Cable, AGPTEK 110db Motorcycle Brake Lock Anti-Theft Padlock...

Disc Lock is the best lock for motorcycles, scooters, racing bikes, and sports bikes. Zinc alloy provides strength, waterproofness, and corrosion resistance to the disc. This model comes with a 5 FT Reminder Cable, helping you not to forget to unlock the disc before riding your bike. This lock includes a 110dp alarm, which automatically activates if it senses vibration, producing a loud sound to discourage an intended theft.

Features and Benefits

A multipurpose device: Many types of motorbikes and scooters can be locked with this lock.

Easy-to-notice safety measures: Having the reminder cable on your bike discourages thieves from stealing it in the first place.

Easy to use: Closing this lock doesn’t require the key; you press the core to close it. However, to unlock it, you have to use the key. Additionally, if you want to stop the alarm, open the disc with a key, and that is it!


  • Easy to use
  • The batteries last longer
  • Waterproof


  • The motion sensor can go off at any time

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6. Bibowa Anti-Theft Alarm Disc Lock

Bibowa Anti-Theft Alarm Disc Lock - Motorcycle Lock - Scooter Locks -Disc Brake Lock 110dB Alarm...

The Bibowa Anti-Theft Alarm Disc Lock is one of the most durable and robust motorcycle locks, which is why it is resistant to cutting, sawing, or chisel attack. The Disc Lock includes an anti-theft alarm that emits sound upon sensing any shock or vibration. The Bibowa Disc Lock can be used on motorbikes, scooters, racing bikes, chopper, and more. Additionally, the disc comes with a 5ft reminder cable, alerting you to remove the lock before riding away.

Features and Benefits

Superior anti-theft alarm: The alarm emits a loud beep as soon as you close the locking mechanism. There is also a reminder cable included with the disc, which reminds you when the lock is engaged.

Multiple uses: The Bibowa Anti-Theft Alarm Disc Lock is ideal for sportbikes, motorcycles, cruisers, and racing bikes

Long-lasting: The Bibowa Disc Lock is designed to resist cutting, sawing, or vandalism. The result is arguably one of the best motorcycle locks on the market that is both solid and durable.


  • Resistant to cutting, sawing, and drilling
  • Comes with three durable keys
  • Made from alloy steel, making it solid and durable
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Alarm not loud

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7. LIHAO Motorcycle Disc Lock

LIHAO Motorcycle Disc Lock, Anti-Theft Waterproof Disc Brake Alarm Lock for Motorbike Scooter

If you are looking for a solid and portable disc lock, the LIHAO Motorcycle Disc is the ideal choice for you. This model is one of the best motorcycle disc locks on the market. It comes with shock and motion sensors, which emits a loud sound upon sensing any vibration. The alarm’s sound scares the would-be thieves, protecting your motorbike while you are away. The LIHAO is the best motorcycle lock for your perfect solution if you mind compactness and portability. With this device, you will no longer use the conventional approach of carrying a lock and chain.

Features and Benefits

Top security: The LIHAO Motorcycle Disc Lock is made of hardened steel, providing maximum security for your motorbike.

Ant-theft alarm: The disc comes with an anti-theft alarm that emits sound whenever sensing any vibration. The alarm’s beep discourages anyone planning to commit theft.

Stapler style disc lock: The LIHAO best Motorcycle Disc Locks is designed to immobilize your bike to thwart ride-away theft.


  • Wide application; ideal for scooters, bikes, etc
  • The alarm chirps when it senses vibration to send an alert that the motorbike is armed
  • Inexpensive theft deterrent device


  • Alarm may be set off by a loud sound or rain

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8. Trimax T645S Hardened Metal Disc Lock

Trimax T645S Hardened Metal Disc Lock - Yellow 5.5mm Pin (Short Throat) with Pouch & Reminder Cable

The Trimax T645S Hardened Metal Disc Lock is your ideal solution if you are looking for a robust lock. A reminder cable alerts you not to ride the motorcycle while the lock is attached to the motorcycle. A carrying pouch is also included. This bike lock is designed to resist cutting and sawing while your bike is parked away from you.

Features and Benefits

Reminder cable: The Trimax T645S Hardened Metal Disc Lock comes with a reminder cable that reminds you to unlock the disc before you ride away.

High security: The disc lock is made of an anti-drill-around keylock core, which protects the lock from thieves’ attempted tampering.

Wide application: The Trimax T645S Hardened Metal Disc Lock can is suitable for scooters, cruisers, bikes, motorcycles, etc.


  • High-quality lock
  • Comes with a small pouch for storage
  • Fits perfectly in the front disc of the motorbike
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • Difficult to remove it after staying on the bike for a few weeks

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9. Disc Brake Lock, Mysbiker Alarm Disc Lock

Disc Brake Lock, Mysbiker Alarm Disc Lock 110dB Anti Theft Waterproof Motorcycle Wheel Scooter Lock...

The Disc Brake Lock is among the most robust motorcycle locks on the market. It comes with a well-designed alarm, which offers top-quality security. This model is made of forged stainless steel, making it durable, waterproof, and resistant to cut or corrosion. The lock comes pre-fitted with batteries and additional 6pcs batteries, making it ideal for immediate use. Additionally, the lock has a wrench key, making it possible to spin out the screws whenever replacing a battery.

Features and Benefits

Easy to use: Closing the lock is very simple; you just press the button, and that is all. If you want to replace the battery, you just use the mini wrench to remove the screws at the bottom and then do the replacement.

Top security: The Mysbiker Alarm Disc Locks provide maximum security for your bike. The disc is automatically activated by vibration or shock to emit a sound to reach up to 110dp.

Wide application: The disc lock is ideal for scooters, motorcycles, or any vehicle with spokes on a wheel.


  • Comes with movement sensors
  • Waterproof
  • Effective alarm
  • High-quality keys


  • Sometimes, the button may not stay pressed down, making it difficult to open the disc

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10. Kryptonite 003212 Evolution Compact Disc Lock

Kryptonite 003212 Evolution Compact Disc Lock Orange 13mm Hardened Max-Performance Steel Shackle...

The Kryptonite 003212 is one of the best motorcycle disc locks that is resistant to cutting and corrosion. This model includes a hardened deadbolt design, providing extra protection against twist attacks. Additionally, the disc comes with a reminder cable to help you unlock the disk before riding away. This lock is widely applied and can fit any bike or vehicle with a disc brake.

Features and Benefits

Solid and durable: The Kryptonite 003212 is made from a hardened performance steel shackle, protecting it against bolt cutters.

Hardened double deadbolt design: The disc features a deadbolt design, preventing any twist attacks.

Reminder cable: This model comes with a bright orange reminder cable, reminding you to unlock the disc before you ride away


  • Strong and durable
  • Has a bright orange reminder cable that is easy to spot
  • Easy to put on and off the brake rotor


  • It doesn’t fit the rear disc

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What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Disc Lock

disc brake lock motorcycle

It can be challenging to find the best disc brake lock due to the numerous options on the market. Most of the discs are made from metal. However, with technology, they can have advanced profiles. For instance, some locks are fitted with anti-theft alarms, making them more protective.

Here are what to consider when buying motorcycle disc locks.

Type of Materials

Metal is the best material for motorcycle locks. A disc made from pure steel or a combination of two or more metals is also the most durable and strong.


Alarms are crucial features when buying a motorcycle disc lock. Most alarms are sensitive to vibration, emitting sound above 100dp mark. Whenever someone attempts to steal your motorcycle, the alarm goes off, thwarting their ill intentions. Ensure you buy a disc whose alarm isn’t damaged when it rains.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are crucial when it comes to deterring motorcycle thefts. Once they sense suspicious motion, the device can ring the alarm, preventing the would-be thief from executing their action.

Reminder Cables

Sometimes, you may forget and ride your bike when the lock is in place. Reminder cables remind you that you have secured your front disc with a lock, stopping you from riding away with your lock still engaged. Select the best motorcycle disc locks with bright reminder cables. This way, you will spot the cable quickly, preventing you from riding the bike when it is already locked.

Locking Pins

Before you buy any disc locks, ensure that its locking pin is strong. Consider a locking pin that is made from reinforced solid metal. Additionally, the size is also crucial. Big locking pins offer more protection than small ones.


Durability is one of the critical aspects when choosing locks. The disc lock must be strong enough to resist cutting and withstand weather elements.

Durability also refers to the ability of the lock to withstand impact. For example, if the lock is misused, it may weaken and break.

Type of Motorcycle Lock

Motorcycle locks are categorized into two: Chain locks and disc brake locks. A brake disc is portable and convenient to carry around. Ensure that you select a lock that makes you feel comfortable.


Any motorbike rider is concerned about the cost of the lock. Make sure your lock is affordable and effective. Its price depends on its features, what model it is, and what materials are used to make it.


Are motorcycle disc locks effective?

Disc locks are less secure than chain locks. However, the disc locks are more portable and convenient to carry around.

What is the best anti-theft device for motorcycles?

The best anti-theft device for motorcycles is the Kryptonite 003212. It is lightweight, waterproof, resistant to twist attacks, and long-lasting.

Do disc locks work motorcycles?

Disk locks are portable devices, and they can secure motorcycles against theft. Consider buying a disc lock if you want to maximize your motorbike’s security while you are away from it.

How can I stop my motorcycle from being stolen?

You can use any disc locks with an anti-theft alarm to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen. When you park your bike, ensure that you lock it before you leave the venue.

How good are disc locks?

Disc locks are the best devices for your motorbike security. They are durable, hard to break, and fitted with alarms.

Final Thoughts

The use of disc brake locks is among the easiest and most effective security measures bike owners can implement. Compared to numerous other security alternatives, their costs vary; however, they are still low.

In particular, the best disc brake locks come with a scope of attributes, making them increasingly hard to bridge. The main characteristic is its materials, which make the lock resist different tools. Other things to consider when buying a disc lock include the cost of the lock, locking mechanism pins, nature of reminder cables, and alarms.

Based on our review, the best anti-theft device for motorcycles is the Kryptonite 003212. It’s lightweight, waterproof, resistant to twist attacks, and long-lasting.

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