Buying Guide For The Best Motorcycle Tires On The Market


The best motorcycle tires are what you need for the best performance and handling of the bike. Check out more information about the tires in the article.


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About The Motorcycle Tires


The motorcycle tires play an important role in keeping you alive while riding the bike. If you do not have tires that promote handling, the chances are that you might fall off the bike easily.

You simply need to make sure it is the best motorcycle tires that are on the bike. Not all the best tires would be expensive; it is amazing how you can end up with the best tires at a fraction of the expected price.

This buying guide should get you learning more about the motorcycle tires so that you have an easy time making the decision.

Types Of Motorcycle Tires

There are some common types of motorcycle tires you can get on the market today.

  • Cruiser – those who own the cruiser bikes understand the importance of having a durable tire that can last long trips. Such tires will get you to where you want to be.
  • Sport – the sport tires are great for cornering and handling the high speeds while on the track with sports bikes. They will also tend to wear out faster.
  • Dual sport – these tires will have a knobby tread common for the off-road tires, but still wider. This makes them great for multiple applications.
  • Racing – the racing tires are also called slick and are always made to be great for high performance. These tires will not blister even under high heat.

How To Take Care Of Motorcycle Tires

The only way the best motorcycle tires are going to stay for long depends on the maintenance you give it. Here are a few tips that you get you keeping the tires in pristine condition.

  • Check for any damage to the tire. It can be punctured or any signs of extensive wear of the rubber. Wash the tire and check again to see if the problem is still there. The brake and road dust often results in pitting of the tires, so cleaning it should be done more often.
  • When it comes to cleaning, you have to clean the tires all round. Use the mild detergents, as the harsh washes would come with chemicals that might easily corrode with the frame and wheel.
  • Check the air pressure more often so that it is within the right range as recommended by the tire manufacturer. You do not want to over inflate the tires as it leads to faster wearing that you were not expecting.

Below is a video on how to clean white wall tires on a motorcycle

Top 5 Product Reviews

1. Michelin Commander II Reinforced Motorcycle Tire Cruiser Front 130/90-16


Coming from a company such as Michelin, there is no doubt that this model deserves to be on the list. This tire was developed and designed to meet the riding standards of many bikers. Most tests that were carried out showed an impressive performance of the tire.

The front commander tire size is tailored in a way that delivers unique handling characteristics for each bike out there. All this is thanks to the profiling and casing design made to the tires. The additional use of carcass ply is important for promoting a compliant ride and stable handling too.

The tire is designed to be able to control the centrifugal growth by allowing the tire to have a large contact patch. The results are that you get excellent traction and even wear for the life of the tire.

The all-new rubber compounds are important for handling well in the wet conditions as compared to other models. The new rubber compounds do not also comprise the durability of the tire.


  • It comes with unrivaled tire life
  • It offers even wear
  • ​It offers a great wet condition grip
  • The tire promotes better handling and stability


  • It tends to get dry-rotted easily

2. Kenda Cruiser K671 Motorcycle Street Tire - 130/90H-16


It is easy to spot a bike having the Kenda Cruiser K671 tire nowadays. The reason is that you get a tire that performs great and still an affordable option from the big tire companies. The tire has been attributed to helping the rider end up with a smooth ride and still an easier handling capability.

Well, the bike will not just perform well, but also will be looking great with the amazing Kenda profiles. The use of the 6-ply construction makes it great for the cruisers, touring and the sports bikes too. The tire comes as tubeless so that it is easy to install as compared to other tires on the market.

The stiff sidewall is important to help get a better performance and handling that the bike needs the most. No one would want to be on an unstable bike. It is always a recipe for disaster if the bike does not handle properly.


  • It is DOT approved for safety
  • Its construction makes it great for various bikes
  • It is great for water dispersion
  • The stiff sidewall provides better handling and performance


  • It needs more weight to balance it

3. Shinko SR734R Rear Cruiser Tire - 170/80-15 77H/Blackwall


The next time you need a great rear tire for your cruiser, you might want to opt for this model. It is quite affordable as compared to some other models in its category. Since it is DOT approved, it should be something that pushes you to think about buying it even more. It means that it has passed the strict DOT requirements.

Installing the tire onto your cruiser should not take long thanks to the tubeless design. It is with the tube that sometimes you can get worried that the tire would take long for installation. Once it is installed, you will definitely feel that it was worth it thanks to its looks. It makes the bike easily stand out.

The model is 4-ply rated, meaning that you get more mileage, performance and traction with the tire. The next time you are riding the cruiser with this at the back, you will actually feel it is all worth it.


  • It makes the ride feel comfortable
  • It offers good handling
  • It is great for all weather traction


  • The wear is noticeable after a short time

4. Shinko 009 Raven Radial Tire 120/70ZR17 Front 87-4041


This brand has been getting popular with each day that passes thanks to the type of tires it has been producing. This one does not disappoint either. You should be happy with the type of tire you would be getting at a fraction the price you would pay for the high-end models.

Being an affordable model does not mean that it will not deliver on your need. The tire has been designed to deliver on the long life demand that most people need for their motorcycle tires. The high performance means that you end up feeling safe each time you are on the motorcycle.

It is amazing that at such an affordable price, you will get a tire that offers superior riding comfort all the time. The tread compound on the tire is designed to offer the best grip there is for both the dry and wet roads. You can now get out at any time and still enjoy riding the bike with ease.


  • It is an affordable model
  • It offers great all-weather traction
  • It offers high tread life


  • It tends to cup badly after a while

5. Kenda Kruz K673 Motorcycle Street Rear Tire - 170/80H-15


The Kendabrand has been making the tires for over 50 years now and still has held their reputation high with each tire they release. It is the same thing that happens when you get to use this model. It is often rated as the best tire for your cruiser so that it feels great and comfortable on your next trip.

Being DOT approved boosts the confidence for anyone who was not sure whether to choose the model or not. You can always opt for the model as it gives you the best performance even at the high speeds. The bike will remain stable even when the speeds are high.

The tread design you get on this model is new and so far has proven to be all worth it.The deep wide grooves of the tread make the wheels to be great for all weather cruising. The new rubber compound is great for keeping the bike in a straight line and also for easy cornering.


  • The deep grooves make the tire great for all weather cruising
  • It offers great straight line performance
  • It is to corner with this tire


  • It can be abit slippery for the first 100 miles

Our Winner

As you can see, all the tires would have their strengths and a few weaknesses. The Michelin Commander II Reinforced Motorcycle Tire Cruiser Front 130/90-16 seems to stand out from the rest for being the best. If compared to the other models, it is easy to note that it can handle better in various weather conditions.

With the high mileage tag, there is no doubt that more people would feel that their money is well spent whenever choosing this model. The only downside is that the tire is expensive, so brace yourself to spend a lot more.

​You still have to keep in mind about the size of the tire and the wheel of your bike. It can be quite worse when you end up with a small or large tire that does not fit on the bike. Take the exact measurements of the wheel to know which size type of tire have to be installed.

Just like that, you now know what to look for in the best motorcycle tires today. From this buying guide, you can now have an easier time making up your mind about which more to choose.

If you liked this article, and would like to know more about other products, please leave us your feedback in the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy!

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