Is Motorcycle Insurance Expensive? Know It Here


Is motorcycle insurance expensive? How can I cut down on the cost of my motorcycle insurance? What factors determine how much motorcycle insurance I should pay? These questions, and more, should cross your mind even before you think about investing in a bike.

That said, finding answers to the "is motorcycle insurance expensive?" question can be difficult. This is because the cost will depend on many factors - such as your location, the kind of rider you are, and the type of motorbike you buy.

For instance, if the state you live in has repealed helmet laws, it is more likely than not that you'll end up paying high motorcycle insurance premiums. This is especially in comparison to another rider living in a state with helmet laws. Consider the following:


Is Motorcycle Insurance Expensive?


Before answering the "is motorcycle insurance expensive" question, you need to remember the following:

  • All two-wheel motorized vehicles are categorized as motorbikes where insurance is concerned. These include sports bikes and mopeds.
  • Different motorcycles carry different insurance rates
  • Motorbike insurance doesn't always cost more than motorcar insurance; it will depend on your particular situation and specific needs

Comparison Between Car And Motorcycle Insurance


Compared to car insurance, motorcycle insurance tends to be more expensive because in most cases riding a motorbike on the road faces more danger than driving a car. Moreover, the consequences of motorcycle accidents are also often more serious than car accidents.

Of course, the rates you will pay - as we've observed above - will depend on the kind of bike you ride. They will also be based on how often you will drive the bike and the purposes for such driving.

This means that if you own a dirt bike for weekend racing, then your premiums are likely to be higher than another rider with a more powerful bike who only rides it on a regular road over the weekend. Still, powerful motorcycles tend to carry higher insurance rates in comparison to small compact cars.

Anyway, most riders with high motorcycle insurance expenses end up saving from other areas. For instance, middle of the road bikes in terms of power might carry a high insurance rate but end up saving you money from the improved gas mileage.

The other area where your motorcycle might save you is in time. As a result, you won't waste time sitting in traffic and waiting for others to move. You can, therefore, use this time constructively and earn more from it than the rates you pay for motorcycle insurance.

How Motorbike Insurance Is Calculated


The purpose of riding is a factor in determining motorcycle insurance costs

While seeking answers to the "is motorcycle insurance expensive" question, you should think about how insurers calculate the rates they charge. This way, you will be better placed to understand how you can reduce the total cost of your final policy. Consider the following:

Irrespective of the bike you own, the amount your motorcycle insurance company will charge will reflect the following:

  • How likely you are to make claims
  • How expensive potential claims are likely to be

Some of the other factors involved with motorcycles (such as your age) won't matter as such where most superbikes are concerned. However, the type of bike and the frequency at which you ride it will matter.

Still, some insurance companies put more weight on various factors than over others. Therefore, it would be worth your while to shop around until you find one that will suit your budget.

The other factors that motorcycle insurance companies look at while calculating the premiums include:

  • Your age
  • The type of bike
  • The security of the bike (in terms of storage, and how likely it is to be stolen)
  • Where you live (built-up areas attract high premiums)
  • The use you put your motorcycle to
  • Your no-claims bonus
  • Your riding record
  • Your excess
  • The type of insurance cover you buy

Types Of Motorbike Insurance Cover


There are several kinds of motorcycle insurance cover. These include:

1. Third Party Only

Also abbreviated as TPO, this type of insurance will cover damage to other vehicles, property, and people in accidents through your own fault.

2. Third Party, Fire, And Theft

Abbreviated as TPFT, this type comes with all TPO benefits. Further, your bike will also be covered in case it gets damaged by fire or stolen.

3. Comprehensive

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance has all TPFT benefits. Additionally, you will also be covered for any damages to yourself or the motorcycle - even in those cases where the accident was your own fault.

In most cases, the higher the type of cover you choose, the higher the motorcycle insurance premiums you will be required to pay. However, this doesn't always apply meaning that you might get comprehensive cover for the same price as TPFT.

Tips For Getting Affordable Motorcycle Insurance


Since you never know what the answer to the "is motorcycle insurance expensive?" question will be, you might want to be proactive about lowering the amount you will be charged. The tips below will help with that:

  • Always shop around for the best-priced cover
  • Only pay for the insurance cover you are going to need
  • Try and pay annually
  • Think about the bike you choose, where you park it, and the security measures already in place
  • If possible, opt for an older, cheaper, or smaller bike
  • Avoid unusual and modified motorbikes
  • Limit your mileage
  • Don't allow a young/inexperienced rider to be listed on your policy
  • Take bike training courses regularly
  • Consider the type of motorcycle cover
  • Build up a formidable no-claims bonus discount
  • Up your voluntary excess
  • Only insure in season


So, there you have it - answers to the "is motorcycle insurance expensive" question. With the guide above, you should be able to get a better idea of how much you will be expected to pay for covering your bike, third parties, and yourself.

Where possible, always opt for comprehensive insurance. After all, you never know what risk you might put yourself into while riding that little speedster. It might be better to pay high premiums knowing that you will be fully covered in case of anything.

Overall, determining how much your motorcycle insurance will cost isn't easy. However, the guide above should help you estimate the premiums you might end up paying. Still, we'd advise that you compare the quotes given by different insurers until you find one that is ideal for you.

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