10 Best Bike Cable Cutters

When it comes to replacing your bike cables, cable cutters are one of the first items you’ll go for. Changing bike cables is, of course, a straightforward procedure. However, this is only true if you have high-quality cable cutters.

Replacing your bike cable may be a snap if you use the appropriate and powerful way. The only option when the cable becomes worn, sticky, and frayed is to replace it and break it free. To complete the task right, you’ll need some basic tools, such as fresh wires, ferrules, and a bike cable cutter.

In this article therefore, we are going to take a look at the types of cable cutters, their advantages, disadvantages and features.  Therefore without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Top Picks : 5 Best Bike Cable Cutters

Top 10 Best Bike Cable Cutters Reviews- 2023

1. BikeTool Bicycle Bike Chain Master Missing Link Pliers Remover.

BikeTool Cycling Cable Cutter&Bike Chain Master Missing Link Pliers 5 in 1 Multifunction Tool Kit...

If you have been looking for bike cable to help you in replacing worn out cables, then this is the one to go for.. The cutting jaws of this cable cutter are created from industrial steel and are sharp and solid to help easily cut cables.Besides cutting wires, it can also be utilized  in other activities such as cable reaming, spare master link, clamping inner cover and chaining fast link switch.

It is an amazing cutting tool that can be utilized  while fixing your bike cables, as depicted by its cool features. The  sharp and strong blades  provide you with superior cutting results. Furthermore, it has more than enough sharpness and strength  to ensure an accurate and effective cut. Because of the high-quality stainless steel used, the cutter is relatively strong. Using this cutter is much safer compared to others.


  • 5 in 1 cable cutter – This cable cutter is not limited to only cables but can be equally utilized in more tasks such as cable reaming and many more.
  • Less costly tool – In addition to being a useful and convenient tool to use, it is also fairly priced to enable you to manage its cost.
  • Quality – It is created with nice crimpers for the cable ends which helps produce not only pinpoint but cleaner looking crimps.


  • Less costly.
  • Easy to use.
  • It can last long.
  • It has sharp jaws for clean cuts.
  • Great multi-use tool.


  • It lacks the master link even though the paperwork shows that it is included.

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2. Park Tool CN-10 Professional Bicycle Cable and Housing Cutter

Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter

This bike cable cutting tool has all a biker would need to fix a cable. Why we pick it is solely because it makes  precise and tidy cable cuts.Furthermore,  It has an amazing cutting strength hence making your cutting  simple and fast. In addition, it is made for both cable and housing, mainly the difficult-to-cut shift housing.Cutting the bike cable is a breeze with its amazing cutting jaws. The jaws of the cutter are cold-forged for excellent  accuracy and fantastic cutting. It is designed with high strength and  degree of durability. As you might have seen, even bike repair shops tend to use this cable cutter in their day to day cable cutting. Although it is long-lasting, one of its disadvantages is that it is quite heavy.

Another feature that Park Tool CN-10 Professional Bicycle Cable and Housing cutter  has is heat treated steel handles. Such handles aid in enhancing the grip and strength, allowing for more accurate and effective cutting. Since these handles are easy to grab and click, you can never be hurt by using them.This best bicycle cable cutter has a crimper for cable end caps. It can also be used in making holes for housing ends and ferrules. The cutter also has a wire latch that holds the jaws intact when not in operation. Even in idle mode, you can be certain that this cutter is secure.


  • Durable – Created with heat treated steel handles, this cutter is without a doubt strong enough to withstand any pressure that may cause it to break.
  • Precise cutting – For clean and amazing cable cuts, this tool is created with amazing cutting jaws that does its job well.
  • Built-in Crimper – this feature not only enables you to form holes for reforming house ends but also for crimping cable end caps.


  • Designed for use on all bicycles.
  • Made to last for long.
  • It has a wire latch to hold handles together when not in use,
  • Precise and clean cut on every cable.
  • Great Quality.


  • Sometimes it does not produce clean cuts on cables.

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3. Crescent H.K. Porter Wire/Cable Cutter

Crescent H.K. Porter Wire/Cable Cutter, 7.5 in. long - 0690TN

Are you a tanker driver and looking for a cable cutter to quickly cut cable seals of the loads? This best  bike cable cutter alternative can do that work for you. Even though it is designed to be used while repairing your bike and replacing the cable, this impressive tool can still be utilized in cutting cable seals in trucks.

Besides being long-lasting, it conveys smooth and precise cuts. When you use this as a cutter, you will find that the cable no longer frays and the end is nicely flattened. Besides being used for general cutting, shear blade cutting, and  soft and hard steel cable cutting, it can as well be utilized in wire rope cutting, and small ACSR cutting. These cutters, however, cannot be used on energized circuits, rope, or cable.To protect your hand from damage while utilizing them, it is made of the most comfortable vinyl grips. Furthermore, if you are wondering if it can still work on heavy duty stuff, then it is well designed and made to withstand intense pressure.


  • High quality – Created by renowned manufacturers, there is no doubt that this cutter is well enhanced to give you nothing but accurate and clean cuts. In addition, the cuts are sharp without any distortion to the cable or the wire.
  • Heavy duty – For those who do most demanding tasks like having to cut cable seals from tanker or truck loads, then this cutter is ideal for them.
  • Portable – Created to be compact and small in size, you can easily place it inside your pocket and travel with it wherever you want especially when you cycle around. Whenever something bad happens with your cable you will be ready to cut and fix them right on the go.


  • Top Quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Produces sharp cuts with minimal distortion.
  • Comes with comfortable red vinyl grips.


  • Cannot be used on electrified circuits, wires or cables.

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4. Pedro’s Bicycle Cable Cutter

Pedro's Bicycle Cable Cutter, Black/Yellow

This bike brake cable cutter is an excellent choice if you want an inexpensive  but extremely dependable bike cable cutter. This cutter provides both consistent and reliable cuts. It is built with a power cut to make bike repair simpler and safer.Besides being used to cut brake cables, it can as well cut   bike cable housing. However, it is mostly meant for standard bike cables. However, if you use this for shift housing, it will have a clean and splitting cut rather than the flattened cut you want.

Created with sharp cutting blades, it is sharp enough to pierce  tough  bike cables. Besides, the rubberized yellow handle protects your hand from harm while cutting. It has a lock mechanism that can be easily operated by one hand. While cutting, the other hand to secure the cable in place.Pedro’s Bicycle Cable Cutter is ideal for bike home repair and maintenance at home. It is not used for technical cutting, especially in bike service centers, because it easily wears out due to repeated use.


  • Easy to use – For beginners who have no idea of how to use a bike cable cutter and wish to start using it, then they can try out with this one. It is small and simple enough for anyone to begin using it.
  • Durable – With cushioned handles and heat treated steel cut cables, there is no doubt that this cutter can go for long without getting damaged.
  • Relatively cheap – If you are looking for something that is quality yet affordable, then this fairly priced cutter is suitable for you.


  • It is an affordable cable cutter.
  • The quality and durability is great.
  • Produces clean cuts.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used for professional crimping.
  • It is a very slick and well made unit.


  • They cut brake housings with a small bend.

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5. Hetai Heavy Duty Wire Cutters Steel Cable Cutter

Hetai Heavy Duty Wire Cutters Steel Cable Cutter Wire Rope Cutter Aircraft Bicycle Cable Cutter,Up...

If you haul hazmat tankers for a living, you understand how difficult it is to cut through sealed and secured thick cables. However, this cable cutter is coming to your rescue. With these you can cut through pretty much any cable thus making your job extremely easier. It is made with a special shearing-blade design to make it easy for you to trim cableRail cable. As if it is not enough, it is reinforced with durable hardened still to make it more durable. Besides, the handles are made of sure-grip handles to not easily slip off when you try to use it.

Furthermore, it is one of the important tools when installing a cable railing system. They cut bike cables cleanly and quickly.It is light and small in size enough for you to carry around everywhere you want to go. Besides,maintenance is minimal, requiring only a drop or two of oil and a wipe-down every now and then.


  • Compact design- Created to be pocket size and lightweight, you can carry along with you whenever you want to travel with it.
  • Quality – It is made to deliver nothing short of clean, square, cold and perfect cut every time you utilize it in cutting bike cables.
  • Affordable – This cutter is relatively less costly and hence it is pocket friendly.


  • Long lasting.
  • Compact design.
  • Easily portable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used in a variety of applications


  • Springed handles do not automatically open.

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6. SunyouBicycle Mountain Bike Inner Outer Brake Gear Wire Cable Spoke Cutter

SunyouBicycle Mountain Bike Inner Outer Brake Gear Wire Cable Spoke Cutter Repair Tool

If you are  looking for a perfect cable that can be used in cutting bike brake cables, then this is the perfect choice for you. SunyouBicycle Mountain Bike Inner Outer Brake Gear Wire Cable Spoke Cutter is made of red rubber handle and black steel jaws.What makes it unique from the rest is the  alternating hardened blades which have  sheer and full slash You don’t have to be concerned about the bike cutter’s incomplete and unflattened use. It is the perfect cutter to use anytime you want to patch your bike at home.

When you use the right tool, such as this cable and house cutter, you will find that it provides an accurate and proper cut. It is also flexible because it can cut various forms of wire.


  • Quality – With the ability to cut both the inner and outer bike cables, spoke and brake cables besides penetrating through the blocked inner cable, this repair too is the true definition of quality bike cable cutter.
  • Strong- Manufactured from stainless steel materials, there is no doubt that this cutter is likely to last long before it gets destroyed.
  • Affordable – If you are looking for a bike cable cutter that is budget friendly, this can be a great option for you. Its prices are fairly low and any one can manage its costs.


  • Less costly.
  • Works well on cables.
  • It is quite strong.
  • Small add-on that has a small poking piece, very useful for opening the housing after cutting.
  • The crimping feature works well.


  • Not sharp enough to cut through Jagwire housing very cleanly.

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7. Feedback Sports Bike Cable and Housing Cutter

Feedback Sports Bike Cable and Housing Cutter

Designed by a well renowned company  that has been in the industry for more or less than  60 years, there is no doubt that the designs they produce are nothing short of something that can make working on your bike fun and intuitive.Moreover, the designs are engineered with ergonomic holds that advance solace and control during the trickiest help arrangement. It is a unique device that is made to offer consistent usage by new mechanics or even the most prepared veteran.

What defines a cutter is its capability to produce clean and quality cuts. Feedback Sports Bike Cable and Housing Cutter handles these assignments with exactness and elegance.It is made with  confronted cutting jaws to cut even the strongest cables cutters. These cutter-crimpers are ideal for both novice and experienced mechanics.


  • Clean cuts – If you have been lately looking for the best bike cable housing cutter that can give you nothing but clean cuts, then this is the thing to go for. It creates perfect cable cuts preventing frayed and damaged ends.
  • Sharp and strong Jaws- In the event that you have given up with bike cable cutters just because they break too easily, then I invite you to try this one more time. This is unique because it is made of precision-faced cutting jaws that are not only sharp but sturdy enough to prevent cable and housing distortion.
  • Cold forged – This feature together with hardened CRV tool steel arms prevent flex making it easier to cut cables. Besides, this tool creates amazingly capped cables without the risk of damaging the ends.


  • It is cold-forged for easier cuts.
  • It creates perfect cable cuts.
  • It has sharp and strong cutting jaws.
  • Delivers clean cuts.
  • It can create capped cables.


  • It is a little bit expensive

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8. Feedback Sports Bike Cable and Housing Cutter

Cable Cutter, Heavy Duty Wire Rope Cutter for DIY Projects, Railing, Decking, Wire Seals & Bicycle...

If you are looking to repair  your vent mesh and you want the best bike cable cutter that can accomplish the assignment well, then this is the one for you. Besides its amazing quality, this tool is the best in slicing and grabbing. It is designed  to be strong enough to help you cut steel wires. For truck drivers, who want to unload sealed loads and need to cut the cable seals, it makes use of this cutter. It is an excellent cutter capable of helping you cut both soft and hard steel cable or wire rope.

When it comes to the grip, this cutter has the best grip ever enabling you to handle various tasks seamlessly. Unlike others which are quickly affected with rust, this cutter is specially designed with an electroplated handle solely to resist rusting. That way, you can be assured of  long use. Furthermore, it is designed for one-handed operation, which makes it more safe, durable and rustproof.


  • Durable- Unlike other cable cutters, this is the best cable cutter that is with an electroplated handle and strong PVC handles to make it excellently long lasting.
  • Perfect Grip- To enhance th of this tool, it is made with its handle coated with vinyl to make it nearly impossible to slip.
  • SAFETY LOCK DESIGN- The thumb catch is optimized for one-handed use, making it more secure, long-lasting, and rustproof.


  • It is more safe to use.
  • Labour saving.
  • An excellent tool for cutting stainless steel,
  • Offers extremely clean cuts.
  • Strong and durable.


  • Can work well for the lighter work but does not work on thicker ones.

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9. Vbestlife ycle Bike Cable Housing Cutter Tool

Vbestlife Bicycle Bike Cable Housing Cutter Tool Mountain Bike Brake Cable Housing Cutter Heavy Duty...

If you have been  searching for a cutter that is specifically engineered to cut steel wires of up to 5/32”? Then this is a great option to consider.  With Vbestlife Bike Cable Housing Cutter Tool , you can fix your bicycle, replace the cable and cable housing utilizing this noteworthy cutter. It is pragmatic and strong to utilize making the cut clean and precise.

Furthermore, this cutter is designed to be used for long as it is enhanced with great features such as anti-corrosion, Surface oxidation treatments and quantified steel. As a result, it is made strong and firm enough to withstand pressures that are capable of breaking it. If by any  chance you need a bike brake cable cutter that can work well in cutting bike brake cables, then this is a great choice for you.


  • Portable- Designed with an ergonomic plastic handle, small in size and lightweight, it is easier for you to carry along when you are cycling.
  • Durable – Besides cutting almost anything especially spoke wire, wire cap and other parts, it can last for longer than you expect.
  • Less costly – If you are looking to cut down your budget by getting a pocket friendly yet great tool, this is the one to go for.


  • They are made to be anti-corrosion.
  • Created with strong qualified steel to last for long.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • High strength and sharp blade


  • Specifically made to cut bike cables hence cannot be used to cut other cables.

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10. Gracefulvara Cycling Bicycle Brake Wire Puller Pliers Inter Outer Cable Cutter

No products found.

If you need a bike cable cutter to patch your bike cable or cable housing, this is the tool for you. While using this tool , you will raise  that your bike cable frays and smashes on the ends less often.Gracefulvara Cycling Bicycle Brake Wire Puller Pliers Inter Outer Cable Cutter is also flexible as it can be used to cut cable, ripcords, and remove grommets. Aside from its strength and toughness, it has a spring roll design for simple and precise cutting results.


  • Easy to use – Created with a handle that is coated with elastic materials, this tool has excellent grip that makes it easier and comfortable to use. Besides, it is enhanced with ergonomic, cushioned grip, thumb lock for comfort and ease of use.
  • Single hand use- Being simple to use, you can hold with one hand while holding the cable with the other hand.
  • Cheap- Having been fairly priced, you can comfortably manage to get one that is pocket-friendly yet amazing.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable grip design
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Made of top-quality material.
  • Lightweight.
  • Provides impressive cutting performance.


  • Not the best quality

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Buying Guide for best bike cable cutter

Type of Material

Material used to make a cable determines how strong that cable cutter is. When you have strong cable cutters, there is no doubt that repairing your mountain bikes or bicycles is a breeze.It is important to find a high-quality bike cable cutter that will last a long time. Most cable cutters you see in the market today are made of stainless steel material. Such are the ones to consider as they are quite strong and durable.


The right cable cutter for your bike is one with a high degree of sharpness. You don’t want to buy one that can’t do its job. Cutters are designed to cut rough and heavy wires; the only consideration is the sharpness of the instrument.To achieve clean and sheer cut results, then you better get a relatively sharp cable cutter.

Nature of Handle

How the handle is designed determines the amount of comfort you will derive from using the design. Therefore,the handle is another important consideration when purchasing bike cable cutters. Cable cutter handles are secure and offer a quick cutting experience. To provide a layer of support when cutting cables and cable housing, look for handles with cushioned and rubberized styles.

How do you cut cables on a bike cable?

It is safe and quick to cut your bike cable housing. You can do it from the convenience of your own home if you have the right tools and skills. Before doing some work on your bike, you should put on eye protection. Below are steps you can take to cut your bike cables with a cutter of your choice.

  • To begin, place the cable between the jaws of the table cutter.
  • When cutting the shifter housing, hold tight to the cutter’s jaws.
  • Keep the housing perpendicular to the jaws and grip the bike cable cutter and crimper hard and fast to ensure a smooth and accurate break.
  • Inspect the cut to ensure it was accurate, smooth, and clear.
  • Once you’re happy with the cut, attach the end cap and new cable to your bike.

What are cable cutters used for?

Cable cutters are widely used to cut wires made of copper, brass and steel. Some wire cutters have shielded handles to protect your hands from any potential harm.

Different Types of Cutters

Side Cutters

Side cutters work  by indenting the wire and wedging it apart. They have a  relatively smoother finish compared to  scissors or knives. Side cutters can not be used on tougher objects such as nails or screws because they can damage the tool.

Cable Cutters

In electrical applications, cable cutters are often used. To resist electrical shocks, they are typically shielded. It is important, however, not to mistake the plastic or rubber coating on the levers of a non-insulated cable cutter for electrical insulation.

Flush Cutters

These are cutters that have angled and narrow pincers, and the handles are raised away to allow enough room to carry them safely. Flush Cutter is mostly  used to cut ordinary, mild, and semi-hard metals.

End Cutters

End cutters, also referred to as nippers, have a nearly flat muzzle. This helps the knife to cut close to the material’s surface without cutting through it.

Diagonal Cutters

Diagonal cutters are intended for crimping or wedgeing cable apart to allow for precise cuts. They are typically used on soft copper or aluminum electrical conductors which have a diagonal slash.


How can I cut my bike cable without a cable cutter?

You should patch the bike cable if you don’t have cable cutters. To complete the task, all you need are a pair of lineman pliers or wire cutters. Place your bike cable within the plier’s cutting surfaces until you’ve obtained it. To get a clear cut, make a deliberate cut with a hammer.

Can bolt cutters cut steel cable?

No, it is design to only cut through  various types of metals, including:

Wires, Cables, Chain Link, Nails, Mesh, Padlocks, Bolts,Piping and Sheet metal

Are all bike cables the same?

No, they come in two different types; brake and shifter. From the outside they may look the same – but they are in fact very different.

Why are bike cables exposed?

This is because the less inner cable that’s inside a housing, the less resistance it will have.

How do you cut a mountain bike cable?

To start with , make sure  that the cable cutter can accommodate the thickness of the copper or aluminum cable. Then, open the cutter jaws and insert the cable between the jaws at the desired cutting point. Next, grip the handles and squeeze them together, allowing the jaw to easily break through the wire. Before cutting, make sure that no electricity is going through the cable.


Without the right cable cutter , dealing with fraying cables and aging cable housing can be a daunting task. In view of the best bike cable cutters we mention above, you have a large range of items to choose from if you want to buy one. There are inexpensive products available to you that can provide optimal cutting results.There are also optional features that we feel are equally relevant. Products with ergonomic handles, safety latches, and heat treated technologies are available. It is up to you to choose the ones that best fit your requirements and personal tastes.

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