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Bicycle horns are road safety accessories. A loud bicycle horn is essential for keeping yourself and others safe in the marketplace or with several vehicles and pedestrians on busy streets.

To access the cabins of large, speeding vehicles when riding on noisy streets or highways, you need horns. Bicycle horns are a must for all riders. Despite multiple traffic hazards, you can stay safe.

The lack of communication is responsible for 57% of bicycle accidents. Usually, light and sound need as well. There aren’t often including lights or horns with bicycles, but you can always install them. Now let’s look at the top bicycle horns that you can buy.

Our Favorite Bicycle Horns

Top 7 Best Bicycle Horns Reviews

1. NAPASA Electronic Bicycle Horn

Electric Bike Horn Electronic Bicycle Bell 100-120 DB Waterproof 4 Sound Modes with Rechargeable...

Bicycle horns with rechargeable batteries will be a great choice if you value convenience. These small bicycle horns can produce 120 dB of sound. It features a modern design. A car horn, as an example, is around 110 decibels.

With 280 mAh capacity, the battery can last 2000 uses. 1.2 hours is all it takes to charge. Because lithium batteries have long lifespans, this should be enough to last you.

Three sound modes are also included, including three different horn sounds, alarm tones, and whistle tones. They all emit sounds at a constant level of 120 decibels, which is loud enough to attract any driver’s attention. The remote trigger that comes with the unit uses to change the sound mode.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • An ear-splitting 120 decibels
  • For 2000 horn uses, 280 mAh lithium battery
  • Three sound modes with a remote trigger
  • Easy installation with a silicone strap
  • Waterproof to IP65 level


  • There’s no volume control on it

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2. Bell Honker Bicycle Horns

BELL Honker 300 Horn Silver

Bell Honker Bicycle Horns offer a lot of advantages. Using this bicycle horn is accessible without any tools, and attaching and detaching the bicycle horns is done just by hand with the wing nut.

Besides the chrome-plated steel construction, another compelling characteristic of this product is its corrosion resistance and rigidity. Furthermore, it has a sturdy exterior, a scratch-resistant surface, and is easy to clean. Rubber balls are the same.

I was surprised by how loud it was. This is beneficial, especially with heavy traffic. A rubber ball squeezes easily.


  • Wingnut for easy attachment and removal
  • Rubber ball with a loud noise
  • Steel-plated with chrome
  • Easy to customize bicycle horn


  • Reeds may fall off bulbs

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3. Margaritaville Parrot Bicycle Horn

Margaritaville Parrot Horn

A bicycle horn made from an animal for children, Margaritaville Parrot Horn. Its appearance is its most significant selling point. An adorable parrot appears in this colorful book. It met my expectations and was cuter than the photo shows.

A similar sound hears when playing with it, with the squeak identical to a dog squeaker toy. This noise is quickly heard over children’s laughing and crying, even though it is not the loudest. So, it’s kid-friendly.

Polyethylene also referred to as hard plastic, is also used in making this product. There’s no need to worry about scratches with this lightweight and durable material. In addition, it’s non-toxic. Because of this, children can use it safely.


  • A cute and colorful design
  • Kids will love this sound
  • Durable, lightweight, and abrasion-resistant
  • Installs easily with a screwdriver
  • Water, sand, dirt, and dirt resistant.


  • Road trips are not loud enough

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4. CHILDHOOD Kids Bike Horn

CHILDHOOD Kids Bike Horn Children Bicycle Bell for Girls or Boys (Pink)

Children’s bicycle horns are another item available from Childhood. Pink bicycle horns are more adorable than your typical bicycle horns because of their pretty colors. Children aged three and older can use this bicycle horn. The horn has also been designed to be funny and loud enough to alert pedestrians.

A durable metal provides durability and resistance to corrosion and rust. As children may lick the horn or expose to it, I find this helpful. Additionally, it is scratch-resistant. The entire product is sturdy and durable.

Simple to install. To tighten the screws, all you need is a screwdriver. This makes it ideal for kids with right or left hands because it attaches to the handlebar’s left or right side. The bicycle horn is an excellent choice for bicycles with handlebars approximately 20 to 23 mm in diameter.


  • Children’s design in pink color
  • Humorous horns
  • rust-free and scratch-proof
  • For kids with either right or left hands
  • Fits handlebars 20–23 mm in diameter


  • Bicycle horn may fall off

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5. Delta Bicycle Horn

Delta Cycle Airzound Bike Horn - Loud 115 DB Bike Horn for Adults - Rechargeable, No Batteries...

A reliable electronic bicycle horn that you might want to consider is Delta Cycle’s Airzound Rechargeable Horn.

The charger is a bicycle pump since it runs on air pressure and not on batteries. The air is stored in an air reservoir. Based on how loud the setting is, the air reservoir should last a long time.

The volume control switch is the best feature of this product. The maximum level is 115 decibels, and the lowest level is zero decibels. Within the horn is an adjustment valve.


  • Bicycle horn that is rechargeable using a bicycle pump
  • 0 to 115 decibels of sound volume control
  • The high tone scares off dogs
  • For handlebars 22 mm to 26 mm


  • Cycling may leak air reservoirs

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6. Hornit dB140 Bike Horn

Hornit dB140 Bike Horn, Upgraded V3 Model, World's Loudest Bike Horn for Increased Rider Safety,...

I think the loudest bicycle horn there is the Hornit dB140 Horn and LITE Headlight. It is similar to the sound of jet engines, with a noise level of 140 decibels.

Among the sound modes of this bicycle horn are road and park. A high pitch sound like birds chirping hears in road mode. Parking mode sounds similar, however, with a lower pitch.

I’ve had no problems with this bicycle horn surviving moderate rains. Horn, headlight, remote, and cable are all included as one package. A silicone strap can attach the horn and headlight. Remote controls are the same.


  • 140 decibels of loudness
  • Pedestrian and traffic sound modes
  • Water-resistant lightweight design
  • Long cable for easy installation
  • Batteries include long-lasting AAAs


  • Wires can break

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7. SUNLITE Squeeze Horns

Sunlite Squeeze Horns, Whale

A whale design is on this time’s SUNLITE Squeeze Horn. In addition, there is high-pitch squeak produce. In other words, while the volume is quite loud, it is not annoying.

Additionally, there are various animals includes, such as turtles, alligators, and pandas. Hard plastic is the same material that uses to make these products. The result is that it is scratch-resistant but not very durable. Children will mainly use this bicycle horn.

The rubber ball squeezes pretty quickly. Children 3 and older should be able to use it. The product installs in handlebars with a diameter of 23 to 27 mm. You will also need a screwdriver to attach it.


  • The design is adorable
  • Scratch-resistant plastic
  • Child-friendly
  • 23 to 27mm handlebar diameter suitable
  • A decorative item


  • Durability is poor

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Best Bicycle Horns Buying Guide

best bicycle horns

The types of horn

Electric horns, old-fashioned bells, and bugle horns are options; others use batteries powered by high-resolution electronics. Choose one that suits your style and where you will be using it.


Horns and bells on bicycles are primarily meant to alert drivers and pedestrians to danger. In other words, you should consider the horn sound. Pitch and loudness both play a part in this.

Sound levels of 110 decibels are achieved by the best bicycle horn. You should be able to hear it above the sounds of traffic and cars.

A medium pitch is the easiest to recognize, so you should choose that. You don’t have to make the bicycle horn loud or clear if you’re giving it to a kid.

The material

My reviews always include information about the materials used to make the bicycle horns. The material often determines how durable and resistant a product will be.

Stainless steel and chrome are the best materials for bicycle horns. Unless you’re a kid or intend to give it as a gift, I suggest steering clear of hard plastic horns if you’re a rider.

If you are looking for a gift to give, consider making the bicycle horn from a durable, non-toxic material, especially if you are giving it to a child.


Size and diameter are also essential factors to consider. It may not fit on your bicycle based on the size of the bicycle horn. This will also allow you to decide which type of bicycle has a smaller handlebar diameter:

  • A standard handlebar diameter of a road bicycle is 31.8 mm
  • A bike that has mountain-style handlebars usually have diameters between 25.4 mm and 31.8 mm
  • When you measure the handlebar diameter of your commuter bicycle, you should only use it once.
  • The handlebars of kid’s bicycles typically measure 22 mm

Additional Utilities

A bicycle horn’s extra capabilities are the last factor to consider. There isn’t much additional functionality with bicycle horns, so it’s not something you should prioritize; however, it is a plus.

My previous review showed an example of a bicycle horn with an extra function, namely a headlight. Remote triggers are also lovely. However, they are also challenging to recharge.


However, the price is still something to consider even if I don’t pay much attention. It’s obvious you’d want to purchase a budget-friendly item but beware of products that seem too good to be true.

Considering these five factors will help you narrow down the options that best suit your needs and tastes.


Should cyclists have a bell?

Once a bicycle is on the road, bells are not required to fit or use, but they work in the bicycle shop. According to the Highway Code, a cyclist only needs to ‘take into account other road users, including blind and partially sighted pedestrians.’

Is it a legal requirement to have a bell on a bicycle?

There is no legal requirement for bicycles to equip with bells when they are new, but they place on bikes when they are newly sold. Bicyclists are only required to show consideration for other road users, especially blind or partially sighted pedestrians, in the Highway Code.

Where should I put my bicycle bell?

It generally accepts that bicycle bells should attach opposite the front brake so that the cyclist may maintain a firm grip on the brake while ringing the bell with their other hand. Likewise, your hand should not need to move from where it is naturally placed to reach the bell lever.

Why do bicycles have bells?

Pedestrians, motorists, and other cyclists can hear your bicycle bell. When a person hears the ringing sound of a bicycle bell, it is often an immediate association with a bicycle and thus highly effective in warning them of your arrival.

Do you legally have to wear a helmet when cycling?

Bicyclists of any age are not required to wear helmets by law. Even if it’s not legal to wear one, it’s still unsafe for cyclists to ride without one, and the Highway Code recommends all cycling helmets well fit and safe.


The best bicycle horns are the ones that you can hear from far away. It would help if you had a loud horn for your bicycle to be safe on the road and get drivers’ attention when they’re following too closely or otherwise behaving dangerously.

Suppose you chose a bicycle horn that is loud enough to alert people but not so loud as to cause hearing damage or annoy those around you. It also helps if it’s compact and lightweight so that it doesn’t take up too much space in your bag when you go cycling during rush hour traffic.

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