Ultimate Guide For Choosing The Best Half Helmet


Keeping yourself safe at all times when riding a motorcycle is important. Get to learn more about the best half helmet to expand your motorcycle gear.

Each time you tell someone to get a helmet for the motorcycle, the full face helmet is often what comes to mind. Most people do not know that there is the use of half helmet that could still offer protection when riding your bike.

If you are new to using the half helmet, you will need the right guidance to understand more of what to expect. Below, we get to look at a few things that will get you the best half helmet today.


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Advantages Of The Half Helmet


Several riders would find the half helmet being quite comfortable as it feels less constraining. You will not have to fit your head into a full face helmet. The full helmet might make it feel uncomfortable for some people.

The full face helmet most of the time will feel sweaty or hot after a while. This will depend on the different conditions of the day. With the half helmet, your face will be exposed to the wind, which cools you down.

The helmet of this type would always be lighter. The reason is that it made of less material as compared to a full face helmet. Since it feels light on the head, the rider will have no trouble using such helmet more often.

No more worrying about having stress on your neck at the end of the day because of wearing the full face helmet. By using the best half helmet, you can always end up reducing such issues and still feel comfortable in the end.

The half helmet would often be cheaper when you are looking to buy one for yourself. Since less fiber and material has been used to make it, you can always be sure it will be cheaper than the other models.


Tips On How To Choose The Best Half Helmet

1. Understand What The Helmet Would Be Used For


It is always better if you opt for a model knowing that it will keep you safe and still apply to your riding needs. If you plan to keep on using it daily for commuting to work, then you want to arrive at work not looking sweaty at all. You would want to opt for the half helmet that gives you the perfect breeze that you need.

2. The Weight Of The Helmet

As much as the half helmet would be lighter, not all of them would be within the right range of weight that people want. Take the time to check out the various models available to get one that feels comfortable and lightweight too.

It is always great to compare several models from various manufacturers to learn more about their weight before choosing one.

3. The Helmet Construction

You can be sure about your safety when riding a motorcycle if the helmet construction is high-quality. When it comes to construction, different materials go into making it the best or worst construction.

You can have helmets made from polycarbonate, carbon fiber, or fiberglass. It is only safe if you pick a material known to last for a long time and will still give you the best protection in the event of a fall.

4. The Safety Ratings


There is no doubt that you would always want to end up with a safe ride back home or any other place for that matter. It will only be great if you have the best half helmet with the best safety ratings.

In different countries, you would have various types of safety standards offered. Make sure you understand such standards before choosing the best helmet for yourself.

5. The Head Shape And Helmet Size

The list will not be complete if you do not consider the head shape and helmet size. Having a model that fits you correctly is important to ensure that you are always protected in the event of an accident. The perfect size is still great for personal comfort too.

6. The Price Of The Helmet

The price is often a great deal-breaker for most people. You might end up with one model that has all the best features, but it can be expensive. The best thing to do is choose a model that is within your budget but still offers a lot in terms of functionality.

Online stores will always have more varieties and discounts on the various types of half helmets. It should be a great start for you to research more on half helmets.

Here is a quick video on how to try out different types of half helmets


Top 5 Product Reviews

1. Size L Motorcycle Biker Cruiser Novelty Matte black German Helmet Softail Touring

Via Amazon.com

The next time you would be going out for a ride, this helmet should be the one you are wearing. The manufacturer made it a great model as it has a soft and comfortable inner padding. Since it is comfortable, what could beat a nice ride outdoors?

The model is made to have a UV protective paint finish. It is always going to keep it looking great for a long time, even when exposed to the UV sunrays and other harsh conditions.

There is the Y-strap that will help hold the helmet in place whenever riding even at high speeds. On the strap, there is a quick release buckle to help with fast removal of the helmet.


  • It is made with a comfortable inner padding
  • It has an amazing UV protective paint finish
  • Its strap has a quick release buckle


  • It does not meet DOT approval standards

2. Core Helmets Deluxe Half Helmet (White, Large)

Via Amazon.com

The core half helmet is among the top models most motorcycle enthusiasts are always looking to get one for themselves. The helmet is built to deliver on safety, functionality and a perfect fit depending on the size that you chose. It can fit your lower head perfectly as compared to other DOT half helmets on the market.

The helmet comes with a nice paint finish with the same quality as that of a car. The paint has an additional clear coat that gives it the scratch protection needed to keep it looking great for longer. Since it meets the DOT FMSV218 standards, you can be sure it works great to keep you alive.


  • It is made of strong thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Its paint is scratch resistant
  • It fits the lower head perfectly for protection
  • It meets the DOT safety standards


  • Buckling it into position takes time

3. Outlaw T-70 Glossy Motorcycle Half Helmet with Officially Licensed U.S. Navy Gr - Large

Via Amazon.com

It is always comfortable if you can choose the best helmet such as this one. It is made by a company known for making the best helmets in the world. With the US Navy graphics, it is a model that should inspire safety for its wearers.

There is the Snap-off visor you could use whenever it is necessary. Whenever you feel it is not needed, you can remove it. The gloss finish gives it a great look that attracts many users to buying it. There is also the non-removable DOT graphics on the back, which shows it is a genuine product.


  • It comes with a gloss finish for a beautiful look
  • The polycarbonate shell gives it an impressive durability
  • It comes with a removable visor


  • The graphics can easily be marred if you are not careful

4. Outlaw T-70 Glossy Motorcycle Half Helmet with Vietnam-Veteran-of-America Graph - Large

Via Amazon.com

Multiple half helmets exist today, but it is always easy to notice one from the Outlaw helmet company. They are always made to be distinct in a way that keeps you loving it even better. This model is designed to have a glossy finish on a polycarbonate shell. It is a great finish that makes the strong shell look even better.

Like any other Outlaw half helmet, it comes with a removable snap-off visor. It is one that will always get you opting when to use or not to use the visor. With the double R-ring retention system, the model should easily hold in position once the straps have been fastened.


  • It comes with a glossy finish that keeps the helmet looking great
  • The DOT graphics show that model is approved for safety
  • Its retention system keeps the helmet in position all the time


  • Some people have had a problem with the sizing

5. Voss 888CF Genuine Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet with Drop Down Sun Lens and Metal Quick Release - L - Matte Carbon

Via Amazon.com

If you have watched the TV series “Sons of Anarchy”, it is possible to have seen the characters wearing one of these helmets. The helmet is made from carbon fiber composite shell. This type of shell will always give you the right protection as it is made to be hard and sturdier.

Wearing and removing the helmet should be easy thanks to the fast quick release buckle. It is also attached to strong nylon woven chin-straps that give you a nice service for a long time to come. There is the microfiber liner that offers more comfort when wearing the helmet for long sessions.


  • It is easy to wear and take off the helmet
  • It comes with a comfortable interior
  • It is made of strong carbon fiber composite shell


  • It is an expensive model

Our Winner

The Voss 888CF Genuine Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet with Drop Down Sun Lens and Metal Quick Release - L - Matte Carbon model seems to be a great model for those who might be finding it hard to make a decision.

The helmet comes made of a strong material that will keep on working great for you after many rides to come. The use of carbon fiber also helps with reducing the weight of the helmet so that you do not feel it is heavy.

You can now choose the best half helmet for riding your motorcycle easily with such information now. Take the time to check out all the models to understand more about they can offer before buying.

If you liked this article, and would like to know more about other products, please leave us your feedback in the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy!

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