How To Wash A Harley In A Sexy Way


Learning how to wash a Harley shouldn't be difficult. In fact, with the right knowledge and guide, it should be easy for you to clean and polish your HD bike. In the process, you'll achieve rewarding results.

With a little effort and time, as well as with the proper cleaning techniques and cleaning products, you should be able to obtain great results with minimal fuss. Of course, where possible, you need to get polishes that contain micro abrasives and are highly concentrated. This way, once you are done, your bike will gleam with perfection. Read on to learn more about how to wash a Harley:


What You Will Need


First, you should ensure that you are prepared for the task. The benefits that come with cleaning your own motorcycle are numerous. Apart from the personal satisfaction you'll get, your clean bike will also turn heads everywhere you go.

However, before you take everything out and start cleaning your motorbike, ensure that the ground where you'll be undertaking this simple DIY project is firm. You should also have everything at hand while making enough space to work in safely and comfortably.

In the same way, you need to take care so that you don't get burnt in the process. Similarly, you should ensure that you don't scratch your Harley and leave ugly marks on it.

Therefore, you should remove all your jewelry and rings and only have a t-shirt on. Take off your bike jacket and belt, and ensure your zip isn't exposed. After all, when you lean against or over your bike, you could easily scratch the beautiful paint job.

It is also not advisable to clean any bike (Harley or not) in direct sunlight. This is because the rocker covers and exhausts are likely to end up burning you as you go about trying to turn your motorcycle into an enviably clean looking machine.

That said, you are going to need to following polishing and cleaning materials and tools to ensure your Harley Davidson looks spic and span by the time you are done with it:

  • Bike cleaner
  • Bucket of warm, clean water
  • Bug remover
  • Chrome and aluminum polish
  • Degreaser
  • A Harley Davidson
  • Harley Glaze polish and sealant
  • Pressure Washer
  • Hose
  • Microfiber polishing cloths
  • Microfiber detailing cloths
  • Motorcycle Dryer
  • Polishing wax
  • Shampoo
  • Soft detailing pad
  • Soft drying towel
  • Soft cloth
  • Soft strips
  • Sponge
  • Sun wash concentrate
  • Toothbrushes or an ultra fine brush
  • Wash mitt
  • Wheel & tire cleaner
  • Wheel and spoke brush



As you learn how to wash a Harley, everything falls into the preparation you put into the project. Before washing and polishing your motorbike, therefore, you need first to prepare it adequately. Remember, before you polish the machine, ensure that the bike is clean otherwise the polish is not going to adhere to every surface.

Follow the instructions below while cleaning your Harley-Davidson:

1. Cool Down

First, cool your motorbike down before you start cleaning it. Cold water has been known to damage hot bikes.

2. Pre-Wash


Then, rinse your Harley off using some clean water working from the bottom upwards.

3. Wheels and Tires


Next up, rinse your tires and wheels, making sure that you wet every surface with the clean water you are using. Then, spray the tire and wheel cleaner on and wait for a minute before cleaning them with the soft detailing pad or with the wheel and spoke brush. Rinse everything off.

4. The Wash


Ensure you have two clean buckets - one for rinsing and the other for washing. Pour the Sun wash concentrate into the cleaning buck and fill it up with water. Then, just fill the second bucket with clean water.

Soak the wash mitt in the Sun wash solution and wash every bike surface starting from the top and working your way downward. Then, apply the bug remover to clean away every caked-on insect from the bike's surface.

Rinse all the surfaces off starting from the bottom and working your way up.Alternatively, you can apply the bike cleaner and spray it into all the crannies and nooks, the wheels, and the engine compartment. The cleaner will remove all loose debris and dirt, as well as any oily and soiled parts.

Use your soft brush or toothbrush to clean the bike properly. Then, leave the bike for around 4 minutes before hosing it down - ensuring that the bike cleaner does not dry in the process.

At this point, you should add some warm, clean water into your bucket, add some shampoo and use a soft, clean sponge to wash the Harley down. After you are done, remove the shampoo using the clean water. Finish everything off with a top to down rinse.

5. Drying


Use the soft drying towel on the top surface of the Harley. Alternatively, you can blow dry the bike using the HOG Blaster motorcycle dryer.

Then, dampen the towel with some clean water and wring out all excess water before wiping across the entire surface of your bike. Continue wringing the towel out often and wiping the bike until it is completely dry.

6. Polish and Seal


As you continue learning how to wash a Harley, you should remember that a clean bike should be able to repel dirty water, bugs, dirt, and dust. Therefore, apply the Harley Glaze polish and sealant using a soft cloth or microfiber detailing cloth on your bike.

To polish, you should first start with the aluminum surfaces and parts because they usually take a bit longer to polish than the parts made from chrome. With the pad or polishing cloth, apply a small amount of aluminum polish to all aluminum parts and polish in a circular manner. Finish off by polishing in a straight line until you see the beauty of the bike shining through.

After polishing, use the microfiber cloth to make your bike shine even further. For the chrome, apply chrome polish to all chrome parts. A soft polish should be able to help you get the job done.

As mentioned above, the best way to create a perfect shine on the paintwork is by applying the polish and the wax in straight lines. Leave it on for a couple of minutes so that it hazes before you polish everything off with your clean microfiber cloth.

To make the finish last longer, add extra coats of wax and polish to the wheels before polishing it off with the microfiber cloth. By so doing, your wheels will shine brighter than diamonds.

Below is a great video you could use for polishing chrome details on your motorcycle:

At this point, you can push your bike back onto the road and continue enjoying the beauty wherever you go.


As long as you know how to wash a Harley, the process should come to you naturally. After a couple of tries, you will get it right. Remember, Harleys are incredible motorcycles that are designed to provide you with many years of fantastic riding experiences.

Since this is a valuable investment, you should take good care of it by giving your bike a proper washing down every once in a while. Use the guide above to help you go through the motions until you master everything.

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