The Best And Most Popular Japan Motorcycle Brands


For the past hundred odd years or thereabouts, motorcycles have played a crucial part in transportation. The sounds of the throttling engines, the shine of the bodies, as well as the grace and elegance of the machines have inspired many companies to start creating unique brands. Among these, the best Japan motorcycle brands have made a mark on the global stage.

From control and balance down to sound and aesthetics, these brands have added to the choice now available to motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. With high-end varieties as well as affordable bikes, now there's something for everyone to choose from.


Most of the best Japan motorcycle brands are reputed for reliability, build, and - above all else affordability. Unlike their counterparts from America and Italy, they are designed to target the broadest segment of the population: anyone in need of a bike with a small budget to work with.

The Best Japan Motorcycle Brands

From sports bikes and sports tourers to cruisers and more, here are the highest rated motorcycle brands from Japan:

1. Yamaha


Yamaha MT01 1700cc

Easy handling, ride quality, and excellent performance are the hallmarks of Yamaha motorbikes. The company has been successful enough to allow it to rank among the best Japan motorcycle brands. Further, it even exceeds its counterparts in terms of sales.

Starting out in 1955, Yamaha is currently headquartered in Shizuoka. The company, however, does more than manufacture motorcycles of high repute. It also produces go-kart engines, fishing boats, utility boats, artificial swimming pools, and personalized watercraft.

Yamaha began product with the YA-1, a 125cc motorbike featuring a single cylinder. Although the motorcycle was modeled after the German DKW RT 125, it proceeded to win several racing championships in Japan.

This initial success was to set the tone adopted by the brand over the years it has been in existence. Today, Yamaha motorbikes have inspired others among the best Japan motorcycle brands.

Further, its humble beginnings have not overshadowed the global powerhouse that Yamaha has grown to become. Today, it even offers both off-road bikes and sports bikes, as well as classic motorcycles.

The brand is also known for track racing and excellent performance. The image it has created in the marketplace has even attracted such brand ambassadors as Jorge Lorenzo, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Kenny Roberts, Agostini, and Valentino Rossi.

Modern Yamaha motorcycles provide excellent power per gallon. As such, riders can expect better economy when they choose from one of these models.

2. Honda


Honda Goldwing

Among the best Japan motorcycle brands is Honda. The company has a dedicated motorcycle division that churns out over 15 million bikes every year - making it the leading manufacturer of motorbikes in the world.

In particular, the company's sales are driven by the popularity of its models within the different Asian markets. However, Honda has also dominated other parts of the globe, including North America, Europe, and Africa.

A public multinational conglomerate corporate, Honda Motor Company Limited is a primary manufacturer of power equipment, aircraft, automobiles, and - of course - motorbikes.

It was founded by Mr. Soichiro Honda, who was highly interested in machines and automobiles. Having worked at a Tokyo garage shop, Soichiro opened a garage and built his first race car in it. With time, he started manufacturing piston ring for larger clients like Toyota.

After the Second World War, Honda turned to the manufacture of affordable motorcycles after he foresaw the need for more affordable transportation. Today, the company has made a name for itself with the Honda GL1000 Gold Wing and the Honda CB750.


Honda CB750

The company also deals in all-terrain vehicles, scooters, and motorcycles, all of which are equipped with sterling specifications. Additionally, Honda produces cars, marine outboard engines, generators, snow blowers, string trimmers, tillers, and lawnmowers.

The best-known models in this brand are Ridgeline, Insight, FCX Clarity, Element, CR-V, Civic, and Accord. Without a doubt, Honda has one of the most trail-ready and reliable of bikes.

Further, the technology it uses earns the company a spot among the best Japan motorcycle brands. Although the machines are not necessarily race-ready, they will get you home safe and sound even where others might fail along the way.

3. Kawasaki


Kawasaki Ninja

Another one of the best Japan motorcycle brands, Kawasaki deals in the production of gasoline engines, personal watercrafts, utility vehicles, and motorcycles. It is known for letting the good times roll by, what with its wide range of manufactured products.

The company first started manufacturing engines and motorbikes in 1949. By 1954, it has produced its first ever complete bike - the Meihatsu. With time, Kawasaki started winning superbike racing championships including the Endurance World Championship, the AMA Superbike Championship, and the Superbike World Championship.

The company also produces a wide variety of motorbikes - from the smallest and most affordable all the way up to heavier sports bikes. The brand is also loved around the globe especially for it reliable and powerful engines as well as the great speeds it offers.

Today, Kawasaki has production sites in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, North America and Japan. Among its most reliable makes is the Eco Bushman 150cc, although the ninja series is quite fast and features an excellent chassis.

4. Suzuki


Suzuki Hayabusa

Last on this list of the best Japan motorcycle brands is Suzuki. The DR 400 and the GSXR 750 brought the company to the spotlight on account of their speed, handling, power, and aesthetics. Today, Suzuki runs more than 35 production facilities in over 20 countries.

As a multinational company, Suzuki currently has its headquarters in Minami-ku. It specializes in internal combustion engines, wheelchairs, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), four-wheel drive vehicles, automobiles, and motorcycles.

The main features that Suzuki bikes are known for include but are not limited to reliability, exceptional balance, powerful engines, and excellent makes. All these, and more, have made a name for the company.


So, there you have it - the best Japan motorcycle brands there are. Although there are a number of smaller brands out there in the island nation, these four have stood out from the rest of the crowd.

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