How To Pop A Wheelie On A Motorcycle Safely


Are you looking for information on how to pop a wheelie on a motorcycle? Then you are in excellent company. In the following post, you will learn everything there is to know about wheelies – including how to pop one and look cooler in the process.

A wheelie is when you pop out the front wheel of your motorbike and proceed forward with this tire right in the air. Although this might seem like another stupid rider stunt, it is extremely useful.

Apart from making you look cool, a wheelie will also cement your legendary status among the people who will see you doing it. This trick will also prove useful when you need to go over a log or any other big obstacle in your path.


What You Will Need


So, to learn how to pop a wheelie on a motorcycle, you will need the following:

Although you won't look the motorcycle, you still need to be prepared for the worst. As such, this gear (as well as frame sliders) will protect you in case of any mishaps.

  • Special stunt cage: This external frame will keep you and your motorcycle from hitting the pavement.
  • Special bar: You can install this special bar to the rear of your bike. Also referred to as a 12-bar, it will prevent your motorcycle from going over and beyond the vertical.
  • Insurance
  • Closed course
  • Proper preparation
  • A friend to provide you with first aid and call in the paramedics should it come to that
  • A dirt bike
  • Excellent techniques and the right bike on how to pop a wheelie on a motorcycle

Like with anything else motorcycle-related, popping a wheelie boils down to finesse more than to force. As such, you need to get the motions perfectly, and you'll soon be raising your bike's front wheel without over speeding or tipping over.

How To Pop A Wheelie On A Motorcycle


Before we jump into the guide on how to pop a wheelie on a motorcycle, there is some information that you should keep in mind:

Types Of Wheelies

In general, wheelies are classified as unintentional, intentional, and intentional gone bad. To ensure that you only end up with the right intentional wheelie, you might want to get everything listed above. If possible, only make your first attempt on a small dirt bike while wearing all the protective gadgets and gear you can get.

That said, the following are the main types of wheelies:

a) Power Wheelie

This is perfect for beginners. All you need to do is sit back on your motorbike. Then, take off after engaging first gear. While moving, pull out the clutch, open your throttle until the front of your bike goes up. Then, repeat the process while trying to make your bike's front light before riding the wheelie further.

With time, you will soon be able to understand how to control the throttle. After you've gotten used to the idea, you will soon be power wheeling at every instance.

b) Clutch Wheelie

To pop a clutch wheelie, start in the same way as a power wheelie but while sitting back on your motorcycle. Shoot off while in first gear and pull the clutch all the way in until it slips. Then, rev your engine and allow the clutch to go out so that your front wheel floats.

Repeat this process until you can ride the clutch wheelie longer.


Step By Step Instructions


In general, the clutch wheelie is better than the bounce/power wheelie. This is because you will be able to learn how to pop a wheelie on a motorcycle without necessarily having to accelerate.

This type of wheelie also works well at low speeds and in tight areas. Additionally, it tends to be smoother than a power wheelie – both on the way down and up. Further, you can ride it out much longer, all the while shifting to a higher gear.

Anyway, the following guide will help you learn how to pop a wheelie on a motorcycle:

1. Get A Bike

Although you don't have to get a powerful motorcycle, wheeling a 500 cc sports bike will require more revs than with a dirt bike.

Still, you can choose to stock gear. However, this setup won't clutch up when you get to 2nd. For this, you will need to invest in a 520 kit. To clutch in second but with less bouncing, you should try going minus one on the front sprocket and plus two on the rear.

That said, you can buy sprockets in 525 pitch, which means that you will be able to use your stock chain and change them as required.

2. Sit Comfortably


The best position for learning how to pop a wheelie on a motorcycle is upright. This means that you won't need to slide back to perform the trick. Still, you can pull a wheelie at 110 km/h (70 mph) in 3rd gear on a GSXR-600, although it will require more practice, time, and energy.

3. Drive Off

Once you are comfortable, drive off at a steady pace of anywhere between 1500 and 2000 rpm. You speedometer should read 10 to 20 mph.

4. Accelerate


Once you feel ready for liftoff, open the throttle quickly and start accelerating. This strategy is vital because it will compress the rear suspension. In fact, it is difficult to pop a wheelie if you've not compressed the rear suspension.

However, you won't be trying to build up the speed. Since you started at a low rpm rate, accelerating shouldn't be a problem.

Still, if you try popping a wheelie at 5000 rpm, you will have a hard time of it. In fact, you might red line even before you start going vertical. Remember, the power in a wheelie comes from the low rpm.

5. Disengage

After you've accelerated, pull your clutch in just enough to disengage. Then, let your bike's engine rev until you get to around 6000 rpm. Start slowly until it eventually grows into an almost-instantaneous motion.

6. Release


At this point, you should release the clutch quickly (at about 80 percent). For most people learning how to pop a wheelie on a motorcycle, this proves to be quite hard so you should be extra careful.

The secret lies in releasing fast. If you release too soon, your rpm will drop all the way to 2000, which won't be useful. In case this happens, start again. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.

You will know you've got it right when you start feeling like there's hydraulics on the front wheel and your bike naturally pops right up.

7. Pop

Pop A Wheelie

After you've mastered the secret, your bike will pop right up.

At this point, you will need some throttle control. To achieve this, add throttle as you release the clutch. Doing so will give you control over the height of your wheelie. Try not to let go of both the clutch and the throttle at the same time.

8. Stop


After everything goes well, come down. Then, and ride your bike to a stop. Repeat as needed.


In conclusion, learning how to pop a wheelie on a motorcycle can go anyway. Since it requires technical skill and calculation, you should have someone nearby to help you out in case things don't turn out as you anticipated. That said, if you use the guide above, you should be able to get it right and learn how to wheelie in no time.

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