Are Motorcycles Cheaper Than Cars? Know It Here


Tired of spending tens of dollars filling up your car only to end up stuck in traffic? Then you might have to consider the answers to the "are motorcycles cheaper than cars?" question.

If you crunch the numbers, you will discover that spending 55 every mile for daily 40-mile round trips might end up costing you over $50,000 in just ten years. In such a situation, you would do well to trade in your four wheels for a two-wheeler such as a motorbike. Read on to learn more:

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How Motorcycle Engine Sizes Interrelate With Power


To understand the relationship between motorcycle engine sizes and power, it is imperative that you know how a motorcycle works, rides, feels and looks. All of these factors are determined by the engine size and power.

​​​​More specifically, your bike's performance will depend on its power and torque, two of the most important things in any vehicle. However, as you shop for a bike, you might also want to check the CC.

When people talk about how powerful a bike is, what do they refer to? Does this signify the power output from the engine or just the torque figure? There has been great debate about vehicle power since the automobile engine was first invented.

When you go online to check the exact meaning of torque, power, and how they are related to engine size, you will get even more confusing explanations, complicated jargon, and a big conundrum on your hands. Read on to learn more:

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Ultimate Guide To The Best Wheel Locks For Motorcycles


Motorcycles not only provide convenient transportation, but they also form the basis for deep-seated leisure and adventure. However, they are unlike other vehicles in the sense that they are lightweight, making them a natural target for thieves and robbers.

If you are worried about the security of your bike, therefore, you might want to invest in the best wheel locks for motorcycles. Since making such a choice might prove to be daunting, use this guide for advice and knowledge:

How To Buy A Used Harley Davidson At Affordable Price


Unlike most of the other motorcycle models, Harley Davidsons are always in high demand - whether used or new. As long as the bike you wish to buy is in excellent condition and meets all your requirements, there is no reason why you shouldn't go for it.

However, in case what you are looking for is a used Harley Davidson, then you need to do your homework well so that you end up with the right bike for you.

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Ultimate Guide To The Best 3/4 Helmet


Also referred to as open face helmets, 3/4 helmets are designed to protect the head while you are out riding. More particularly, the best 3/4 helmet will protect 3/4 of your head, including the head area, eyes, neck, and ears. As such, it works better than half helmets.

New advances in technology have ensured that the best 3/4 helmet now comes with modular configurations meaning that they feel like a full face helmet. That said, these types of helmets are beneficial because they will ensure that your field of view is clear, enabling you to enjoy excellent peripheral views.

Further, the construction means that you will enjoy the feeling of the wind on your face when you are out on the road. Some designs also come with face shields, which you can add or remove depending on what you require.

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