Best 4 Channel Motorcycle Amplifier for Sound Quality

Choosing the best 4 channel Amplifier for your motorbike can prove to be harder than you initially assumed. With such a wide variety of options in the marketplace, knowing the right amp to pick will require that you furnish yourself with every piece of information you can find before you start shopping.

In the guide below, you will find a well-informed take on the 4 channel amps for motorcycles. Read on to learn more:

Amplifiers come with many attractive advantages. For instance, if you need to raise the volume, the right amplifier will prove useful. You can also use the best 4 channel amp to improve bass and sound clarity.

In fact, adding an amplifier to your motorcycle is an excellent way to upgrade the sound system without having to change the receiver or the speakers. In fact, the amp will boost the sound from your speakers, making it easier for you to listen to music and other radio broadcasts.

Power amplifiers are essential devices for your quality music. With amplifiers, your home theatre systems will emit an exceptional sound that can make your environment more appealing and lively.

Just like any digital device, there are various models on the market. These items vary in different ways, and you may find it challenging to choose from the various options.

Here is a list of the top five amplifiers on the market if you are looking for the best power amplifier.

Top Picks : 5 Best 4 Channel Motorcycle Amplifier

5 Best 4 channel Motorcycle Amplifier Reviews:

1. Crunch PX1000.4 Power Amplifier

Crunch PX 1000.4 4 Channel 1000 Watt Amp A B Class Car Truck Motor Vehicle Stereo Power Amplifier,...

The Crunch PX1000.4 Power Amplifier is one of the best devices for your audio necessities. The model comes with a top-quality circuit and hardware design, enhancing the sound quality and minimizing distortion. With this amplifier, you don’t have to worry about getting substandard sound anymore; the device provides the ultrasound you deserve. This model comes with Quick Thermal Dispersion Technology, allowing it to deliver massive power without distortions.

Features and Benefits

Entry-level amplifier: The Crunch PX1000.4 is an excellent entry-level amplifier that can help you improve your music quality.

Class-A/B FullRange: The amplifier comes with Class A/B technology, making it produce high-quality sound.

Total power output: The transformer features 1000 watts, making it ideal for heavy-duty use.

Pulse Width Modulation: The Crunch PX1000.4 Power Amplifier comes with Pulse Width Modulation, regulating the voltage effectively.


  • The device makes the audio speakers sound good and great
  • Relatively cheap
  • A great starter for quality sound
  • Works well with any basic sub setup


  • The wiring kit can’t power up the amp effectively

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2. Taramp’s TS 400X4 2 Ohms 4 Channel 400 Watts Class D Full-Range Amplifier

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The Taramp’s TS 400X 4 amplifiers is a perfect device for the highest performance, especially in the automotive sound system. The amplifier comes with four channels and a maximum power of 400 watts RMS, which makes it an ideal sound enhancer. This model is “full range”, so it can perfectly play different frequencies for you. With thermal and short-circuit protection, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your devices.

Features and Benefits

Multi-channel: The Taramp’s TS 400X4 is a multi-channel amplifier, distributing sound over many speakers.

Maximum power: The transformer has 400 W RMS, which is why it can deliver adequate power to the load.

Input impedance: The Taramp’s TS 400X4 comes with 22K ohms, producing top-quality output signals.

Protection system: This transformer has a Thermal and Output Short system, protecting it from excess heat.


  • A multi-channel amplifier that power many speakers
  • Very powerful and work perfectly
  • Very clear sound
  • An inexpensive option


  • The amplifier doesn’t come with installation instructions

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3. Planet Audio PL2400.4 4 Channel Car Amplifier

Planet Audio PL2400.4 Pulse Series 4 Channel Class A/B Car Amplifier - 2400 High Output, 2-8 Ohm...

If you want to elevate your audio experience to an advanced level, then the Planet Audio PL2400.4 4 Channel Car Amplifier is your perfect choice. This model comes with 2400 Watts Max Power with a MOSFET power supply, producing sufficient power to drive the load effectively. With this brand, you can customize your sound to a low, high, or bass status. The amplifier is easy and convenient to operate, which is why you can turn it up through remote control. The device comes with blue illuminated end panel strips that can power up your music, leaving you with a lot of excitement.

Features and Benefits

Remote subwoofer control: The Planet Audio PL2400.4 4 Channel Car Amplifier can be operated through a remote subwoofer control, which is why you can adjust the device’s bass level conveniently.

The low and high-quality level inputs: The amplifier comes with a Variable Bass boost, allowing you to connect the speakers directly or through LOC to reduce the voltage

Full-range: The device features class A/B Topology and MOSFET power supply, allowing all frequencies to pass to all speakers.

1200 W MAX Bridged Power @ 4 Ohm x 2 Channels: The amp comes with MAX Bridged Power, which increases the power output to power the subwoofers and speakers.


  • Great sound quality without distortion
  • Easy to install
  • It is cost-effective


  • Sometimes, it overheats due to the absence of an external fan

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4. BOSS Audio Systems AR1600.4 4 Channel Car Amplifier

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The BOSS Audio Systems AR1600.4 is one of the high-performing amplifiers on the market. If you have been looking for a hi-tech amp, get this model and uplift your audio experience to a higher level. This amplifier features 1600 watts Max Power, which creates an adequate power supply to pump out your songs. With a Remote Subwoofer Control, you can vary the bass and enjoy music the way you want. The device features bridged channels, which maximizes power output to the speakers by connecting them to the amplifier’s channels.

Features and Benefits

Bridgeable: With the BOSS Audio Systems AR1600.4, you can easily enhance your speakers and subwoofers’ power output by connecting two channels.

Variable Bass Boost: The amplifier comes with a Variable Bass Boost, allowing you to regulate the magnitude of bass you want to pump to your subwoofers.

Full-range: The BOSS Audio Systems AR1600.4 is a full-range amplifier, allowing you to operate both your speakers and subwoofers.

Fixed-High Pass Crossover: This amplifier features Fixed-High Pass Crossover, allowing the speakers to produce sound on different frequencies.


  • Clear sound
  • Excellent power output
  • It is full-range, which is why can power up speakers and subwoofers


  • Gets hot quickly and goes into protective mode

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5. BOSS Audio Systems AR1600.4 4 Channel Car Amplifier

Hifonics BRUTUS BG-1600.4 1600 Watt Four Channel Amplifier

If you are looking for a powerful amplifier that can enhance your car’s audio quality, don’t hesitate to go for Hifonics BG-1600.4 Brutus Gamma BG Series. This model features 1600 watts, making it a perfect match for your music needs. The amplifier uses Super A/B Technology, which results in reduced distortion and efficient current. The brand comes with advanced Fi Mosfet technology, allowing it to produce adequate output and quality music.

Features and Benefits

Full-range: With Hifonics BG-1600.4 Brutus Gamma BG Series, you have the option to run both subwoofers and speakers.

High & Low-Level Inputs: The High & Low-Level Inputs allow effective transmission of a signal from the receiver to speakers via an amplifier.

Variable Bass Boost: With this amplifier, you can determine the amount of bass you want to transmit to your subwoofers.

Super A/B Technology: Unlike other brands, the amplifier’s A/B technology allows it to reduce distortion and heat.


  • A great amplifier at a fair price
  • Can be controlled through a remote
  • Easy to install


  • Sometimes, it makes an unpleasant noise

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How to Tune a Monoblock Amp

An amp plays a crucial role in amplifying the sound produced to be audible to a large audience. Amplifiers can be used by everyone, from musicians to students, DJs, and any other person. Before you think of using this device, you must learn how to tune it.

Note that an amplifier resembles a speaker. For instance, it has features like knobs and switches, allowing adjustment for enhanced sound quality.

If you have never tuned this device, don’t worry; you will get in-depth details on how to tune it in this article.

What is a monoblock amplifier?

A monoblock amplifier is an amp that looks like a block, and it is commonly utilized in cars. If you want to enjoy quality music while driving your car, you need to understand how to tune this amp.

Here is the way to tune a monoblock speaker

  • To start with, separate the speakers from an amp and ensure that your unit settings, like bass boosts, are at their least levels.
  • Adjust the unit volume to 75% of full volume. This will consider sensible addition overlap with moderate cut-out at full volume.
  • Let the AC voltmeter be connected to the speaker yield of the amp. Try to gauge the voltage at the suitable connectors (+ and -).
  • Increment the input sensitivity control until the ideal voltage is achieved. If various subwoofer amps are being utilized, set everyone to a similar definite voltage level coordinated with them.
  • After changing every amplifier to its most outstanding unclipped yield level, cut back the volume and switch it off. Again, connect every one of the speakers, switch the unit on, and change the level harmony for the satellite amps and subwoofers. This is refined by tuning in to the framework at a neutral level and reducing the input sensitivity controls of amps playing too noisily. Try not to enhance the input sensitivity of any amp as this will invalidate this method’s point by allowing unreasonable clipping.

If your subwoofers are regularly mounted, keep the phase at zero degrees. Otherwise, change the phase at a hundred and eighty degrees to achieve excellent performance.

Continuously make sure to keep the volume at a moderate level during tuning, not very boisterous for comfort, yet not so low that you experience difficulty hearing. This way, your amplifier will be perfectly tuned.

Different Types Of 4 Channel Amps

Most of the best 4 channel amps available in the marketplace have one feature in common: they output 4 channels. As such, the difference in these amplifiers is hard to discern. Still, these differences include:


Several brands produce 4 channel amplifiers for motorcycles. However, the better-known brands have made a name for themselves from the top power you can expect from their products. To get your hands on these, you would have to pay a little bit more – although the extra cost is worth every penny.


Most of the best 4 channel amps you will come across are so small that they should fit perfectly on your motorbike. However, a couple of brands produce relatively large amps. As such, you might want to check that the option you have your eyes on will fit perfectly on your motorcycle.


The watts your amplifier produces will determine the volume you will get. To this end, you need to consider the wattage of the speakers on your bike, as well as the subwoofer, so that you can choose the right amp.

Benefits Of Getting An Amp

Here are some of the advantages you stand to gain when you buy the best 4 channel amp:

1. Enhanced Sound Quality

Adding an amplifier to your motorcycle means that you will get to enjoy crisp, clean sound at every volume level. In fact, your external amp will take the clear pre-amp signals from your bike’s stereo and amplify it to the right RMS levels your speakers need without distorting the signal.

2. Power Aftermarket Speakers

If you choose to upgrade the factory system that your bike came with, one option would be to invest in high-quality speakers. However, this decision might disappoint you especially when you discover that the new speakers haven’t done much to change the quality of the signal from your stereo.

The best solution, therefore, would be to buy the right 4 channel amp. By so doing, you will get the right RMS – which will perfect the sound quality even after you’ve decided to raise the volume.

3. Amplified Subwoofer

Even if you buy a small subwoofer, you still need to get the best 4 channel amp if the factory stereo that is attached to your bike is to sound any good. The most potent of these amplifiers will produce better sound especially if you choose to bridge them to power the subwoofer.

Choosing The Right 4 Channel Amplifier

Instead of riding around with your bike in the factory setting, why not raise the volume by adding the best 4 channel amp? Now that you know more about amplifiers, you should learn how to pick the right one. Consider the following

a) Pricing

While shopping for the other audio components for your bike, you should think about the price. Of course, you certainly don’t want to invest a lot on a 4 channel amp for speakers that are only going to give out horrifying sounds.

Needless to say, you might also think about going for something that is a bit on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of pricing as you shop for the best 4 channel amp. In fact, this is one of those add-ons where the price is directly related to the quality of output.

However, we would advise that you balance quality with the price you are willing to pay. Otherwise, there’s no point wasting your money on a product you apparently can’t afford.

b) Peak Power

Peak power, where the best 4 channel amp is concerned, refers to the maximum power output that you can run on an amplifier. For instance, if the amp you wish to buy comes with a peak power of 400 watts, you shouldn’t hook components with a total of 600 watts to it – you will only damage the system.

Our advice: buy a 4 channel amplifier that comes with enough fuel to power all your components.

c) Warranty

Like with any other electronic device, even the best 4 channel amp is bound to fail at one point or the other. However, you certainly don’t want to buy an amplifier only for it to stop working after a couple of days or weeks.

To protect yourself from this eventuality, only buy 4 channel amps that come with a warranty from the manufacturer. Lucky for you, most of the best 4 channel amps – certainly all of the ones we’ve added to this guide – carry manufacturer’s warranty.

d) Size

As we mentioned above, you should not buy an amplifier until you are sure that it won’t take up too much space on your motorbike. While shopping for a 4 channel amp, therefore, check the size to make sure that it is the right fit for your bike.


Does a 4 channel amp make a difference?

A 4 channel amp can make a difference. It connects to more speakers and subwoofers than a 2 channel amp.

How many speakers can a 4 channel amp power?

Many external amps can power at least one speaker per channel. A 4 channel amplifier can power up to 8 speakers.

What can a 4 channel amp run?

A 4 channel amp is an excellent device with a lot of flexibility. Nonetheless, it is intended for use with 4 speakers or 2 speakers and a sub.

Can I run 6 speakers off a 4 channel amp?

If you connect more speakers with an amp than the recommended capacity, it increases the load. An increase in load makes your amp heat a lot, which is risky to it. However, you can connect 6 speakers to 4 channel amp either in series or parallel.

Can you run tweeters off an amp?

It is not possible to use tweeters on an amp or a subwoofer output channel using a low-pass crossover, but you can use them with new amplifier outputs that are full-range.

Final Verdict

Overall, finding the best 4 channel amp should not be hard – especially now that we have supplied you with our top 5 recommendations. Irrespective of the choice you make from the suggestions above, you can be sure that you will get the quality output you are looking for.

Our best bet, however, would be the Kenwood KAC-M3004 Compact 4 Channel Digital Amplifier. Durable, stable, reliable, and complete with manufacturer’s warranty, this product comes from an established brand in the sound market. Therefore, you can never go wrong with it.

If you liked this guide, please share it with your friends. You can also leave a comment below with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions and we’ll get right back to you shortly.

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