How to Clean Brake Pads

clean brake pads

The brakes are what stop bikes by pressing two metal surfaces together hard enough so that the bike slows down or stops. Even if the brake pads are not yet worn out, your brakes may not be working properly if they are dirty. In order to maintain brake pads properly, we need to know how … Read more

25 Best Car Battery Reviews: Buying Guide

best car battery brand

There is no sad feeling like getting stranded with a dead car battery in unfamiliar places or amid the middle of winter.  It’s a sad experience that you wish not to encounter but unfortunately, it can happen anytime. Even the best vehicle batteries eventually die leaving you with one option only – getting a replacement. … Read more

Best Hour Meter For Dirt Bike

motorcycle hour meter

An hour meter is a device that monitors the running time of an engine. Additionally, this meter can trace the engine RPM. Regular monitoring of your engine’s working hours can help determine when to maintain or service it. This way, you will make your machine long-lasting. There are many hour meters on the market, and … Read more

Bike Frame Size vs. Wheel Size

bike frame size and wheel size

When it comes to buying a bicycle, matters such as whether or not it’s built for the road or off-road excursions, so to speak, typically represent the first choice a buyer has to make. The quality of the build, the make of tires, as well as secondary equipment, would then follow as important questions that … Read more

Folding Vs Wire Bead

folding vs wire bead

If you are a BMX biker, choosing the bike tire appropriate for your daily needs can be tricky. But in this article, we will make the decision easy for you by providing ample information about folding bead tires and wire bead tires, comparing them based on different factors and techniques of installing a wire bead … Read more

Best Bicycle Helmet Mirror

helmet side mirror

To see the surrounding situations, we need the best bicycle helmet mirror, especially on our bicycles. It acts as a side mirror or blind spot by which you can see what is behind you. So ultimately, the helmet mirrors play a significant role in ensuring your safety. Also, you can have a broader range of … Read more

How to Lube Motorcycle Chain

wd40 motorcycle chain lube

Lubricating your motorcycle chain will increase the working life of the sprockets and drive chain of your motorcycle. Dirty motorcycle chains and sprockets reduce the ability of your engine to transfer drive power to the rear wheel efficiently, which will drain the strength you like so much. However, cleaning and lubricating your motorcycle is not … Read more

Best Airsoft Helmet

airsoft full helmet

Airsoft is one of the outdoor tactical games in the world. There are some injuries and accidents that might happen while playing this adventurous game. Therefore, it is essential to put your safety first while gaming. An airsoft helmet is one of the protective gears to wear when participating in this tactical game. It helps … Read more

10 Best Bike Cable Cutters

bike cable cutter and crimper

When it comes to replacing your bike cables, cable cutters are one of the first items you’ll go for. Changing bike cables is, of course, a straightforward procedure. However, this is only true if you have high-quality cable cutters. Replacing your bike cable may be a snap if you use the appropriate and powerful way. … Read more