Best ATV Mud Tires: The Only Guide You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered why the off-road riders love to ride ATVs? I’m going to teach you the secret of that.


Riding on ATV tyres in mud, rock, sand or gravel is a lot of fun. If you’re someone who enjoys messing around in dirt, then it’s time for you to invest in the right mud tires for yourself.

But why: 

ATV mud tires are self-cleaning and are made of extremely specialized rubber that lets the tire do what it’s supposed to do-get traction in mud, gravel or wherever possible.

When you’re looking for a tyre, it’s very important to choose the one specifically made for the surface that you mostly ride on. Other than that, you should try buying a tyre that is designed to withstand rugged surfaces, to withstand heat and to be solid enough not to be quickly punctured.

Due to the various choices that have entered the market today, some of which you’ve never heard of, finding the right ATV mud tire is a difficult challenge.

Luckily, this is the right spot for you, here we’ll take you through the top 10 ATV tires that cover their definition, benefits and disadvantages.

Let’s dive into the matter without further ado.

Our Favorite ATV Mud Tires

Best ATV Mud Tires Reviews:

1. Set of 4 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires

WANDA Set 4 ATV/UTV Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear /6PR Bighorn Style 10375/10376

If you’re someone who likes to travel county roads, you know how expensive it is to use regular tyres. If you need to save a lot of dollars, then WANDA ATV tires are the best ones for you. The performance of these tyres is nothing but outstanding. Created with a lot of grip, riding on dirt and mud is nothing but a breeze.


  1. Minimal punctures and abrasions-Made of high and solid nylon, it saves you a ton of tire maintenance costs as you can use these tires for several years without being punctured or harmed.
  2. Superior traction-In addition, if you start driving through the desert, these are the tires that let you traverse through gravel, sand and mud without being stuck easily.
  3. Durable – What’s more, deep tread design that is created with makes it last longer compared to other similar tires in the market. 


  • They have excellent traction in mud. 
  • Easy to mount.
  • Have soft and flexible sidewalls.
  • Incredibly smooth ride.
  • Relatively affordable. 


  • Threads begin to rip off after riding a few miles.
  • They sometimes burst on trails.

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2. ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25x8-12

If you’re looking for ATVs to be used mainly in snow plowing and mud riding during the winter seasons, these tires are nothing but amazing. Unlike other types of tires that are hard to climb uphill, ATV mud is built with the right traction to help you plough easier on your snow yard as well as driving easily in muddy places.


  • Remarkable handling and stability-made with thick treads and angled embraces, these tires will do a terrific job of clamping through mud without losing traction. This means that you can ride in the rainy season and never have to think about being stranded.
  • High Performance-In addition to outstanding traction, it is built with an imaginative design that makes it suitable for a wide variety of conditions. As a result, you will have a great feeling when running on mud in particular.
  • Long Life–  Imagine how much it would cost you to  replace normal tires every time they get damaged due to friction and wearing out. All you need to get rid of such problems is a long lasting tire.  ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire  is  made with extended-wear rubber components which makes it go for several years. 


  • It is both tube-based and tubeless.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • Has Remarkable traction.
  • It’s economical in terms of price.
  • Can be used in a wide variety of conditions or  environments.


  • They wear too fast. 

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3. Full set of ITP Mud Lite (6ply) 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 ATV Tires

ITP Mud Lite XL Mud Terrain ATV Tire 26x9-12

If you are looking for the lightest ATV tire on the market to help you plow in snow areas or harvest firewood in a terrain environment, this idea is for you. With amazing grip and outstanding performance, these tires are able to convey surprisingly smooth riding experience.


  1. Extremely smooth ride – Exceeding anyone’s expectations, this tires comes along with plenty of traction and incredible grip that makes it give you a smooth riding even in muddy places.What’s more, the quality of these tires is really great making it the most favorite tire for most people.
  2. Durable– Due to extended wear rubber that is created with, you will rarely get punctures, abrasions or tread peeling off. That is enough to say that the durability of these tires is quite satisfactory. Additionally, the deep tread makes it strong enough to withstand any king of pressure. 
  3. All-condition tires – Since it is made to be a 6-ply tire, it can be used in any kind of trail. This means that you can joyfully ride on snow, deep mud, and  dry dirt and never get worried of getting stuck whatsoever. 


  • They are the lightest contrasted with other types.
  • Works great in mud.
  • It has an awesome grip.
  • Gives you a fantastic ride.
  • No punctures and abrasions.
  • Excellent quality. 


  • It is poor on pavements. 
  • Some are defective hence extremely soft. 

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4. Full set of ITP Mud Lite (6ply) 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 ATV Tires

No products found.

It’s quite disappointing to have tires that get stuck like glue every time you ride on the ground, clay or sand. But, wait, there’s a solution to that. Created to provide you with more stability and excellent grip,Full set of ITP Mud Lite (6ply) 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 ATV Tires are the ideal ones to purchase. With these tires, you can easily go through places you would have never made it with normal tires. 


  • Great for muddy environments- Created with excellent grip, these tires are tough enough to get you to travel across the mud without being trapped for even a second. They’re pretty cool, and if you’re an off-road racer, winter doesn’t have to trouble you.
  • Affordable – If you’re looking for pocket-friendly and high-quality tyres, these are the tires you need. With respectable prices and good riding experience, there is no denying that these tires are worth your investment..
  • Durable – If you are tired of replacing tires every now and then, it is about time you consider these types of tires. With them you can use it for several years before you can replace them again.This is because it has a great strength that makes it last longer than you think.


  • Easy to mount. 
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Have an awesome grip on mud.
  • Last several years before replacement.


  • Sometimes treads peel off easily.
  • It is not great for desert. 

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5. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire - 23X8-11

If you are searching for tires that are 10 times better than original tires, these are the ones to go for. With shorter and wider front tires that are designed with, it is capable of giving you smoother and softer ride  in areas with mud, snow and sand.


  • Excellent ground friction – Created with angled knobs, it is capable of drilling into mud or terrain to provide optimum traction. In addition, it has center lugs that provide extra traction, so you can handle it better.
  • Long lasting – Created with a long-range tread component, it is obvious that there is a small risk of having a puncture or wearing out. 
  • Built-in rim guard – To ensure enhance the strength of  your wheels, rim guard protects wheels from dings or any other potential damage.
  • Stability – Besides great traction, Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tires gives you amazing stability while hugging walls or riding down terrain at speed.


  • It was made with very aggressive tread .
  • Excellent quality.
  • Fairly priced.
  • Great versatility.
  • It is self-cleaning. 
  • Resists mug clogging.


  • Performs poorly in mud.
  • Sometimes they leak air.

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6. Set of 4 SunF Power.I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires

Set of 4 SunF Power.I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear, 6 PR, Tubeless A033

If you are looking for top quality and fairly priced tires, then these tires give you the deal. Besides, you can easily mount them all by yourself without needing help from a mechanic. The traction it has enables you to plow your gravel driveway and ride over trail grounds around your house. HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES 

  • Smooth riding experience – For most people would want to ride in desert, rough and dirty areas, these tires give you a wonderful power to do just that. Built with a directional angled knobby tread, it can ride through most, if not all, terrain areas with such excellent stability.
  • Minimal punctures and abrasions -Since it is made of thick and deep treads, these tires can withstand tremendous pressure, making it almost impossible to be easily damaged.
  • Great traction control – With improved lug depth and pattern in addition to violent shoulder knobs, these tires have stunning ground friction that creates a solid grip when riding in slippery conditions such as sand or mud.


  • Relatively cheap.
  • Top quality tires.
  • They are easy to mount.
  • It has plenty of traction.
  • It has minimal abrasions.
  • It is durable. 


  • Some tires may come defective hence can easily get punctures. 

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7. Set of 4 New Premium WANDA ATV/UTV Tires

WANDA Set of 4 New Premium ATV/UTV Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear /6PR Super Lug Mud

Are you tired of going around the mud, and you really want to dive in there? WANDA ATV tires are the ones you need to do this. Keeping in mind that it has a decent grip, moving into the mud in the winter seasons is no longer anything to think about. In comparison, the traction of these tires makes running on muddy terrain an amazingly smooth experience. 


  • Self-cleaning tread – Created to be self-cleaning and with deep tread, these tires are able to offer superior ground friction when it comes to riding them on muddy areas. 
  • Durable- To encourage you to ride with them for a few years, they are designed to be extremely resistant to punctures and abrasions, saving you a lot of cash that you would otherwise have wasted on replacing damaged tires..
  • Affordable – Apart from being of quality and having a good riding experience, it is also reasonably priced to make them pocket-friendly types of tyres. 


  • Deep lugs for incredible traction.
  • Heavy tread and excellent tread pattern for smooth ride on mud.
  • They are self-cleaning.
  • Cheap hence you can manage the cost of it.
  • Great stability when riding uphill.
  • Amazing quality. 


  • They are too short.
  • They are not 6 ply.

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8. Set of 4 SunF Warrior ATV Tires

Set of 4 SunF Warrior AT Mud & Trail 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear ATV UTV Off-Road Tires, 6 PR,...

If you run an ATV rental company and would like to get better tires to help boost the experience of your clients, then these are the ones you should be looking for. With a relatively low price, you can easily get amazing ATV mud tires that convey smooth riding experience in any environment. These are certainly aggressive tires that you’d love to purchase.


  • High Performance -If you’re going to struggle with trail surfaces sometimes, then it’s a smart thing to have the right kind of tyre. Therefore, in such a situation, you need a tire with better stability and grip to get an excellent riding experience in both dusty and filthy conditions.
  • Excellent traction – The self-cleaning action gives these tires the potential to retain super grip on rocky terrain. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a smoother ride no matter how muddy the environment might be.
  • Highly durable – Do you want to stop the frustrations created by punctures while riding? These are the types of tires that are specially made of hard deep treads to provide high resistance to friction from objects that might attempt to pierce through them. 


  • Great tread for easy riding. 
  • Deep tread to make it last longer.
  • It is perfect for heavy duty.
  • It has excellent grip.
  • It is affordable.
  • Ideal for off-road riding.


  • Sometimes might come with holes in sidewalls.
  • They do not ride smoothly on mud. 

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9. Set of 4 Maxauto tires.

No products found.

If you’re looking for sturdy replacement tires, then Maxauto tires are the ideal ones to choose. Offering great value and being easy to mount, there is no doubt that certain types of tires are very rewarding apart from offering great value.

In addition to increased traction and reliability, you can handle the expense effectively since it is comparatively inexpensive.


  • Enhanced traction and versatility- Created with a widely spread tread shed, these types of tires are capable of giving you fantastic traction on mud in addition to strong control over different riding conditions. In comparison, a special pattern makes the riding experience safer and simpler.
  • Incredible Durability – Made with unique rubber formula, heat tolerance, anti-aging and wear resistance, these tires outperform most products when it comes to longevity. They reduce the risk of having punctures while riding along the way.
  • Great quality- To assure you of top quality, these tires are designed with extra features such as increased ground friction, decreased noise, high performance and special rubber formula to boost the performance of your vehicle, not to mention improved riding comfort.


  • Easy to mount.
  • Quality at right price.
  • Excellent traction.
  • Reduced noise.
  • Wear resistance capability.
  • It is heat  resistant.


  • Does not last for so long compared to other tires. 

No products found.

10. Full set of ITP Mud Lite (6ply) 25×8-12 and 25×11-10 ATV Tires

Full set of ITP Mud Lite (6ply) 25x8-12 and 25x11-10 ATV Tires (4)

If you are looking for the easiest tire to mount that gives you amazing performance and are affordable, then you should try these ones. Created for off-road riding, they are strong, durable, have good traction and offer great value.


  • Great performance – If you do a lot of plowing in your yard, then you probably need something powerful and up to the challenge. With excellent soil friction, particularly in muddy areas, you can certainly ride through water or mud without getting trapped. This makes you save a lot of time and enables you to do more.
  • Affordable -Everyone looks for something they can easily afford . So, if you are looking for tires that will exceed your expectation but are fairly priced, then these are the ones to go for.  
  • Great traction – Made with deep tread and self cleaning action, there is no doubt that these tires are ideal for off-road riding. It comes with great stability and ground friction to guarantee you a safe and smooth riding experience. 


  • Minimal abrasions and punctures.
  • Great performance in mud.
  • Affordable.
  • Amazing ground friction.
  • Perfect for off-road riding.
  • Easy to mount.


  • Sometimes you may buy faulty ones.
  • They wear extremely fast especially if used regularly. 

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The Value Of The Best ATV Mud Tires

The best ATV mud tires are perfect for a variety of surfaces – rough, muddy, sandy, dirt, concrete, and grassy terrains. They work perfectly especially in rural settings due to the low pressure in the tires and off-road capabilities. If you are into outdoor activities or you wish to go to a place where the terrain is inaccessible on standard tires, your best bet would be to invest in a good set of sturdy ATV mud tires.

Replacing ATV Mud Tires With New Ones

So, how can you tell when your ATV needs new tires? What signs should tell you that your tires need replacing? The first sign, of course, is that you will feel like your tires need a replacement. For instance, you might discern that the corner grip is loose – making you ATV slide whenever you are on a smooth surface.

However, the best way to tell that you need to invest in new tires will come from the routine maintenance checks you perform on your vehicle. If you, for instance, see rounded down knobs or if the tire rubber looks and feels cracked, discolored or dry, the time might have come for you to shop for new ATV mud tires.

Before every ride, ensure that you check the tire pressure because it will significantly affect how your vehicle handles. Low pressures tend to wear down mud tires fast.

The fading on old tires comes from too much direct sunlight. To this end, if your tires are used up, they will look old and weathered. When this happens, reach out for fresh-looking tires with a rich and dark color.

Last but not least, remember that the average shelf life of ATV mud tires is 4 to 5 years. In case your tires are older than this recommended shelf life, you should start shopping for replacements.

Finding The Right ATV Mud Tire

After you decide that your ATV needs new tires, there are some things you need to consider:

a) Size

Just because a tire is big does not necessarily mean that it will help you get over that muddy patch securely. In fact, smaller tires might work better.

Therefore, before you buy new tires, ensure that you follow the recommendations of the ATV’s manufacturer or opinions from experts. Heavy tires tend to overwhelm the small/weak engines on ATVs, affecting the torque and power in the process.

b) Ply Rating

The higher the ply rating, the longer you are likely to end up using the mud tires. The only disadvantage with a high ply rating is that your tires will be heavier, less comfortable to ride on, and less bouncy.

Low ply rated mud tires, on the other hand, provide comfortable rides. However, they are more prone to puncturing and damage when you ride on rough terrains.

c) Design

Mud tires for ATVs are designed to be smooth over fine surfaces and aggressive on muddy ground. In general, tires that look aggressive will work better at getting you out of rough situations than their smoother-looking counterparts.

d) Tread

The tread depth and design will determine the speed at which you can cut through mud. Deep threads, to this end, are more efficient. However, their efficiency comes at a cost because the noise levels are high (even on smoother surfaces and low speeds) while the comfort is low.

e) Durability

The best ATV mud tires don’t come cheap. You are going to have to sink your money to get high quality. As long as you make the right choice, you will get a long lasting brand that will serve your ATV riding needs for a while. To ensure you don’t err in this, always go for the right brand and size based on your understanding from an expert and consumer reviews.

Considerations Before Buying ATV Mud Tires

As mentioned above, ATV mud tires tend to be pricey. As such, you have to know what you are buying to ensure you don’t waste money on a product that won’t provide you with the quality, durable, and dependable service you deserve. Below are some factors to consider while shopping for the best ATV mud tires:

1) Traction

Also referred to as bite, dig, and grip, good traction will ensure that your tires can handle the power from the ATV motor while hauling loads, getting you out of a sticky situation, and negotiating rough terrain. Tires with a higher traction are also more fun to ride on.

As you review the different products available on the market, ensure you check the tread pattern on the tire. Use online reviews to know the best models for conditions such as mud, rock, dirt, and gravel.

2) Ride

The way your ATV mud tires rides will determine the amount of satisfaction you derive when you are out on the road. Where possible, look for tires that will increase your confidence in the ATV’s control and handling. The tires should also be able to adapt to different road conditions.

Keeping in mind that you won’t be using your vehicle to pull rocks or cross rivers, ensure that you invest in a set of tires that feel comfortable to ride on.

3) Durability

When used appropriately and duly maintained, ATV mud tires will take you through the glass, cliffs, peaks, rocks, briars, brambles, thorns, logs, twigs, and sticks. Consequently, you would be well advised to spend a little more to get a durable set of tires.

4) Price

ATV tires are specialty products. Unlike the tires on your truck or car, they are not designed for daily use. Therefore, you might want to learn how to balance between the total price you wish to pay and how you are going to use the tires.


  • Do I need to balance ATV tires ?

No, it is actually optional. Unless you are intending to ride at higher speeds, it is not necessary to balance tires for off-road or utility riding.

  • Are wider ATV tires better ?

Absolutely yes, Wider tires give vehicles overall stability. So, in the event that you are riding in a muddy environment, then wider tires help you get greater overall traction. 

  • Why are ATV tires so expensive? 

ATV tires are quite expensive because the materials and labour needed in their production is too costly as well. Additionally, ATV tires are very small and specialized.

  • How many years do ATV tires last ? 

Depending on several factors such as surface, rubber strength, tire style and age, ATV tires can last for 1-2 years if it is used more frequently and 5-10 years if it is hardly used.

  • What PSI should my ATV be ?

For ATV, the tire pressures recommended are anything between 4- 8 pounds per square inch. However, it is important to check the recommendations of the manufacturer. 


On the final note, if you’re looking for the best ATV mud tyres, the list above is a decent starting point for you. We’ve broken down the tides and parts of each commodity, outlining why it’s relevant and the disadvantages associated with it.

We are certain that each of the tires listed above has what it takes to be deserving of your investment. Apart from outstanding grip and superb riding experience, all the tires described above express the high quality you need. The decision to buy, however, is now at your discretion.

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