Best Motorcycle Cover 2020 – Reviews and buying guide


As a rider, one of the bike maintenance hacks you should adopt is a motorcycle cover. The benefits you will derive from the best motorcycle cover are unquestionable, especially when you consider how it will protect your bike from wear and tear, changes in weather, dust, and would-be thieves.

Image Name Editors Rating Price
Nuzari Waterproof Polyester Outdoor Motorcycle Cover, Medium - Navy
Badass Moto Gear All Wx Ultimate Waterproof Motorcycle Cover. Heavy Duty, Night Reflective, Windshield Liner, Heat Shield, Vents, Lock Pockets, Taped Seams ( 97” Fits Cruisers, Touring Bikes ) LARGE
Dowco 50004-02 Guardian WeatherAll Plus Motorcycle Cover, Black - XL

Best Motorcycle Cover Reviews For 2020

1. Nuzari Waterproof Polyester Outdoor Motorcycle Cover, Medium – Navy

The Nuzari Waterproof Polyester Outdoor Motorcycle Cover comes with the following benefits:


  • It has a windscreen protector made of high-quality soft cotton
  • It prevents windshield scratching
  • The cover is lockable and features durable cut-out and sewn parks for chains, wires, and cable locks
  • Although it is suited for all types of bikes, it is best suited to Harley-Davidsons


  • The color tends to fade quickly, especially if you use it outdoor
  • The sewing on the Nuzari Waterproof Polyester Outdoor Motorcycle Cover needs some improvement
  • ​Since it is a one-size-fits-all variety, you are likely to notice some extra space and baggy areas after you’ve covered your motorcycle

2. Badass Moto Gear All Wx Ultimate Waterproof Motorcycle Cover. Heavy Duty, Night Reflective, Windshield Liner, Heat Shield, Vents, Lock Pockets, Taped Seams ( 97” Fits Cruisers, Touring Bikes ) LARGE


  • It is 100% waterproofIt comes with taped seams
  • The heat from your motorcycle’s exhaust will be shielded against the cover to ensure it does not cause ruin
  • ​This Badass Motorcycle Cover features a specialized anti-scratching liner
  • ​This cover is resistant to sunlightIt is double vented, making ideal for protection against condensation
  • This cover has reflective safety striping to provide visibility in the dark
  • ​It comes in 3 different sizes
  • The cover is scratch and sunlight resistant


  • However, the Badass Moto Gear All Wx Motorcycle Cover is a bit too high for some riders.

3. Dowco 50004-02 Guardian WeatherAll Plus Motorcycle Cover, Black – XL


  • The Dowco 50004-02 Guardian Weather All Plus Motorcycle Cover is easy to install
  • It comes with lifetime warranty
  • The rear zipper will make it easier for you to access such storage areas as saddlebags without necessarily having to open your entire cover and remove it


  • This motorcycle cover needs improved scratch resistant liner
  • The manufacturers failed to include an adequate cut out for some motorbike antennas
  • ​The measurement sizes are a bit confusing
  • Some water might seep through the zipper or seams

4. Formosa Covers Premium Heavy Duty Motorcycle cover (XXL). Includes cable & lock. Fits up to 108″ length Large cruiser, Tourer, Chopper.


  • The all-weather Formosa Cover will protect your bike from the elements
  • The material used is durable and sturdy
  • ​It has vents, meaning it will adequately deter corrosion and prevent condensation from forming
  • ​It comes with covering bags
  • There are heavy-duty grommets at the center and front of the bike, which you can use to lock in your motorcycle
  • ​It is renowned for motorcycle trips
  • ​These covers are durable due to the double-top stitching
  • It has small vents to prevent lofting


  • This cover would be more functional if they had an antenna cut out
  • It is mostly available in black, meaning it won’t be easy to spot in the dark (even with the small reflector stripes on it)

5. CoverMax Trike Cover for Harley Davidson 107551


  • This heavy duty and top-of-the-line cover is designed for use in all weather conditions
  • It comes with waterproof stitching and seams
  • ​The material is made from BOO-denier polyester and topped with PU coating
  • ​Through the ultra soft 30G velour lining, this cover will protect your bike’s paint from scratching
  • ​It has two reflective vents at the top to improve ventilation while reducing the buildup of condensation
  • The cover has a convenient panel that you can use instead of completely removing it from your bike
  • ​There’s a windscreen liner to protect your motorcycle’s windscreen from scratches
  • It is one of the few motorcycle covers that features an extra-wide tail slot to protect many radio antennas


  • Unlike its competitors, the CoverMax Trike Cover is quite pricey

Value Section

So, why do you need a cover? What are you going to derive from it to make the purchase worthwhile? Consider the following:

Importance of Motorcycle Covers

Whether you have a garage or not, it is imperative that you invest in any of the best motorcycle covers for 2017. A high-quality cover will fit well on your prized possession, and protect it from rain, dust, heat, and the harmful rays of the say.

Instead of using an old blanket, raggedy piece of cloth, or tarpaulin, invest in a proper cover for your bike. Although it will certainly cost you more, the benefits you will enjoy will be worth every single penny you put into the cover.

When you cover your bike, you will also ensure that it is safe from the prying eyes of robbers and the ravages of the elements. However, this will only happen if you get a cover made from durable and reliable materials.

Luckily, you have a lot to go on with regards to motorcycle covers. From all-weather covers to waterproof types and a wide variety of colors and color combinations, there is something for every biker.

What to Look For in a Motorcycle Cover

Although the primary consideration most shoppers make while shopping for a motorcycle cover is how waterproof it is, there are many other important factors you need to consider. These factors include, but are not limited to:

1. Durability

The cover you buy should be durable enough to last you at least as long as the bike does. To this end, look for a cover that doesn’t break down or easily rip. The longer the motorcycle cover lasts, the cheaper it will be for you in the long run.

2. Dust Resistance

If you live in a dusty area or ride through dusty routes, you should invest in a dust resistant cover.

3. Heat resistance

With a heat resistant cover, you will be able to conceal your bike immediately you step off it – something alternative motorcycle covers will not do.

4. Water Resistance

Waterproof covers for motorcycles are a primary consideration for most riders.

5. UV Resistance

If the weather is sunny, it is highly likely that the harmful UV rays of the sun will discolor your bike cover. If the cover is of an unusually low quality, the UV rays will also discolor your motorbike. A UV-resistant motorcycle cover will prevent both of these situations.

Factors To Consider While Shopping For A Motorcycle Cover

As you shop for the best motorcycle cover, you need to think about your basic requirements. Consider whether:

  • Your bike needs sheltering from snow
  • If you live in a rainy region
  • ​Whether you are looking for something that will provide adequate protection from dust
  • Do you need protection from corrosion and humidity?

The price of the motorcycle cover you buy is a good indicator of its quality. Whereas some provide a single plastic layer, others come with 5+ layers of extra protection. Additional features to look for include UV protection and waterproofing layers.

If you are going to store your bike in a crowded parking lot at one point or the other, it is advisable that you invest in a brightly-colored cover with reflective panels. Other considerations to make while looking for the best motorcycle cover include:

a) Local Weather

If you work and live in a region that is humid, your best bet would be to get a dehumidifier cover. That said always take the weather conditions of your location while shopping for a cover. Does the region receive high-speed winds? Harsh sun? Rain? Snow? All these factors will determine the motorcycle cover you end up choosing.

b) Moisture

Another factor to consider is the accumulation of moisture and condensation inside your bike cover. The best covers for motorcycles come equipped with excellent ventilation. Some even have small vents to allow the circulation of air inside the cover, thereby keeping the moisture and temperature around your motorcycle in check.

c) Fabric

Where possible, buy a cover that is easy to clean. If you do get a motorcycle cover that is fully waterproof, ensure that its seams will also resist water. Additionally, find a cover that won’t fade even if you use it outdoor, otherwise the quality and performance will degrade with time.

It is also advisable to invest in covers with anti-microbial fabrics to deter the growth of fungi, mold, and mildew. Remember, these kinds of covers should be cleaned using mild soap, a soft brush, and your garden hose spray.

d) Fit and Color

The most popular colors for bike covers are black and silver-gray. However, other color blocks also look good especially bright choices for motorcycles that you intend to park in crowded parking lots.

Some covers also come with reflective panels. These will ensure that your bike is protected from harm and does not cause accidents because other riders and motorists will be able to see where you parked it.

Of course, it won’t make sense to get an ill-fitting cover. Instead, opt for the perfect fit for different kinds of protection.

Final Verdict

From the above best motorcycle cover reviews of 2019, the clear winner is the CoverMax Trike Cover for Harley Davidson 107551. Versatile, waterproof, scratchproof, and with an antenna slot, this cover ranks among the most versatile in this roundup.

That said, each of the above motorcycle covers comes with its particular benefits. From cost-effectiveness to UV-protection, these covers will ensure that your bike lasts longer, operates better, and is guarded against the ravages of weather changes.

Seeing as how the costs of bike repair and maintenance have gone up, you might want to get a high-quality motorcycle cover. By so doing, you’ll be able to ensure that your motorbike is well protected, and all upkeep tasks are reduced to a bare minimum.

Over and above everything else, you should be careful while selecting the right cover for your bike. Ensure that it fits correctly and that it comes with all the features you need.

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