Do You Need a License to Ride a Dirt Bike

Any vehicle you drive or ride that is automobile stuff needs a license or more likely driving license. In this connection, a license to ride dirt bikes might be concerning for motocross bikers, stunt bikers, off-road riders. Without a driving license for any ride, it is illegal and condemned. Every country in the world has some common traffic rules & regulations according to their public act policies. In this short writing, we’ll discuss a license to ride dirt bikes, in a nutshell. Read it carefully and without stalling.

Do You Need a License to Ride a Dirt Bike


License Rules & Regulations to Ride a Dirt Bike

Similar to the public road laws, some state has different license rules & regulations, likewise. Licenses don’t come with a single piece of sheet but also there is a permit paper along. Mostly, one side is known as license papers and the other side is route permit papers. However, licenses can’t be pursued randomly to anyone. You have to take some ride tests to pass. After passing approval, you have to register for licenses and pay corresponding charges.

Driving exams are held in written, sessional, and viva voce occasionally. Each test has a certain score to pass. Unless you reach the score, you can’t pass. Moreover, you have to pass each test individually. Any failure in any test would be count as disallowed.

Age is an important factor. Licenses should be given justifying the actual age as well as physical abilities, health issues, premature trauma, or any disabilities. In every state, the starting age is 18y, however, in some low-density areas like Indiana, Colorado, Missouri – recently lower their age participation from 15y.Dirt Bike License

Dirt bike safety courses must be taken as a lifetime achievement because it will help a rider always. Without passing these courses, licenses cannot be pursued. No worries though, these tests are easy and short duration ones. Even you can sit for tests successively unless you score the saturation level.

Proper bike papers like manufacturer documents, buying documents, bike safety cards, bike insurance policies could be needed to pursue a license. There are lots of forgery and fraud in this sector, so keep cautious about them.


How to Get a Dirt Bike License?

The process or techniques may vary states from states according to their different policies and population scarcity. Local authorities are responsible to issue any authorized legal document to the public. Likewise, dirt riders have to comply with the rules & acts. No one can apply for a license easily unless passing the following acts-

How to Apply for a License to Ride Dirt Bikes?

  • First of all, collect a registration form issued by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) in any state you live currently in. Once you collect the form and register, you are allowed to any neighboring states. These forms ask basic information, age, intention, insurance policies, dirt bike model & specifications (a few), supervisor information, plate number, etc.
  • Next, you have to take tutorial classes on bike safety courses provided by DPS. Mostly, it is documented and electronic so you can study online. When you’re ready to sit for tests, inform the authorities. They will fix a schedule for you. Try to reach the passing score at least. Most people score a lot higher than the crucial score. Ahh! Don’t panic, the questions are too simple.
  • Passing the bike safety courses, the authority might ask you for public safety courses, but these are optional and can do anytime. Similar to bike safety courses, this test is easier and graphical.
  • If you pass (or skip) the public safety courses, it is time to show the practical dirt bike skills before the authorities. It is totally in-field test. You have to participate with your dirt bike on the location ground. As per their instructions, you have to show the skills accordingly. Keep in mind- any hesitation or mental pressure causes severe mistakes and disallowance. So don’t panic or hesitate. Read them calmly, do steadily, accordingly. Don’t show anything aggressive or odd. It would be negative marking.
  • After the sessional tests, you’re ready to get a license within some days. However, they would ask for a comprehensive driving course (optional) for 23 hours. For beginners, skip those. But it would be better to take the courses.
  • Within 2/3 days, the authority publishes your driving test results via SMS, email, website. If you pass, you would be requested to take the license along with fees. If not pass, they would recommend another schedule as per your consent.


Duration to Get a Dirt bike License

It depends on the manpower and workload of the DPS office. Usually, it varies states from states occasionally. One state authority differs from other states. But everything is controlled online recently, so the process is a thousand times faster than before. Many people say it would take at least a week or less. Due to some unavoidable circumstances or negligence, sometimes it delays getting a license.

Public safety courses and road test exams must be passed. Though the authority publishes results in any media, you have to keep them in touch also. Information or results miss its track occasionally. So keep tracking the authorized concern for your license after exams.

In many states, in the event that you go to an MSF class (normally free: 2 nights in homeroom and 2 days of work on riding their bikes on a parking area), that will fulfill the rider part of a state permit test. By and by, I unequivocally trust in the estimation of rehearsing on a bicycle and gaining from experienced riders before taking off.


Penalties without License

Every country has penalty rules, conditions, punishment, and trial. Special courts and custody are available for quick trials. Mostly the penalties are financial penalties like a fine of some cash. For example, in Louisiana, a red light crossing costs $50 – $80. Without a driving license, random financial fine could be charged on a rider. It varies from $100 – $500. For any accidental matters without license cause $1000 and 6-month prison.

Punishments also vary from state to state. Florida authority doesn’t put a rider in jail but they enclosed his/her state leaving. For dirt bike riders, there are many flexibilities for trials. Generally, without a license, a rider never put to prison rather put in a conditional probation period. And the condition is to get a license faster. This is good for dirt bikers.

According to Nevada sheriff acts, a dirt biker without a license should be fined with $60 and a condition to get the license within a week. The sheriff provides a written document to the rider for emergency situations. After a week, the document is invalid so if you get caught again, this time the fine would be doubled with mere penalties.

Anyways, seeing these conditions, it is strongly recommended to get a license faster enough before getting caught red-handed. However, riding without licenses isn’t a good manner and treated as violation of rules.


Cost of a License to Ride Dirt Bikes

As we say, different states follow different strategies; but there are some common charges for a license to ride dirt bikes. Because these charges are fixed from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Road-Transport Authority (RTA). Both make a combined fees for any license. Total charges consist of governmental taxations, public safety course fees, sessional course fees, and logistics. In most states, the tax rates and public safety course fees are fixed like $16-$20 and $200, respectively. So, in addition, it costs $220-$240 per license.

If you take sessional courses delayed, it would be fined more. The delayed course fees are $17/session. There are two sessions, so an additional $34 would be barred on the total cost. Moreover, comprehensive driving courses cost more than $30. This one is optional so you can take or leave.


Insurance Policies of Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes protection is very like auto-inclusion however in lower limits. An obligation arrangement is moderate and it covers both property harm and real injury of the other party should you get into an accident. As much as dirt bikes are enjoyable to ride, they are additionally very perilous to riders because of the idea of rough terrain territories. It is shrewd to look for some protection inclusion as a proportion of assurance. Stunting with dirt bikes cause physical scratches or dislocations of bones due to reckless actions. So, insurance policies are obviously needed for a stuntman.

Since most states needn’t bother with dirt bikes to be enlisted, they have no prerequisites for their protection too. In the event that you have one that is designed for both dirt streets and parkways, notwithstanding, it is respected and a cruiser and necessities protection. Mostly, insurance policies are valid because of theft, accidents, product loss, wreckage, or any other calamities. Once you face any of these serious factors, you can claim insurance policies to get some damage money.


Renewal of a Dirt Bike License

Yes, it is true- licenses are not for a lifetime. For a short time in most countries. It has a renewal option or scheme for particular years. Any license of dirt bike lasts for 5 years. State from the state, it differs. Some state authority renews a license every 3 years. Contrasting other states, they renew every 5/10 years. Besides, the classification of licenses also influences a bit on this renewal. License classifications are- M, L, X. M stands for medium-level rider or driver.

Most riders have an M license. It renews every 5 years. As we said earlier, it can be ranked up from an L license after passing some practical field tasks.

L stands for Low or primary rider who just started biking. After getting this L license, you can rank it up to an M license for some tests/exams. Generally, an L license renews every 3 years.

Finally, the X license is actually an extreme license for experienced riders. It renews every 10 years and lots of rules are reduced here.

But an X license is hard to manage. Elite forces, armed battalion, despatch riders, security forces, guards, coaches, and trainers get this easily. Experience riders who have at least 10-12 years of biking experience can get this after some terms and conditions.

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Public Road Laws of Dirt Bike

Of course, you ride bikes on roads or highways. So, you have to follow the instructions of driving on public streets. In the USA, traffic rules may vary from state to state. Dirt bikes are mostly seen in deserts, hills, offshores, pit areas, rough terrains. California, Wisconsin, Indiana, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and New Jersey states are perfect for dirt bikes. From beginners to experts, everyone loves riding dirt bikes. Henceforth, the state traffic laws are suitable for dirt bike licensing. The most common traffic rules here are-

  • Headlights, mirrors, and horns must work
  • Indicator lights in both front and rear must be okay
  • The legal age of riders is encouraged. Underage driving is prohibited. Sometimes fewer state rules require rider’s birth certificate
  • 50cc or above bikes are allowed
  • Lanes must be followed by. Breaking lanes are illegal and crime in some states
  • Insurance papers for both bike and rider are required
  • Street traffic lights are not that important to follow for dirt bikes
  • Using helmets is a must
  • Parts functionality checklist must be ‘tested ok’
  • In downtown, it is allowed to pick top speed up to 80mph; in terrain roads, it’s the only 60mph; in city streets, above 40mph is judged as rule-break
  • Dirt bikers must have to wear keds or cleats

Moreover, some states like Mississippi, Missouri, Ontario have some flexibility in public road rules & regulations. Off-road rules are quite feasible than city streets.

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Discrepancy Between Dirt Bike and Regular Bike

To elaborate on the rules and regulations on dirt bikes, first, we have to know the difference between dirt bikes and normal bikes.  Well, most of you are familiar with these discrepancies, however, we just inform some common provisions.

Regular Bike

Regular bikes are versatile and used by most people all around. Renowned companies like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Apollo build regular bikes. Regular bikes have the engine suspension from 100cc-180cc. Basically, these bikes are four-stroke and heavyweight. Powerful motor and rotation as well as control panels. Kickstarter options are available to all normal bikes and recently a simple hand-press switch on the handlebar toggles bike starting. Driving licenses are a must to ride a regular bike. Not only driving licenses but also needs a route permit, manufacturer or bike test results, tax clearance papers, and audit documents. These bikes are used for long drives, speedy races, stunts, conventional usages, and convenient communication phenomena.

Dirt Bike

Now, these are quite different from regular ones because of their usage and structures. Regular bikes have bulky wider tires to support loading capacity. For this reason, 2/3 people can ride on it at a time. However, dirt bikes are mostly used for single riders. It cannot support huge weight like 300 or more pounds. The highest loading capacity dirt bike carries 260 pounds so far we examined. The braking system and hardware are different from regular bikes. Engine motor rotation is lesser than others. Throttle, clutches, spring system, and chain quality is gradually lower than the 150cc normal bike.

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Dirt Bike Availability

Not all people buy or use dirt bikes. Rather a dirt bike is known as a fun factor or racing motocross madness leagues. Americans and some state people from Canada are accustomed to these bikes. Both countries have large terrain areas, deserts, offshores, hilly regions, and downtowns. Moreover, every year several dirt bike leagues or tournaments are launched in these areas. So, it is most familiar in America and Ontario, Canada.

In 1957, the first dirt bike was launched in Wisconsin for a bike show. Some prominent biker purchased one for its simplicity. It was made from a normal paddle bike with some additional engine works. After some roadshow, it got huge fame and reputation. Due to public demand, more dirt bikes were launched and a tournament held in 1959.

Still, the dirt race tournament is the most fabulous and exciting show for the USA people. Professional expert riders ride this bike and show spectacular stunts, precisely. Dirt bikes need special roads known as off-roads. Off-roads don’t need strict rules & laws. Besides, rider and bike both need “test okay” papers and supportive documents. These papers are a type of permission or allow access on roads or highways.

Dirt bikes have a huge fun factor so people age doesn’t affect here. From kids to adults, dirt bikes are available to marketplaces for all. It is obvious, safety is a must and every rider has to pass medical tests as well, before riding.

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Dirt bikes are versatile to use from kids to adults. Even there are lots of dirt bikes for young kids who don’t even cross 18y. So, it is crucial for all to issue licenses. Most states in the USA reduced licenses for under 18y. Furthermore, the adult dirt bike license rules are easier enough than earlier. If you are a licensed driver and need some extra privileges in traffic rules, you can upgrade your license to class M. In a gist, license to ride dirt bikes is essential for safety issues and inter-state driving phenomena. Licenses need insurance policies that help a rider safety always. So, get a license for your dirt bike, feel free to move everywhere.