Best Brake Pads for Harley Davidson Touring

Have you ever been touring at a full-throttle only to be disappointed by brake failure? Besides, it is hard to contain the sheer terror and shiver as a very disastrous encounter. 

Brake pads are very expensive to ignore as an essential component of your Harley Davidson. Moreover, you cannot safely stop without them, considering they are just small parts to overlook in your motorcycle easily. 

Since getting the best brake pads for harley davidson touring might be a frustrating task, we have developed this article to give you the required information in detail. Please read on to discover everything about the best brake pads comprehensively.

Our Favorite Brake Pads

Comparison Table

ProductCompatibilityMaterialType of vehicle serviced
EBC Brakes EBPCK 10272014-2015 FLHX Street Glide FLHXS Street Glide Special 2015Ceramic             Rear
Carbon Filter Brake Pads ECCPP2008-2014 FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra GlideCarbon fiber             Front 
Foreverun Sintered Brake Pads2004-2007 FLHTC/FLHTCi Electra Glide Classic  2000-2007 FLHRCi Road King ClassicCopperRear
KMG Front and Rear Brake Pads2006 Harley FXDLi Dyna low riderNon-metallic organic Front and rear
Zinger Brake Pads2008-2016 FLHR Road King (Spoke Wheel Model)  2008-2009 FLTR Road Glide Ceramic Rear
EBC Brake Pads EBPCK 10302000-2007 FLHT/FHLTi Electra Glide Standard  2000-2007 FLHTCU-I Electra Glide Ultra ClassicCeramicRear 
AHL Brake pads  2006-2007 FLHX/FLHXi Street Glide  2004-2007 FLHRS/FLHRSi Road King Custom Metal Rear
Zinger brake pads Replacement Sintered brake pads 2000-2007 FLTR/FLTRi Road Glide  FLHT/FLHT Electra Glide Standard Ceramic Rear 
EBC brakes EBPCK 1015FLHX Street Glide 2008-2013 FLHX Street Glide 2014-2015Ceramic Rear
Cyleto Brake Pads 2000-2007 FLHR/ FLHRi Road King Classic Road King Classic Electra GlideCarbon fiber Rear

Top 10 Best Brake Pads for Harley Davidson Touring Reviews- 2023

1. EBC Brakes EBPCK 1027

EBC Brakes EBPCK1027 Complete Double-H Sintered Brake Pad Change Kit

It includes one EBC FA409HH rear brake pad and two EBC FA409HH front brake pads in the purchased kit for the best brake pads for harley davidson touring. Commonly known as the EBC sintered high-performance brake pad, the double-H sintered brake pads guarantee you excellent performance. Besides, nothing else beats their performance since they are TUV tested and approved for safety.

Moreover, EBC brakes last for many miles in addition to high longevity. Their performance is also not limited since they’re perfect for all weather conditions, whether dry or wet. They are a market leader among other brake pads as they’re made in the state-of-the-art sintering plant in Ohio, US. 


High Performance 

EBC brakes have a high-performance flagship sintered brake pad that guarantees you maximum performance. They deliver the best through the Double-H sintered brake pad. Plus, they are not limited to extreme weather conditions. 


The brakes are commonly preferred in the market as they are TUV tested and approved for safety. Plus, they are HH-rated as ultra brake pads that are high in friction. The enhanced safety is through the ECE R 90 brake. 


Last many miles of longevity regardless of dry or wet conditions. Nonetheless, they are made in the sintering plant state of the art for extreme durability. 


  • Perfect performance 
  • Tested and proven 
  • Long-lasting 
  • High quality


  • Produces unpleasant noise 

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2. Carbon Fiber Brake Pads ECCPP

ECCPP Brake Pads for FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide 2008-2022, FLHR Road King FLHX Street Glide...

Carbon Filter fits on most Harley Davidson models in addition to offering excellent performance and stopping power. An added advantage is the easy installation if you have no idea what to do. No matter the occasion, the brake pad also makes no unpleasant noises when touring and no squeals.

They provide excellent braking without rotor galling in addition to a silent braking experience. It is normally smoothened through the Kevlar carbon brake pads anti-shim material. Similarly, you will have maximum durability regardless of the touring conditions. 


Easy to install 

One at a time, you will easily install the brake pads without any difficulties. Besides, they are an exact fit for your motorcycle once you get them. Thus, everyday use makes them extend the brake pads significantly for improved performance daily. 


Highly durable fibers reinforce the brake’s friction surface since they are exceptional even in different touring conditions. They achieve such durability by combining high strength with long-lasting fibers.


It enhances stability through the long-lasting quality materials it is made of for a better Harley Davidson touring. The rotor material has reduced abrasion eventually to achieve thermal stability. 


  • The stopping power is remarkable 
  • Simple installation 
  • Compatible with most Harley Davidson models 
  • Enhances durability and thermal stability 


  • Expensive 

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3. Foreverun Sintered Brake Pads

Foreverun Motor Front and Rear Sintered Brake Pads replacement for Harley Davidson Touring Flhtcu-i...

Foreverun Motor brake pads are made from steel. Additionally, they can perfectly handle the heat of the best brake pads for harley davidson touring. They are recommended for wet weather in as much as they last longer. 

Moreover, the brake pads are best for farm use and extreme riding conditions like race and mud. Copper and brass alloys are their specific alloys used to make them from low melting point metal powders. They last a lifetime from the high temperature used when pressing them. 


High quality 

The brake pads are made from high-quality materials that are robust and highly durable. The sintered metal makes them have an improved quality that surpasses all the other cheap brake pad models. 

Easy to install 

Suppose you had a hard time installing your current brake pads, rest assured that Foreverun sintered brake pads have a straightforward, simple installation. It will only take you less time if you have beginner knowledge about maintaining motorcycles or have little DIY skills.


The brake pad’s reliability is a huge selling point for most people. Besides, their remarkable stopping power cannot go unnoticed. They eventually give you a better experience and an improved touring performance. 


  • Excellent stopping power 
  • Installation is easy 
  • Durable and highly robust 
  • The brake pads are made of strong sintered metal


  • Only selected models are compatible with these brake pads.

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4. KMG Front and Rear Brake Pads

KMG Front + Rear Brake Pads Compatible with 2006 Harley FXDLi Dyna Low Rider - Non-Metallic Organic...

KMG Front and Rear brake pads reinforce the pad’s friction material using a combination of high-strength fiber. They reduce abrasion on the rotor while at the same time enhancing durability and thermal stability. Plus, they have great durability in all riding conditions, together with exceptional stopping power. 

Alternatively, the brake pads are a step up from standard semi-metallic pads since they rank well above the standard organic ones. They have great stability in all working conditions and at the same time provide excellent stopping power. Try them out for an impeccable touring experience in your Harley Davidson. 



KMG brake pads are long-lasting in all riding conditions through the organic brake pads that provide excellent stopping power. They will give you extended service throughout the extensive period. 

High quality 

KMG brake pads are organic NAO made from high-quality non-metallic material. They are a definite stand-up from semi-metallic pads using a combination of high-strength fibers. 


Efficiency is at its best with KMG brake pads. They reinforce the pad’s friction material and make them responsive for a wonderful touring experience in your Harley Davidson. 


  • Prevents abrasion on the rotor 
  • Enhance durability and thermal stability 
  • High-quality assurance for perfect performance 
  • Excellent stopping power and adaptable to every weather conditions 


  • Compatible with selective models only 

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5. Zinger Brake Pads

Zinger Brake Pad for Harley Davidson 08-22 FLHR Road King FLHX Street Glide,08-20 FLHTCU Ultra...

Although Zinger brake pads lack a center groove for indicating hear and wear, they have almost everything you could ask for in brake pads. But that shouldn’t limit you from getting it for your Harley Davidson touring. Only a few other brakes have the same stopping power that they have.

However, it is long-lasting and super durable. Many other brake pads struggle with squealing and unpleasant sounds that Zinger brake pads do not have. The brake pads are a great pick for the experienced and knowledgeable enough not to require heat or wear indication. 



I’m sure you would not even spend too much time thinking about getting a responsive brake pad. Alternatively, it will save you stress on the controls and stopping power. Eventually, you will have perfect performance all through your touring experience. 


Zinger brake pads are long-lasting and durable, especially if you are keen enough to maintain them and not tour in harsh environmental conditions. Besides, who doesn’t want to enjoy long-term touring with perfect performance and have relief from frequent brake replacements? 

Great compatibility 

You will enjoy varieties of different compatible Harley models with Zinger brake pads. Furthermore, very few brake pads will give you such an advantage. Give it a try and explore touring in any Harley Davidson model.  


  • Last longer 
  • Compatible with a wide range of models
  • Produces no bad sounds or squeals
  • Excellent stopping power


  • Heat and wear indication has no center grooves. 

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6. EBC Brake Pads EBPCK 1030

EBC Brakes EBPCK1030 Complete Semi-Sintered V-Pads Brake Pad Change Kit

Including one EBC FA400V rear and two EBC FA400V front brake pads, this is a complete semi-sintered touring bike V-pad. It endures a sintered-equivalent brake pad as a new blended sintered brake pad. Besides, it possesses the endurance of a sintered equivalent brake pad with the highest qualities of an organic brake pad.

Moreover, it is long-lasting compared to other cheap sintered brake pads in the aftermarket. It is also a replacement brake pad for street bike markets or heavy cruisers. Don’t worry much and doubt the reliability of EBC brakes since they are tested and proven among the best Harley Davidson brake pads. 


High performance 

The performance is efficient through the one rear and two front brake pads available on purchase as a complete semi-sintered brake pad for Harley Davidson touring. They combine the endurance of a sintered equivalent brake pad with the high performance of an organic brake pad. Undoubtedly, you will have maximum satisfaction with your touring experience. 

Perfect design 

The design is for a replacement brake pad for the street bike market or heavy cruiser. It also enhances comfort through the V-pad range. Moreover, you can rely on its design for perfect touring. 


You can rely on the EBC brakes for perfect touring in your Harley Davidson. Besides, they are better off than the cheap sintered ones available in the aftermarket. They are reliable enough since they are dyno tested and approved. 


  • Stopping power is remarkable 
  • Easy to install 
  • Last long from the robust material that makes them
  • They are strong


  • Breaking in takes a while

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7. AHL Brake Pads

AHL Front & Rear Brake Pads Set for Harley FLHTCU-I Electra Glide Ultra Classic/FLHRCi Road King...

AHL brake pads are a common solid choice for most people. Matched by only a few entries, they have awe-inspiring stopping power. Perfect for hot temperatures, they are similarly resistant to high temperatures.

Additionally, the brake pads fit various Harley Davidson models. It also has great performance over different ranges of temperatures with a good friction process. Besides, it can stop comfortably and easily through advanced materials. 



Comfortably stops easily and efficiently. Additionally, it reduces vibration and noise for increased comfort. It is effective through the advanced materials used to manufacture the brake pad. 


Guarantees you extensive working hours for an excellent touring experience in your Harley Davidson. Even in different environmental conditions, the efficiency adds to its durability to be considered among the best brakes pads for touring. 


Even in a wide range of temperatures, the brake pad offers you a stable performance. However, this is through the good friction process it has. You will have maximum stability to go touring in AHL brake pads frequently. 


  • Long-lasting 
  • High temperature resistant
  • Comfortable 
  • Excellent stopping power 


  • Fit only selected models 

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8. Zinger Brake Pads Replacement Sintered Pads

Zinger Brake Pads for Harley Davidson 2000-2007 Electra Glide Ultra Classic Road King Fatboy Dyna...

They are made from severe sintered metal on the V-pad brake pad and include a 3 set rear and front change kit. Zinger brake pads are resistant to high temperatures either meet or exceed the OEM quality. And a big plus is also the good toughness for extreme longevity.

The brake pads are also effective on mud rock crawling and sandy creeks, among other poor conditions. They gave high performance regardless of the condition for the utmost touring experience. Alternatively, the brake pads are compatible with a variety of models. 


Good quality 

Zinger brake pads are rugged and robust for use in extreme environments. Many people prefer them due to their versatility and good quality. Please note that you’ll be lucky to fit your Harley with these brakes since they are among the best qualities in the market. 


You can rely on these pads but be sure that brake pads’ longevity depends on how you maintain them. If you ride in poor conditions or constantly put too much strain on them, they won’t last a lifetime as you expect. Be sure to maintain your brake pads and regularly check them for a long-lasting touring experience. 


People driving in sub-par conditions have an option to consider as well. Zinger brake pads have a design that guarantees you optimum performance even in poor environments. Don’t have to worry about getting your brake pads too often since Zinger assures you optimum performance that lasts. 


  • Suitable for extreme environments 
  • Tough and rugged
  • Compatible with several Harley Davidson models
  • Versatile 


  • Quickly wear out

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9. EBC Brakes EBPCK 1015

EBC Brakes EBPCK1015 Complete Semi-Sintered V-Pads Brake Pad Change Kit

Two front EBC FA409V brake pads and one EBC FA409V rear brake pad come in the package. Besides, they combine the sintered equivalent brake pad’s endurance with the highest qualities of an organic brake pad. Well, this is a new blend that is efficient for perfect performance. 

Moreover, the brake pads are long-lasting as they are dyno-tested and proven to have a better performance than the cheap aftermarket brake pads that are sintered equivalent. The design is also for a replacement street bike market or heavy cruiser from the Vee brake pad range. I’m sure you cannot wait to try it to get the best out of your touring experience. 


Good quality 

Get yourself EBC brakes and experience the upgraded quality that meets or exceeds your original brake pads. The change will be too obvious to be unnoticed in your Harley Davidson touring lifetime. Eventuality, you will need to let everyone know about your experience to share in and purchase the brake pad. 

Perfect performance 

Don’t worry about getting the best when touring in your Harley Davidson. You will have the best performance to liven your experience all through and never regret making the purchase. Besides, only selective brake pads can guarantee you a perfect performance as EBC brakes do. 


Comparing the brake pads with other cheap ones in the market, you will have premium versatility regardless of the weather conditions. Don’t you think this is an added advantage that is beyond the performance of the original brake pads? Try them out and get the difference. 


  • Stops smoothly
  • Thoroughly tested
  • Combines two types of brakes innovatively for improved performance 


  • Breaking in takes a while

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10. Cyleto Brake Pads

Cyleto Front+Rear Brake pads for HARLEY DAVIDSON Touring Road King Classic Electra Glide Standard...

Cyleto brake pads are replacement parts specialized in the highest quality. Surprisingly, the original parts that come with your machine may be of less quality compared to these brake pads. However, the brake pads effectively work to exceed or meet the original performance of your model to satisfy your Harley Davidson touring.

Moreover, they are environmentally friendly such that they reduce dust emission through a low-wear formula. The brake pads help protect the environment, but they also extend the life of the brake pads. Plus, you will have no stress looking for special tools to install them since they have straightforward installation.


Perfect design 

Contains brass and DuPont Kevlar fiber that is less metal and non-asbestos on the friction material. The outer surface is wrapped in a black surface spray paint coating that is resistant to corrosion. All these add up into a perfect brake pad design for outstanding performance. 

Simple installation 

No special tools are a must for installation. Thus, you can simply DIY within minutes using simple hand tools. Getting professional help to replace your brake pads is also a good idea when you go touring. 

Low dust

It helps in protecting the environment for the extensive life of the brake pad. However, this is a plus for many people due to the added advantage of not being a nuisance when touring in your Harley Davidson. Also, the reduced dust emissions are effective through the low-wear formula. 


  • Easy to install
  • Resistance to high temperatures, water, and heat decay  
  • The braking force is super active 
  • Reliable even in harsh weather conditions 


  • Slightly expensive

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Brake Pads for Harley Davidson Touring Buying guide

best brake pads for harley davidson touring


Construction material is a crucial component to consider. Besides, you want to get a weather-friendly and durable brake pad. You also want a product that handles friction on all conditions for safer riding.

Harley brake pads are metallic. Metallic brake pads are best because they are built from metallic particles which go through a high pressure, a high-temperature process that fuses together.


Brake pads are the most important safety features for your motorcycle; they can save you from the damage to your bike and prevent road accidents.


Brake pads need to be replaced at one point, so try to choose the best one which will last longer, that will help to save your money and time. The longevity of your braking pads depends on their ability to handle the heat. So, buy a product that has a heat-protective layer.


The durability of a product depends on the construction material. Materials of Harley brake pads are Kevlar, Sintered, Organic, or OEM. When it comes to strength, only Harley brake pads can beat any other model. The top pad quality construction with super powerful fiber makes the Harley pads durable.


Brake pads come in various types and models. Some are noisy, while others break quietly. Harley brake pads give a noise-free braking experience.


Harley brake pads are popular because they give good performance in a range of conditions, including adverse ones. You can ride with a higher assurance of safety even in wet and muddy trail conditions.


Harley brake pad is a specific model pad that delivers an excellent performance at an extremely attractive price

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Do Harley Brake Pads Last?

An average lifetime of a brake pad is 20,000 miles. The brake pads must be replaced whenever the thickness of the abrasion material is less than 1/16th of an inch. The longevity of the brake pads depends on the type and model of the motorcycle, riding condition, brake pad material, and the rider’s braking style.

2. What Type of Brake Pads are Best?

Though brake pads are made from different materials for motorcycles nowadays, sintered pads are the most standard equipment.

According to the research of EBC, 99% production of motorcycles are installed with sintered brake pads. Sintered brake pads are made from metallic particles which are attached together at a high temperature and pressure.

3. Does It Matter What Kind of Brake Pads You Get?

It matters what kind of brake pads you get because it depends on your driving style and condition. The mechanic can tell you what kind of brake pads you need or what will be preferred for you according to your bike model and riding condition.

4. How Often Do You Change Motorcycle Brakes?

Brake pads should be changed every 20,000 miles to prevent the brake pads from completely breaking down; otherwise, it could be the reason for harming yourself and damaging your motorcycle.

These can last a long time if your riding condition is normal. Brake pads will not be damaged if you don’t use them[O1]. Another meter by which to count the existence of your brake pads depends on the pad’s thickness.

5. How Do You Check Motorcycle Brake Pads?

If you want to check your brake pads at first, you should check the groove; if you no longer see the groove, then you need to change your brake pads.

But if you don’t understand the things or are not experienced, you should take the help of a professional or check the pads; if there are less than 2 mm of brake pads, then you need to change the brake pads.


I believe this article has helped you learn the brake pads perfectly. However, you now know all the better options available in the market in addition to the pros and cons depending on your selected model. Don’t be quick to make a rash decision, but consider your requirements before settling for the particular best brake pads for harley davidson touring.

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