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Ultimate Guide To The Best 3/4 Helmet


Also referred to as open face helmets, 3/4 helmets are designed to protect the head while you are out riding. More particularly, the best 3/4 helmet will protect 3/4 of your head, including the head area, eyes, neck, and ears. As such, it works better than half helmets.

New advances in technology have ensured that the best 3/4 helmet now comes with modular configurations meaning that they feel like a full face helmet. That said, these types of helmets are beneficial because they will ensure that your field of view is clear, enabling you to enjoy excellent peripheral views.

Further, the construction means that you will enjoy the feeling of the wind on your face when you are out on the road. Some designs also come with face shields, which you can add or remove depending on what you require.

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The Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands On The Market You Should Know


Over the years, motorcycle helmets have been evolving almost as much as the motorbikes themselves. Although they initially used to be created using simple canvas domes and shellac, current helmets are safer, more comfortable, and greatly connected.

If you are looking for the best motorcycle helmet brands, however, you need to know what you should buy. Following below are some of the greatest options available in the marketplace:

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Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmets: Which One Is The Best?


Nothing beats the feeling of getting into your bike on an open road and leaving the world behind in a rush. Sadly, I have noticed that many riders want to experience the exhilarating thrill without a helmet.

Often, this puts the rider’s life in danger, because the results would be tragic if anything were to happen. As a motorcycle enthusiast, it breaks my heart as I have lost a friend through this recklessness. I opted to let you in on different types of motorcycle helmets available to ensure you not only have fun, but you are also safe on the road.

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Get To Be A Safe Motorcycle Rider With The Best Modular Helmet


If you are looking for the best modular helmet, then you are in good company. With so many brands out there, finding the perfect one can prove to be something of a headache.

That said, this guide will help you understand everything there is to know about modular helmets. Use it as you shop to ensure you make the right buying decision.

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A Guide To The Best Motocross Helmet Reviews For 2017


Although motocross sporting is a great adventure, you still need to take extra care to ensure that you are safe and sound while racing. To this end, you should invest in the best motocross helmet and wear it every time you go out on your motocross bike.

Use the guide below to help you uncover the best motocross helmet for your particular riding requirements.

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