Best 4 Stroke Dirt Bike for Trail Riding

Dirt bikers are reckless and most of them look for the best 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding. Trail riding is fascinating, adventurous, challenging, and top quality stunt actions. Choosing a 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding needs some informative topics like buyer’s guide, weight, size, flexibility, and durability.

In this article, we enlisted the top five 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding. Moreover, our familiar buyer’s guide and tips are present as usual. Let’s keep up reading, you will feel a trail rider inside.

Top 3 Picks

Best 4 Stroke Dirt Bike for Trail Riding – 2023

Numerous dirt bikes are created every year with diverse features. In a marketplace you look for any bike, it will show you tons of different bikes and astonishingly you would love each and every product. To reduce people’s headache, we selected the best 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding. We hope the pros & cons would help you a lot.

# 1) APO 125cc – Best Adults 4 Stroke Dirt Bike for Trail Riding

Our first product for trail riding is the new APO 125cc dirt bike. APO manufacturer is a California-based automobile industry. In recent years they’re doing great in this sector, especially kid’s bikes. Following the trend, they introduced 125cc dirt bike for trail riding with some fabulous features like adjustable manual speed, bigger wheels, sturdy stainless steel body, and smart lucrative colors. No assembly needed on your own. It’s a pre-assembled dirt bike.

OPA 125cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Adults Dirtbikes Pitbikes 125 Dirt Pit Bike,Orange

Specifications of  This 4 Stroke Dirt bike

Fuel capacity 1.03 gallons
Speed (max) 55mph
Dimension 40.5 x 55.5 x 30 inch
Front suspension 750 mm
Rear suspension 320 mm
Front tire 17 inch
Rear tire 14 inch
Weight 147 lbs
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Seat height 34 inch

Comfortability & Safety Features

Easy assembling features made this dirt bike awesome and great looking. Minimal pre-assemble is needed when you purchase one. Handlebars are sturdy and suitable for little kids of 13y. It has an adjustable 4-speed selector so you can speed up quickly. Top-quality tires are used for this brand product and alterable. Perfect seat height enhances rider comfort. Overall ergonomic design for trail riding. Chain guards protect external scratches and ensure safety for riders, gradually.


Well, dirt bike for trail riders is a bit costly. At the beginning this APO bike price was low. But recent upgrades and additional functions turned it expensive ones.. Resellers probably lower some costs but hard to find the resellers nowadays.


  • Faster shipment
  • Worth of money
  • 4-stroke engine
  • Sturdy carburetor
  • Chainguard protection
  • 5 different bright colors
  • Smooth customer care and faster
  • 30-days limited warranty


  • Costly
  • Warranty period too short

Why should Buy this

It is powered by batteries but flexible Kickstarters don’t allow much difficulty on riding this bike. Mostly, this bike is a beginner bike for kids who love stunt actions or trail actions. The movement and mobility are superb so kids even fly with this dirt bike. Not only dirt biking but also you can participate in pit biking or races. Prices are a little high but worthy enough for client satisfaction.

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# 2) Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike for Trail Riding

As a prominent manufacturer, Apollo bikes are always ingenious. For trail riding, it is recommended to use 125cc or higher bikes. Because speed and engine power are essential for torque, twist, turn, and stunting. Standard diameter tires and carburetor made this dirt bike perfect for trail rides. Seat height is good for tall kids and comfy.

No products found.

Specifications of Apollo DB-X18

Engine type 4-stroke, 125cc
Starter Kickstart
Speed (max) 55 mph
Power 6.5 kW
Torque 7500 rpm
Brakes Hydraulic disc
Front tire 17 inch
Rear tire 14 inch
Seat height 36.5 inch
Weight 147.7 lbs
Fuel capacity 1.03 gal
Load capacity 260 lbs

Comfortability & Safety Features

The most opportunity of this bike is it’s lightweight. It looks like a slim structure dirt bike but you can’t imagine how much potential dipped inside it. Strong carburetor and engine suspension. Cushioned handlebar front side with ergonomic design. 100% of steel alloy construction ensures the top suitability to riders. Hydraulic disc brakes of both front and rear tires assist individually when needed. Moreover, the Kickstarter option is fabulous and faster enough for kids. Taller kids like 5′10″ can ride easily. The seat height is perfect for adults and little bulky kids. However, dirt bikes are not recommended for obese kids or people. Don’t try this if you weigh exceed limits of loading capacity.


Expensive bike, yes. But for outstanding performances, price doesn’t matter anyway. According to the Amazon selling point, it costs around $1,000-$1100 excluding shipping charges. In-home shipping doesn’t need shipment charges but aboard shipment costs a minimum of $250 more. No reseller option has been found to date. However, some reviewers and users got resellers provided bikes at a cheap rate.


  • Comfortable seat height
  • Sturdy frame design
  • Perfect clutches and lever brakes
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Worth of money
  • 30-days warranty
  • Customer support


  • Cheap carburetor
  • Hand tightening cause stripping
  • No cover for parts

Why should Buy this

Apart from the demerits, this bike works perfectly in any dirt bike league or racing competition. As this is a trail bike also, it is the best rider on terrains. Pit racing, dirt racing, muddy areas, sloppy roadways, highways- every span of the transport arena is covered by this dirt bike. Lightweight and flexibility in usage are cool and smart. It is true, this bike needs cleaning and washing after every race, but overall a good product to buy.

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# 3) Tao Tao DB14 4-Stroke Dirt bike

A simple dirt bike for single riders who want massive swinging and jumping across high hills. No assembly required because it is a ready dirt bike for trail riding. 4-stroke cylindrical engine has 110cc suspension that is standard for kid riders. Usually, beginners choose this bike to start their racing career.

Tao Tao Dirt bike DB14 (Blue)

Specifications of DB14

Engine 110cc
Speed (max) 40 mph
Front + Rear brake Hydraulic disc
Front tire 14 inch
Rear tire 12 inch
Length 63 inch
Width 28 inch
Height 41 inch
Seat height 28 inch
Weight 125 lbs
Fuel capacity 1 gallon
Loading capacity 220 lbs

Comfortability & Safety Features

For young kids and beginners, this bike is a unique one. Even kids of 8y can ride on it. Safety belts and cushioned seats are too comfortable to ride smoothly. Faster customer care services are awesome. Any problem you face, you call them or contact them for faster response & remedy. The tires are accurate for kids hence flawless safety is ensured.


This bike is cheap and worth every penny. Long-lasting and rigid structure. In local marketplaces, it costs only $650 – $700.. Resellers can reduce some costs by the way.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design and color
  • 3 different colors are available
  • Powerful engine suspension
  • Long drive feasibility
  • Affordable price
  • No vibration


  • Duplicated products are provided sometimes

Why should Buy this

For the cost, no doubt. It is the cheapest dirt bike ever for trail riding. Good consumer value gives it 5 stars in review forums. For its smaller size, some people avoid this to buy but for starters, this bike performs well. Less fuel capacity with enough longevity is another key characteristic of this dirt bike. Critics say this one isn’t stiffer, however, we didn’t find yet. Try this bike for your kids of 9-13y.

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# 4) X-PRO 250cc Adults Trail Riding Dirt Bike

For professional riders who love train riding, this X-Pro bike has the largest suspension for long time usage. Smart looking, gigantic attire, powerful motor, and faster braking are the most fabulous features of this bike. It’s a 4-stroke dirt bike with 5 different speed adjustment controller. Catchy 4 colors are available in the market with slight variations in price. The most important privilege is its wheel. Brand wheel from eminent manufacturers in the world. Furthermore, the powerful engine allows no vibration at all and a nice chittering sound.

X-PRO 250 Dirt Bike Pit Bike Gas Dirt Bikes Adult Dirt Pitbike 250 Gas Dirt Pit Bike,Black

Specifications of X-PRO 250CC

Engine 4 stroke, 250cc
Power 17 hp
Speed (max) 70 mph
Brakes Hydraulic disc
Front tire 21 inch
Rear tire 18 inch
Weight 238 lbs
Loading capacity 440 lbs
Length 84.3 inch
Width 32.3 inch
Height 48.6 inch
Seat height 36.6 inch
Fuel tank capacity 2.1 gallons

Comfortability & Safety Features

This X-pro dirt bike is incredibly simple to collect just took an hour prior to riding it. Looks extraordinary and is amazingly tall. Out of the case, the bike never ran right. The carb is garbage the streaming is garbage the air box is finished trash way path approach to lean. Rip the airbox off and run the cone channel and it will run alright. Great top speed yet no quickening. Heard the Mikuni carb is a major presentation increment 30-100 bucks, this one isn’t prepared to ride once assembled.


Expensive way too much. Heavyweight dirt bike ever with super-strong motor and carburetor. 100% steel and aluminum alloy construction. Handy brakes with flexible clutches.


  • Gigantic fuel tank and suspension
  • Long mileage
  • Sturdy wheels and edges
  • Best dirt bikes for professionals
  • Super flexibility on air
  • Strong spring system that protects landing from terrains
  • Fantastic customer support


  • Too much expensive

Why should Buy this

It performs terribly. One X-Pro is enough to beat 100 dirt bikes if you are a pro motocross rider. Off-road biking is famous for its stunt showing, sliding, twisting, hiking, and speed. This X-Pro provides all of those in a single package. All-in-one features made this dirt bike best for trail riding. This bike is quite expensive but in any championship or league, you must need this to win.

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# 5) X-PRO 40cc Kids 4 Stroke Dirt Bike for Trail Riding

This one is for junior riders of 8-12y. Likewise, this one is the smaller version of the previously reviewed X-Pro 250cc. Most of the features are the same in both dirt bikes. Just the difference is suspension and engine construction. This 4-stroke dirt bike is more durable than traditional 2-stroke bikes. Low noise and no vibration is perfectly maintained in this dirt bike.

X-PRO 40cc Kids Dirt Bike Mini Pit Bike Dirt Bikes Motorcycle Gas Power Bike Off Road,Red

Specifications of X pro 40CC

Engine 4-stroke
Speed (max) 22 mph
Brakes Disc
Front tire 12.5 x 2.75
Rear tire 12.5 x 2.75
Load weight 80 lbs
Weight 44 lbs
Seat height 23.52 inch
Dimension 40 x 12 x 24
Fuel capacity 1.8 L

Comfortability & Safety Features

For a starter rider, this one is great to start within affordable costs. It is comfortable for kids who just started riding. Huge fun factor for dirt biking as well as trail riding in terrain areas. Soft cushioned seats are completely safe for kid’s health. Moreover, the chain is covered with light metal so no sliding occurs anytime. Oil level indicators help to check the fuel from time to time.


Cheap for a dirt bike though. Because of simpler basic designs, it costs only 3 hundreds and something. Affordable for beginners.


  • Lightweight and handy
  • Pre-assembled product
  • Excellent braking system
  • Digital odometer
  • No vibration and noiseless
  • 3-months warranty


  • Neither good for kids under 5y nor for 12y+
  • Cheap carburetor

Why should Buy this

According to the pros & cons, it is clear this bike is for little kids of 5-12y. For a starter rider, this bike is a good choice for you. It is faster and lighter. Kids get much fun factor riding this on terrains.

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How to Select the Best 4 Stroke Dirt Bike for Trail Riding

It seems like a buying guide for you, it would help you a lot before purchasing a 4-stroke dirt bike for trail riding. Some basic strategies to follow before buying one. Here, we selected the most common criteria to select the best 4-stroke dirt bike for trail riding.

2-stroke or 4-stroke

The principle contrast between these two lies in the manner the motor works. A two-stroke has sudden force conveyance, while a four-stroke has a ton smoother one. That implies that two-strokes are more diligently to control yet unquestionably snappier. In case you’re searching for more cc’s, you’ll presumably pick the two-stroke, as they, for the most part, have more force.

Weight and Height

Before you pick the greatest, crazy dirt bike you can discover, stop, and take your stature and weight into thought. You need something you will feel good about. You need a trail rider on which you can sit on and still arrive at the ground with the two feet. Make a point to get a dirt bike that isn’t unreasonably light for your weight, or unreasonably overwhelming for you to deal with.

Expertise Level

Is it accurate to say that you are a fledgling? Do you adjust rapidly and without any problem? Is it accurate to say that you are into some other activity sports? In the event that your answers are yes to these, it’s ideal to take a dirt bike you will progress to, at that point a trail ride you will outride rapidly.

Trail or Track

In the event that you simply need to trail ride, search for something with handguards, a slide plate, a fog light, and if conceivable, an electric beginning. On the off chance that you intend to ride the track also, discover a track dirt bike that is ready to deal with trail riding, as these dirt bikes aren’t the best on the track. They are much heavier than track dirt bikes, and their suspension isn’t made for bouncing.

How to Get the 4 Stroke Dirt Bike for Trail Riding

For beginner 4-stroke dirt bike riders, I eagerly recommend purchasing your first trail bike on the discretionary market. You are going to crash, scratch up, and break a couple of segments; why subject a recently out of the plastic new dirt bike to the abuse?

You can find used trail bikes on a site, for instance, Craigslist, Cycle Trader, eBay, and some other arranged style goals where a private owner can present accessible on be bought notices. There are different reasons riders sell their own bikes like overhauling or becoming out of a littler model and this is a remarkable open entryway for you to get a great deal without the hit of retail.

If you decide to purchase from a physical cruiser shop, you will moreover get the opportunity to create a relationship with the store. Essentially every motocross shop will have an area counter close by a help office and a great deal of master staff to help you as you build up your bike excitement. Expenses are another factor to gaze upward. No compelling reason to get exorbitant dirt bikes except if inescapable. Loads of modest trail rides are accessible on the web and those are vigorous, sharp, adorable, and have a ton of fun factors.

What Dirt Bikes are 4 Stroke

2-strokes regularly need loads of RPM’s to make power and to shield the fitting from fouling. Along these lines, for a novice, they can be somewhat harder to ride. With a 4-stroke bike, you simply include gas and go. The odds of fouling a fitting are way substantially less with a 4-feed motor. Fuel blend is as yet significant yet not exactly as basic with respect to a 2-stroke.

Understanding the contrast between the two-stroke and four-stroke motor sorts is fundamental while picking the correct dirt bike that will suit your one of a kind needs.

While a great many people accept that four-stroke bikes have a higher cc and are increasingly costly, in all actuality there exist low cc four-stroke dirt bikes that are additionally reasonable.

We have featured a portion of the basic four-stroke dirt bikes available that offer you something interesting and are additionally reasonable. Once more, whatever you pick descends to your own inclinations and your spending limit.

Final Verdict

To conclude the topic on the best 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding, we can state clearly that- 4 stroke dirt bikes are direly needed for any trail rides. Mostly 4 stroke bikes consist of intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. Every stuff is necessary here to trail rides. However, we reviewed the top 5 dirt bikes for trail riding including all ages. And the buyer guide assists you with how to choose the best ones. Any question you require to us, feel free anytime. Because curiosity never ends, we’d like travel with it.