Best Mechanical Disc Brakes Reviews

The cycling industry has experienced technological advancement over the years. As the top cycling, there is a need to maintain your disc braking’s ecosystem and health. The best braking system is that it helps to enhance the overall quality performance.

When it comes to the best mechanical disc brakes, you have plenty of options to choose from. The mechanical disc brake is a metal disc that is fixed to the center of the wheel with calipers to offer an excellent braking system as opposed to rim brakes.

Mechanical disc brakes come with different diameters in which disc brakes with large diameters are considered ideal for heavier bikes that need more effort. An excellent mechanical disc brake also offers you a higher level of control.

These kinds of brakes have a reputation of locking up whenever they are hardly applied. There is various importance that comes with mechanical bike disc brakes. However, not all these devices that are found in the market are suitable.

Our 5 Favorite Mechanical Disc Brakes

10 Best Mechanical Disk Brakes Reviews- 2023

1. BlueSunshine MTB BB8 Mechanical Disc Brake Front and Rear 160mm Whit Bolts and Cable

WIROJ BlueSunshine MTB BB8 Mechanical Disc Brake Front and Rear 160mm Whit Bolts and Cable

BlueSunshine MTB BB8 is the best mechanical disc brake with a smooth power modulation and excellent stopping power that meets your needs. With the disc brake, you can adjust it quickly. The 160mm discs are affordable, and when assembled well, they can perform quite well. The disc installation is too easy, and once you have set the disc brakes, you can go miles.


Design and package: This package comes with two sets of calipers and rotors, where each wheel gets one. Two sturdy stainless-steel hydraulic brake cables are ideal for a powerful braking performance. All that you need to set the brakes are included in the package.

Sturdy material: The calipers are made of aluminum alloys which are exceptionally durable and strong. The 12 bolts and stainless steel G3 160mm cable and rotors are also made of solid and durable material. The brake system uses a linear-pull brake levers system.


  • The brakes are consistent in performance
  • Made of strong and durable materials
  • Easy to install
  • The brake system is cheap


  • It is susceptible to tear and wear when compared to others.

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2. Pairs Bicycle Disc Brake Pads for Avid Mechanical BB5 (Resin, Semi-Metallic, Sintered Metal)

2 Pairs Sintered Metal Bicycle Disc Brake Pads for Avid BB5 Mechanical

In our testing, we realized that the sintered metal BB5 brake pads’ performance was at par. It is one of the best mechanical braking performance that we realized do well in wet conditions. It is also one of the mechanical brake discs that you can rely on due to its reliable stop power that works in all states. If you need that mechanical brakes that are ideal for downhill and heavier loads, this is ideal for you.


Package: This product comes in 3 different brake pads that have distinct features and materials.

Resin Brake Pads- The resin BB5 brake pads are made from organic material and fibers bonded together with resin. The brakes are ideal for less heavy work, and that doesn’t need much braking. The only disadvantage of these brakes is that they wear out quickly.

Semi-metallic brake pads- The brake is made from brass, organic material, and fibers that have been bonded with resin. The brake system is strong compared to resin bb5 brakes.

Sintered metal pads-It is made of hardened metallic ingredients that are bound together using high pressure and temperature. It is the strongest and ideal for a heavier rider.


  • Sintered metal bb5 brakes have better performance even in wet conditions.
  • The material last longer (sintered)
  • It is reliable and fast in stopping
  • Sintered bb5 brakes resist fade when heavier loads are applied


  • The resin bb5 brakes wear quickly

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3. Avid Unisex’s Mechanical Disc Bike Brake BB7 MTB Graphite Cps (Rotor/Bracket Sold Separately)

Avid BB7 MTB Cable Disc Brake Graphite, CPS, Rotor/Bracket Sold Separately

The Avid Unisex BB7 mechanical disc is a top beautiful, modulated, powerful, and easy-to-use bike disc brake that you need to have. The brake has outboard and inboard adjuster knobs, an integrated cable stop spring for fine adjustment, and a tri-align caliper-positioning system. All these features are meant to provide a powerful and easy to stop braking feature.


Integrated cable stops spring tension- the system is easily adjustable to ensure that the standard required has been achieved. The mechanical disc is easy to adjust and achieve your hydraulic brake stop for both heavier and lightweight.

Package- the disc comes with metal sintered, a piece of G2 clean sweep and a rotor of 160mm, 180mm, and 200mm included. The disc’s pad is steel backed to make it durable and stay for an extended period.

Tri-Align Caliper is a positioning system-the mechanism from this brake. The CPS bolt is loose, and the brake lever is tightened to ensure that the alignment is excellent.

The G2 CleanSweep rotor-is designed in a unique way to resist warping to allow you to have optimum braking performance. The 160mm is for normal and XC riding, while 180mm and 200mm are for aggressive riding and downhill braking power.


  • It has a powerful modulated braking power
  • It is strong
  • The Tri-Align caliper provides easy adjustment to the hydraulic brake
  • It can be used for both rear and front brakes
  • It is compatible with cable levers that are fit for mountain-style riding.


  • The cables are fitted with rubber seals that wear easily.

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4. SENQI Bike Disc Brake Mechanical Cycling Bicycle Front/Rear Caliper

SENQI Bike Disc Brake Mechanical Cycling Bicycle Front Caliper (Black)

SENQI is one of the most efficient mechanical brakes that are available in the market today. The material does not deform or crumble easily when applied because it is made of strong aluminum alloys that are sturdy and powerful. The disc brake features all angle clamp installation, making it easy and precise positioning of the brake pads.


F160/R140 front brake is installed on the front wall, and it can fit a 160mm rotor. These 160mm disc brakes are quite strong and compatible with most road bikes. When it is installed on the rear wheel, it fits a 140mm rotor.

Excellent disc bite response- the disc has the best timing and quick brake stop. With an experienced rider, you will be found out that the braking is enjoyable and fast.

F180/R160 Rear Brake- when installed at the front wheel, it can fit 180mm rotor and 160mm rotor when installed at the rear wheel.


  • It has an excellent quality.
  • It has a better performance when compared to other disc brakes.
  • Easy to install and perfect fit


  • The brake disc hasn’t been associated with some challenges.

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5. Road Passion Bicycle Disc Brake Pad for Jak-5 B777 MTB Cannondale Helix Bengal Mechanical Helix MB700 MB700T PH02

Road Passion Bicycle Disc Brake Pad for Jak-5 B777 MTB Cannondale Helix Bengal Mechanical Helix...

This is a special semi-metallic brake disc compatible with JAK-5 B777Hayes Sole Mechanical CX Pro, CX Comp GX-C, GX-2, CX Expert, MX-1 to MX-5, and others. The original disc is made in a way that guarantees you high-quality performance and for a good period. When you model well, your disc brake with the different methods and dimensions will have a minimal error instead of when it is not.


Semi-metal material- the disc is made of high-performance semi-metal materials that are of good quality and durable. You will have the best braking performance on your bike with the material for some good time.

Compact braking- the package features compact and smooth braking that is comfortable whenever applied. The brake system has low noise once applied as opposed to others which have a lot of noise.

Package- the package comes with a quality certified two-pair brake. Each pair has got two pads that are installed on each wheel. This makes your bike have a super up mechanical brake system when applied. The brake disc is compatible with various models, as we have highlighted.


  • High-quality certified material
  • Comfortable braking that has less noise
  • The brakes have thick, durable pads
  • The stopping power is strong


  • The semi-metal is not much durable when compared to others

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6. Dymoece 2 Pairs Bicycle Disc Brake Pads for Avid BB5 (Resin, Semi-Metallic, Sintered Metal)

Dymoece 2 Pairs Semi-Metallic Bicycle Disc Brake Pads for Avid BB5 Mechanical Disc Brake

Dymoece is a top-rated market disc brake that is compatible with avid bb5 cable disk brakes. The disc brake is made from a durable ceramic material. However, the brake is available in resin, semi-metallic, and sintered metals. This makes the disc ideal for all the various weights and purposes that you may have.


Resin bb5 brake- the resin is made from materials that are ideal for less heavy riders. The braking with the brake is perfect though it wears easily as opposed to sintering.

Semi-metallic bb5 brake-the pads are more powerful and comfortable in braking. It is also disc friendly and secure. It can be used in areas with exceptionally high temperatures and wet areas with high performance.

Sintered bb5 brake- it is the most comfortable and has a short break-in time. It is durable and has exceptional power modulation.


  • Powerful and comfortable braking
  • The sintered bb5 is stable and durable
  • Has powerful modulation
  • Compatible to avid bb5 brake set
  • Work quietly


  • They are somehow too thick hence not easy to install

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7. Brake Disc, Mini Mechanical Right Rear Disc Brake Caliper for Motovox MBX10 MBX11

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Getting the cycle hydraulic disc brakes that are of high quality and easy to use isn’t easy. Brake Disc, Mini Mechanical Right Rear Disc Brake is one of such reliable mechanical brakes that gives you all that you need. This comprehensive and high-quality disc brake rotor is designed to be used in minibikes, petrol scoopers, bikes, midi motorcycles, among others.


Quality material- the bike brake rotor is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material that is sturdy, durable, and resistant to high temperatures. The materials’ functioning is exceptional in that when the hydraulic brake lever is depressed, the alarm on the left does activate the brake pads.

Ideal substitute- the brake is designed in a way that you can replace the old one perfectly and in an easy way. It is made with high-quality control standards that improve general performance.


  • It is suitable for various machines
  • Made from high-quality, durable materials
  • Old disc brakes can be replaced easily
  • High performance


  • One can’t open and replace the brake pad

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8. Avid BB7 Road G2 Mechanical Disc Brake

Avid BB7 Road Cable Disc Brake Platinum, CPS, Rotor/Bracket Sold Separately

The Avid bb7 is absolutely the best brake that is available in the market today. The caliper has much adjustment on the outboard and inboard, which makes it advantageous over the other road bike disc brakes.


Outboard and inboard pad adjustment- they are ideal in stabilizing the brake pads’ wear and allows you to adjust the brake pads easily. There are red knots used to makes sure that the distance between the rotor and inboard is maintained.

Mechanical advantage- the bb7 is lightweight and has a dial-in brake pad that is well-positioned for excellent rotor clearance and offers a modulated braking power that is ideal for fine control of the bike.

The brake pad uses steel sintered brake pads that provide the best braking power, and that can last for an extended period. The performance of the brakes outshines that of rim brakes.

The compatibility-the caliper can be used for both rear and front brakes. It is, therefore, compatible with all cable brake levers that are ideal for mountain-style riding.


  • It can be used for both front and rear brakes
  • It offers a strong braking power
  • Made of durable material


  • Difficult to replace the brake pads
  • The cables are fitted with rubber seals that are not durable.

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9. VGEBY1 Bicycle Disc Brake Set, Sturdy Durable Bike Disc Rotor Brake Kit with 160mm

VGEBY1 Bicycle Disc Brake Set, Sturdy Durable Bike Disc Rotor Brake Kit with 160mm Rotors Cycling...

The VGEBY1 Bicycle Disc Brake set is a durable and robust braking system that offers the best substantial power in modulation and braking. The device features the best materials that have excellent performance and durability. The brake system is resistant to external factors like weather, and setting it up is easy.


Ideal resistance system– the brake system has got a high-temperature resistant paint. From this, it is able to make a friction coefficient that is above 0.45.

Package- the bike disc comes with a complete set with a 160mm rotor is cycling brake caliper used for the front-rear. This makes it suitable and fits most applications of all MTB bikes. The material used is steel and aluminum alloy.

Installation- installing the brake is easy; the 3D whole angle clamp device installation enables you to have a precise brake block.

Outstanding performance: The brake disc caliper has a super enforcement power with minimal scratches or marks on the items. It provides you with the best experience in bike braking.


  • It is made of solid aluminum alloys that stay for an extended period.
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • Powerful performance
  • Good quality materials


  • Has a wrong pair of calipers

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10. Fat-Cat MTB Bike Mechanical Disc Brake Front and Rear 160mm Whit Bolts and Cable (TongLi)

Fat-Cat MTB Bike Mechanical Disc Brake Front and Rear 160mm Whit Bolts and Cable (TongLi)

The Fat-Cat is a top bike disc brake that comes with a set standard for mechanical brakes. Each set kit has a caliper, mounting hardware, a 6-bolt rotor, and adapters. The set provides you with the best smooth power modulation and adjustability that you need in your bike. The brake 160mm rotor is easy to assemble, and it is perfect for all-mountain biking.


Complete package– this disc brake is loaded with all the brake systems that you need. There are two sets of rotors and calipers, with each set for front and back wheels. There are 12 bolts, aluminum alloy calipers, cable, and two stainless steel HS1 160 mm.

Disc rotor adjuster– there is an adjuster that adjusts the distance between the rotor and caliper. This makes the rotor and braking pad be parallel and hence have a smooth operation.

The break lock rotors- the 160mm rotor is used for both back and front wheels. The thickness is ideal, and there is an innovative break lock design used to the rotors, which offers an enhanced brake power.


  • Strong and durable material
  • It has a powerful brake system
  • The disc adjuster offers a smooth operation


  • The caliper may break if not used properly.

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How to purchase the a mechanical disc brakes

Getting the bike disc brakes is not easy because there are mechanical brakes that are available in the market. As experts, we know the journey of picking bike disc brakes requires research and test of the available devices.

Good disc brakes must have excellent stop power despite the environment they are exposed to. This disc type operates the brakes through the use of cables. This makes them be preferred as they are easily adjustable and with high performance.

The disc caliper

The brake caliper is the housing that accommodates the brake pads and pistons. Typically, two types of calipers are made from different materials like forged aluminum and aluminum alloys. Check on the one that fits your need and go for it.

Brake pads

The brake pads are usually made of either resin or sintered metal. The resin brake pads are made from various fibers molded together with resin, making them semi-metallic. Resin is soft, less noise, but they are less durable. With sintered metal brakes, they are made of durable metals that can withstand high pressure and temperature. They are versatile, durable, and suitable for heavy riders.

The rotor sizes

The size of a rotor has an impact on the brake power of your bike. Bigger rotor sizes are ideal in stopping the wheel faster as opposed to smaller sizes. The brake should have at least 200mm discs or more because they are significant as they are ideal for steep riding. They also do not heat faster hence being able to carry heavyweight.

Caliper alignment methods

The disc brakes require to have the best alignment from the calipers to the rotor. This is important as it ensures that the rotor’s frictional surface to that of the braking pads are parallel. When there is proper alignment, the wheels will be moving smoothly, and no noise is experienced.

How does a mechanical disc brake work?

Hydraulic disc brakes have the same pad materials and rotors as the hydraulic brakes system. This makes it have similar stopping power. The difference with the disc brakes is that they use standard brake cable in actuating the brakes instead of hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic disc. 


The disc also has a small brake lever at the brake caliper, pulled by the brake cable; this moves the brake pads and, hence, stops the bike. The hydraulic disc brakes with a larger lever shape are easy to adjust, and their cost is lower.  

How do you install mechanical bike disc brakes on any cycle?

The process of installing hydraulic brakes on your cycle isn’t easy. Follow the steps below.

  • Remove the bike handlebar brake levers and rim brakes.
  • Remove the front wheel. Handle this process keenly and ensure you have kept rotor discs and brake pads with a clean glove
  • Double-check the brake rotor whether it has a direction of rotation identification label.
  • Loosen the all bolts in the way that the rotor is loose to the wheel hub
  • Twist the rotor in a clockwise direction this is to reduce the bolts from shearing off.
  • While holding the rotor in a clocked position, try to tighten the bolts in a snug pattern.
  • Wipe the rotor with a cleaner
  • Re-attach the front wheel with the wheel to fork
  • Choose the front calipers and remove spacers from the calipers
  • Try to slide the calipers over the rotor disc and align the adjustment points
  • With the loosely routed line, attach the brake lever to the handlebars.
  • Slowly squeeze the brake lever and try to spin the wheel slowly. Give the wheel a spin to ensure it is well fitted.


How do you align mechanical disc brakes?

Aligning is essential as it ensures that your calipers and rotors have that well-best distance. The aligning process is easy, and you need to ensure that your caliper and rotor are parallel to each other. This will help to reduce noise and increase brake power. 

What are the three types of mechanical disc brakes?

Three main types of bike disc brakes are differentiated by the type of material used to make them. The first one is Resin which is made of various fibers molded with resin, and the second is Non-metallic mechanical disc brakes and the sintered brakes.

What are the disadvantages of mechanical disc brakes?

The major disadvantage of this mechanical brake is that they are not such powerful and do not regulate the brake’s heat as the hydraulic brakes do. This is because it lacks the hydraulic fluids that are ideal in heat management.  

Can I convert my bicycle to mechanical disc brakes?

Yes, all you need is to change your bicycle disc brakes into a mechanical disc brake system. However, you need to understand the process and procedure you need to follow to have a successful change. 

Final Verdict

The electric disc brakes provide your bike with the best consistent and braking power required in an all-weather period. The modulation that the hydraulic brakes offer allows the rider to control his bike at any speed.

Using mechanical disc brakes is advantageous as it doesn’t require a lot of force at the lever in controlling it. The choice of which of the mechanical disc brakes we have discussed is best is based on personal opinion and requirement. 

However, I can assure you that the brakes we have discussed are best and cannot let you down. If you consider the factor we have mentioned, I am sure you will get the mechanical disc brakes that meet your requirement. 

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