How Much Is A Dirt Bike? Know It Here


Need answers to the "how much is a dirt bike" question? Then this guide is for you. Together we will learn about almost everything there is to know about dirt bikes – prices, benefits, why you need one, and more.


Introducing Dirt Bikes


For most riders, buying your first dirt bike might seem like a daunting experience. As such, you might be tempted to opt for a smaller and weaker machine. However, after several months you will feel like trading up or buying a new bike altogether and giving your current one out as a gift (or leaving it in the shed/garage).

This will prove to be expensive especially if you buy a new dirt bike and end up trading once or twice so that the motorbike you own is aligned with your skills and needs.

Of course, this can also be said about buyers who invest in the biggest bike on the market without necessarily considering what is involved in keeping and maintaining the dedicated bike. At some point, you might even take the engine out – an inevitably expensive experience.

That said unless you are planning to ride the track or race on the regular, then a dirt bike might not be your best choice. Ask yourself the questions below to narrow your options down:

1. What Is My Budget?


The obvious answer to the "how much is a dirt bike?" question can be answered quickly by understanding the budget you are working with. To this end, you must know how much you can realistically fork out for the bike of your dreams.

Further, think about whether you will be paying in cash or financing your little speedster. If you are getting some financing, always opt for a new bike – because most lenders won't finance late model bikes.

On the other hand, you might get lower rates of interest and more flexible terms if you choose to buy new. If you stick to your budget, everything should go well, and you'll get your dream dirt bike, and save some.

2. Dual Sport, Trail, Or Track?


It is important to know the riding you plan on doing. This is because you certainly don't want to invest in a motocross race bike if you will mostly be riding on trails and single tracks. Remember, each purpose requires a different gear ration. Therefore, a race bike might not be the best for single-track riding.

On the other hand, track bikes tend to be lowly geared because you won't have to use your two top gears while on a track. Therefore, top speeds are never an important consideration for track riding.

The gearing on dual sport and trail bikes is quite similar. In fact, trail riders tend to gear lower because they need better throttle control as well as less riding of the clutch while going over obstacles.

Dual sport dirt bikes are ideal for all-rounded riding. This means that you can maintain a good speed on one of these bikes even while cruising down a major highway.

As you advance in your dirt bike riding, you will be able to adjust your final drive gearing so that it suits the riding you are doing and the type of terrain you are on.

3. Four-Stroke Or Two-Stroke?

Although four-stroke dirt bike models were replacing two-strokes, the latter have been making a slow comeback. Once you are more experienced with dirt bikes, you will quickly realize that nothing quite measures up to the pop and snap of a two-stroke.

2-Stroke Dirt Bikes


Two-strokes are advantageous because they are:

  • Cheap to buy
  • Cheap to rebuild
  • Lighter
  • Low maintenance due to air cooling
  • More agile
  • Powerful

4-Stroke Dirt Bikes


On the other hand, four-stroke dirt bikes come with the following benefits:

  • Ideal for leisure riders and beginners
  • Torquey, especially on the bottom end
  • The engines tend to be durable, but high maintenance
  • Their power is predictable

Dirt Bike Pricing


So, how much is a dirt bike? How are they priced? Will they provide you with value for your money? Consider the following dirt bike models and their prices:

AJP Dirt Bikes

BETA Dirt Bikes

COBRA Dirt Bikes

GAS GAS Dirt Bikes

HONDA Dirt Bikes



KTM Dirt Bikes

SHERCO Dirt Bikes

SSR Dirt Bikes

SUZUKI Dirt Bikes

TM Dirt Bikes

YAMAHA Dirt Bikes

Concluding Thoughs

To come to a close, getting answers to the how much is a dirt bike question will really depend on the model you are looking to buy, whether you wish to buy new or used, and what is available on the market. Use the guide above to help you decide on the right dirt bike the next time you go shopping for one.

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