12 Best 2 Stroke Oil In 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

While two-stroke cars are a rare find nowadays, most of them belonging to the category of old-timers in this day and age, there are still many machines and smaller vehicles such as scooters and motorcycles using this iconic engine.

If you happen to be the proud owner of a two-stroke vehicle or a machine (or you’re planning on buying one), you probably already know that not every type of engine oil will work for this type of engine. So you will need to be careful to select the best 2 stroke oil from the market.

In this article, we will present to you some examples of specialized engine oil used for 2-stroke engines in particular. Using such oil will not only help your 2-stroke machine run smoother but also improve its performance and significantly extend its lifetime.

In the passages below, we’ve prepared a list of the best 2 cycle oils, so you can have an easier time choosing the best one for your vehicle or some other machine.

Here’s the deal.

12 Best Two Stroke Oils Reviews in 2023

The following are the best 2 stroke motorcycle oils available in the marketplace today. As long as they go with the owner’s manual for your bike, you can be sure that they will optimize its performance and minimize any potential issues:

1. Lucas Oil 10115 Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

Lucas Oil 10115 Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Motor Oil - 1 Gallon (Pack of 4)

Created by a trusted brand in the fuel and oil additives industry, the Lucas Oil 10115 Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is the best 2 stroke oil for reliable performance irrespective of the type of air-cooled engine it has.

In particular, this 2 stroke motorcycle oil works well on older machines. This is because it comes with high lubricity. The performance of the oil also goes without question.

Further, the Lucas Oil 10115 Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil has made a name for itself for the smokeless burn, which is due to the mineral oil synthetic blend it features. As a result, you can expect little to no corrosion and carbon deposits.

After using this two stroke oil, your piston rings and the other vulnerable parts of your bike’s engine will remain durable over the long haul. The oil also comes with exclusive detergents, causing more thorough burning, fewer emissions, and greater power.


  • The Lucas Oil 10115 Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil boasts a smokeless burn
  • Maintain the performance of your engine over the long haul
  • Does not clog filters
  • Burns completely, meaning that you can expect lower fuel consumption and more power.
  • It meets and exceeds API-TC certification.
  • The Lucas Oil 10115 Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil – 1 Gallon Jug is available in various bottle sizes so that you can pick the most suitable one for your needs.


  • However, with many benefits and performance attributes, the Lucas Oil 10115 Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is quite pricey.
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2. Royal Purple 04311 HP 2-C High-Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

Royal Purple 04311 HP 2-C High Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil -, 1 Gallon (128 Ounces)

Second, on this list of the best two stroke oils is the Royal Purple 04311 HP 2-C High-Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil Apart from enhancing the performance of the bikes it is used in, this oil will also reduce wear and tear in oil-injected and pre-mixed gasoline engines.

That said, Royal Purple 04311 HP 2-C High-Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is highly recommended for use in a variety of engines for 2-stroke power equipment, chainsaws, jet skis, motorbikes, and outboard motors, among others.

As a high performing synthetic oil, the Royal Purple will also improve the performance of your engine. This is mostly because the brand used advanced technology to engineer this oil.

As with any one of the high quality 2 stroke oils, the Royal Purple 04311 HP 2-C High-Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is completely ash-less. As a direct result, it will minimize deposits inside the exhaust system and the combustion chamber of your engine.

The oil comes with synthetic solvency, which will keep your exhaust ports and spark plugs as clean as possible while simultaneously raising the efficiency of the 2 stroke engine on your bike.Pros

  • The Royal Purple 04311 HP 2-C High-Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is ash-less, meaning it will minimize deposits inside the exhaust system.
  • It was designed to ensure that your engines are as clean as they are efficient.
  • This two stroke oil will protect your engine from wear and tear
  • It will improve the performance of your bike
  • The Royal Purple 04311 HP 2-C High-Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil comes with corrosion and rust protection formulas.


  • However, the Royal Purple 04311 HP 2-C High-Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is also quite pricey.
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3. Maxima (23964) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil

Maxima (23964 Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil - 64 oz.

With a wide variety of exciting features, the Maxima (23964) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil – 64 oz is another one of the high performing 2 stroke motorcycle oils you can use on your motorcycle.

The distinctive blend of refined oil makes for a unique additive that will increase the durability of your power system and motorbike engine. Further, it reduces carbon deposits and stops the formation of gum inside your system.

The Maxima (23964) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil – 64 oz also works well to prevent corrosion and rust, which tends to happen over time among bikes that use lower quality oils.

You might also be interested to note that this dirt bike engine oil comes with a power valve additive. Using it, therefore, will keep your valves working well by cleaning them regularly.


  • The Maxima (23964) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil is biodegradable, meaning that spills and leaks are not harmful to the environment.
  • It provides durable lubrication, which will keep you’re your bearing journals and cylinder walls working well and at low frictions.
  • This 2 stroke motorcycle oil reduces the formation of gum and carbon
  • It will clean your power valves and ensure they work optimally
  • The oil contains high-quality additives which prevent build-ups
  • It boasts a high vaporizing temperature
  • The Maxima (23964) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil cools engines to improve performance.


  • Like with most of the 2 stroke oils in the marketplace, the Maxima (23964) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil is only available at a premium price
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4. Maxima (20964)Super M 2-Stroke Premix Oil

Super M Smokeless Premix

Most riders are drawn to the Maxima (20964)Super M 2-Stroke Premix Oil because it has easier tuning. With it, you can turn soft carbon at lower temperatures than other oil types.

As a race-grade two stroke oil, it also comes with a low burn rate. This makes it the ideal choice for most of the riders out there in the marketplace. Further, since it is a semi-synthetic and ester-based oil, you need less of it every time.

The Maxima (20964)Super M 2-Stroke Premix Oil will work well if you are an Enduro rider. This is because it was designed for the On and Off throttle positioning typical in most Enduro courses.


  • The Maxima (20964)Super M 2-Stroke Premix Oil is quite affordable
  • Its low burn rate means you don’t need to use a lot of it every single time
  • Riders might be interested in learning that this oil is easier to tune in comparison to other options in the marketplace


  • However, the Maxima (20964)Super M 2-Stroke Premix Oil isn’t quite as environmentally friendly
  • It leaves smoke and ash inside engines
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5. Red Line RED40603 2-Stroke Racing Motor Oil

Red Line 40603 Two-Stroke Oil Racing Synthetic - 16 Ounce

Whether you have an oil inject or a pre-mixed system, The Red Line RED40603 two-Stroke Racing Motor Oil will work well for you.

It is beneficial for increasing speed and horsepower on 2-cycle motorbikes and boats. It will also protect your engine by preventing ash deposits in the piston crown and upper ring areas.


  • You can use the Red Line RED40603 2-Stroke Racing Motor Oil to run lean or rich.
  • It works well for a variety of motors, including bikes, cars, and RC airplanes.
  • It will clean your spark plugs


  • However, the Red Line RED40603 2-Stroke Racing Motor Oil is highly-priced
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Best 2 Stroke Oil for Mercury Outboard

There aren’t many options for picking the best 2 cycle oil for the outboard. But thankfully, we have somehow managed to pick 3 models that are worth investing in. Users seem to be very happy with these oils and hope you will also be. Take a look!

6. Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Engine Oil (1-Gallon, Case of 3)

Here comes one of the finest synthetic oils from Rotella. The Shell Rotella 5w-40 engine oil comes with some technology that makes the oil extremely suitable for outboards. First of all, it features Triple protection plus technology and it has advanced additives mixed.

If you don’t know what the Triple Protection Plus technology does, reduced viscosity engine oil protects the engine. And it utilizes the reduced viscosity of engine oil, which makes the engine require less oil to pump around. And as a result, you get higher fuel efficiency and lowered CO2 emissions.

Talking about the fuel economy, with this very oil, you can achieve 1.5% better fuel economy and that too without compromising the durability and protection.

The additive on the oil saves the engine from oil deposits, breakdown, wear, and good low-temperature oil flow. This oil provides better protection to the engine compared to some other oils in the market.

This oil comes with an advanced low ash formula that keeps the engine safe from poisoning or blocking exhaust devices. That results in better vehicle emission compliance. And lastly, with this oil, the engine will achieve good heat-resistance as well.

The Pros

  • You can achieve increased fuel efficiency with this oil.
  • It will protect the engine from deposits, breakdowns, and wear.
  • The Low ash formula keeps the engine safe from blockage.
  • This oil can lower the Co2 emissions from the engine.
  • Performs well in both harsh and good situations.

The Cons

  • Few users have found debris on the oil, but if you use a filter, that wouldn’t be an issue at all.
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7. Quicksilver 858027Q01 TC-W3 Oil

QuickSilver 27Q01 Premium Plus 2-Cycle Outboard Oil, 1 Gallon

Another top-notch 2 cycle oil for marine engines is this QuickSilver 858027Q01 oil. They have been serving the market for the last 65-years and are one of the best suppliers of marine accessories. Quicksilver is validated by a marine engine manufacturing company, so they know exactly what marine engines need to satisfy the user.

The way the manufacturer designed this suits all the marine engines from different brands. N0t only that, performance, protection, and satisfaction, you can expect to have all of these from this very marine engine oil. This oil lubricates the engine so well that the user can feel the smoothness; this is what every vehicle owner wants.

It also comes with ash-free formula that ensures no rust deposits on the exhaust passages, intake, and combustion chamber. Carbon deposits are one reason behind spark plug fouling and ring sticking.

This oil comes with a technology called NMMA TC-W3, which reduces exhaust smoke and eliminates carbon deposits that keep the engine healthy.

The Pros

  • This oil eliminates the carbon deposits on the engine, which keeps it healthy.
  • It comes with Ash-free formula that fights with intake deposits and exhaust passage.
  • Makes the engine extremely smooth by excellent lubrication.
  • IT Features NMMA TC W3 technology that reduces exhaust smoke.
  • QuickSilver is a top of the line brand, so they never mess with the quality.

The Cons

  • Only suitable for marine engines, it cannot be used on other 2-stroke engines.
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8. YAMAHA LUB-2STRK-M1-04 Yamalube 2M Marine

Yamaha LUB-2STRK-M1-04 Yamalube 2M Marine 2-Stroke Oil NMMA TC-W3 Gallon; LUB2STRKM104 Made

Here we have the Yamalube marine 2 stroke oil, another high-quality marine engine oil that anyone can choose. Who doesn’t

want a smooth and fast engine start? That is very satisfying. And this very oil comes with the ability to add smoothness to your marine engine. Apart from that, if you want the engine to last longer and serve better, this oil can also help you with that.

This oil is corrosion-resistant, which means when this oil is in the engine, there wouldn’t be any rust at all. And that will result in longer engine life. Along with that, the oil protects the engine from all kinds of wear as long as it is a marine engine. This oil wouldn’t work on other engines, so don’t even think of filling the lubricant in on different machines. We wouldn’t suggest using this oil on sports boats as well.

However, for regular use boats, this is one of the best without any doubt. This oil is a semi-synthetic formula and pure OEM product. Having that said, we didn’t like the price much, it feels a little overpriced.

The Pros

  • It makes marine engines start faster and very smoothly.
  • This oil prevents rust and corrosion inside the engine.
  • Increases the engine’s lifespan by protecting it from wear.
  • Performs better even in harsh situations.
  • It comes with NMMA TC-W3 formulation, the increases the engine performance.

The Cons

  • We think this oil is a little overpriced.
  • Not for use in sports boar engines.
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Best 2 Stroke Oil for Dirt Bike

So far, we have found one best 2 stroke dirt bike oil that is just performing incredibly. And that is the Red Line 40605 2-stroke racing oil. We have thoroughly reviewed it, gone through and decide whether to pick it or not.

9. Red Line 40605 2-Stroke Race Oil

Red Line 40605 Two-Stroke Oil Racing Synthetic - Gallon

Over time, the Redline has proven its worth in the racing scene. The Redline 40605 oil is the first choice of most 2-stroke bike riders due to its incredible performance. This oil company started its journey in 1979; from then to now, it has only focused on quality oil, which serves the users their expectations and satisfies them.

There are many features that this oil offers, and they are why it is our top pick for the 2 stroke dirt bike. It eliminates the carbon deposits and performs very stably even at the highest temperatures. Highly versatile oil, the maximum ratio is 100:1; this makes the oil suitable for different 2 stroke items such as snowmobiles, chainsaws, various yard tools like a land mower, etc.

It features 3 to 5% Dyno-proven gains, making the oil deliver more power in the long run. It doesn’t matter how harsh the situation is; this oil will provide its best in every case. As we mentioned above, it will eliminate carbon deposits on the piston crown, combustion chamber, and exhaust port. And this oil ensures incredible film power and a smooth-shifting experience.

Overall, for 2 stroke machines, this Redline 40605 will be a great choice. But it would be the best for 2 stroke bikes since it is designed for bikers. Since it offers so much, the price will also be slightly higher, which is obvious. Though few people find it expensive, you shouldn’t worry about the price, as long as the quality is top-notch.

The Pros

  • This oil Eliminates carbon deposits in different areas.
  • It works on every 2-stroke machine.
  • It is a highly versatile oil.
  • It makes Gear shifting very smooth.
  • Performs well even in harsh situations.

The Cons

  • The price is a little high, but the performance it offers does justice.
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Best 2-stroke Oil for Chainsaw

It doesn’t matter how expensive or top-notch the chainsaw is; if that is not taken care of properly, that will fail for sure. When it comes to the engine’s health, oil is what matters the most. And here we have come up with 3 top-quality chainsaw engine oil that comes with incredible capabilities to protect your chainsaw. Take a peek!


6 Pack, HP SYNTH 2-CYC OIL 2.6OZ

Before you go any further, let us tell, this Husqvarna 2-stroke oil is best for the Husqvarna chainsaw; we don’t recommend using the oil on any other chainsaw. Keep this might before you make the purchase. Apart from that, on Husqvarna chainsaw machines, this oil does wonder.

The oil comes with a fuel stabilizer that preserves the fuel quality in the engine. This oil got a synthetic blend which makes the oil suitable for both home and professional use. What is best about this HP SYNTH 2-CYC OIL is, it meets JASO-FD certification, which means, not only the Husqvarna chainsaw, this very oil can be used on all kinds of Husqvarna products.

The premium additive on this oil makes it perform exceptionally well. It lubricates the excellently; you would notice the difference once you this oil. It also neutralizes oil and adequately delivers proper exhaust output. Premature bearing failure is an issue that happens on Husqvarna chainsaw engines, and this very oil can prevent that.

This oil also comes with a semi-synthetic base, and shallow operating temperature, both of these make the engine perform better.

The Pros

  • This oil comes with a fuel stabilizer the preserves the fuel quality.
  • It is an oil that is suitable for both home and professional use.
  • It can be used on any Husqvarna product.
  • Lubricates the engine excellently, which results in a better engine lifespan.
  • This oil prevents premature bearing failure.

The Cons

  • Doesn’t perform well on other chainsaw engines other than Husqvarna.
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11. Briggs & Stratton Easy Mix Motor Engine Oil

Briggs & Stratton 2-Cycle Easy Mix Motor Oil - 16 Oz. 100036

The company Briggs & Stratton was founded in 1908, started as a gasoline engine manufacturer, and now they are producing some of the high-quality engine oils. This Briggs & Stratton 2-Cycle Easy Mix Motor Oil is specially designed for air-cooled engines with high operating temperatures.

It comes with ashless formula, and the mixing ratio is 50:1. This well prevents all kinds of carbon deposits so that the engine can perform better. The ashless procedure is also supposed to reduce exhaust smoke, but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. You will still see smoke after using this oil. This oil is an effortless mix; this Briggs & Stratton oil will blend in effortlessly, whether it is led or unleaded oil. Like most top-notch engine oils, this one also comes with a fuel stabilizer that eliminates engine deposits. Plus, it prevents plug fouling as well.

Removes foul odor and keeps the engine clog-free. This oil works incredibly on Briggs & Stratton items such as Ryan, Lawn boy, Toto, etc. The quantity is good, and the price is also pretty affordable.

The Pros

  • It will prevent all the carbon deposits on the engine.
  • It eliminates all kinds of foul odor and ensures no clogging.
  • The ashless formula makes the engine performance incredibly.
  • Features fuel stabilizer that prevents plug fouling.
  • Comes at an affordable price and good quantity as well.

The Cons

  • The oil dispenser doesn’t work well.
  • Though it is advertised to be smokeless it isn’t.
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12. Echo 6450001 Power Blend

Echo 6450001 Power Blend 1 Gallon Oil Mix (50:1) 6 Pack

This is one of the best-selling oil for the chainsaw, and it is a set of six oil bottles. We are presenting the Echo 6450001 power blend oil that can seamlessly blend with 8-octane gasoline and the gas-oil ratio is 50:1. Using this mixture on the chainsaw engine will ensure that it performs well in every situation. And increases the lifespan of the engine as well.

The oil features a fuel stabilizer that keeps the engine always well maintained. Engine won’t stress dealing with bad gas or oil when this oil blend is used. The oil also ensures the engine doesn’t get rusty, at least not as long as the oil is in there.

Moreover, the oil protects the engine from wear and also ensures that the fuel is burning clean. It is certified by ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345/FC, assuring that this oil is extremely safe for use and can improve engine performance.

Though it is specially designed for use in Echo products, it works equally well on other two-stroke chainsaw engines. And lastly, it comes at a meager price.

The Pros

  • The price is super low, making it affordable for everyone
  • This oil seamlessly blends with other fuels.
  • It is certified by ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345/FC.
  • The oil prevents all kinds of rust or corrosion build up on the engine.
  • It improves the overall engine performance and increases its lifespan.
  • It works on every 2-stroke chainsaw engine.

The Cons

  • It doesn’t come with measuring cups.
  • It comes in low quantity, but the price is also low.
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Buying Guide – Things To Consider When Select The Right 2 Stroke Oils

To land on the stroke oil, you should consider the following:

Bike Manual

The first step would be to check the manual your dirt bike came with. Only by so doing will you understand the specific instructions from the manufacturer about the different types of oil you can use on the bike.

Oil Types

In general, there are specific stroke oils available in the marketplace – including injector-safe oils and premix oils for 2 strokes, as well as weight oils for 4 strokes. Similarly, there are several gearbox oils designed for 2 stroke bikes and air filter oils that work on all dirt bikes.

Differences Between Oils

You need to understand the differences between 2 stroke and 4 stroke oils. The main difference, which most riders are unaware of, does not lie in the weight. The oil you buy will either be injector safe or premix oil.

Most motocross bikes work well with premix oils. This means that you can mix your oil with gasoline before you add it to the gas tank. In the same way, there are different mixing ratios you can adopt.

To this end, you should always consult your bike manual to find the right mix for the best performance. While measuring the oil, always use a measuring jug so that your gas to oil ratio is as accurate as possible.

On the other hand, if your bike’s engine works on auto lube, you should find the right kind of oil. As you do this, keep in mind that not every premix 2 stroke oil will work well with an auto lube system.

What Makes A 2 Stroke Oil Great?

To get to the top 2 stroke oil, you first need to understand what makes one type of oil better than the others and why some brands are more popular with riders across the board.

1. Premix And Oil Injection Systems

For starters, 2 stroke engine oils work best for oil injection and premix systems. However, you might also have to buy different oil for the transmission and clutch of your stroke engine.

2. Lubrication

The primary purpose of the stroke oil is to act as a lubricant along with the bearings at the ends of your bike’s cylinder walls, connective rod bearings, and crankshaft. When you mix air, oil, and fuel, the mixture will flow through the bike’s intake track and right into the cylinder and the crankshaft area.

3. Coating

Last but not least, the top-quality 2 stroke oil will coat everything in its path with the consistently new film required to keep your engine running properly. If you start a 2 stroke when it is cold, you will notice that it releases smoke. This will happen if you’ve added too much of the engine oil, causing it to settle at the bottom of the crankshaft area.

Choosing The Right 2 Stroke Oil

Finding the two-stroke oil for the optimum performance of your bike shouldn’t be too hard. Like with motor vehicles, different bike engines use various types of oils. The key lies in the following:

1. Bike Type

First, you need to check whether you have a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke dirt bike. There are many differences between these types of bikes.

2. Purpose

Primarily, the stroke oil would be used in the crankcase compression of your engine. This crankcase works as part of the larger induction tract. As such, you need to mix the oil with gasoline (where gasoline acts as a lubricant) before using it.

3. Weight Indications

Unlike 4 stroke oil, 2 strokes do not come with weight indications.

Types of 2 Stroke Oil

There are two main types of oils in the 2 stroke category: pre-mix and injector safe. Most of the dirt bikes on the market use pre-mix oils, which you need to combine with gas.

Weight Ratios

Before using the stroke oil, you first need to check the manual from your manufacturer to find out the right oil weight that will work well with your motorbike. After you’ve found the correct ratio, you can buy the oil from different brands.

Final Verdict

Overall, finding the best 2 stroke oil shouldn’t be too hard. We would, of course, recommend that you pick from the list above – which features the leading brands in the marketplace.

However, if we were to settle on one, it would have to be the Maxima (23964) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil – 64 oz. Apart from being biodegradable, this oil will also protect your engine by leaving less ash than another option would.

In case of any questions, additions, or subtractions, please leave a comment below. We also welcome you to share this content to help other riders find the two-stroke oil for the dirt bikes.

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