The Best Motorcycle Pants Of 2017 Every Rider Should Get


Making a choice from the best motorcycle pants will not only provide you with comfort and safety, it will also protect you from any potential dangers that might be actualized when you are on the road. The right pair of riding pants, to this end, is not only a must-get, it is something every practical rider should consider.


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Choosing The Best Motorcycle Pants


While choosing your motorcycle pants, you should improve your understanding of the different types of pants out there, as well as the things to look out for while shopping for a good pair of durable, comfortable, and protective pants. Read on to learn more:

Understanding The Different Types Of Biker Pants

Not every biker uses his machines in the same way. Whereas some riders prefer gliding casually over the freeway, others are more professional in the driving - think Grand Prix and racing. Similarly, some bikers are into extreme sports, meaning that they need pants that are different from what a casual biker would get. That said, following below are the main types of bike pants:

1. Casual Motorcycle Pants

Casual motorcycle pants are designed for simple cruising at modest speeds. As such, the designs focus more on providing comfort than on adding an extra layer of protection. While looking for casual biker pants, ensure that you get something that is decently durable but which will make you look good and feel comfortable.

The durability means that the pants won’t fall prey to wear and tear easily. Similarly, the material won’t be too sturdy as to lower your overall comfort. Most simple models are typically fashionable and come with such simple features as zippers and regular pockets.

2. Touring Motorcycle Pants

The best motorcycle pants for touring are designed for durability. This means that the material is usually of a better quality. Similarly, they come with tons of handy features, such as armor pads, fasteners, straps, and cargo pockets.

Compared to armored pants and casual commuting pants, touring bike pants are in the middle ground and provide the benefits of both categories. Although they are armored, they are not quite as protect as proper armored pants. However, they do offer more freedom in terms of leg movement, and have a comfortable fit.

3. Dirt Bike Motorcycle Pants

Dirt bike pants, on the other hand, provide a good set of features and a unique feel. For added protection, most of them are thoroughly padded and made of materials that are comfortable, sturdy, and easy-to-wash. In most cases, dirt bike pants are designed with tribal logos and patterns.

Their main advantage, however, lies in their comfort. This is because dirt bike racing is pretty extreme. It also involved complex acrobatic stunts and high speeds, meaning that riders need absolute freedom of leg movement.

Overall, dirt bike pants rank among the best motorcycle pants. This also means that they tend to be pretty pricey.

4. Armored Motorcycle Pants

This variety offers superior durability and protection. The manufacturers design them such that they will shield the biker from impact without taking any significant damage or tearing up. Most armored bike pants are also attractive because of their creative armor compartments.

Considerations To Make While Shopping For Motorcycle Pants


Seeing as how you will probably be spending a pretty penny on your motorcycle pants, you need to keep the following contributing factors in mind while shopping:

a) Riding Style

Understanding your riding style will enable you to choose the best motorcycle pants. Therefore, you should think about whether you are a hardcore motocross rider, you prefer casual rides to work and back, or if you like riding superbikes.

b) Climate

The climate where you work and live will also determine the motorcycle pants you will buy. Most of these pants come with such added features as tough yet breathable fabric and venting to regulate the temperature during cold and hot rides.

c) Liners

Where possible, buy pants that come with detachable insulated lining. This way, you will be able to adjust the lining in different conditions. For instance, if you are an adventure biker, you are going to face a wide variety of locales and seasons. As such, you need pants that are made of breathable and waterproof textiles (such as Gore-Tex). With these kinds of pants, you will always be dry in humid and wet conditions or from your sweaty activity.

d) Heat Protection

Touring and adventure bikes without fairings are likely to expose your legs from the heat emanating from the exposed exhausts and engines. To protect yourself, get motorcycle pants that have heat-resistant panels in each inseam. The panels should also be built using thick leather of a high quality.

If you are a dual sport rider, these heat protections will grip your hot bike to the knees whenever you go off the road.

e) Style

Think about whether you need dedicated riding pants, rider pants you can wear over your regular pants/shorts, or casual biking pants with protective padding.

f) Padding And Armor

The best motorcycle pants will have armor inserts around the hip and knee areas. These fibers or inserts are designed to protect the hip and knee areas - which are more prone to getting hurt during accidents.Therefore, you might want to buy pants that come with C.E.-rated dense foam pads for the greatest protect and flexibility.

The Best Motorcycle Pants

The suggestions below rank among the most popular motorcycle pants today. If you are looking for practicality, comfort, and affordability come rain or sunshine, therefore, these are the best motorcycle pants for 2017:

1. ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans Men's Reinforced Motorcycle Pants (Wash, Size 34)


The ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans Men's Reinforced Motorcycle Pants come with the following benefits:


  • They are fashionable and durable
  • Although they are made of jeans, they have features that are specifically designed for motorcycling
  • ​They feature the traditional 5 pocket design
  • ​They boast the patented Cordura 373 GSM exterior that is resistant to abrasion
  • For excellent resistant to tears, these pants come with Kevlar lining running from the knee to the waist
  • ​The hip and knee armor pockets also fit optional armor
  • The reflective material embedded into the inner cuff increases nighttime visibility
  • ​The pants come with mesh lining for additional airflow and comfort
  • The denim material is thick and robustThe right pair will fit excellently on the rider’s frame

However, like with the best of products in the motorcycle industry, there are some cons to these pants. These include:


  • The fact that they are made from denim means that the ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans Men's Reinforced Motorcycle Pants will still deliver less protection in comparison to other textile and leather options
  • These pants are not designed for riding in wet conditions
  • They are a bit pricey, although this is made up for in the high-quality feel and good looks

2. Xelement 860 Classic Mens Black Loose Fit Leather Pants - 38


The Xelement 860 Classic Mens Black Loose Fit Leather Pants have made it to the list of the best motorcycle pants because of the following:


  • They are both perfect for wearing casually and for riding a motorcycle
  • Their one-piece straight-cut front panel is hard to find in any other motorcycle pant brand
  • ​The cowhide leather they are made from is soft and of a high grade
  • ​The pants are lined fully up to the kneeThey feature the proprietary YKK Zipper Fly Closure
  • The pants are a great fit, especially if you get the right size for your body

Some of the complaints raised by some buyers about this pair of biking pants include:


  • The buttons on the Xelement 860 Classic Mens Black Loose Fit Leather Pants are not the best; some buyers have had to replace the snaps
  • Other buyers have complained about the stitching, including loose threads around the leg area

3. Viking Cycle Saxon Motorcycle Pants for Men (Small)


Some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you get the Viking Cycle Saxon Motorcycle Pants for Men include:


  • The non-aggressive look makes them ideal for every type of bike
  • The zippers are of a good quality
  • ​They feature zip-out liners, meaning that you will be kept warm even in the coldest of months
  • ​They have 2 large pockets in front, which you can easily access even while riding
  • They come with reflective panels on the front, back, and sides for added visibility in the dark and at night
  • ​These motorcycle pants have a waterproof layer to keep the rider dry
  • ​The pants are also 100% water proof and heat sealed
  • The waist is adjustable such that you can wear them over your regular pants
  • ​They have elasticized panels at the knees and back to provide the ease and comfort needed on the road
  • ​They are equipped with approved protective features at the hips and knees
  • At the bottom of the pants you’ll find adjustable Velcro straps and zips for a snug fit over your riding boots
  • ​The ergonomic design and 4-way stretch panels around the groin area allow for free movement
  • They are great for anyone who might be looking for protection at high speeds and in strong winds


  • However, the liner is not as thick as some buyers would have preferred
  • The cuffs are made of synthetic material
  • Some shoppers have complained that the pants feature Velcro instead of button clasps

4. BMW Genuine Pants Summer 3 In Sahara - Size XXXL 3XL Large


With the BMW Genuine Pants Summer 3 in Sahara motorcycle pants, you will get to enjoy the following benefits:


  • These motorcycle pants are functional, especially in summer
  • They feature abrasion-resistant material made from cotton
  • ​They are double-layered at the posterior and knees for additional protection
  • The pants are of a high quality, meaning that they can handle tons of abuse while on the trail


  • However, the BMW Genuine Pants Summer 3 in Sahara bike pants are pretty pricey, although this is not such a major problem for riders looking for quality, durability, and comfort

5. Klim 3142-002-234-000 Dakar Pant Tall 34 Black



  • The Klim 3142-002-234-000 Dakar Pants feature a water resistant coating that deflects mud and water
  • They come with engineered flex-zone stretch material for the seat, above the knees, the groin, and the upper side of the hips
  • They boast high, thick, and durable leather (which also resists melting and abrasion) on the legs


  • These pants don’t have front pocket
  • Although there are knee and hip pockets, the rider needs to buy the pads separately
  • ​They are not 100% water proof
  • Some consider the Klim 3142-002-234-000 Dakar Pant a bit pricey

Our Winner

From the above, the Viking Cycle Saxon Motorcycle Pants for Men is the best. The sheer number of added features, the excellent looks, the high quality of the pants, and their general durability all work hand in hand to deliver a great product for any rider on any bike.

Over and above everything else, however, the best motorcycle pants depend on the rider’s specific needs, their budgetary requirements, and what they are looking for. Although the Viking Cycle Saxon Motorcycle Pants for Men seem to be best, all of the above are pretty excellent in their own unique ways. The motorcycle pants you end up getting, therefore, should be your go to pair over the long haul.

If you liked this article, and would like to know more about other products, please leave us your feedback in the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy!

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