Best Motorcycle Chain Lube In 2021- Reviews And Buying Guide


As you will learn from these best motorcycle chain lube reviews, lubes are affordable and efficient with regards to bike maintenance. Although they cost a fraction of your bike chain, they will help your bike running better and smoother as well as lasting longer. Therefore, you might want to invest in a good wax and lube. Use this guide to discover the very best motorcycle chain lubes for your bike:

Image Name Editor's Rating Price
PJ1 13oz Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube
Motul Factory Line Chain Lube
Motul Chain Lube Paste

Best Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews:

From the truly affordable to a couple of long-lasting varieties, the best chain lubes are unique in one way or the other. However, they all have certain similarities – in terms of durability, quality, and dependability. Without further ado, here are the best chain lubes for 2020:

1. PJ1 13oz Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube


  • The PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube works best for O-ring bike chains
  • It is highly water resistant
  • It is durable
  • It removes friction from the chain for improved performance
  • For a petroleum-based lubricant, it is priced competitively
  • It is highly rated by bikers around the globe


  • The only flaw with the PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube is that it only works on O-ring motorcycle chains

2. Motul Factory Line Chain Lube – 9.3oz. 103246


  • The Motul Factory Line Lube works well for both endurance and road racing riders
  • Designed for performance, it will improve the functionality of your bike’s chain
  • It ranks among the most effective lubes for lowering friction in bike chains
  • It is compatible with every standard bike chain, and most ring types
  • When applied correctly, it will improve your motorcycle’s performance especially when you are racing
  • It is highly water resistant
  • It was made to ensure high performance and low friction


  • The Motul Factory Line Lube isn’t dust resistant meaning that you shouldn’t ride off-road if you’ve applied it

3. Motul Chain Lube Paste – 5.7oz. 102984


  • The Motul Lube Paste was designed to keep bike chains rolling smoothly
  • It comes with uniform coverage for each chain linkIt will provide complete protection from water and dirt
  • It contains unique compounds that will repel gunk
  • Perfect for off-road and street bikes, as well as ATVs
  • It provides a protective coating that will dry to ensure your chain is completely covered
  • It won’t fling off or attract grit, sand, or dirt
  • It comes with corrosion and wear protection for longer chain and sprocket life
  • It works well with roller chains, 2, X, and O-rings


  • For all its features, the Motul Lube Paste is quite pricey

4. PJ1 1-06A Black Label Heavy Duty Chain Lube (Aerosol), 5 oz


  • The PJ1 1-06 Chain Lube applies quite easily
  • It penetrates deep into rollers and pins
  • It creates a grease-like and tacky coating on chains
  • Its resilient layer will reduce chain shock and stretching, making it practical for off-road riding and racing
  • It will displace and repel water
  • Unlike wax, PJ1 1-06 Chain Lube won’t harden and crack
  • You need fewer chain adjustments with this lube
  • It is an excellent bearing lubricant
  • It will protect your chain against corrosion
  • It has a new super-tacky formulation designed to reduce the flying off of dirt
  • It will extend your bike’s chain and sprocket life
  • It comes with minimal rolling resistance
  • It is O-ring safe, as well as heat and water resistant
  • The PJ1 1-06 Chain Lube is environmentally friendly
  • It is perfect for motor sporting and power sport applications
  • It will cover every lubrication need you might have
  • It will protect your chain even in the most extreme of weather conditions
  • It comes with corrosion and rust control to ensure your chain’s longevity
  • It is resistant to chemicals and has high-temperature tolerance


  • It is petroleum based, meaning it is quite pricey

5. Muc-Off Motorcycle Dry Chain Lube


  • It will protect your chain up to 400 AF
  • The Pit Posse Wax Motorcycle Lube will reduce friction in your chain
  • It allows riders to put the greatest amount of power to the ground
  • It comes with a fast-penetrating formula
  • It will work its way quickly and efficiently all through your pins, plates, x-rings, and o-rings
  • It provides a protective coating over bike chains
  • As an advanced and synthetic lubricant, Pit Posse Wax Motorcycle Chain Lube is a high-tech option to keep your bike chains in good condition
  • It will reduce wear and tear
  • It will extend the life of your chain and sprocket
  • It offers excellent protection against corrosion and rust
  • It works well in every condition, especially in dusty, muddy, and wet situations


  • Like with any other of the best bike chain lubes, the Muc-Off Motorcycle Dry Chain Lube is quite expensive

General Introduce

There are two main kinds of chain lubricants for bikes: traditional grease-based sprays and dry lubes. The general rule of thumb is that you should use both types: the dry lube in summer and the grease-based in winter.

The main advantage that comes with grease-based motorcycle chain lubes is that they will cover the chain in its entirety, thereby protecting it from corrosion and rusting. Further, this lube type will ensure that your lubrication lasts longer.

Types of Motorcycle Chain Lubes

As mentioned above, there are two main lube variants in the market: aerosol and paste. Understanding the differences between these two is crucial for the overall performance of your bike chain.

a) Paste Lubricant

In case you need something that is easy to apply and will remain clean over the long haul, you might want to reach out for paste. This type of motorcycle chain lube isn’t quite as messy especially because you’ll have more control as you apply it to your bike.

b) Aerosol Lubricant

Aerosol Lubes work best when you are looking to apply the lube fast and/or you are pressed for time. All you need to do is spray the lube on, turn the chain a couple of times, and you’re done.

That said, both of these types offer pretty much the same benefits because they are made of the same product. Further, both are likely to adhere to your chain as long as you cleaned it prior to application.

Therefore, what you end up choosing is a matter of personal preference and the amount of time you intend on spending on the application process.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Bike Chain Lube

So, what criteria should you use to choose the best motorcycle chain lube? Consider the following:

  • Pricing – The lube should cost what you are willing to spend.
  • Efficiency – Get the lube that will allow you to apply the right amount with minimum dripping and overspray.
  • Sprayer – The spray shape and volume should be powerful enough to get the job done. It should also allow precise control over the delivery of the lube.
  • Effectiveness – Get a lube that works.
  • ​Ease of Use – The lube you buy should be easy to apply on the motorcycle chain.
  • Resistance to Fling-Off – Your lube of preference should stick on the chain without dripping all over the swingarm, wheel, and elsewhere.
  • Stickiness – Greasy and sticky motorcycle chain lubes tend to attract chewing gum wrappers, pollen, dust, and dust which could affect the effectiveness of your chain.
  • Durability – Where possible, get a chain lube that will last at least long enough before you next have to re-lubricate your bike.
  • Availability – Last but not least, only go for lubes that you can buy with little to no effort.

What To Look For In A Chain Lube

Not all waxes and lubes are perfect for every bike chain and riding style. As such, there are a couple of things you need to remember as you go shopping for the best lube for your bike’s chain.

While almost every chain lube is water resistant, fewer still are dust resistant. As such, if you sometimes take your bike off-road, then you might want to invest in a dust resistant lube.

That said, a couple of the motorcycle chain lubes you’ll find on the market are designed for certain chain ring types. Although all of the waxes and lubricants discussed in this guide are perfect for use with O-rings and will work well for X-rings and non-O rings, a couple of other lubricants might not be quite as versatile. Last but not least, you should only apply lube to a clean chain.

Tips For Using Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews

While lubricating your bike’s drive chain, it is important that you consider a couple of things. Knowing how to apply the lubricant properly will ensure that it remains functional and in great shape over the long haul – all the while functioning at full capacity.

Use the following cleaning and lubricating tips to help you along, even as you go about looking for the best, most affordable motorcycle chain lube:

1. Cleaning

Before you get started, ensure that your chain is clean. After all, the whole point of applying lube is to ensure that it sticks to the drive chain and not to the dirt that might have adhered to the chain.

2. Interior Dirt

Try as much as possible to get rid of all the dirt inside the chain. You can easily get rid of interior dirt using a nailbrush or a paintbrush.

3. Wheel

While cleaning your motorcycle chain, turn the wheel. By so doing, you will end up cleaning the chain in its entirety – instead of the small section that is visible to you. Of course, you should be careful as you do this to ensure that your fingers don’t get stuck while turning the chain.

4. Metal

Before you apply the motorcycle chain lube, you should check that the entire chain looks like bare metal. Only by so doing will you be able to ensure that the lube sticks to your bike’s chain and not just to a couple of clean sections.

5. Motorbike Oil

To properly clean your chain, slightly dampen a piece of cloth with motorbike oil. The oil will act as a natural kind of soap, and it will make it easier for you to remove debris, dust, and dirt from the chain.

6. Careful Application

As you apply, ensure that the lube goes on the chain itself – and not on your bike. This is also the case with the motor oil and particularly so with aerosol chain lubricant.

Final Verdict

Taking good care of your bike’s chain is crucial to the overall performance of your motorcycle. Apart from preventing severe damage and prolonging the life of your chain, the lube you use will keep you riding well and safely over the long haul.

Although all of the above rank among the best of all bike chain lubes on the market today, our pick would be the PJ1 1-06A Black Label Heavy Duty Chain Lube (Aerosol), 5 oz. We particularly liked the fact that it comes in an aerosol can, meaning that the application process is incredibly fast, efficient, and simple.

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