About Me

Hi there, thank you for visiting my site!

My name is Peter Hanson. As any motorcycle enthusiast, I love owning, riding and traveling by motorcycle. I built and developed letsridemotorbike.com to connect to the other bikers. I want to share things that I have experienced with motorcycles and hope my contribution for the fellow biker friends and travel lovers will be helpful.

I have made it a habit that whenever there is good weather outdoors, I normally go for a ride on my motorcycle. I love doing this, as it is a way of me getting in touch with my bike as I think of what next to write for my readers.

I understand that most readers would want more content to read each time they visit the blog. For this reason, I always make time to ensure that I come up with high-quality content for my blog.

As much as content is needed on a regular basis, I take the time to research the topic before covering it. I do not just offer a topic without knowing its basis. This ensures that the readers get accurate information at all times.