Best Motorcycle Chain Lube In 2023- Reviews And Buying Guide

You can’t let go of the best motorcycle chain lube if your chains come out to be abusive. Usually, we face the grinding of gears and chains in our motorcycles. Components will stick and may fall before their time. In such situations, using lubes will be inevitable.

On that note, I have transpired some splendid products which are going to be very handy for you. Are you one of them who is highly concerned about preventing your motorcycles from corrosion and dust?

Then this is the right place for you. With an urge for your best acquisition, pick up your perfect lube.

Top Picks : 5 Best Motorcycle Chain Lube

Quick peak product table for best chain lube for motorcycle

Product Description
PJ1 13oz Blue Label ●       Lubricates any chain

●       Anti-rust

●       Anti-corrosion

●       Almost zero resistant and friction

Motul M/C Care Factory Line Chain Lube ●       Extra thick for protection

●       No adjustment needed

●       No friction or resistance

●       Easy and efficient

●       Anti-foaming

Motul 102984 Chain Paste ●       Highly user-friendly

●       Suites all terrain

●       Thickness is appreciable

●       Excellent for road bikes and karts

●       Long-lasting

PJ1 1-06A Black Label Heavy Duty ●       Eco-friendly

●       Rust and corrosion prevention

●       Anti-frinction

●       Sticks perfectly with surface

Muc Off Dry Motorcycle Chain Lube ●       Zero hindrance in usage

●       Smells nice

●       Remove contaminates

●       Usable in dry and dusty conditions

●       Highly versatile

Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Wax ●       Pressure usable feature

●       Resistance protection.

●       Water resistive.

●       Lasts longer

●       Good for all working surfaces

Maxima 74920 Chain Wax ●       Performance great on high humidity

●       Flawless lubricants for all chains

●       Long term protection

●       Designed for all chain

●       Fetches good cleanliness

Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol ●       No need of additional changes

●       High performance boost

●       Usable on O rings ATV rings

●       Water repulsion

Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube ●       Performance boost

●       Low-priced

●       Reduces all frictions.

●       Anti-corrosion

●       Long-lasting lubrication.

Honda Pro Chain Lube With White Graphite ●       High water resistant.

●       Temperature protection

●       White graphite

●       Performance upgrade

10 Best Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews- 2023

1. PJ1 13oz Blue Label

PJ1 1-22 Blue Label Chain Lube - 13 Ounce

PJ1 Blue Label is a high mustered product to keep your O Ring chain moist and pliable. This lube applies easily with penetration and protection of the chain. You don’t have to bother about wear and adjustments as fewer toils will reduce chain frictions and give shocking results. Once you use the product, it will become your go-to lube and one of the best items.

It repels and displaces water to protect against rust and corrosion. Almost every vehicle is good to go with a blue label. Terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, street sport motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, and many more suits best. With a liquid volume of 13 ounces, you will get perfect reliability for your requirements.


The formula is petroleum-based for better replication power and ensures not to fly off.


A cushion effect is placed in between the rollers and sprockets. And your sprocket surface will remain safe.


Fine optimization is depicted on O Ring chains to minimize the rolling resistance. And your annoying stuff will be cleaned in just one click after a certain use.


Most of the time, lubes may fling off, which is far away from this product. Moreover, dryness is super quick with no waiting.


  • Keeps your chain moist and pliable
  • Suits almost every vehicle
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Won’t fly off
  • Keeps the sprocket surface safe


  • Cap is sometimes missing
  • Feels kind of sticky

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2. Motul M/C Care Factory Line Chain Lube

Motul M/C Care Factory Line Chain Lube, 9.3oz

Motul store has launched a commendable product based on solid additives. As a consequence, it alleviates potential frictional interactions from your chain surfaces. Simultaneously, relative motions will be encouraged, including an exemplary blend in this product.

Does your motorcycle consist of racing chains? Then why think twice if a Motul store can give an exact finish? White lubricants are manufactured with possession of Both EP. Lots of appreciable reviews were caught, so don’t hesitate to think about reliant consistency.

Most often, road racing is apparently seen, which needs extreme precautions. And with that condemnation, this product has been specifically developed with stern surveillance. Let’s come up with more key features in accordance with precise information.


Other than the O ring, there are X ring and Z ring chains in your motorcycle. Censuring compatibility greatly suits such substitutes.


You don’t even need any adjustments as it’s done already. Even long-distance rides pass smoothly.


The lube turns into white like wax once you apply it to your chain. With a thick texture, be sure of the protection and security of your motorcycle chain.


Strong lubricant properties exempt from having reliable results in particular circumstances. No misty aerosol and doesn’t make a mess at all.


  • A very reliable product
  • Thickness will give protection
  • Don’t need any adjustments
  • Alleviates frictional interaction
  • Very easy to use
  • No mess and misty aerosol


  • A little bulky
  • Not good for off roads

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3. Motul 102984 Chain Paste

Motul 102984 Chain Paste

Regarding all-terrain vehicles, Motul chain paste is one of the best objects you can purchase. Utility vehicles, street sport motorcycles, street touring motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, snowmobiles, and others are very suitable for it. And if you have scooters or cruisers, even that will go on simply fine.

There is a brush applicator tip with white-color lubricating paste with nonetheless flaws inside. It is specifically designed for exceptional road bikes and karts to make their chains superbly lubricant. So if you have road bikes or karts, then you must keep this lube in your course of action.

Very easy to apply on chin links, and you won’t find any complications for quality. However, satisfaction will be more guaranteed with some extra features obviously.


A great lube with wanted thickness to ensure long-lasting stability. There is no need to apply a huge amount. Just excrete in a small section and then spread all over where you need.


Much compatible and adaptable with O Ring, X Ring, and Ring chains and bears a nice texture with a smooth finish.


The lube doesn’t flick off eventually and provokes an easy cleaning of your chain. Before you lubricate your chain, make sure to use it for perfect results.


  • Very easy to use
  • Good for all terrain types
  • Thickness is appreciable
  • Excellent for road bikes and karts
  • Doesn’t flick off
  • Stays for a long time


  • Breaks in firstly
  • Takes time to be applied

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4. PJ1 1-06A Black Label Heavy Duty

PJ1 1-06A Black Label Heavy Duty Chain Lube - 5 Ounce

Black labels heavy-duty compliance on tacky greases like coating and is very easy to apply. It penetrates into pins and rollers to have a proper setup while you apply to combine foaming action features. Lube becomes sticky after the appliance and bounces back.

There is a memory effect to withstand continual mechanical stress enabling the inside chain. Perfect compatible chains are O ring and moreover safe to use. Or a normal motorcycle chain is nowhere bad for utilization. The aerosol is 5 oz with no harmful substance and assures defense for you and your chain.

Doesn’t fly off easily, and thus dirt is rarely to be seen. If you have O ring chains, then you can prefer it as your top list as no objection is commonly seen.


Repel water naturally and provides exclusive protection against rust and corrosion. On an extending position, sprocket and chain life is secured with no flinging.


With the complete sanction of a petroleum base, friction is reduced, and all extra additives become free.


One thing many of us are entirely concerned about is if it’s environmentally friendly or not. To meet your suspense, let me clear you this product is whole of environment-friendly substantial. And resistance is clarified with a minimal rolling guarantee.


  • An environment-friendly product
  • Gives protection against rust and corrosion
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces friction with a petroleum base
  • Doesn’t fly off easily
  • Thick and tacky O’Rings


  • A little sticky
  • Not good other than O’Rings

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5. Muc Off Dry Motorcycle Chain Lube

Muc-Off Dry Motorcycle Chain Lube, 13.5 fl oz - Motorcycle Chain Lubricant, Chain Wax for Dry...

Does your motorcycle drive chain contrive to extreme pressure? MUC off lube holds to effective features for such problems. It has beneficial penetrative qualities of superior lubricants. Being a highly versatile chain alternative, there is a clean and protective layer.

As a result, you will have a durable reflection of your requirements of inhibiting rusts and corrosion. The dry formula is engineered to perform in conditions of dry and dusty areas. In addition, there is low surface friction of exceptional drivetrain.

Incredible efficiency to avoid contamination is a big thing to be rid of. Doesn’t make any mess or sling while using. Gentle operation is possible for those who will try it for the first time eventually.


Very easy to use, open the cap, and put on the intended area of your motorcycle chain. And no need for any extra adjustments.


What we can’t bear most of the time is bad fragrance. Many of us get attracted to severe allergies on its behalf. But don’t worry about MUC off lube. A beautiful banana smell makes us love the product more.


O ring, X ring, and Z ring are absolutely suitable for this lube. If you do have such rings, then the wanted results will be in your hands.


  • No hindrance in usage
  • Provides beautiful banana fragrance
  • Keeps away contaminants
  • Adapts on dry and dusty conditions
  • A highly versatile chain


  • Not so sticky
  • A less durable

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6. Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Wax

Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Wax Ultimate Chain Care Aerosol Combo Kit, (Pack of 3)

Maxima motorcycle chain wax has launched a nice lube product for your bike chains in a combination of 3 packs. It cleans up of 15.5 ounces, and Maxima penetrate lube of 14.5 ounces and Maxima chain wax of 13.5 ounces. Maxima clean-up is an emulsion type designed to clearly budging off harmful rubbers. Accumulation of heavy-duty is grasped mainly to clean O Rings or metal surfaces’ chains.

On the other hand, Maxima penetration lube is multi purposive and superior for an excellent displacement of water. And keeps your chain protected from any kind of rust and corrosion.

Maxima chain wax is another great formula of heavy-duty, including extreme pressure additives. Being an anti-wear lube, it provides splendid lubrication for chains, cables, and sprockets.

Vehicle types

All-terrain vehicles seem Maxima’s product as a reliable choice to be depicted. It affects Street road motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, street touring motorcycles, street motor scooters. So don’t panic about the individual vehicle types.

Long term protection

You must have heard about Cosmoline. We know it’s a special parafilm formula of waxy film. Alike to that, Maxima chain wax does offer long-term protection in the circulation of water and high especially.


Be it rust, dirt, or grime, without getting fling off, and you can have a nice experience of tidying out your chain.


  • Has extreme pressure additives
  • Keeps away all harmful rubbers
  • Excellent displacement of water
  • Gives long term protection
  • Suits in every terrain types


  • Not good for plastic surfaces
  • Needs caution spraying

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7. Maxima 74920 Chain Wax

Maxima 74920 Chain Wax - 13.5 oz. Aerosol

Maxima chain wax has launched one more superior product of power spray lubricant for all chain care needs. There is a parafilm formula inside to create a waxy film similar to Cosmoline. Therefore, long-term protection is something an essence of Maxima chain wax.

Are you fed up with water and high humidity? Don’t worry, and this item fits effectively in such situations as well. An unwanted environment does make an obstacle for cleanliness, which the chain wax eliminates. Since a race-inspired company, it indemnifies salient features and consequences.

Be it penetration, formulation, or cleanliness, and everything is well oriented systematically. Now let’s gather some more characteristics in getting to more applicable advantages.


The formulation is a reliant source of heavy-duty maxima chain wax. Here additives extreme pressure provides flawless lubricants for all chains. Even cables and sprockets are truly agreeable with anti-wear solutions.


Maxima wax penetrates deeply in non-accessible areas in the performance of good lubrication. Alongside, it reduces chain stretch and wears from your chain smoothly.


It will clean your chain regarding fast dryness and profound cleanliness. Water repellent is totally opportune so that you can have a neat chain all time.


  • Formulates heavy duty
  • Applicable for water and high humidity
  • Provides flawless lubricants for all chains
  • Ensures long term protection
  • Designed for all chain care needs
  • Fetches good cleanliness if your chain


  • Holds dirt sometimes
  • Attracts grim often

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8. Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol

Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Aerosol - 11 Ounce

Lucas chain lube is designed to meet the demands of high performance of motorcycle chains and sprockets. It allows semisynthetic texture, defenses with increased temperature and heavy loads over normal mineral oils.

Professionals and competitive race teams have tested this product and gave praiseworthy briefing exalts. It doesn’t take off effectively, and subsequently, the soil is infrequently to be seen. In the event that you have O ring chains, you can favor it as your top rundown as no complaint is regularly seen.

Be it infiltration, plan, or tidiness, and everything is all around arranged in a precise way. Presently we should assemble some more attributes in getting to more appropriate benefits.


Standard roller  O ring and ATV chains, garbs exquisitely instead of significant chains and sprockets. There is no reason to apply it in an enormous amount. Simply discharge in a little area and afterward spread all over where you need.


In the indulgence of greases, Lucas Oil lubricates of thick consumption. Intensity is admirable in a direct spray posture.


Repulse water in a characteristic manner and gives elite assurance against rust and consumption. On an expanding position, sprocket and chain life is gotten with no flinging.


Exceptionally simple to utilize, simply open the cap and put it on the expected zone of your bike chain. What’s more, no need for any additional changes.


  • Intensity is admirable in use
  • No need for additional changes
  • Simulates high demanding performance
  • Compatible with O rings ATV rings
  • Repulses water entirely


  • Has bad shape
  • Makes a mess

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9. Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube

Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube - 11 oz.

The Liquid Wrench Cable Lube comes with an anti-sling formula and a cutting-edge performance boost. With the advantage of reducing friction, your lube will prevent corrosion and internal damage. Turns out, the lube is like a semi-fluid, which stays inside mechanical components even under high vibration.

If you have a dirt-bike, the chains will not oxidize or have a short life span once you apply the oxidation lube. The best part is, the lube has a dry time optimized feature for top-grade performance.

You will also have reduced noise quality and zero performance decrease. The liquid lube contains synthetic moly to max your mechanical performance.

Friction reduction

Friction causes your internal parts to decrease in performance and even corrosion. However, once you apply the lube, your internal friction will decrease dramatically. In other words, your chances of chain jams and stuck parts will come to an end.

Performance boost

When you are on a bike and you need zero resistance while working, this lube is sure to help. It has an anti-sling formula, which makes your motorcycle chain in all conditions.


If you are not happy with the stickiness of other lubes in the market, try this one out. Having a water and vibration resistance feature, the lube will last for days in a single go.


  • Performance boost in all conditions.
  • Low-priced and high efficiency.
  • Reduces friction.
  • Corrosion reduction feature.
  • Long-lasting lubrication.


  • Makes foam while spraying.

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10. Honda Pro Chain Lube With White Graphite

Honda Pro Chain Lube With White Graphite 15 oz.

The Honda Pro chain lubricant is the ultimate lubrication tool for protecting your motorcycle chains and internal parts. Having white graphite as a core component, the lube provides superior lubrication to the user. If you want low resistance and no chain jams, then the honda chain cleaner is for you.

The best part is, you can use the lube in both O-ring and non-O-ring chains according to your condition. Due to the lube’s weather resistance feature, you are sure to have a long-lasting performance. An all chains usable option makes the lube a top choice of professionals.

When the temperature is high, the lube won’t melt or expose your chain bits. However, the lube is flammable, and you shouldn’t use fire on it. A no-fling formulation feature adds up to the efficiency, making your user experience top-grade.

White graphite

White graphite provides superior quality damage protection for all your lubricating projects. Additionally, you can use it on all chain types, making it a highly versatile material.

Water resistive

Unlike other lube that fades in water, the Honda lube will last for months. Even if you wash your bike chain for hours, the lube won’t scrape off.

Weather guard

The lube has temperature protection, which helps resist even the roughest weather. Additionally, this feature decreases thermal throttling and internal heat build-up damage.


  • High water-resistant.
  • Low and high-temperature protection.
  • White graphite available.
  • Well designed for performance.


  • No spray straw.

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General Introduce

There are two main kinds of chain lubricants for bikes: traditional grease-based sprays and dry lubes. The general rule of thumb is that you should use both types: the dry lube in summer and the grease-based in winter.

The main advantage that comes with grease-based motorcycle chain oil is that they will cover the chain in its entirety, thereby protecting it from corrosion and rusting. Further, this lube type will ensure that your lubrication lasts longer.

Types of Motorcycle Chain Lubes

As mentioned above, there are two main lube variants in the market: aerosol and paste. Understanding the differences between these two is crucial for the overall performance of your bike chain.

a) Paste Lubricant

In case you need something that is easy to apply and will remain clean over the long haul, you might want to reach out for paste. This type of motorcycle chain cleaner isn’t quite as messy especially because you’ll have more control as you apply it to your bike.

b) Aerosol Lubricant

Aerosol Lubes work best when you are looking to apply the lube fast and/or you are pressed for time. All you need to do is spray the lube on, turn the chain a couple of times, and you’re done.

That said, both of these types offer pretty much the same benefits because they are made of the same product. Further, both are likely to adhere to your chain as long as you cleaned it prior to application.

Therefore, what you end up choosing is a matter of personal preference and the amount of time you intend on spending on the application process.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Bike Chain Lube

So, what criteria should you use to choose the best motorcycle chain cleaner? Consider the following:

  • Pricing – The lube should cost what you are willing to spend.
  • Efficiency – Get the lube that will allow you to apply the right amount with minimum dripping and overspray.
  • Sprayer – The spray shape and volume should be powerful enough to get the job done. It should also allow precise control over the delivery of the lube.
  • Effectiveness – Get a lube that works.
  • ​Ease of Use – The lube you buy should be easy to apply on the motorcycle chain.
  • Resistance to Fling-Off – Your lube of preference should stick on the chain without dripping all over the swingarm, wheel, and elsewhere.
  • Stickiness – Greasy and sticky motorcycle chain lubes tend to attract chewing gum wrappers, pollen, dust, and dust which could affect the effectiveness of your chain.
  • Durability – Where possible, get a chain lubricant that will last at least long enough before you next have to re-lubricate your bike.
  • Availability – Last but not least, only go for lubes that you can buy with little to no effort.

What To Look For In A Chain Lube

Not all waxes and lubes are perfect for every bike chain and riding style. As such, there are a couple of things you need to remember as you go shopping for the best lube for your bike’s chain.

While almost every chain lube is water resistant, fewer still are dust resistant. As such, if you sometimes take your bike off-road, then you might want to invest in a dust resistant lube.

That said, a couple of the best chain lube for motorcycle you’ll find on the market are designed for certain chain ring types. Although all of the waxes and lubricants discussed in this guide are perfect for use with O-rings and will work well for X-rings and non-O rings, a couple of other lubricants might not be quite as versatile. Last but not least, you should only apply lube to a clean chain.

Tips For Using Motorcycle Chain Lube

While lubricating your bike’s drive chain, it is important that you consider a couple of things. Knowing how to apply the lubricant properly will ensure that it remains functional and in great shape over the long haul – all the while functioning at full capacity.

Use the following cleaning and lubricating tips to help you along, even as you go about looking for the best, most affordable motorcycle chain lube:

1. Cleaning

Before you get started, ensure that your chain is clean. After all, the whole point of applying lube is to ensure that it sticks to the drive chain and not to the dirt that might have adhered to the chain.

2. Interior Dirt

Try as much as possible to get rid of all the dirt inside the chain. You can easily get rid of interior dirt using a nailbrush or a paintbrush.

3. Wheel

While cleaning your motorcycle chain, turn the wheel. By so doing, you will end up cleaning the chain in its entirety – instead of the small section that is visible to you. Of course, you should be careful as you do this to ensure that your fingers don’t get stuck while turning the chain.

4. Metal

Before you apply the motorcycle chain lube, you should check that the entire chain looks like bare metal. Only by so doing will you be able to ensure that the lube sticks to your bike’s chain and not just to a couple of clean sections.

5. Motorbike Oil

To properly clean your chain, slightly dampen a piece of cloth with motorbike oil. The oil will act as a natural kind of soap, and it will make it easier for you to remove debris, dust, and dirt from the chain.

6. Careful Application

As you apply, ensure that the lube goes on the chain itself – and not on your bike. This is also the case with the motor oil and particularly so with aerosol chain lubricant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I lube my motorcycle chain?

To ensure peak performance and long life make sure to lube your motorcycle for every 300 to 600 miles. If you lubricate your chain after riding, the solvents in the spray will evaporate before the next use of your bike. And thus, lubricants will penetrate the link accordingly.

Is Chain Wax better than lube?

For immediate use, motorcycle lubricants are effective enough for chains. But chain wax is nonetheless lower than lubes. If you ride on dusty and dirty terrains, chain wax works nicely to put off all dirt, water, grim, etc. Moreover, it will be the cleanest and easiest alternate for you.

Do motorcycle chains need lube?

Chains are advantageous from consistent lubricants due to wear minimization. Regular cleaning and greasing between the sprocket teeth and chain rollers can fight corrosion. Again, betwixt of rollers and bushings are firmly benefited with the prevention of o’ring seals through chain lubes. In addition, they play a crucial role for dry and dusty chains especially.

What type of chain lube should I use?

Wax-based dry lubes are convenient in spring and summer conditions. They are lighter compared to other lubes and much cleaner to use. As a result, less dirt is attracted with build-up even and repeated applications. Off-road and gravel landscapes won’t be a hindrance as well bequeath of dry and dusty conditions.

Can you use white lithium grease on a motorcycle chain?

Though lithium grease is not an ideal lube, it works fine in an amount of pinch. A Lot of dirt can be removed but doesn’t remain on the chain very well, into and out of water. But sometimes lithium grease makes a mess while picking up way too much dirt.

Final Verdict

Taking good care of your bike’s chain is crucial to the overall performance of your motorcycle. Apart from preventing severe damage and prolonging the life of your chain, the lube you use will keep you riding well and safely over the long haul.

Although all of the above rank among the best of all bike chain lubes on the market today, our pick would be the PJ1 1-06A Black Label Heavy Duty Chain Lube (Aerosol), 5 oz. We particularly liked the fact that it comes in an aerosol can, meaning that the application process is incredibly fast, efficient, and simple.

Owing to the best motorcycle chain lube, it’s nevertheless a compromise thing for mediocre products. If you concern about outstanding quality, then the above products can be your prudent substantial.

It’s high time to fetch your motorcycle chain with ideal purity. You may have your own perspective on which product is the better one. So snap up your most favored lube and select to prevent your sprocket and cable besides.

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