What’s Special On The Fastest Cruiser Motorcycle? Know It Here


Big and brawny, cruiser motorcycles tell beautiful tales about the riding lifestyle. The roar of the engine, as well as the assault it renders to anyone in the same area, give testament to the power of engineering. As a rider, the best part is that you never know whether you are cruising or simply burning rubber.

However, with so many cruisers on the market, how do you discern which is the fastest cruiser motorcycle? How do you differentiate between different models to find the lithest machine there is? Consider the following:


What’s Special On The Fastest Cruiser Motorcycle?What Are Cruiser Motorcycles?The Fastest Cruiser MotorcycleOutstanding FeaturesImprovements Over TimeConclusion

What Are Cruiser Motorcycles?


Before jumping to the fastest cruiser motorcycle on the market, you first need to get a little background. Designed after heavy machines, the cruiser was made for laid-back riding.

With the hands up position and the feet forward, while the spine leans slightly back, cruisers have taken the riding world by storm. The first one came on the market in the 60s and things have escalated quickly in terms of make, manufacture, and design since then.

Today, almost every popular bike manufacturer has their own cruiser for target markets. Luckily, the different specifications in these bikes mean that there is something for just about everyone.

The main differentiating features, however, between cruisers and ordinary motorcycles come in the form of construction. The cruiser, to this end, boasts low-end torque and V-twin engines. Although some are not quite as fast as the typical sports motorbike, they are still popular for their beastly and brawny feel, as well as the 1800cc they feature.

The Fastest Cruiser Motorcycle


The fastest cruiser motorcycle, however, has to be the Yamaha Star VMAX. For starters, it goes from 0 to 60 in about 2.5 seconds, which is just about as fast as you want your bike to run.

The Yamaha V-Max is what you get when you mix 1679cc and close to 200 hp in a bike that is one part sports bike and one part cruiser. What is more, all the parts are so thrilling that you would not want to get off it once you buy one.

Although you might not be able to understand how the fastest cruiser motorcycle builds speed, you will nonetheless be excited every single time you step on it, switch the engine on, and fly away.

In second gear, for instance, you should be able to cruise along comfortably at 30mph. However, you can also pick up the throttle, hold on tight, and start unleashing the true potential of the V-Max.

Buyers are excited because this is one thrilling ride that defies epic proportions. Further, the fastest cruiser motorcycle goes ahead to redefine torque by producing the kind of speed and acceleration you are bound to feel right in your chest.

Recently, Cycle World tested the Yamaha Star V-Max against other bikes (particularly the Triumph Rocket) to see which cruiser could run up to 60 mph the fastest. After the test, it became clear that the V-Max is the fastest cruiser motorcycle because it managed the feet in about 2.5 seconds.

If you are looking for a speedy little cruiser that also makes for excellent long-range riding, therefore, you might want to give the V-Max a try. With time, you will come to realize that this could be the best decision you have ever made.

Outstanding Features


So, why does this bike run so fast? How does it defy all odds to rank so highly among the fastest motorcycles there are in the marketplace? What features does it boast that you should be aware of?

Well, for starters, the V-Max comes with a 1679cc engine with a capacity of 179 horsepower. What is more, it boasts 114-pound feet torque meaning that it should run well for the long haul.

Weighing a paltry 695 pounds, it is no surprise that the Yamaha Star VMax is the fastest cruiser motorcycle on the globe. This weight means that it will easily match up to the Diavel in terms of pound for pound power.

That said, you should still need to keep in mind that your skills and weight will still play a major role in how fast you can accelerate on this Yamaha cruiser. All things equal, however, you are still more likely to outperform other classic and modern fast cruisers while on the Star V-Max.

If you include the Diavel as an open cruiser, the competition will still be an open horse race between these two powerhouse accelerators – making the Diavel perhaps the second fastest cruiser motorcycle. Additionally, the Ducati holds the reins at the 3rd place because it can seamlessly run up to 100 mph and for quarter miles sprints with no qualms whatsoever.

Improvements Over Time

  • 92 Vmax
  • 2000s vmax


92 Vmax


2000s Vmax

That aside, the Yamaha Star V-Max has been making inroads since it was first released in 1985. Up to 2007, this fast cruiser motorcycle has been gracing the floors at most Yamaha showrooms.

During these years, the bike only received slight aesthetic changes and small performance upgrades. Nothing could be more of a testament to the original design of the bike, or its reliable durability over the long haul.

An original power cruiser, the Yamaha V-Max came on the market with a big splash and nothing quite like it has been released yet. Initially, the manufacturer and a variety of enthusiast riders’ magazines had the bike panned for ill-handling.

However, praise for its liquid cooled 70-degree V-Four engine soon outshone all negativity. Later, this engine would earn the bike major accolades and cult status as the fastest cruiser motorcycle.

At the heart of this legend lies the bombshell engine. Sourced from the Yamaha Venture Royal, a touring machine, this engine boasts altered cam profiles, lighter pistons, and stronger connecting rods.

Among all these changes, however, is the V-Boost system. More specifically, the engine is fed through two banks of a pair of 35mm constant velocity carburetors with each carburetor feeding each cylinder. The result is a power boost that can accelerate the bike at speeds previously unimaginable.


So, there you have it – the fastest cruiser motorcycle. With the Yamaha Star V-Max, you can never go wrong. Not surprisingly, it is also the best in terms of engine construction, durability, and versatility. Is it any wonder that it has maintained its position as the No.1 fastest cruiser on the market since 1985?

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