Best Starter Dirt Bike Review & Guide

Get some information about the kid’s first dirt bike and they can disclose to you everything about it. However, watching enormous demand, we think of reviewing the best starter bike. From the shade of the scratched-up bumpers to the sound of the engine thunder as newbies kicked the bike over just because. A great deal of delight and dissatisfaction will be spent on the seat of your tenderfoot soil bicycle. Top 5 best starter dirt bike products are here. I hope you’ll enjoy the topic because we included buying guides as well.

The 5 Best Starter Dirt Bike Review 2023

Before we make a plunge, for the unenlightened here’s a short synopsis of the contrasts between two-stroke and four-stroke machines.

In the primary, two-stroke bicycles are less expensive to purchase, run and keep up. They are easy to chip away at and they sound extremely cool.

Four-stroke bicycles, then again, are simpler to ride because of their smooth force conveyance in race circumstances. Be that as it may, four-strokes are much heavier and harder to launch on the off chance that you don’t have the advantage of an electric starter.

# 1) Best Starter Dirt Bike for 13 year old –  X-PRO Bolt 50cc 

So far we’ve seen random age bikes but now this X-Pro bolt is great for 13 year old kids who just started high school studies. This one is a kinda beginner dirt bike for their ages. An automated transmission technology and alloy constructed pull starter are the key features of this 50cc, dual-stroke dirt bike. Temperature resistive and no corrosion as well. However, the front and rear tires use disc brakes that are easier for kids.

X-PRO Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike Gas Dirt Bike Kids Dirt Bikes Pit Bikes Youth Dirt Pitbike with Gloves,...


Engine 50cc, 2 stroke
Power 2.31kW
Torque speed 6078 rpm
Speed (max) 25 mph
Weight 48.5 lbs
Weight capacity 132 lbs
Length (inch) 48.8
Width (inch) 22.8
Height (inch) 29.9
Seat height (inch) 22.4
Fuel capacity 2 L
Color Pink, Green

Comfortability & Safety Features

The most fascinating features of this dirt bike are lots of additional tools included in the package. For example, an upgraded high-performance exhaust pipe for better acceleration and braking. Moreover, upgraded rotors that enhance braking power; pull starter for easier controlling; waterproof bearings to ride on muddy roadways, and high-quality paint jobs to glaze- are the comfort categories of this bike. The chain has a cover to protect external mishaps and the heat insulator absorbs excess heat and emits through the thrust.


Well, this is a cheaper one with diverse privileges. A few months ago, it was unavailable because of its up-gradation. Luckily, this starter dirt bike is available nowadays.


  • Heatproof, waterproof
  • Accurate chain cover
  • No vibration and less noise
  • Faster customer services
  • Adjustable brake and gear
  • Clutches are flexible to move
  • No assembly required
  • 30-days parts warranty


  • Warranty period too short

Why should Buy this

This X-Pro Bolt accompanies an amazing high torque 2-stroke 50cc air-cooled motor intended to forestall overheating. There will be no stresses over overheating or additional motor upkeep, incredible than normal 50cc motor. The rider will have a ton of fun with force and speed. Front and Rear Disk Brake gives a superior halting force contrasted with customary brake. Easy assembly and user manuals are enclosed with the package. Try this one for your 13-year-old kid.

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# 2) Taotao DB17 125cc Starter Dirt Bike for Kids

Great bike for beginners because of its technical features. Simple looking but sturdy enough to support kids falling. Tall kids can easily ride on it. Faster Kickstarter and flexible brakes made it ingenious from other dirt bikes. The brakes used here are disc brakes both in front and rear wheel. Different diameters of tire look a bit smarter for a kid.

Taotao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike for Kids Cheap Dirt Bikes for Sale Blue


Engine type 4 stroke
Suspension 125cc
Length 70 inch
Width 30 inch
Height 43 inch
Weight 154 lbs
Load capacity 240 lbs
Fuel capacity 1.5 gallons
Seat height 30.70 inch
Kickstarter Yes

Comfortability & Safety Features

The first thing about this bike is, it needs no assembly. You purchase one, you get one fully furnished and ready. Nice Kickstarter to start the bike engine faster. Disc brakes on both front and rear wheels protect severe thrust or forced hit to objects. Even in hilly areas or terrains, kids get their peak performance from this bike. It has cushioned seat cover and softcover on handbrakes. So premium safety is kept here.


Price varies according to service rules and shipping time. Faster response takes a good amount of money. However, there are lots of resellers and local shops that provide products at a cheap rate. This dirt bike costs $868 on the Amazon to date.


  • Sturdy and ergonomic construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Manual clutch
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Taller kids can ride comfortably
  • Huge loading capacity
  • 1-year product warranty


  • Shipping delay
  • Duplicate products can be provided by

Why should Buy this

Well, this bike worths every penny because of its feasibility and diversity. Durable structure and easy riding features made this Taotao bike astonishing for beginners. Not only kids but also adult persons can ride with it without any difficulty. Brakes are cool and interacted with hand-eye coordination. For basic starting with dirt bikes, we strongly recommend this one for your junior.

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# 3) Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

Single user bike with a fabulous glossy outlook. Four bright different colors are available for this bike and super lightweight. Smart ergonomic design, lighter material structure, large capacity of suspension, and overall faster bike for taller kids. Apollo manufacturer is a prominent industry for innovative inventions. However, this bike suits for everyone who are newbies or starters.

APOLLO DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Green


Color Red, Black, Blue, Green
Front-wheel diameter 17 inch
Rear-wheel diameter 14 inch
Suspension 125cc
Engine 4-stroke cylinder
Kickstarter Yes
Frame Heavy-duty steel
Brakes Hydraulic
Rotation torque 7500 rpm
Seat height 36.5 inch
Weight 147.7 lbs
Load capacity 230 lbs

Comfortability & Safety Features

This Apollo DB-X18 bike needs some basic easy assembly before the start-up. Despite this feature, the bike is solemnly cool and sturdy. It has brackets to place anywhere. Easy Kickstarter that supports longevity and fast responsiveness. Apollo made the brakes hydraulic hence enough braking for the simple pressure. When any odd situations arise, the brake works perfectly. Moreover, there are some extra protection materials on brakes, handles, fenders, and clutches. It ensures lots of durability and safety.


Cost shifts as per administration rules and delivery time. The quicker reaction takes a decent measure of cash. In any case, there are bunches of affiliates and nearby shops that give items at a modest rate. This dirt bike costs $700 – $865 on the Amazon provided by various resellers.


  • Longer and higher for tall kids
  • No battery required
  • Convenient structure
  • Nice glossy colors
  • Worth of money in every angle
  • 30 days parts warranty


  • Limited warranty of parts only

Why should Buy this

For immense satisfaction and longevity, we recommend this bike for high school juniors. It is not suggested for too young kids of 9-13y because this bike is kinda higher. Taller kids can easily ride on this bike or those who have long legs. Besides, the green color Apollo dirt bike is the most expected one from riders because of its catchy paint. 100% stainless steel structure with ergonomic dirt wheels are smarter enough for teenagers.

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# 4) X-PRO Kids Mini Pit Dirt Bike

Not always you face dirt on road but sometimes there might be pits. This X-Pro kids bike has some special features that help your kid to ride on pits. This dirt bike is too simple to ride or assemble. Low noise, 4-stroke engine with 40cc suspension bike that is good for pit biking or regular short rides. Kids can go with this to school or playground, amusement parks, natural parks, and lakeside. Easy installation process and a manual included.

X-PRO 40cc Kids Mini Dirt Bike Pit Bike Dirt Bikes Gas Power Bike Off Road Motorcycle (Blue)


Engine type 4 stroke
Suspension 40cc
Brakes Disc brakes
Front tire 12½ x 1¾ inch
Rear tire 12½ x 1¾ inch
Loading capacity 80 lbs
Weight 44 lbs
Seat height 23.52 inch
Dimension 40 x 12 x 24 inch
Color Red, Black, Green
Fuel capacity 1.8 L

Comfortability & Safety Features

The most convenient feature of this bike is its easy assembly. No hours needed for it. Furthermore, it has a user manual with the box that has all instructions on how to assemble. High seats, as well as higher engines from the ground, protects the bike from water. It seems the bike is noisy one but the just reverse- it’s totally noiseless. Single riders feel prodigious luxury riding this dirt bike. No age limit to drive the bike and the best starter dirt bike for juniors. You can skid or slide with this bike safely.


Woohoo! This one is cheaper than any other starter dirt bikes. At the beginning of their launch, it was the cheapest in marketplaces. Due to some unavoidable matters and parts up-gradation, the current price is only $319 to date. However, resellers can provide this starter dirt pit bike at a lower cost.


  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reckless drive
  • Motocross suitable
  • Durable and stiffer
  • Less motor noise and no vibration
  • 6-month limited warranty


  • Shipping delay for some far countries

Why should Buy this

Some people demoralize you about motocross bikes or dirt bikes. They argue for noise and environmental hazards. Anyways, this dirt bike is totally aside from those critics. It looks like a noisy one but as we said earlier, it has no noise. It starts gently with Kickstarter and goes smoothly. For a beginner who loves riding bikes, this would be the best companion. Lightweight and easy assembling features are outstanding and fabulous for a starter kid rider. You can try this as a low-cost hardy gadget. We are damn sure you feel cozy enough to ride on it continuously.

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# 5) Best Starter Dirt Bike for Adults –   Honda 2023 CRF450X

Noticeable Honda organization fabricated this CRF450X Dirt bike very quick dirt bike particularly for adults who loves riding astutely. It has a solitary chamber, four-stroke flexible speed gears, and a mechanized grasp. For adult kids and professional motocross riders, this thing is a cool one.


Suspension 449cc
Starter Electric
Lubrication Twin-sump
Front tire 21 inch
Rear tire 18 inch
Speed Adjustable 6-speeds
Battery Lithium-ion
Seat height 37.4 inch
Fuel capacity 2.01 gallons
Weight 275 lbs
Color Red
Loading capacity 350 lbs

Comfortability & Safety Features

It is totally different than conventional dirt bikes because this Honda CRF540X is a professional bike for motocross racers and stunt racers. Titanium intake and valves are really cool for any riders because of durability. Electric starter enables quick starting in serious conditions. Moreover, low center gravity keeps the body-machine interaction quite feasibly. The tires used here is pure Dunlop brand tires. Their products are always great for suitability and longevity.


This Honda bike isn’t like normal dirt bikes, so definitely the cost is high. Not available in local marketplaces or online shops. The selected availability of this bike made the price rate higher than other bikes. According to their main website, this Honda CRF450X costs $9,500+ to date.


  • 449cc booster engine suspension
  • 100% pure Dunlop tires
  • Fuel mileage meter (digital)
  • Sidestand to place anywhere
  • Good for terrain and hills
  • 30-days warranty


  • Too much costly

Why should Buy this

If you are a professional rider or wanna see your kid like a pro motocross prodigy, you can try this one. Though it is costly it will take the top prizes in a race. It is costly because of some valuable material like titanium, silicone, platinum, and iridium is used in many parts for rigidity. Counterbalancing options are gear-driven so no major studies needed to operate this bike. Ergonomic design and the overall brand product are the key characteristics of this starter dirt bike, in a word.

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How to Choose the Best Starter Dirt Bike

Simply we suggest getting a smaller one- not bigger or heavier stuff. Kids in this naive age are adventurous, stubborn, to-do mentality, and reckless. But before choosing the best starter dirt bike, you have to consider some axioms such as bike parts, usage, size, cost, etc. In the following discussions, we try to assist you in this regard.

Engine Size of  The Dirt Bike

It is a good factor for dirt bikes because bigger engines cause heavyweight bikes. Bikes should be lighter for starter kids. Large numbers of suspension mean bulky engines and heavier. For starter kids, it is recommended to try smaller size engines that occupy 33-125cc.Dirt Bike Engine Size

Furthermore, it is recommended to use 2-stroke engines. Upper-level engines like 4-stroke are hard to control for beginners. After getting ease and comforts, you can switch to 4-stroke engines, gradually.

Used Bikes

Honestly, this is optional. It’s up to you buying an intake new one or used ones. However, we recommend used bikes. Why? Because it needs no excessive caring or maintenance because the old owner took proper care already. Second, this dirt bike would be cheaper than market values. For a starter dirt bike, it is not that essential to get expensive ones. Used bikes are easy to control, access, move, flex, and twist. Handlebars, brakes, and clutches work smoothly in these bikes. But, before choosing a used one, make sure every part is workable.

Size and Height of  The Bike

These two factors are correlated to your kid’s height and weight. Some kids are smaller, some are bigger, some weighs much, some rather skinny. So, according to the height and weight, select the righteous dirt bike for starters. In another review article on dirt bikes, we mentioned a sizing chart for kid’s dirt bikes. You can follow the chart or simply inform us of the body measurements. Besides, we recommend wider seat dirt bikes for bulky or obese kids. Higher bikes are for taller kids. Lightweight dirt bikes are specifically used for skinny kids. But it is true, too obese kids are prohibited to ride dirt bikes. We recommend quad-wheelers for them.

Size and Height of a Starter Dirt Bike

Maintenance Issues

If a bike needs random maintenance and within a month, it is good and bad also. Good for its smooth functionality. Bad for its time killing and stresses. Used starter dirt bikes need no such maintenance or caring though. But we don’t suggest strongly to buy that. Choose those starter dirt bikes that need simple maintenance such as cleaning, washing, brake fixing, lubricating, and tire changing. On the off chance, a bike needs motor engine maintenance, it would be painful for young kids. So don’t buy those high-configuration and maintenance starter dirt bikes.

Price of Cost

Every product you purchase, you want them worth of money. Likewise, a starter dirt bike should be worth every penny. There are lots of affordable dirt bikes online or local markets. We recommend purchasing an inexpensive one for starter kids. Expensive dirt bikes have many features, right. But it would be better when the kids are flexible to turn, twist, skid, slide with bikes. Moreover, in any case, the bike gets faulty or malfunctioning, then the price would be futile. It is better to buy a starter dirt bike from the cost range of $250-$450.

How to Buy the Best Starter Dirt Bike

On the off chance that you’ve had an eye on dirt bikes perhaps a starter bike for some time, it can regularly be overpowering to make sense of which bike to buy. For apprentice grown-up riders, it very well may be energizing yet overwhelming.

You may ponder which make is ideal, the amount you ought to spend, where to purchase the best starter dirt bike, and which inquiries to pose. Prior to jumping into explicit models, remember a couple of things before you hand over the cash for your first grown-up dirt bikes.


Basically, everyone has a target or goal to work with a product. For example, you need a knife to cut the vegetables in the kitchen. And a chainsaw cannot fulfill the knife replacements. Likewise, a dirt biker has some goals. It could be his/her passion, prestigious issues, childish manners, adventurous mentality, sportive attitudes, or to be a motocross winner. According to purposes, you should buy a starter dirt bike. Starter dirt bikes are good for practicing and learning strategies.


If you are an experienced biker, starter bikes aren’t for you. But you can utilize your experience and expertise, purchasing a starter dirt bike for kids. On the off chance that you have basically no experience, it is additionally shrewd to keep your spending lower. As much as you would feel you’ll get a lot of utilization out of the bike, you may rapidly acknowledge you don’t have the fondness for the game you figured you would. By and large, a novice should avoid anything with more than 300 in dislodging.

Purchasing strategy

In case you’re purchasing a pre-owned starter dirt bike from a vendor, it is additionally an astute choice to come arranged to pose a few inquiries. Not exclusively would this be able to help answer anything you may be pondering about, however it can assist you with figuring out the merchant and whether they are upstanding and doing whatever it takes not to trick you anyway? You need to make certain there is nothing amiss with the bicycle that you are not effectively mindful of and that you are getting a reasonable cost. Most common questions you should ask a reseller about the used bike such as bike title, brand, reasons for selling, durability, caring & maintenance, number of races, or crashes (if any).

Final Verdict

Picking the best starter dirt bike is tough to many people because of inexperiences. In the article, we’ve tried to inform you about the top 5 best starter dirt bikes. So far we’ve seen enough from Apollo, Honda, X-Pro, and numerous different items. Each item has its important highlights so the time has come to pick the best starter dirt bike for juniors. In addition, the buying guides and choosing of starter dirt bike would help a great deal before any buy. Peruse those cautiously before purchasing any. Anything you need more, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’d attempt to help you perseveringly.