Best Hour Meter For Dirt Bike

A meter that measures the running time of an engine is called an hour meter. Furthermore, the best hour meter for dirt bike can display the engine’s RPM. You can determine when to maintain or service your engine by regularly monitoring its working hours. By doing this, you will make sure your machine lasts as long as possible.

It can be challenging to find a suitable hour meter on the market if you do not know how to go about it. In this guide, you’ll find comprehensive information about hour meters to help you make an informed decision.

Here are the top seven-hour meters on the market.

Our Favorite Hour Meter For Dirt Bike

Top 7 Best Hour Meter For Dirt Bike Reviews- 2023

1. Magicalmai Inductive for Gas Engine Dirt Bike

Magicalmai Inductive Hour Meter for Gas Engine Generator Lawn Mower Pressure Washer Marine ATV Boat...

Magicalmai’s Inductive Hour Meter is one of the top ATV hour meters on the market. Gas engines and generators such as marines, ATVs, and motorcycles can be connected to the meter. You can use this meter to track your machine’s service life; plan oil changes and other maintenance activities. It is also versatile and can work on aircraft and cars.

Features and Benefits

Time tracking: With the Magicalmai Inductive, you can accurately track the run times to conduct oil changes and scheduled maintenance.

Easy to install: Installing this hour meter is straightforward; you only need to run the cable from where you want to place the meter to the spark plug wire, and that is all!

Versatile: The hour meter can work well on various engines and generators. Its efficiency in tracking allows you to maintain your machine within the scheduled timelines.

Large LCD screen: The hour meter comes with a large LCD screen that can be read at all times, irrespective of the presence of power.

10-year battery: With this meter, you don’t have to worry about the absence of power because it comes with a battery sealed inside.

Efficient: The Magicalmai Inductive Meter is waterproof, shockproof, and resistant to high temperature


  • Easy installation instructions
  • It helps to track on your engine to avoid maintenance lapses
  • That’s works perfectly
  • It can work on any gas engine and generator.


  • Sometimes, it may stop counting and reset to zero

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2. Hardline Products HR-8061-2 Hour Meter/Tachometer

Hardline Products HR-8061-2 Hour Meter/Tachometer for up to 2-Cylinder Engines,Black

The Hardline Products HR-8061 plug-in hour meter dirt bike will work with any gas engine up to two cylinders. With adjustable input and resettable maximum RPM, this device is convenient and easy to use. You can schedule preventative maintenance programs for your motorcycle, ATV, and generator using the hour meter on your engine. There are three adjustable inputs on the Meter, enabling dual or single spark ignition systems.

Features and Benefits

Versatile: The Hardline Products HR-8061-2 Hour Meter can work with any gas engine up to two cylinders and 16,000 RPM.

Adjustable input: The device is compatible with all types of ignition, such as fuel-injected engines.

Hour/tach meter: The device’s hour meter displays the total hours accumulated, and the hour/tach meter shows RPM when the engine is running. Whenever the engine is off, the meter will always show the total hours accumulated.

Time tracking: The hour meter keeps track of total time on a machine, allowing you to plan oil changes and other maintenance activities.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Long-lasting battery
  • It can be used on any small engine
  • It works well


  • Inaccurate Tach readings

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3. Runleader Digital Hour Meter Tachometer

Runleader Small Engine Hour Meter, Digital Tachometer, Maintenance Reminder, Battery Replaceable,...

The Runleader Digital Hour Meter is one of the most influential motorcycle hour meters that can help you track the number of hours run by your engine. This device functions even when the engine is off, so it displays the accumulated engine run time. Additionally, the tachometer precisely records the RPMs when the engine is running and can be programmed to fit various engine firing patterns. Unlike other hour meters, the Runleader Digital comes with a replaceable battery that allows data retention after battery change.

Features and Benefits

Maintenance reminder: The hour meter dirt bike features a countdown service reminder that alerts when the maintenance time is due.

Tachometer: This product comes with a tachometer that helps record the RPMs when the engine is running.

Battery replaceable: The Runleader Digital Hour Meter features a replaceable battery that can be changed without losing any data.

Hour meter: This device can help you track the number of hours the engine runs, allowing you to schedule maintenance.


  • The meter retains power after battery change
  • Easy to install
  • It comes with an instruction manual
  • Accuracy in recording RPMs when the engine is running


  • Sometimes, the tachometer can be inaccurate.

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4. RacingPowerSports Digital Hour Meter

RacingPowerSports Digital Hour Meter Motorcycle ATV Snowmobile Marine Dirt Bike (Black)

The RacingPowerSports Digital Hour Meter is one of the most efficient plug-in you can get on the market. The installation of this meter is straightforward since it does not require wiring. This device is completely waterproof, so it can be used with any marine engine. It works with a boat, motorcycle, ATV, and any gas engine, and does not require a battery to operate.

Features and Benefits

Easy installation:   Installing the RacingPowerSports Digital Hour Meter is straightforward; you can quickly mount it anywhere you want.

Keep track of hours used: This hour meter can help you keep track of hours used for oil changes or other components’ maintenance.

Easy mounting: The RacingPowerSports Digital Hour Meter has enough wire and screws, allowing for easy routing and mounting.

Waterproof: This product is completely waterproof so that it can be used in any marine engine.

Versatile: The RacingPowerSports Digital Hour Meter can work with any ATV, Boat, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, and gas engine


  • Has adequate wire to put the display anywhere
  • This is a cost-effective solution
  • It doesn’t require any battery to operate
  • It works well to track the hours an engine runs
  • The product is waterproof.


  • Battery not replaceable

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5. Trail Tech 742-A00 Black Surface Mount TTO Digital Tachometer Plus Hour Meter

Trail Tech 742-A00 TTO Tach Hour Digital Gauge Meter Motorcycle Tachometer

The Trail Tech is a digital tachometer and hour meter that is compatible with all gasoline engines. The device keeps track of the engine’s running time, allowing you to set your machine’s maintenance schedules. This product features a large readable display that permits you to monitor your engine’s running hours, enabling you to undertake proper upkeep on your machine.

Features and Benefits

Easy to mount: The Trail Tech hour meter can be easily mounted on the surface by the bolt-on or through the peel-n-stick mounting method.

Maintenance reminders: This device comes with maintenance reminders that alert when the machine’s maintenance time arrives.

LCD: This digital tachometer comes with an LCD that lets you view all the gauge’s readings despite the lighting conditions.

Versatile: This hour meter can work on all gasoline engines to permit you to monitor your engine’s running hours.


  • Mounting is easy on any surface
  • The battery lasts a long time
  • The installation is simple
  • It reads accurately


  • No clarity on what PPR setting to use

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6. Runleader Digital Self Powered Wireless Hour Meter

Runleader Digital Self Powered Wireless Hour Meter,Vibration Activated,Resettable Job Timer, User...

This Wireless Hour Meter is ideal for machines with specific vibration frequency during operation. In addition to outdoor power equipment and generators, Runleader digital meters can also be used in construction machinery and vehicles. A total of 99,999 hours were recorded on this hour meter, allowing an accuracy of 0.1 hours. Additionally, the device features a programmable vibration sensor that accurately detects various machines’ vibration frequencies during operation.

Features and Benefits

Lock function: This hour meter features a lock function that prevents usage when the device is transported.

Vibration sensitivity: The device features a programmable vibration sensor that precisely senses various machines’ vibration frequency during operation.

Job time: This Wireless Hour Meter features a job timer that measures the time of a particular service, such as air filter replacement.

LCD screen: The Runleader comes with an LCD that lets you view all the gauge’s readings in spite of the lighting conditions.

Easy to install: This product comes with double-sided tape, making the installation process straightforward.


  • Easy to install
  • Has detailed instructions for use
  • Its data can be retained after the shutdown
  • A two-year warranty is included
  • It is easy to mount
  • There is a long-lasting battery inside


  • The battery cannot be changed

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7. Pro Taper Wireless Hour Meter

Pro Taper Wireless Hour Meter

If you’re looking for a dirt bike hour meter that can accurately monitor your engine’s run time, don’t hesitate to buy the Pro Taper Wireless Hour Meter. You can eliminate guesswork about when to service your dirt bike with the tracker’s accuracy. With the sealed housing, this dirt bike hour meter is more efficient and resistant to the elements.

Features and Benefits

Monitoring maintenance interval: The Pro Taper Wireless Meter can monitor your machine’s maintenance interval to allow you to schedule the servicing dates.

User-friendly: This device uses peel and sticks installation, making it simple to use.

Fully sealed housing: The Pro Taper Wireless Meter features a fully sealed housing that is resistant to weather elements, making it more durable and functional.


  • Accurately monitors your engine’s maintenance interval
  • Simple to use
  • Fully sealed to withstand weather elements


  • Sometimes, it doesn’t work well

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Buying Guide

Here are the factors to consider when buying a dirt bike hour meter.

Product quality: A high-quality meter should be durable, have a long-lasting battery, and easy to use.

Reliability: Reliability refers to the consistency of the meter’s accuracy in reading. Choose a meter that gives consistent readings over time.

Installation location: Place your meter in an ideal location that doesn’t interfere with other gauges’ viewing.

Style: Select a meter that perfectly fits other kinds of gauges used in your machines.

Secure your wires: If you are adding a meter to your vehicle, consider using an existing grommeted opening for the wires. Alternatively, use a grommet to insulate the wires as they travel through.

How to install on a dirt bike

Here are the steps for installing a dirt bike hour meter.

Prepare your tools: To avoid unnecessary stopping and starting, have the appropriate tools ready and within your reach.

Identify the coil built into your spark plug: Once you get the coil, free it up for working with it. Connect wires from your meter to the coil. This way, the meter will run whenever there is power to the spark plugs.

Put the coil in place: Ensure that the wires do not tangle as you install the coil; otherwise, you will not be able to mount the meter in the perfect location before you connect the spark plug cap; tape the wires to the coils to make sure they stay connected during bumpy rides.

Attach the meter to a suitable location: Once you have chosen your ideal location, use screws or double-sided tape to mount it. After that, start your engine up to if the meter activates.


How does an hour meter Work on a dirt bike?

The dirt bike hour meter uses vibration technology to run the clock once the engine is started. Monitoring continues until 999.5 hours have elapsed.

How many hours is a lot for a dirt bike?

Depending on how you use your dirt bike, 100+ hours is a lot for a bike. This is when you should start servicing your motorcycle.

Where do I mount my dirt bike meter hour?

Mount the meter in an ideal location where you can read the gauge without any obstruction.

How do you hook up an hour meter?

Connect one terminal to any one power wire, opposite terminals to neutral wire. Don’t connect the meter to the high leg, but across the line’s two high sides.


Knowing how to maintain your dirt bike is a crucial aspect of enhancing its longevity. The Hour meter dirt bike is an essential device that monitors the engine’s running time, alerting you when the maintenance time arrives. Hour meters vary based on the nature of their batteries, durability, LCD, wire, etc.

Depending on your tastes and preferences, you should select a meter that suits your style. However, based on our reviews, be cautious when choosing wireless meters because they fail most of the time.

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