The Easiest Way On How To Hotwire A Motorcycle


It is now possible to end up with a working motorcycle, even after losing the keys. Check out this tutorial on how to hotwire a motorcycle.


When Do You Need To Hotwire Your Bike?

Sometimes you might end up losing your motorcycle keys, so the only way you can start it is by hotwiring it. The process of hotwiring is not as complex as it might for the car.

The car can have multiple wires that you have to try around before the car can finally start. Things are different whenever you decide the same for the motorcycle.

The motorcycle uses the same type of ignition system such as the car, where it kicks into action once you turn the ignition. You can now override the aspect of using the key to fill the gap important for starting the motorbike. Let us now get to look at how to hotwire a motorcycle.


What You Will Need

To complete the task of hotwiring a motorcycle, you will need

  • A motorcycle is lost its key
  • 4 inches of speaker wire



Step 1: Locate Your Ignition Wiring

The ignition wiring will always vary from one motorcycle to another. Some will have a wiring that is open and easily accessible, but others might not do so. It might take some time to reach the wiring, especially for the motorcycles with a cover to protect the internal electrical components.

The easiest way would be checking the wires from the handle bar. These wires would be three in total and bundled together in a wiring sleeve. These wires are the one that connects the ignition to the other parts necessary for starting the motorcycle.



Step 2: Follow The Wiring Sleeve

The next step is to follow the wiring sleeve until you get these three wires being fed into a plastic wiring cap. At this point, the wires are now connected to another component important for starting the bike. It is easy to note that there will be other wires emerging from the other side of the cap.

You simply need to separate the two caps at this point. The one running from the handle bars is no longer necessary now. You only need the other part.



Step 3: Time To Get To Work

You can now use the piece of speaker wire to hotwire the motorcycle. You simply have to insert one end of your speaker wire into the eye of the cap socket and insert the other end to another socket cap. You might now see a light appear on the motorcycle, meaning that the ignition has been engaged.

It is not always that the light will turn on from the first trial. You will have to try the other socket to see if works. Do not worry, you have only three possible ways to get it right. You will not be spending all your day trying to hotwire it.



Step 4: Start The Motorcycle Engine


Once the wires are in the right combination, you simply have to press the ignition button to start the motorcycle. Well, as simple as that, you just hotwired the motorcycle. As you can see, the method on how to hotwire a motorcycle is quite easy to follow.

The video below gives you the insights on how to easily hotwire a motorcycle


By now, you must be intrigued to try out the method. Well, you can always refer to the video to learn more about the process. It is possible that in no time you will be able to get the motorcycle running.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to hotwire a motorcycle. You can share your comments about what you think of the method and also share with your friends.

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