Best Motorcycle Cover 2023- Reviews and buying guide

Your motorcycle is a crucial investment. To retain its value for the buck, you must protect it from dust, water spots, birds’ droppings, mud, moisture, intense sunshine, and mold. It doesn’t matter whether you park indoors, outdoor, or both—when parked, your ride is a naked duck, and any of the mentioned weather elements can affect it.

Draping on a premium cover is a financial decision you won’t regret. These hands-on sheets are weatherproof, making them capable of keeping your motorcycle cool and nice underneath. With one, it’s more like leaving your ride in a small-sized garage or shade.

But since motorcycle covers are not equal, finding the sheet that captures all your needs may be an uphill task.  Luckily for you, we are here to show you the top ten motorcycle covers with premium value for money.  To ease your choosing process, we’ve detailed their specific features, so you can be sure to know what to expect before splurging.

Our Favorite Motorcycle Cover

Best Motorcycle Cover Reviews For 2023

1. Badass Moto Ultimate Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Badass Moto Ultimate Motorcycle Cover Waterproof Outdoor, Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover for Harleys -...

Topping our list is the Badass Moto, a waterproof cover that competes with other top-tier covers in their premium category. Black in color, this cover comes in a design that will seamlessly fit your ride, making it ideal for minimizing storage space. It comes well built with sturdy and premium materials for long-lasting use and protection from the harshest weather element.  The black shade is also perfect for keeping your bike invisible during the night.

This cover is fairly-priced, making it perfect when intending to balance the cost and functionality. It protects against wind, sun, rain, dirt, wet leaves, snow, and a lot more, so you can be sure to use it both indoors and outdoors. Plus, the wind-held liners prevent the motorcycle from toppling under strong wind currents.

Key Features:

Suitable for different types of bike: The cover measures 97 x 57 inches making it great for various bikes such as baggers, adventurers, sports, touring, and cruisers. The great thing is that the cover is designed to offer total protection.

Waterproof, windproof, and dust proof material: The motorcycle cover is made from waterproof material to prevent water from getting to the bike.  Besides, the cover comes with vents to ensure that even if strong wind passes through, it will not balloon.  Its dustproof nature ensures your bike is protected from dirt, bird droppings, dust, and other debris.

The bikes are secured with this cover:  First, the cover has a thick and sturdy strap to prevent it from flying off the bike.  Additionally, the elastic hems tighten under the motorcycle to keep the cover in place without falling off.

Additional feature: The cover has hidden pockets that hold your bike’s locks and alarms when it is out of your sight. Although the cover lacks reflective features, it comes with small strips that help you see in the dark.


  • Exhaust seals guarantee the best exhaust protection.
  • Fairly priced compared to other models in its category.
  • Offer quality care that guarantees 100% satisfaction
  • Compatible with cruisers, adventure bikes, and sportbikes
  • It comes in various fitments for different sizes of motorcycles.


  •         Size issues since it is custom-fit.

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2. Nuzari Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover

Nuzari Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover - Outdoor Bike Storage Motorcycle Covers - Motorcycle Cover...

Nuzari is not just any other lightweight cover that chips in weeks. It is made with premium polyester that is durable enough to withstand storms and any other harsh climates. This product comes in both MED and LARGE size fits, hence making it compatible with most motorcycles out there. Its Navy color is visible enough from far, making it ideal for packing in high traffic areas where vehicles can easily bump onto your ride.

Nuzari comes loaded with reinforced grommets with seams that allow you to tie your ride with wires or cables. The interior heat shield also prevents burns, especially around the exhaust area. Plus, it is waterproof to protect from rain and weatherproof to protect against UV-lights.

Key Features:

Waterproof and windproof: the motorcycle cover is designed of sturdy fabric to protect against harsh environmental elements like UV rays, wind, dust, the rain that can ruin your motorbike finish. It has a strap to ensure that it does not slip or flap during strong winds.

It is equipped with air vents: the vents prevent the build-up of moisture, leading to rust and mildew formation, hence letting the bike be dry. The vent also prevents ballooning which may occur when high winds pass through your outdoor storage.

Heat resistant: the product is designed with an interior heat shield to protect it from scorching or melting the cover immediately after exposure to the sun. It can hold up to a heat rate of 150 degrees. This feature ensures the cover lasts longer.

Reflective strip: the cover has a reflective strip on the front and sides hence enhancing visibility at night. This ensures your motorcycle is protected from knocks and bruises since it reflects light from a 1.2-mile distance.


  • The tri-max polyester body is sturdy to protect against all kinds of elements.
  • It comes with a soft cotton protector for the screen.
  • Works perfectly for heat rating of up to 150 degrees
  • UV-treated to prevent scorching sun rays


  • Pricier than most variants but still offer good value for the buck

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3. Dowco 50004-02 Motorcycle Cover

Dowco Guardian 50004-02 WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: Black, X-Large

The Guardian By Dowco is another outstanding cover that is entirely made of premium-quality tri-max polyester. This material is treated with water-repellant and UV-resistant chemicals that make it ideal for use indoors and outdoors. It protects against mold, water droplets, dust, and harmful sun rays that can fade your bike’s exterior components. The inner part features a heat-shield fabric that absorbs heat whenever the outside temperature hikes. 

The Guardian comes with sewn seams with apartments for the two wheels, making it ideal for snug-fit. It has soft fabric around the screen that protects the mirrors from scratching. Also, the inner part consists of moisture reflective material that prevents the build-up of thin films of water during summers.

Key Features:

Waterproof and breathable cover: It is designed with a 300 Denier and polyester fabric to prevent water drops from penetrating the bike’s components. It also features a heat shield which is made with ClimaShield Plus technology to prevent the sun’s UV rays.

 Protective feature: the cover is equipped with a guard vent system to prevent moisture build-up under it. Besides, the cover includes polyurethane, and mildew-resistant undercoating ensures it reflects enough moisture.

 Enclosing mechanism: first, the product comes with an elastic shock cord, which is sewn into the bike’s bottom to provide a snug fit. Plus, a polyester webbing belly strap to prevent it from ballooning during heavy winds.

 Additional features: The motorcycle cover comes with a compression storage bag to ensure easy storage and transport. It also has a wheel lock and alarm pocket, which are sewn-in to provide additional security. You will also enjoy a lifetime warranty.


  • It comes with a windshield liner to protect against high wind.
  • The material is thick and stable for years of use.
  • Comes in custom-sizes for various type and design of bikes
  • Offers quality protection both exterior and interior


  • It may take a long time to fit around the bike.

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4. Formosa Covers Premium Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover

Formosa Covers | Premium Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover (XXL). Includes Cable & Lock. Fits up to 108'...

Not all covers will protect your bike from the harsh climate; Formosa will. This premium cover comes with a heavy-duty fabric that can withstand even the harshest storm ever. It is black with anti-heat properties in the inner materials to prevent the parts of your motorcycle from heating up. It comes in custom-fits from size L to M and suitable for bikes such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawaski Ninja, and many more.

The fabric is made of water-guard polyester and coated with UV-resistant formula that helps to deflect extreme sunlight. Plus, the seams are durable to withstand wear and tear for years of use. The cloth chamois extends from the windshield to the tank area, so you can be sure of something that prevents scratches.  The best part, this cover comes with grommets at the center and for the front bike wheels for locking it in place.

Key Features:

Ideal for larger bikes: the Formosa cover measures 10.3 x 7.9 x 1.5 inches making it ideal for larger bikes like the chopper, touring model, and cruiser. The cover will wrap all motorcycle components, keeping them well-protected.

Water-resistant: it is made of 300 denier polyester fabric which is water-resistant. This cover is excellent for wet weather and prevents water from penetrating onto the bike. Moreover, the cover comes with sealed seams to ensure no water drops get into the motorcycle.

Features dual air vents: it is equipped with dual air vents to ensure no moisture accumulates under the cover hence preventing rusting or molding hike components. Plus, the vents reduce the build-up of wind inside the cover.

It is equipped with enclosing features: the hem has an elastic cord to gather up all the bike’s parts. You will not worry about dust and water getting in. Besides, it has a cable and a lock to secure the motorcycle cover.

Additional features: You will not have to worry since the cover is heat resistant. You can wrap the bike while still warm.  The silver portion helps the motorists to see in the dark. Plus, the sturdy grommets offer an additional lock to protect your bike.


  • Features matching duffel for easy storage
  • It comes with a cable for locking the bike.
  • Protects from all kinds of weather elements
  • The black color makes it suitable for hiding your bike during the night.


  • Color fades easily under extreme sunlight.

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5. Harley Covermax Cover

Covermax Cover (Harley Davidson Trike)

If you are looking for a specific cover that will guarantee your Harley Davidson’s safety, then this cover by Covermax has your back. It also works perfectly for any other street-cruiser motorcycle and scooters. Devoid of being lightweight, this cover comes as an all-weather variant that will protect your ride from any extreme weather condition ever.

This product comes a bit large, with elasticized bottom for a snug fit. It also features air vents with hook-and-loop closure, so you can be sure that your vehicle won’t be reaped naked by high winds. The reinforced grommets are sewn onto the cover and also make it easy-to-clad on your bike and easy to remove off. Lastly, it comes with a storage bag to fold and place inside the bag for transportation.

Key Features:

All-weather: the motorcycle is suitable for all weather. First, it has waterproof seams which prevent water from reaching the bike’s parts. It is constructed of 300 denier polyester with PU coating that protects the bike from harsh environmental elements such as sun, rain, storms, and winds. Also, the ultra-soft 30G Velour lining protects the bike finish.

It comes with 2 air vents: the air vents prevent the build-up of moisture, hence avoiding water from penetrating the bike’s components, thus causing rust and mildew and improving the motorcycle’s ventilation. Also, the vents are reflective to add extra visibility and security at night.

Additional features: the cover has an adjustable hook-and-loop strap to ensure the cover fits properly. It also has built-in grommets to offer security. It comes with a storage bag to provide easy transportation and storage.


  • Solid and durable for years of use
  • Soft inside to prevent scratches
  • It comes with two large Velcro vents for easy access to the storage space.
  • Protects from UV-light, Strong wind, and rains
  • It offers a great return for bucks.


  • The black/silver color not easily visible at night

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6. Dowco Guardian 50124-00 Motorcycle Cover

Dowco Guardian 50124-00 WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover, Black, Sportbike

 The sixth in our list of reviews is another premium cover by Dowco stores.  Well, this cover is specifically made for those who want to navigate cost curves in mind. It provides all-year-round protection against rain, heat, debris, dirt while at the same time releasing trapped moisture. The ClimaShield Plus fabric protection it is made with consists of soft cotton for protecting the windshield to prevent scratches and dents.

At the bottom of this cover is a shock cord that guarantees snug-fit. In comparison, the belly is sewn in a trap-like web that works magic in protecting all sports motorcycles available. The package also includes a transportation bag for portability. Since the seams are sealed, you can rest assured of No leakage when using this cover, plus it comes with an anti-microbial coating to prevent biological degradation or discoloration.

Key features:

Waterproof and windproof: the cover features a special coating to ensure no water drops reaching the bike components. The cover comes with a webbing strap sewn to keep the cover flat even after strong winds.

All-weather cover: Thanks to the ClimaShield Plus Technology, the cover can withstand harsh environmental elements, including storms, rain, and UV rays. It makes the cover be used in all weather, whether winter or summer.

Heat-resistant: it is designed to be heat resistant, preventing it from the exhaust heat that can melt it when placed immediately after a ride. You don’t have to wait for some time to install the cover.

Additional features: first, the cover has a reflection to prevent motorists from bumping into the bike at night. It comes with a compression bag to ensure easy transportation.  Besides, the elastic shock cord provides a snug fit while the grommets give a way to fasten it. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Include vents for condensation
  • It comes with a sizable compression bag for transportability.
  • It comes with durable seams that do not rip off easily.
  • Protects against extreme UV light, wind, and water


  • Works only for street-sport bikes

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7. Dowco Guardian 26034-00 Motorcycle Cover

Dowco Guardian 26034-00 UltraLite Water Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover: Grey, Large

In case you don’t mind stretching your budget, this Ultra-lite cover by Dowco can be the only thing you are looking for. With a 12.6 x 9.9 x 3.9 inches dimension, this product is large enough to fit any street sport motorcycle. It is exclusively made of premium polyester that is durable enough for years of use.

This product comes in a universal fit, medium, large and extra-large. With it, you don’t have to worry about the effects of water intrusion, mildew, debris, and ultra-violet degradation. It includes tones of advanced level venting and protection. The inside fabric comes with soft cotton protection that absorbs heat and caulks the vulnerable parts of your motorcycle to prevent damage and scratches.

Key features:

Waterproof and mildew resistance: the product comprises 70D with polyurethane and waterproof fabric to ensure no water penetrates the bike’s parts. It also has a sewn-in vent to prevent moisture build-up and allow it to evaporate. The mildew coating makes the cover mildew resistant.

Enclosing mechanism: It features an elastic shock cord at the bottom to offer a snug fit. It also has plastic grommets that hold the cable to lock the motorcycle cover to add security. The soft cotton protects the windshields.

Additional features: it includes a storage bag to ensure convenience when transporting and storing the cover.  It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • It is lightweight and comes with a compression bag for portability.
  • Have breathable vents to prevent heat surges
  • The lower part has elastic cord sewing for a snug fit.
  • Comes with plastic grommets that you can use with cables


  •  It may not be easy to distinguish between the back and front cover.

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8. PILOT Automotive CC-6334 Motorcycle Cover

Pilot Automotive CC-6334 Blue/Silver X-Large Motorcycle Cover

With over 1000 reviews on Amazon, the PILOT Automotive cover boasts of verifiable and premium quality service provision that is second to none.  It will cater to your basic needs when looking to cover any type of motorcycle or bike. Plus, it comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large size fits that make it ideal for any bike.

The PILOT automotive protects against high and robust wind, water droplets, debris, dust, and harmful UV light. It comes with adjustable straps and an elastic hem that ensure custom-fit. The stitches are double-sewn, and the fabric is breathable, so you won’t have to worry about your bike holding up too much heat. And it comes with sleek and snug-fit pads to protect the delicate parts of your motorbike’s exterior from scratches.

Key features:

Weather resistance: this cover is excellent for all weather. It is designed to protect the bike from storms, rain, sun, and dust, among other debris. It is also UV resistant to prevent sun UV rays. Besides, the anti-abrasion feature protects the paint from fading off.

Durable material: the motorcycle cover is constructed from rigid polyester material to ensure that it can be used for a long time. It can be used both for outdoor and indoor use due to its durability. The double-stitched seams add extra strength and flexibility.

Additional features: It includes a storage bag to ensure easy storage and transportation of the cover. The motorcycle cover can be used for different types of bikes. It is also lightweight to enhance portability. It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The middle layer has pads for unmatched comfort.
  • The double stitching makes it even more durable.
  • Patterned with deeper channels to keep the motorcycle stable
  • Aesthetically cool for use during any occasion


  • A bit hard to install, especially for the first time

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9. WDLHQC Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle Cover,WDLHQC Waterproof Motorcycle Cover All Weather Outdoor Protection,Oxford Durable &...

WDLHQC prides itself on a unique anti-theft design that sets it apart from any other covers we’ve reviewed above. It features a black, aesthetically appealing shade; this product is made with 210 Oxford Nylon fabrics built for years of use.  It measures 265 x 105 x 125 cm and comes in three L, XL, XXL, and 3XL size fits to protect different bike models.

The nylon fabric withstands up to 800-pa pressure and is resistant to water-droplets, UV-light, and high winds. The body is engineered in three layers that are sturdy and breathable to eliminate convection heat from heating parts such as the exhaust. The front is a lock that works perfectly with U/D locks, cable, orchain to provide a secure and snug fit.

Key features:

Waterproof and windproof: the motorcycle cover is made of Nylon Oxford material to withstand rain, heavy winds, and storm. It features close stitching and sturdy dual buckles to ensure neither the cover does not slip nor flap.

Suitable for multiple bikes: its larger size makes it fit different motorcycles up to 105″.  It is fit for both on and off-road-sized bikes. It is perfect for bikes including Yahama, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki, and many more.

Safe and secure design: The covers feature 5 special lock-holes for bike cable locks to enhance security. Also, the lock-holes are rust-resistant and don’t fade out quickly. Plus, the adjustable buckle strap and elastic cord ensure a snug and secure fit during strong wind.

Easy storage and transport: the product comes with a storage bag to ensure convenient storage since you can fold and keep the motorcycle cover clean. Thanks to its lightweight design, which provides easy transportation.


  • It comes with a storage bag for portability.
  • It weighs only 1.1 lb.
  • Universal fit for use over any type of bike model
  • The nylon fabric is lightweight but sturdy for years of use.


  • A bit pricier compared to other models

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10. Gutupet Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle Cover All Season,Universal Weather Quality Waterproof Sun Outdoor Protection Scooter...

Gutupet all-season cover is another premium-quality cover to look for. This cover comes in a black shade with a seamless design that protects from harmful UV-light, rain, snow, dust, and high winds. The body is made with 210D Oxford and coated with PU.  To round it up, the body is double-stitched, making it a perfect gift for any person that hunts for a cover for decade-long use.

At the front are two warning stripes that reflect light from vehicles for visibility. While at the bottom are two anti-theft holes and two windproof buckles that accept chains and cables for locking. Overall, it weighs only 1 pound and comes with a carrier bag you can use to transport. It also measures 104 x 41 x 50 inches, making it sizable enough for covering scooters, bikes, and any other type of motorcycle.

Key Features:

Ideal for different motorcycles: This cover measures 104 x 41 x 50 inches making it ideal to fit multiple bikes. These bikes include Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. The cover fits on and off-road standard-sized bikes in the USA.

 It features reflective strips: it is equipped with 2 reflective strips at the front of the bike to ensure the motorist can see the motorcycle clearly at night and prevent a collision.  Furthermore, the strips offer security to the bike at night.

Waterproof and Windproof: It is designed with water-resistant material to ensure it withstands rain, dust, sun, water pressure, and starches, among others. The 2 buckles and elastic band lock the cover firmly on the bike even during strong winds. It does not slip or flap.

Convenient to store and carry around: The bike’s cover is lightweight to make it easy to take it everywhere. To add to this, it comes with a reusable bag to fold it small for easy storage and transportation.


  • Features lightweight but durable fabric
  • It comes with anti-theft holes.
  • It comes with an elastic shock cord hem
  • It is all-weather-proof and suitable for outdoor use.


  • A bit pricier compared to most models in the market

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How to Choose Motorcycle Cover: Buying Guide


One thing you need to be careful to consider is the size of bike you are trying to cover. Motorcycle covers are created to fit different size bikes, sometimes they are made to fit one specific type of bike. Most commonly they are sized by small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, so that you will know how well it should cover your type of bike.
In some cases, it’s a good idea to measure your bike if you’re not sure how well the cover will fit. Remember that sizes will also differ depending on the brand. There are some covers that are only one size, and some that are created to fit all types of bikes. These covers will usually come with an elastic band at the bottom that can be closed to provide a snug fit.

If you’re trying to measure your motorcycle, remember that the height of the bike is measured by the tallest part which is usually the handlebars. The width is the widest part of the bike, while the length should be from the very tip of the front tire to the tip of the back tire.


If you are keeping your motorcycle outside, it’s important to have a cover that is waterproof. Water can do damage to your motorcycle, so make sure to get something more effective than a thin cover that will only keep out dust.

Fitted Motorbike Cover

A fitted cover will give your motorcycle a snug fit, and it won’t be able to blow away in the wind. Usually this type of cover will have an elastic band or drawstring around the bottom that you can pull close. This type of cover will also give you the most cover and protection.

Clip-On Motorbike Cover
This type of cover acts like a tarp that can be either attached to the bike, or staked into the ground. They are inexpensive, and more lightweight. They also do not provide as much protection as high priced covers.

Safety Grommets

This is a great feature that helps owners secure their bikes safely with a padlock or cable. Safety grommets can vary in size and style, and are a great additional safety measure.

Dealership Motorbike Covers
Some manufacturers create covers for their specific bike line such as Ducati and Honda. Sometimes, this is a good cover to search for as you know it will cover your bike well, and it may even include the brand on the cover along with any brand colors.


Motorbike covers can be made of several different types of materials, plus they can vary in thickness, weight, and level of protection. More expensive motorcycle covers tend to be more lightweight with a waterproof polyester material that is ideal for travelling, and easy to transport on your motorcycle. If the material is too thick and heavy, it can be difficult to transport, so it won’t be good on a trip. Other cheaper fabrics, including fabrics that are stretchable like Lycra, are usually used in the one size fits all type of covers.

Importance of Motorcycle Covers

Whether you have a garage or not, it is imperative that you invest in any of the best motorcycle covers for 2017. A high-quality cover will fit well on your prized possession, and protect it from rain, dust, heat, and the harmful rays of the say.

Instead of using an old blanket, raggedy piece of cloth, or tarpaulin, invest in a proper cover for your bike. Although it will certainly cost you more, the benefits you will enjoy will be worth every single penny you put into the cover.

When you cover your bike, you will also ensure that it is safe from the prying eyes of robbers and the ravages of the elements. However, this will only happen if you get a cover made from durable and reliable materials.

Luckily, you have a lot to go on with regards to motorcycle covers. From all-weather covers to waterproof types and a wide variety of colors and color combinations, there is something for every biker.

What to Look For in a Motorcycle Cover

Although the primary consideration most shoppers make while shopping for a motorcycle cover is how waterproof it is, there are many other important factors you need to consider. These factors include, but are not limited to:

1. Durability

The cover you buy should be durable enough to last you at least as long as the bike does. To this end, look for a cover that doesn’t break down or easily rip. The longer the motorcycle cover lasts, the cheaper it will be for you in the long run.

2. Dust Resistance

If you live in a dusty area or ride through dusty routes, you should invest in a dust resistant cover.

3. Heat resistance

With a heat resistant cover, you will be able to conceal your bike immediately you step off it – something alternative motorcycle covers will not do.

4. Water Resistance

Waterproof covers for motorcycles are a primary consideration for most riders.

5. UV Resistance

If the weather is sunny, it is highly likely that the harmful UV rays of the sun will discolor your bike cover. If the cover is of an unusually low quality, the UV rays will also discolor your motorbike. A UV-resistant motorcycle cover will prevent both of these situations.

Factors To Consider While Shopping For A Motorcycle Cover

As you shop for the best motorcycle cover, you need to think about your basic requirements. Consider whether:

  • Your bike needs sheltering from snow
  • If you live in a rainy region
  • ​Whether you are looking for something that will provide adequate protection from dust
  • Do you need protection from corrosion and humidity?

The price of the motorcycle cover you buy is a good indicator of its quality. Whereas some provide a single plastic layer, others come with 5+ layers of extra protection. Additional features to look for include UV protection and waterproofing layers.

If you are going to store your bike in a crowded parking lot at one point or the other, it is advisable that you invest in a brightly-colored cover with reflective panels. Other considerations to make while looking for the best motorcycle cover include:

a) Local Weather

If you work and live in a region that is humid, your best bet would be to get a dehumidifier cover. That said always take the weather conditions of your location while shopping for a cover. Does the region receive high-speed winds? Harsh sun? Rain? Snow? All these factors will determine the motorcycle cover you end up choosing.

b) Moisture

Another factor to consider is the accumulation of moisture and condensation inside your bike cover. The best covers for motorcycles come equipped with excellent ventilation. Some even have small vents to allow the circulation of air inside the cover, thereby keeping the moisture and temperature around your motorcycle in check.

c) Fabric

Where possible, buy a cover that is easy to clean. If you do get a motorcycle cover that is fully waterproof, ensure that its seams will also resist water. Additionally, find a cover that won’t fade even if you use it outdoor, otherwise the quality and performance will degrade with time.

It is also advisable to invest in covers with anti-microbial fabrics to deter the growth of fungi, mold, and mildew. Remember, these kinds of covers should be cleaned using mild soap, a soft brush, and your garden hose spray.

d) Fit and Color

The most popular colors for bike covers are black and silver-gray. However, other color blocks also look good especially bright choices for motorcycles that you intend to park in crowded parking lots.

Some covers also come with reflective panels. These will ensure that your bike is protected from harm and does not cause accidents because other riders and motorists will be able to see where you parked it.

Of course, it won’t make sense to get an ill-fitting cover. Instead, opt for the perfect fit for different kinds of protection.


Do motorcycle covers cause rust?

Traditional motorcycles cover rust. Their fabric is made so that they gather dust and moisture, making them susceptible to rust, mostly when left for long without cleaning. However, modern covers are water repellent. They also do not hold moisture, so they are rust-free.

What size cover do I need for my motorcycle?

Covers come with descriptions about their size-fits and the type of motorcycle each is compatible with. Check the manual of the cover you intend to buy and compare the information with the description of your bike. An ideal cover should be 5-10 cm longer than your ride. The fabric should also capture 10-20 cm from the ground.

Is it OK to leave a motorcycle in the rain?

Yes, most motorcycle covers are perfect for use outdoors, including in the rain. Just make sure that whatever cover you have is rainproof and is strong enough to prevent high-winds. The seams should also be double-stitched to avoid droplets of water from infiltrating inside.

Should you cover a wet motorcycle?

If your ride is already wet, covering it when still hot can make it steam. The best thing to do; leave it to cool, then cover it. Or, just leave it to get rained on since this will hardly affect your bike.  

What is the average length of a motorcycle?

Versatile bikes have an average length of about 1900 mm, while the large cruisers are 2500 long. How bigger or longer your bike primarily depends on the number of wheels it comes with. 

Final Verdict

From the above best motorcycle cover reviews of 2023, the clear winner is the CoverMax Trike Cover for Harley Davidson 107551. Versatile, waterproof, scratchproof, and with an antenna slot, this cover ranks among the most versatile in this roundup.

That said, each of the above motorcycle covers comes with its particular benefits. From cost-effectiveness to UV-protection, these covers will ensure that your bike lasts longer, operates better, and is guarded against the ravages of weather changes.

Seeing as how the costs of bike repair and maintenance have gone up, you might want to get a high-quality motorcycle cover. By so doing, you’ll be able to ensure that your motorbike is well protected, and all upkeep tasks are reduced to a bare minimum.

Over and above everything else, you should be careful while selecting the right cover for your bike. Ensure that it fits correctly and that it comes with all the features you need.

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