Best Motorcycle Jack 2020 Reviews


To find the right jack for your bike, you need to read some of the best motorcycle jack reviews. By so doing, you will be better able to discern the differences between the various brands on the market.

In the guide below, you’ll find more information to help you in your search for the best motorcycle jack. Read on to learn more:

Image Name Editor's Rating Price
Extreme Max 5001.5044 5001.5044 1000 lbs. Motorcycle Scissors Jack-Wide
liftmaster 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand Bikes ATVs
Black Widow MC-JACK SteelMotorcycleJack-1100lb.Capacity

Best Motorcycle Jack 2020 Reviews:

That said, the following rank among the best motorbike jack on the market today. Get any of them, and you won’t have to look for a replacement lift anytime soon:

1. Extreme Max 5001.5044 5001.5044 1000 lbs. Motorcycle Scissors Jack-Wide


  • The Extreme Max 5001.5044 5001.5044 1000 lbs. Motorcycle Scissors Jack-Wide comes with a center lift design
  • It works perfectly for most motorbike maintenance needs
  • Without the dolly, this jack can lift to a maximum reach of 13.5 inches
  • The platform has rubber padding to prevent your bike from scratching
  • This jack has a wrench/socket that can be used to operate it manually
  • It boasts a heavy duty steel frame


  • However, although this is one of the best motorcycle jacks, it is quite expensive

2. LiftMaster 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand Bikes ATVs

  • This jack boasts a capacity of 1500 pounds
  • TheLiftMaster 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack is multifunctional and can be used to lift ATVs, snowmobiles, and tractors
  • It also comes with a handle and two tie-down straps, as well as a user’s manual and two adapter bars
  • It is also versatile enough to lift bikes
  • It has a 3-position locking mechanism
  • It boasts swivel casters that make it relatively easy to transport and move
  • Like all the best motorcycle jacks, the LiftMaster 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack is pretty highly priced

3. Rage Powersports Black Widow Steel Motorcycle Jack – 1,100 lb. Capacity


  • The Rage Powersports Black Widow Steel Motorcycle Jack – 1,100 lb. Capacity is as compact as it is simply
  • It boasts a lift capacity of 1100 pounds
  • You can operate this jack with a wrench or a socket
  • It works perfectly for anyone who only needs to work on their motorbike
  • You can easily stow this jack away once the scissor jack is down
  • It comes with a minimalist look, with a design that will is sure to prove pleasing
  • The platform is properly rubber-padded
  • It boasts a steel construction


  • However, the Rage Powersports Black Widow Steel Motorcycle Jack – 1,100 lb. Capacity doesn’t come with lift lacks, meaning that you won’t be able to move your bike once you lift it
  • Similarly, this jack is relatively expensively priced

4. ZENY 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Repair Hoist Stand Bikes ATVs,Motorcycle Dirt Bike Scooter Crank Stand


  • The Zeny 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack is 1100 lb wide
  • This jack is simple while also remaining reliable
  • It comes with a secure operational mechanism
  • It has rubber padding on top for additional stability
  • It can lift up to 14.6 inches, which should be more than enough
  • The jack is also quite durable
  • It weighs 33 pounds
  • However, for all these features, the Zeny 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Lift Jack is quite pricey

5. XtremepowerUS 1100Lbs Motorcycle Scissor Center Jack Lift Repair Stand


  • The XtremepowerUS Motorcycle Jack ranks among the cheapest options on this list
  • It performs extremely well, especially considering its low price
  • It can lift a maximum weight of 1100 lbs
  • It comes with such extras as two adapters and saddles, as well as 3-inch wings on both sides
  • With its blue color, this XtremepowerUS Motorcycle Jack should fit perfectly if you have a blue bike or garage
  • The stability and durability of this jack is relatively dependable


  • However, it is relatively small
  • The bolts have a tendency of loosening up

Why You Need The Best Motorcycle Jack

Whether you own a dirt bike or a conventional motorcycle, you can be sure that there are things you need to do to ensure that your little speedster works well at all times. This is one of the facts that every rider has to contend with – that all bikes require maintenance if they are to continue serving you both in the long and in the short term.

The one tool that you must have, to this end, in your garage is a motorcycle jack. With it, you will be able to lift up your bike and check it for any mechanical problems whenever you get a hunch that it isn’t working quite as well as it should.

In this guide, we will help you find the best motorcycle jack for your bike. Further, you will understand why you need such a tool in your garage, how to choose one, and the features to look out for.

Motorcycle Jack Safety

Otherwise referred to as lifts, jacks are useful for storing, maintaining, and servicing bikes. With them, you will be able to raise your bike to a higher level – making it easier for you to work on the machine. Some lifts even have wheels that you can easily use to jack up your motorcycle and move it around as you wish.

That said, you should learn how to use your motorcycle jack correctly. There is a grave risk of injury if you don’t pay to the small details. Therefore, you should always do the following to protect yourself:

  • Find out how much your bike weighs
  • Look for the best motorcycle jack that is rated to carry the load of your bike
  • Never overload your jack
  • Always use the right lifting points while raising your motorcycle
  • Ensure that your hands and feet are not close to the pinch points while using your jack
  • If the jack you own has safety locks, always use them
  • Understand the surroundings where you use your jack
  • Before you start working on your motorbike, ensure that it is stable while sitting on the jack

Buying The Best Motorcycle Jack

To get the best motorcycle jack, there are many considerations you need to make. These include, but are not limited to:
  • The weight of your motorbike
  • The weight capacity of the jack
  • If there is proper clearance to insert the jack under your bike
  • Whether you need a fixed or a movable jack
  • The weight of the jack
  • Whether you need the jack to be portable
  • The materials used to make the jack
  • How long you intend to use the jack for
  • The frequency with which you will use the jack
  • Whether you’ll need to store it

Luckily, the best motorcycle jacks are not brand specific. This means that you can use them on any bike irrespective of the make. Further, jacks are hardly ever style-specific. To this end, you should be able to use one jack on different types and makes of motorbikes.

Any good motorcycle jack should even be able to work well with a Honda, BMW, Harley, Suzuki, or Yamaha among others. Further, you can use one jack irrespective of the type of bike you have: dirt, sports, or chopper

Features Of The Best Motorbike Jack

There are some vital features that you need to check for while shopping for the right jack. These features include, but are not limited to:
  • Proper hydraulic action
  • Foot pedal pump
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Minimum weight capacity set at 1100lbs
  • Removable handle for when you need to store the jack
  • Safety locks to prevent stability issues

The best bike jacks will also come with manufacturer’s warranty to provide you with the assurance that you are getting a high-quality product and that the manufacturer will deal with any arising issues.

Things To Look For In A Motorcycle Jack

Consider the following:

1. Hydraulic Lifts

The first step would be to decide whether you need a hydraulic lift. Although these jacks tend to be priced higher, they are also much easier to work with. Further, they tend to come with higher maximum weight allowance. If you will be lifting your bike on the regular and don’t want to always get on the ground, then you ought to invest in a hydraulic lift.

2. Minimum Height

If your motorcycle is relatively low, you need to get a jack that will get under there whenever you need to lift it up. To this end, the space between your bike and the floor will come into play as you go about shopping for the best motorcycle jack.

3. Padding/Saddles

The best motorcycle jack should have some saddles or rubber pudding on top. Most cheap lifts come without any padding – meaning that they are highly likely to ruin the bottom of your bike. Using such a lift also places your bike at risk of slipping right off and falling.

4. Construction

In the same way, you might want to check the material used to make your bike. If it is made of aluminum (instead of steel), then the best thing to do would be to pass it on. After all, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a jack that keeps breaking down.

Final Verdict

So, there you have it – a guide to the best motorcycle jacks on the market today. All of these products are unique in one way or the other. However, they are similar in the sense that you will find them reliable, dependable, and durable over the long haul.

Among all of them, however, the Zeny 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand Bikes ATVs (#01) is our preferred option. Although it is relatively highly priced, this jack should work well for you. Ranked among the most popular of all lifts by most riders, this jack will serve as the perfect addition to your garage, workshop, or carport.

Over and above everything, we hope this guide will help you choose the right jack for your motorbike. With so many options touting themselves the best motorcycle jack, finding the perfect piece of equipment might be hard. However, the information above will make it easier for you to discern between what’s good and what isn’t. In the process, you will be able to make an informed decision the next time you go shopping for a jack for your motorbike.

If you liked this article, and would like to know more about other products, please leave us your feedback in the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy!

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