How To Do A Burnout On A Motorcycle


Are you looking for information on how to do a burnout on a motorcycle? Need to learn what is required to follow through with the process? Then, you are in the right place. By the end of this guide, you should be in a position to perform the burnout on your own – with little to no help whatsoever.


What Is Burnout?


Before jumping right into the burnout, you should first know what it is. As most bikers and riders already know, burnout is the process of keeping your motorcycle stationary while simultaneously spinning the rear wheel. By so doing, your tires will heat up, and the friction will cause smoke.

Although you might not know this, learning how to do a burnout on a motorcycle is illegal unless you perform it under controlled conditions. Additionally, it can be a bit dangerous even when a professional rider does it. Further, performing burnouts might endanger your license.

That said, riding a bike is great fun. However, you stand to have more fun when you do tricks with your motorcycle. Since there are many things you can do, the earlier you learn a couple of tricks, the greater the time you will have with your motorbike.

In the following steps, you will learn how to do a burnout on a motorcycle.


What You Will Need

Steps On How To Do A Burnout On A Motorcycle


Before learning how to do a burnout on a motorcycle, consider the following:

1. Back Tire


For starters, burnouts will ruin the back tire on your motorbike. When you perform the burnout on a paint stripe, you should be able to leave the tire intact – although it will still get ruined nonetheless.

2. Blowing

In the same way, you should be careful so that your tire does not end up blowing up.

3. Safety

In case you feel like your motorcycle is going too much on one side or if you feel like you are losing control of it, engage the clutch quickly and release your throttle in one fast and smooth motion. Then, try the burnout later once you are more confident that you can do it.

Instructions Step By Step


1. Turn The Bike

Start by turning your motorbike and engaging the first gear.

2. Brake And Clutch

Then, pull in the front brakes as well as the clutch. Do this so that they go all the way.

3. Throttle

Using your right thumb, turn your bike's throttle. At the same time, ensure that your remaining four fingers are holding on to the front break while the other hand is firmly on the clutch. At this point, you can try getting your bike to go up to around 7000 to 8000 RPMs.

4. Feet

You should ensure that you are solidly standing on your feet. In case you are still unfamiliar, first stand on one foot. Your feet should be touching the ground, and your legs should have formed an A shape. This way, your knees and thighs will be holding on to the bike to ensure that it doesn't veer too much to the left or the right.

5. Release


Now, start releasing the clutch slowly while simultaneously pulling the front brake tightly. This will cause your back tire to start spinning. However, you won't move anywhere so long as your front brake is still engaged.

6. Accelerate

Then, continue accelerating. By so doing, you will create a lot of smoke, and a couple of heads will turn towards you. Once you are done revving your bike and performing the burnout, you can stop.

7. Stopping

After learning how to do a burnout on a motorcycle, you should stop. Doing this is easy. All that is required of you is that you pull the clutch all the way in. Alternatively, consider releasing the throttle from your thumb.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


As you might already have gathered by going through the steps above, learning how to do a burnout on a motorcycle isn't the safest thing to do. Consider the questions and answers below relating to burnouts:

  • Q&A #1
  • Q&A #2
  • Q&A #3
  • Q&A #4
  • Q&A #5

Q: Can I perform a burnout on a 125 cc motorbike?

A: Yes, you can. You just need to press on the front brakes and the clutch with four fingers. Then, turn the throttle with your thumb and lean forward. At the same time, ensure that your feet are firmly planted on the ground. The rubber will start burning on its own.

Additional Tips

  • Paint Stripe

Where possible, learn how to do a burnout on a motorcycle while on a paint stripe. This way, you will cause less damage to your bike's tires while also creating more smoke.

  • Front Brake

As far as possible, ensure that you do not allow your front brake to get out before you have pulled in the clutch.

  • Leaning

While leaning forward, only do it a tad. Don't go overboard with the leaning.

  • Learning

In case you have just discovered burnouts, and you wish to learn how to do it, you should try it out after washing the motorcycle and leaving your tires wet. Wet tires tend to spin out easily and break traction – which can be a great way to gain confidence and continue learning.

  • Gravel/Wet Surfaces

Where possible, try and do the burnout on a wet surface or gravel. This will cause your tires to spin easily.


Did you enjoy this tutorial on how to do a burnout on a motorcycle? We certainly hope you did and that you will soon master the game sooner rather than later. Follow the steps above to ensure that you get it right.

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